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EVERY WWE DVD & Blu-ray slashed to $5 at WrestlingSuperStore! That’s TOO MANY DEALS to list, but here goes….

Grab a steel chair, kendo stick & trash can — things get HARDCORE in this exclusive look at the next WWE DVD…

2016-released WWE DVDs on sale now, “Iconic Matches” series added to Home Video schedule, LOADS more news!

Just unveiled, get a look at the cover of WWE’s SUMMERSLAM 2016 DVD and the full content/extras on the 2 DISC SET!

A “HARDCORE” price drop on the next WWE DVD!! Early photos of the “History of Hardcore” and an unbeatable deal…

News on Home Video release of SUMMERSLAM 2016, pre-release pics of the next WWE DVD – BATTLEGROUND

Watch out, watch out; don’t get hit with an “RKO Outta Nowhere” – watch the trailer for WWE’s new RANDY ORTON DVD!

The next WWE DVD is…. HARDCORE!! Mick Foley leads a hard-hitting discussion in this early Blu-ray sneak peek

The “granddaddy” of WWF/WWE DVDs, WRESTLEMANIA X-SEVEN, and other rarities going back on store shelves!

Exclusive update on 2016 “Brand Split” WWE PPV releases – will we get CLASH OF CHAMPIONS & BACKLASH DVDs?

2016 RANDY ORTON Blu-ray just listed with new details, win big box sets for FREE, shots of next WWE DVD release!

Verdict on the debuting “Next Evolution” DVD series – shoot interview & full-length matches with NXT star Johnny Gargano!

New WWE DVDs on

Exclusive look at 3 matches in this week’s “ATTITUDE ERA Vol. 3” release, new WWE Blu-ray extras, new TNA DVDs!

Official name for the (Outta Nowhere!!) ORTON DVD, WWE’s Attitude Blu-ray shipping early, no Battleground extras?

The GOOD (unseen matches) and the BAD (are they even Attitude?) of WWE’s new “ATTITUDE ERA: Unreleased” DVD!

Baron von Raschke claws his way onto Kayfabe Commentaries’ new “Back to the Territories” DVD, arguably the BEST YET!

Confirmed details on WWE’s “Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat.” BROCK BOX SET, will ATTITUDE ERA Blu-ray have mini-book?

ARE YOU READY to see WWE’s next Attitude DVD before it hits stores?! Then give us a HELL YEAH and look here…

Main Event Confirmed For WWE SmackDown Live

August 30th, 2016
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WWE Live Results – Texarkana, AR (8/29)

August 30th, 2016
Read latest; WWE Live Results – Texarkana, AR (8/29)

WWE RAW Viewership

August 30th, 2016
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