Exclusive: Confirmation of WWE’s Sting DVD, Release Date, Sting in WWE 2K15

June 5, 2014 by Daniel Bee

Sting in WCW

WrestlingDVDNews.com can confirm that the Sting WWE DVD is going ahead!

It’s scheduled for both DVD and Blu-ray release to the United States on September 23rd. Previously revealed was the UK release date which as of now is September 29th.

The first synopsis for the DVD is exclusively revealed below and suggests that it will be a match compilation. This would explain why the WWE survey from earlier this week contained an option for a Sting documentary, a project that may be coming further down the line.

The Sting DVD chronicles his entire career from his Mid-South days as part of the Blade-Runners (with Ultimate Warrior) through his last WCW match vs. Ric Flair on the very last episode of WCW Monday Nitro (3/26/01).

The video features more than two dozen matches in total, many never before released on DVD. This includes a combination of well-known memorable matches, as well as some fairly obscure matches including encounters with Vader, Cactus Jack, Hulk Hogan, and Ric Flair. In addition, packages throughout the title will help tell the story of Sting’s career evolution.

We can also confirm that there are tentative plans in place for Sting’s character to be included in the WWE 2K15 video game, most likely as a pre-order bonus.

Sting vs Hulk Hogan in WCW

We recently showed you photos of the Batista “Animal Unleashed” DVD. Courtesy of WrestlingSuperStore, now here’s a look at the Blu-ray edition of the set.

This is the next WWE DVD/Blu-ray scheduled to hit stores, releasing this Tuesday.

WWE Batista The Animal Unleashed DVD & Blu-ray

Fancy Pants“, the 2011 wrestling themed movie (starring Roddy Piper), has now been released on DVD. You can find it listed here on Amazon.com. Watch the trailer below.

Fancy Pants DVD - Roddy Piper Movie

FANS IN UK/EUROPE: The WWEDVD.co.uk website now has the new “Best of Great American Bash” DVD/Blu-ray up for July pre-order. Payback 2014 can be pre-ordered for August.

WWE United We Slam Great American Bash DVD & Blu-ray

The Attitude Era” will be the next DVD/Blu-ray documentary streaming on the WWE Network.

We now have a new page up on the site (linked to below) which lists all of the documentaries available to watch on the Network, and this will be kept up-to-date going forward.

WWE DVDs on WWE Network: Full List of Documentaries Streaming Now

WWE The Attitude Era DVD Cover Artwork

DEALS: Two chances at the 12-disc RAW DVD box set today on eBay:

$34.99 – RAW 20th Anniversary DVD
$35.00 – RAW 20th Anniversary DVD

Rare WWE DVDs - Triple H That Damn Good, Vengeance 2002

Also check out these rare goodies ending soon and within the next few days:

$0.99 – WWE Triple H The Game DVD
$0.99 – WWE Chris Benoit Hard Knocks DVD
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$0.99 – WWF King of the Ring 2001
$0.99 – WWE Insurrextion 2002 DVD
$0.99 – WWE SummerSlam 2007 DVD (Blockbuster Bonus)

$2.65 – WWE Triple H That Damn Good DVD
$5.00 – WWF Vengeance 2001 DVD
$9.99 – WWF Best of RAW Vol. 1 & 2 DVD
$10.00 – WWF Unforgiven 1998 DVD
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New WWE DVDs on Amazon.co.uk

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Preview of Paul Heyman Documentary, Sting’s WWE DVD, Harley Race Content | Wrestling DVD News

[…] Last month we exclusively confirmed the go ahead of the DVD/Blu-ray and Sting’s involvement in the WWE 2K15 video game too. […]

WWE 2K15 rumors: Sting to appear in new video game?

[…] to WWEDVDNews, there are tentative plans for multiple-time world champion Sting to be in the game as a pre-order […]

Mark D
WDN Admin
Mark D

I’m sorry to those who seem to loath repeated matches, but can you really tell the story of Sting without these:

vs. Ric Flair (Clash of Champions I)
vs. Ric Flair (Great American Bash 90)
vs. Hollywood Hogan (Starrcade 97)
vs. Ric Flair (Nitro, 3/26/01)

They’re all iconic matches in Sting’s career and realistically I could see many (if not all) of them on his DVD.

Domenic Ricci
WDN Reader
Domenic Ricci

I am doing a series of Sting’s Unreleased Collector’s Series that are full of FAN-DEMANDED Matches. In fact, I am putting this match on Vol. 1…

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Hulk Hogan vs. Sting
Fall Brawl-September 12, 1999

WDN Reader

I hope they do NOT put Sting vs Flair on last nitro cuz I hate repeats. Sting vs Flair in late 95 or early 96 on Nitro would be better…….Also if Sting is most likely gonna be in WWE2K15..then I hope WCW is involves, even thos NXT is more of a possibility…I dont like clustered rosters like WWE2K14

Sting Is WWE 2K15 Pre-Order Bonus? | The Wrestling Forum

[…] There are tentative plans for Sting to be included in the WWE 2K15 video game as a pre-order bonus, reports WrestlingDVDNews.com. […]

WDN Reader

oh wow. im getting the sting blu ray

WDN Reader
I know they seem to love putting together compilations featuring PPV and Clash matches, but I really hope they stick to the following PPV and Clash matches and don’t have many repeats other than the obvious ones (Clash 1, first world title and Starrcade 97): Clash 3- vs. Windham Clash 8- w/Flair vs. Muta/Slater Havoc 1990- vs. Sid Starrcade 1990- vs. Black Scorpion Havoc 1991- Chamber of Horrors Clash 21- vs. Rude SuperBrawl II- vs. Luger Beach Blast- w/ Bulldog vs. Sid/Vader Fall Brawl 1994- vs. Vader Havoc 1995- with Flair vs. Anderson/Pillman World War 3- vs. Flair Starrcade 1995-… Read more »
Tommy D
WDN Reader
Tommy D

Although I do like the docs, as I’ve said before, I’m much more into collecting the matches. Let’s hope we really do get some rare and unreleased gems.

Brad Attitude
WDN Reader
Brad Attitude

I’d like to see a blade runners match vs dr death & ted DiBiase from mid south over another jobbers match. hot stuff 😉

wouldn’t mind seeing the hogan & hart vs sting & Luger match from WCW nitro the day after fall brawl ’99. Good match

Steven Jackson
WDN Reader
Steven Jackson

I’m so excited about the Sting set =)

I hope we get some NWA/WCW TV matches from the early 90s. The crowds are incredible.

Cannot wait for the match listing =)

WDN Reader

Sting DVD, Yes! I Cant wait for this one. If they are here’s what I’d Like:

Bladerunners match (they didn’t have many)

Sting vs. Flair Clash 1 & GAB 90
Sting vs. Rick Rude (Any match is fine)
Sting vs. Luger Superbrawl 2
Sting vs Vader Superbrawl 3
Sting vs. Regal GAB 96
Any match with Great Muta
Sting vs. Scott Hall Uncensored 98
Sting vs. Hogan Fall Brawl 99 (All their other matches are on dvd)

other than that cant wait for it

WDN Reader

Glad to hear the Sting BRD release being confirmed. I also like that it’s just a match compilation similar to the Goldberg one from the sound of it. Which I enjoyed immensely.

WDN Reader
Sounds great to me because in all likelihood that means we’ll end up getting at least two Sting sets: The match comp listed above, as well as a Sting documentary 3 disc set that should also feature more matches. In truth, I don’t really care too much about any documentary, but the potential of more unreleased Sting matches definitely has me interested. I just hope there isn’t more than a couple of Mid South matches as while they had a great style there, Sting wasn’t exactly performing at his best yet and the truth is they had too many non-competitive… Read more »
The First Details On WWE’s Sting DVD Revealed – Details | Professional Wrestling News, Results, Rumors, Spoilers, Videos

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