Complete Match Listing for WWE: Wrestling’s Greatest Factions DVD

March 2, 2014 by Mark D

Today here at we can reveal the complete match list for Wrestling’s Greatest Factions, the upcoming WWE DVD and Blu-ray set!

nWo - Wrestling's Greatest Factions DVD

The 3 disc DVD and 2 disc Blu-ray is scheduled for release on May 27th and will feature more than 20 matches from WWE, WCW, ECW and World Class Championship Wrestling.

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Australian fans will see the new Wrestling’s Greatest Factions DVD and Blu-ray released on June 4th via, while it’s currently scheduled to hit the UK and Europe before anywhere else on May 26th, through

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WWE Wrestling's Greatest Factions DVD Match ListingD-Generation X

Corporate Rumble for #30 Spot in Royal Rumble Match
D-Generation X vs. The Corporation
Raw • January 11, 1999

The Heenan Family

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd vs. Big Machine, Super Machine & Captain Lou Albano
The Big Event • August 28, 1986

Right to Censor

Right to Censor vs. Too Cool & Rikishi
SummerSlam • August 27, 2000

The Fabulous Freebirds

8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match
The Fabulous Freebirds & Jimmy Garvin vs. The Von Erichs (David, Kerry & Kevin Von Erich) & Iceman King Parsons
World Class Championship Wrestling • June 11, 1983

The Nexus

10-Man Tag Team Elimination Match
The Nexus vs. John Cena Randy Orton Sheamus Chris Jericho & Edge
RAW • August 30, 2010

The Dangerous Alliance

‘Stunning Steve Austin & ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Eaton vs. Sting & Marcus Bagwell
World Championship Wrestling • January 18, 1992

The Hart Foundation

Flag Match
Bret Hart, Owen Hart & The British Bulldog vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Dude Love & The Undertaker
RAW • July 21, 1997



WWE Wrestling's Greatest Factions DVD Match ListingnWo

War Games Match
Team WCW (Diamond Dallas Page, Roddy Piper & The Warrior) vs. Team Hollywood (“Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, Stevie Ray & Bret Hart) vs. Team Wolfpac (Kevin Nash, Sting & Lex Luger)
Fall Brawl • September 13, 1998

The Brood

The Brood vs. J.O.B. Squad (Al Snow, Bob Holly & Scorpio)
Rock Bottom • December 13, 1998

Million Dollar Corporation

Survivor Series Elimination Match
Million Dollar Team (Tatanka, Bam Bam Bigelow, King Kong Bundy & The Heavenly Bodies) vs. Guts and Glory (Lex Luger, Adam Bomb, Mable & The Smoking Gunns)
Survivor Series • November 23, 1994

Nation of Domination

Owen Hart, Kama Mustafa & D-Lo Brown vs. Triple H & New Age Outlaws
Over the Edge • May 31, 1998

Blue World Order

Big Stevie Cool vs. Axl Rotten
Hardcore TV • January 7, 1997

The Corporation

Corporate Gauntlet Match
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Corporation
RAW • February 13, 1999



WWE Wrestling's Greatest Factions DVD Match ListingEvolution

6-Man Tag Team Elimination Match
Evolution (Triple H, Randy Orton & Ric Flair) vs. The Dudley Boyz (D-Von, Bubba Ray & Spike Dudley)
RAW • July 14, 2003


Kurrgan & Golga vs. Too Much
Shotgun Saturday Night • October 17, 1998

The Triple Threat

Shane Douglas & Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Rob Van Dam & Sabu
CyberSlam • February 21, 1998


Legacy vs. Triple H, Batista & Shane McMahon
Backlash • April 27, 2009

Dungeon of Doom

War Games Match
The Hulkamaniacs (Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Lex Luger & Sting) vs. The Dungeon of Doom (Kamala the Ugandan Giant, The Zodiac, The Shark & Meng)
Fall Brawl • September 17 1995

Straight Edge Society

3-on-1 Handicap Match
CM Punk, Luke Gallows & Joey Mercury vs. The Big Show
SummerSlam • August 15, 2010

The Four Horsemen

Ric Flair, Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs. Barry Windham, Lex Luger & Sting
NWA Main Event • April 3, 1988



WWE Wrestling's Greatest Factions DVD Match ListingList of WWE Factions Blu-ray extras here.


WWE Wrestling's Greatest Factions DVD Match Listing

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The Angry Asian
The Angry Asian

I rather watch TNA Victory Road 2011 than this sh*t.


[…] Complete Match Listing for WWE Greatest Factions DVD/Blu-ray… […]


Eww. Don’t buy this dvd/blue ray.


[…] you’ve forgotten exactly which matches are included, check out the full WWE Greatest Wrestling Factions DVD match listing. Personally, I found the match selection on this set to be very good. The set managed to achieve a […]


[…] You can see the full match listings for this set via […]


[…] Complete Match Listing for WWE Greatest Factions DVD/Blu-ray… […]


With no Ministry of Darkness, Raven’s Flock or The Alliance I definitely won’t be buying.


[…] has released the full content listing for WWE’s upcoming “Wrestling’s Greatest Factions” DVD and Blu-ray. The DVD will be released on May 27th, 2014: […]


[…] the complete match listing for Greatest Wrestling Factions here, this 2-disc Blu-Ray and 3 disc DVD set will be released on May 27, pre-order now via […]


Im really looking forward to this Blu-Ray set to see the Corporate Rumble for #30 Spot in Royal Rumble Match w/ D-X vs. The Corporation as well as The Corporate Gauntlet Match w/ Austin!

Though with Shawn Muchaels on the front of the cover, I dont understand y he hasnt been listed in any matches!


[…] From the initial look, the DVD looks very strong, it focuses on a broad range of factions, rather than the typical D-X, NWO and Hart Foundation. It is nice to see the “popular” Right To Censor being focused, as well as The Shield and the Wyatts on the Blu-Ray edition. You can see the match line up below courtesy of  […]


[…]   We revealed the full match listing a few weeks ago for WWE Greatest Wrestling Factions, check it out here. […]


Wasn’t that suppose to be like a top 10 of the greatest factions of all time? They are good matches on there but some s*xx really bad..


Whatever they have here is or sooner or later will be easily accessible on The Network. At $60 every 6 months for unlimited 24/7 content, DVD sales will significantly go down as time goes on.


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