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OUT NOW: ‘WWE 24: WrestleMania Monday’ on DVD – Photos, First Impressions, Where’s The Blu-Ray?

Photos, news & notes on “MANIA MONDAY” DVD – with a “WWE 24” documentary that’s NOT on the Network!

Official Trailer for WWE ‘SETH ROLLINS: Building The Architect’ DVD – One More Year of The Shield?

Sneak peek of new footage in WWE’s first-ever SETH ROLLINS DVD, more cover shots for incoming 2017 releases!

REVEALED: The FULL Match Listing for WWE’s 2017 ‘SETH ROLLINS – Building The Architect’ DVD

Get a look at the FULL-FREAKIN’ content listing (and updated cover artwork) for WWE’s 3-disc SETH ROLLINS DVD!

REVEALED: Final Details, Video Previews & Artwork for WWE ‘DDP – Positively Living’ DVD & Blu-Ray

New & exclusive previews of WWE’s 2017 DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE documentary — DDP gets a call from the boss!

BIG SALE: WWE ‘Road to WrestleMania 33’ DVD Sale Starts Now – More Than 30 Deals for $10 or Less!

Walmart’s annual WrestleMania-themed sale is back! EVERY WWE DVD $10 or less, and some CRAZY $3.74 deals too…