Complete List of 2009 Released WWE DVDs

May 18, 2010 by Daniel Bee

WWE DVD and Blu-ray Release List 2009

Starrcade: The Essential Collection Jan 13, 2009
Armageddon 2008 Jan 13, 2009
Legends of Wrestling: Roddy Piper & Terry Funk Jan 27, 2009
Legends of Wrestling: Hulk Hogan & Bob Backlund Jan 27, 2009
Legends of Wrestling: Andre The Giant & Iron Sheik Jan 27, 2009
Legends of Wrestling: Jerry Lawler & Junkyard Dog Jan 27, 2009
Legends of Wrestling: Ric Flair & Sgt. Slaughter Jan 27, 2009
Legends of Wrestling: Heatseekers Jan 27, 2009
The Best of Saturday Night’s Main Event Feb 10, 2009
Royal Rumble 2009** Feb 24, 2009
SummerSlam Anthology Vol. 1 Mar 10, 2009
SummerSlam Anthology Vol. 2 Mar 10, 2009
No Way Out 2009 Mar 17, 2009
The Greatest Wrestling Stars of the 90’s Apr 14, 2009
WrestleMania XXV* May 19, 2009
Backlash 2009 May 26, 2009
Macho Madness: The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection Jun 9, 2009
Judgment Day 2009 Jun 16, 2009
WWE Studios: 12 Rounds* Jun 30, 2009
Extreme Rules 2009 Jul 7, 2009
Allied Powers: The World’s Greatest Tag Teams Jul 14, 2009
The Bash 2009 Jul 28, 2009
SummerSlam Anthology Vol. 3 Aug 4, 2009
SummerSlam Anthology Vol. 4 Aug 4, 2009
Night of Champions 2009 Aug 25, 2009
The Rise & Fall of WCW Aug 25, 2009
The Best of SmackDown: 10th Anniversary Sep 15, 2009
SummerSlam 2009** Sep 22, 2009
Breaking Point 2009 Oct 13, 2009
Batista: I Walk Alone Oct 20, 2009
Survivor Series Anthology Vol. 1 & 2 Nov 3, 2009
Hell in a Cell 2009 Nov 3, 2009
Hulk Hogan’s Unreleased Collectors Series Nov 17, 2009
Bragging Rights 2009 Nov 24, 2009
The History of the World Heavyweight Championship Dec 1, 2009
Jeff Hardy: My Life, My Rules Dec 1, 2009
Survivor Series 2009 Dec 22, 2009
WWE Studios: The Marine 2* Dec 29, 2009

* Also available on Blu-ray
** Also available on Blu-ray (European Exclusive)

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17 Comments on "Complete List of 2009 Released WWE DVDs"

Bryce L.
Bryce L.

Only omission I can see is the Survivor Series Anthology sets (Volumes 1 & 2), both released November 9, 2009, other than that, good work

Bryce L.
Bryce L.

Correction, November 3, that was a typo I made, pardon the mistake

I have 27 of the listed 33 titles. I am only missing the 6 UK exclusives: WWE Live in the UK (April 2008) Royal Rumble 2009 (Blu-Ray) SummerSlam 2009 (Blu-Ray) WWE Live in the UK (November 2008) WWE Live in the UK (April 2009) WWE Live in the UK (November 2009) As some of the others have mentioned, I believe The Greatest Superstars of WrestleMania, Viva la Raza: The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero, and The Twisted, Disturbed Life of Kane all belong on the list of 2008 releases. Also, The History of the Intercontinental Championship is missing from both the… Read more »
Joseph De Feo

Out of the DVDs here, I got Viva La Raza: The Legacy Of Eddie Guerrero & Jeff Hardy: My Life, My Rules

Joseph De Feo

Update: Just got Hulk Hogan’s Unreleased Collector’s Series at Video Mexico Musical

Joseph De Feo

Update: Traded Superstar Collection: Kofi Kingston DVD for Hell In A Cell 2009 with kickassproductions14 on

Joseph De Feo

Update: Ordered Macho Madness: The Ultimate Randy Savage Collection at

m; blier
m; blier

the history of the intercontinental championship is missing from 2008 in the complete list of wwe dvds released


ok good to know Daniel. I thought they were not. But since this is a new site. I will let it slide. LOL


greatest superstars of mania came out in 2008


randy savage jun 9
judgment day jun 16
extreme rules jul 7
allied powers jul 14
the bash jul 28
summerslam anthology vol 3 aug 4
night of champions aug 25
rise and fall wcw aug 25
smackdown 10th anniversary sep 15
summerslam sep 22
breaking point oct 13
batista oct 20
survivor series anthology vol 1 & 2 nov 3
hogan unreleased collectors series nov 17
bragging rights nov 24
jeff hardy dec 1
history of the whc dec 15
survvior series dec 22


I hope these are not in order of there release date. Cause they are not here is the real order On the ones that I own anyway
Armageddon – Jan 13
Starrcade Jan 13
Saturday Nights MAIN Event Feb 10
Royal Rumble feb 24
Summerslam Anthology vol’s 1 & 2 Mar 10
No way Out Mar 17
Greatest Stars of the 90’s Apr 14
Wrestlemania 25 May 19
Backlash May 26


April 14th Greatest stars of the 90’s


March 10th 2009 SummerSlam Anthology’s vol 1 & 2


The list doesn’t have the Survivor Series Anthology Vol. 1 or 2 by the way are they ever going to release volumes 3 and 4?


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