Extras for WWE SummerSlam 2013 DVD & Blu-Ray, Mid-South/MSG ‘Hands On’

August 22, 2013 by Daniel Bee

WWEDVD.co.uk have today revealed the DVD and Blu-ray special features planned for SummerSlam 2013.

WWE SummerSlam 2013 DVD & Blu-ray

Special Feature

WWE United States Championship
Dean Ambrose vs. Rob Van Dam
SummerSlam Kickoff – August 18, 2013

Blu-ray Exclusives

Monday Night RAW – August 12, 2013:
– Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett
– Randy Orton vs. Damien Sandow
– Mr. McMahon Picks a Special Referee for SummerSlam
– Miz TV with John Cena & Daniel Bryan
– CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman

SmackDown – August 16, 2013:
– Bray Wyatt Tells a Story About Kane
– Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett (No DQ Match)

The SummerSlam DVD/Blu-ray releases on September 17th (click to pre-order yours).

Australia also gets it in September, following to UK/Europe in October via WWEDVD.co.uk.

In the video below, get a “hands on” look at the next two upcoming releases; The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden (released 8/27) and Legends of Mid-South Wrestling (released 9/10). Either of those new titles can be pre-ordered now here on Amazon.com.

The two most viewed articles (by a long way) here on WDN this month were the Goldberg DVD cover artwork reveal, and the Goldberg DVD match listing!

The “Goldberg: Ultimate Collection” DVD and Blu-ray set hits stores in October 2013.

WWE Goldberg Ultimate Collection DVD


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10 Comments left on this article...

  1. Dan says:

    I hate how WWE keeps giving away PPV results on their DVD/ Blu-Ray’s covers.

  2. Tony Kegger says:

    I’m wondering why the Payback DVD didn’t have the pre-show match and Extreme Rules, Money in the Bank, and now SummerSlam did.

  3. The 12th Man says:

    NIce to get the 2 key segments from the go home Raw.

  4. David says:

    Nice extras. The Bryan/Cena confrontation was awesome and Bryan vs. Barrett No DQ was a fun match. Definitely picking this up.

  5. Simon says:

    Really fucked off that the 20-Man Battle Royal from that Raw isn’t included.

  6. […] The DVD extras and Blu-ray exclusive content have now been revealed at this link. For those wondering, the Blu-ray edition will not be a store exclusive. The major pay-per-view […]

  7. RabidHeat says:

    Any news on that possible two-disc Summerslam 2013 DVD that was mentioned on here a few weeks ago?

    • David says:

      I think it will end up being a store exclusive 2 pack, packaged with SSlam 2012. Don’t think WWE will include these extras on DVD, hence the title “Blu-ray exclusives”. It gives people the incentive to pick up the Blu-ray over the DVD version for couple bucks more.

      • Daniel Bee says:

        I don’t understand that either taking away what is meant to be an incentive to buy the Blu-ray version. That said, I did see that 2 disc SummerSlam DVD listed on an overseas schedule. Will be interesting to see if it goes ahead.

  8. Vick says:

    The regular Special Features as always it seems now for each ppv release on BluRay/Dvd. I was hoping we would get some stuff from the next nights Raw for a change.

  9. Domenic says:

    I will be buying the SummerSlam Blu-Ray!! Thank you WWE!!! Hopefully you dudes can release more Chris Benoit matches on DVD and Blu-Ray!!!

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