Fantasy Concept: The Rich History of Jim Crockett Promotions

June 23, 2013 by Mark D

Fantasy Concept - WWE DVD

This Tuesday sees the release of the highly anticipated War Games: WCW’s Most Notorious Matches, in honor of this the latest edition of Fantasy Concept looks at: The Rich History of Jim Crockett Promotions and the Birth of WCW.

This documentary would look at the history of Jim Crockett Promotions up to their purchase by Ted Turner and eventual transformation into WCW. The documentary would be complimented with a selection of matches and memorable moments highlighting the territories biggest stars.

Fantasy Concept WWE DVD - Jim Crockett Promotions, NWA, Ric Flair & Dusty Rhodes DVD

Jim Crockett Promotions boasts one of the richest histories in professional wrestling. Now for the first time ever you can relive this story from the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling days, through the birth of the wrestling super card with Starrcade to their evolution into World Championship Wrestling (WCW). This 2 disc set is jam packed with bonus content including matches and classic moments featuring your favourite stars: Ric Flair, The Four Horsemen, Dusty Rhodes, Sting, Magnum TA, Ricky Steamboat, The Road Warriors and many more.

Fantasy Concept WWE DVD - Jim Crockett Promotions, NWA, Ric Flair & Dusty Rhodes DVD


Big Jim Crockett
Wrestling Business
Power Struggle
Mid-Atlantic Wrestling
Elite Talent
NWA President
The Nature Boy
Black Saturday
World Championship Wrestling
New Talent
The Four Horsemen
Great American Bash Tour
Crockett Cup
What Might Have Been
Unifying The Alliance
War Games
Pay Per View Feud
Expanding Too Much?
Ted Turner and WCW

Blu-ray Extras

WPCQ Studios
Plane Crash
The Final Conflict
Hogan at Starrcade ’83?
Dusty Finish
Chi-Town Heat
Midnight Rider
Bunkhouse Stampede
We’re outa time!

Harley Race, Ric Flair & The Masked Superstar vs. Wahoo McDaniel, Blackjack Mulligan & Dick Murdoch
Greensboro, NC • June 18, 1978
NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
Ray Stevens & Ole Anderson vs. Paul Jones & Buddy Landell
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling • December 3, 1981
Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship Match
Jack Brisco vs. Don Muraco
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling • June 9, 1982
Roddy Piper vs. Jake Roberts
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling • June 23, 1982
Steel Cage Match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Harley Race vs. Ric Flair
NWA Starrcade • November 24, 1983
Alternate Commentary: Ric Flair & Jim Ross
NWA Television Championship Match
Tully Blanchard vs. Ricky Steamboat
NWA Starrcade • November 22, 1984
NWA United States Championship Match
Magnum TA vs. Ole Anderson
NWA World Championship Wrestling • December 28, 1985
NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
The Rock N Roll Express vs. The Midnight Express
NWA Superstars on the Superstation • February 7, 1986
Russian Chain Match
The Road Warriors vs. Ivan & Nikita Koloff
NWA Great American Bash • July 5, 1986
NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Dusty Rhodes vs. Ric Flair
NWA Pro Wrestling • August 23, 1986
Alternate Commentary: Ric Flair & Jim Ross
NWA United States Championship
Magnum TA vs. Nikita Koloff
NWA World Wide Wrestling • September 13, 1986
NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham
Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup • April 11, 1987
Alternate Commentary: Ric Flair & Jim Ross


Steel Cage Match
The Four Horsemen vs. Dusty Rhodes, Nikita Koloff & The Road Warriors
NWA World Wide Wrestling • July 11, 1987
Ric Flair vs. Sting
NWA Pro Wrestling • December 27, 1987
Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup Tournament Final
Sting & Lex Luger vs. Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard
Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup • April 23, 1988
NWA US Tag Team Championship Match
The Midnight Express vs. The Fantastics
NWA Clash of the Champions • March 27, 1988
NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger
NWA Great American Bash • July 10, 1988
Greg Valentine Breaks Wahoo McDaniel’s leg
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling • September 7, 1977
The Ric Flair & Ricky Steamboat Feud
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling • 1978
Sgt Slaughter Cobra Clutch Challenge with Barry Windham
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling • December 10, 1981
Don Muraco walks out on Wahoo McDaniel
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling • May 26, 1982
The Final Conflict Contract Signing
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling • February 19, 1983
The Endless Summer
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling • July 4, 1983
Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood Training Video
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling • August 20, 1983
Ricky Steamboat/Jay Youngblood Brisco Brothers Confrontation
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling • August 27, 1983
Ric Flair never leaves a lady without a smile on her face
NWA World Championship Wrestling • April 6, 1985
Magnum TA – The Ride for the Gold
NWA World Wide Wrestling • September 21, 1985
Hard Times
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling • October 30, 1985
Custom Made Belt for a Custom Made Man
NWA World Championship Wrestling • February 22, 1986
Ric Flair has a gift for Ricky Morton
NWA World Championship Wrestling • March 29, 1986
The Super Powers Unite
NWA World Championship Wrestling • October 24, 1986
The Horsemen Attack Dusty Rhodes in the Parking Lot
NWA Pro Wrestling • October 25, 1986
The Road Warriors train for the scaffold match
NWA World Championship Wrestling • October 25, 1986
We Are The Four Horsemen
NWA World Championship Wrestling • December 20, 1986
Magnum TA sits down with Tony Schiavone
NWA Supertowns on the Superstation • February 7, 1987
Ric Flair’s Dream Date with Precious
NWA World Championship Wrestling • July 25, 1987
Dusty Rhodes knocks out Jim Crockett
NWA World Championship Wrestling • March 26, 1988
A picture is worth a thousand words
World Championship Wrestling • November 5, 1988

Blu-ray Extras

Roddy Piper vs. Jay Youngblood
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling • October 14, 1981
Ric Flair vs. George South
NWA World Championship Wrestling • June 1, 1985
NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
The Rock N Roll Express vs. Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez
NWA World Championship Wrestling • December 6, 1986
NWA/UWF World Television Championship Unification Match
Nikita Koloff vs. Terry Taylor
NWA Starrcade • November 26, 1987
Sting vs. Bob Emory
NWA World Championship Wrestling • January 30, 1988
NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
Lex Luger & Barry Windham vs. Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard
NWA World Championship Wrestling • April 23, 1988

Huge thanks to William Slack for his help with this one.

Would this set interest you? It’s great to hear your feedback, so please use the comments section below or tweet me @_MarkD_

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47 Comments on "Fantasy Concept: The Rich History of Jim Crockett Promotions"

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WDN Reader

Great idea and I LOVE your cover art concept.

Darrell Goode
WDN Reader
Darrell Goode

I would LOVE for this to be released.

Monte Gifford
WDN Reader
Monte Gifford

Rich historyofJim crocket promotion. Does that come in regular DVD.

Christopher Benoit
WDN Reader
Christopher Benoit

I could care less about some arbitrary compilation, just let them put all the complete shows on Network and be done with it. That should suffice. And It’s also a more probable future development.

Brock Wheeler
WDN Reader
Brock Wheeler

It’s been done already and you can order it at

WDN Reader

Not bad, except for the documentry, which was on the WCW dvd. Instead I’d rather see a 3 disc set which would allow the quality of the matches to speak for themselves. Still undecided though if I’d have a disc soley featuring the best of 7 between Magnum T.A and Nikita Koloff

WDN Reader

This one should be on next years Release Schedule! :)))

WDN Reader
I am here to make my OWN Fantasy Concept. I know this will never happen, but I just want to do it for fun. This is for Mark D. The set is called…… Undertaker: Phenom Forever- Undertaker’s Greatest Matches (Unreleased and Repeats) Here we go with the list…….. Disc 1 WCW United States Championship Match Lex Luger vs. ”Mean” Mark Callous Great American Bash July 7, 1990 Survivor Series Elimination Match Million Dollar Team vs. The Dream Team Survivor Series Nov. 1990 Undertaker vs. Tugboat Supertape 4 (Need Release Date) Undertaker vs. Greg ”The Hammer” Valentine Prime Time Wrestling Oct.… Read more »
WDN Reader
I left off a few matches by accident………. Disc 3 Hardcore Championship Match Undertaker vs. Matt Hardy SmackDown! Dec. 2001 Undertaker vs. Rob Van Dam RAW May 20, 2002 Undertaker and Batista vs. Randy Orton and Edge SmackDown! Feb. 16, 2007 Disc 4 Undertaker and Shawn Michaels vs. Vladimir Koslov and JBL RAW Mar. 15, 2009 Undertaker vs. Matt Hardy Superstars Apr. 16, 2009 Buried Alive Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Kane vs. Undertaker Bragging Rights Oct. 24, 2010 Blu-Ray Exclusives ———————— The Skyscrapers vs. The Road Warriors Halloween Havoc Oct. 28, 1989 No Holds Barred Match Undertaker vs.… Read more »
WDN Reader

Great job, Mark! I’d buy it and the stuff you cut out in a volume2!

mark foster
WDN Reader
mark foster

I would love to see a nwa dvd collection.Other great set would be a Vader collection and a unreleased road warrior set like they did wit hulk hogan.Nobody deserves a utimate dvd set more then andre the giant.A lot of young people didnt get to see how great he was.A list of matches i would like to see.Stan hansen,ernie ladd,black jack mulligan,kamala,king kong bundy,jhon studd,jerry blackwell,utimate warrior,and hulk hogan when hogan was the bad guy.This would sell would wide,because he had fans all over the world

WDN Reader
I don’t know about the WCW stuff. I’d cut out the WCW portion of the documentary since whatever would be said about it would miror what was said in The Rise And Fall OF WCW documentary, Hell, the whole WCW chapter of this proposed documentuary might consist of recycled material from Rise And Fall since WWE’s got a habit of recycling stuff. Just my opinion. You should od fantasy concepts on Vader, Macho Man and Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle. They deserve a documentary set along with HOF Inductions themselves. Just wish the HOF Induction and documentary sets on Savage on Paul/Percy… Read more »
WDN Reader

Another great fantasy concept. I always look forward to this and Coliseum Corner. I was thinking, if WWE did something like WWE Coliseum Video Fan Favorite Matches, a 3 disc 2 disc blu-ray set hosted by Sean Mooney where fans on the facebook page and other social media outlets request matches from the Fan favorite time period 1989-1995, I think a lot of hidden gems would be used for the set.

WDN Reader

I’d actually prefer they release every Coliseum Video on DVD first and then release a set containing previously unreleased matches that were voted by fans to make the cut.

WDN Reader

I really don’t want to see all the Coliseum Videos released to DVD. But, I’d love it if they put together a 3-DVD set of “Lost Coliseum Classics” featuring the best unreleased to DVD Coliseum matches.

Mark D
WDN Reader
Mark D
There were even more matches and moments, which I did have to cut out; here are some of those which didn’t quite make it: Barry Windham, Jake Roberts, & Jay Youngblood vs. The Minnesota Wrecking Crew & Ivan Koloff Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling • 1981 Ricky Steamboat & Jake Roberts vs. Super Destroyer & The Grappler Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling • November 21, 1981 Blackjack Mulligan & Blackjack Mulligan Jr. vs. Ricky Harris & Jim Nelson Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling • January 13, 1982 Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship Match Roddy Piper vs. Jack Brisco Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling • July 7, 1982 Steel Cage Match… Read more »
WDN Reader

This looks really really cool.

What is the significance of “Sting vs. Bob Emory NWA World Championship Wrestling • January 30, 1988” though?

Mark D
WDN Reader
Mark D

It wound up being an angle from “Ric Flair Night” in Raleigh, NC, here is part of it:

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