REVEALED: 16 New WWE DVD Concepts for 2017/18 – AJ STYLES, ‘Best of 1998’, ‘List of Jericho’ & More!

April 26, 2017 by Daniel Bee

New WWE DVD Concepts for 2017/2018 - 'The List of Jericho' DVD!

AJ Styles, Finn Bálor, Kevin Nash, Goldberg – YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!!

Those Superstars (and more) are on the potential-list for WWE DVDs/Blu-rays under consideration for release in late 2017 through 2018. WWE has revealed the names of 15+ match compilation and documentary concepts in a survey sent out to “Fan Council” members this week.

Other goodies we know could be in the works include the likes of a 1998 retrospective, a New Day documentary, a Shane McMahon compilation, “The Best of Superstars”, and “The List” itself even gets some love in what would be WWE’s third Chris Jericho DVD!

1998: A Look Back (Documentary)

The year that brought us Stone Cold’s first WWE championship reign, the birth of the evil boss Mr. McMahon, the rise of The Rock, the RE-birth of D-Generation X with Triple H’s new leadership, Sable and her ‘hand print bikini’, and the debuts of several attitude era stars such as Edge and Val Venis. 1998 was the Austin Era, and ‘attitude’ was in full-swing.

Finn Bálor (Documentary)

After a remarkable first month in WWE, Finn unfortunately needed surgery that put him on the shelf for several months. During that time, WWE cameras had unprecedented access to Finn, following him to surgery, through rehab, back to Ireland with his family, all the way up to his eventual return to RAW in April.

Kevin Nash (Documentary)

A big man who broke the mold, Kevin Nash’s unique personality and superb athletic ability helped him rise to the top of the WWE ranks in route to becoming Champion. But Nash didn’t stop there, as the 7-footer was the very first man to “jump ship” to WCW and kick-start the Monday Night Wars. A true rebel, and founding member of the nWo, Kevin Nash holds a special place in wrestling history.

The New Day’s Unlikely Success Story (Documentary)

Sometimes the best things happen by accident. When three talented-but-directionless superstars were paired together, the initial results were far from positive. But once Kofi, Xavier, and Big E flipped the switch and found their niche… it was magic, and the WWE Universe began clapping & singing along with the Power of Positivity. Witness the unlikely rise of The New Day, as they solely evolve into one of the most popular entertainers in WWE.

Goldberg (Documentary)

Get exclusive access to Goldberg as he makes his long-awaited return to WWE. Get up close and personal with Bill as he speaks about his family, his reasons for returning, and his goals for the future.

Charlotte Flair (Documentary)

Woooo! WWE Home Video takes you behind-the-scenes and follows Charlotte Flair as she prepares for one of the biggest matches of her career! Hear from “The Queen” herself as she shares what it was like growing up under the tutelage of her father WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair and the path she took to become a multiple-time WWE Women’s Champion. If there’s anything this 3-disc collection packed with extras will show you is if you’re gonna do it, do it with Flair!

New WWE DVD Concepts for 2017/2018 - 'Phenomenal AJ Styles' DVD!

The Phenomenal AJ Styles (Match Comp.)

This compilation would feature the most phenomenal matches of AJ Styles’ first two years in WWE. No superstar wowed the audience during that time quite like “P1” AJ Styles. Featuring battles with John Cena, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho, and more.

Chris Jericho’s List of Greatest Matches (Match Comp.)

Chris Jericho has reinvented himself many times, and has struck gold with his recent ‘list-making’ incarnation. Relive some of Jericho’s favorite matches as he recounts them from the List of Jericho.

The Best of Charlotte Flair (Match Comp.)

The “genetically superior” athlete, Charlotte, stormed onto the scene and led the Women’s Revolution. Relive her classic battles with Sasha Banks, Bayley, Nikki Bella, and others.

The Best of Dean Ambrose (Match Comp.)

Relive the Lunatic’s greatest matches as he rises up the WWE ranks to become an unlikely WWE Champion. Watch his battles with Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, and more.

Shane McMahon’s Craziest Matches (Match Comp.)

Shane is known as a huge risk-taker, who provides “OMG” moments on a regular basis. This compilation would feature all of his greatest & craziest matches, spanning his entire time in WWE. Featuring battles with Undertaker, Big Show, Randy Orton, Mankind, Kane, & more.

The Best of Roman Reigns (Match Comp.)

From his seasoning days in NXT, to his dominant run with The Shield, to his spectacular singles run, all the way to the WWE Championship and the main event of WrestleMania… witness the greatest high-impact, fast-paced matches of Roman Reigns’ career.

John Cena: The Face that Runs the Place (Match Comp.)

For over 15 years, John Cena has been the standard bearer in WWE. Every time a new crop of young hungry superstars make their way to WWE, Cena’s will is tested again. As the New Era flourishes, Cena faces his toughest challenges to date, as he goes into battle with The Miz, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Baron Corbin, AJ Styles, The Club, and many more.

The Best of RAW & SmackDown 2017 (Match Comp.)

Best matches and moments from the year, along with exclusive alternate commentary for certain moments from the superstars themselves.

Best Pay-Per-View Matches 2017 (Match Comp.)

The greatest matches from the greatest events of the year.

The Best of WWE Superstars (Match Comp.)

Before the days of SmackDown, Heat, or NXT… Superstars was the only other weekly WWE program alongside Monday Night RAW. Rivalries were advanced, titles were defended, and significant moments took place on this classic show that aired from 1986-1996.

WWE Home Video 2017 - Logo

Kurt Angle also appeared in the survey but his DVD is of course already scheduled for 2017 – however, WWE may be considering a documentary release for Angle in the not too distant future.

If all of the above concepts weren’t enough, rumor has it WWE just issued another survey containing a few more documentaries: Ted DiBiase, The Miz, and “Women’s Revolution”.

For what it’s worth, Charlotte Flair is also said to be listed on that survey in addition to both the documentary/match comp lists above, which gives off the vibe that a Charlotte DVD is strongly being considered! Time will tell – stay tuned to

Which **TWO** of these potential WWE DVD titles would you most like to see released?

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In case you missed the earlier news, the upcoming WrestleMania 33 DVD will be accompanied by a version that has exclusive alternate artwork when it releases to the UK.

Fans there can look out for this unique cover variant in Sainsbury’s stores from June 5th.

Take another look at the artwork, right here:

WWE WrestleMania 33 DVD - Sainsbury's UK Exclusive Cover!

Heads up, Kayfabe Commentaries’ latest release has been pushed back slightly (originally planned for Tuesday) and will now be available from tomorrow instead.

“Back to the Territories: Georgia” will see host Jim Cornette and special guest Bill Eadie, the “Masked Superstar” and one of the bookers in Georgia, head back to cover the territory and share stories about stars the likes of Tommy Rich, T-Bolt Patterson, Ole Anderson, and more.

Head to to get the DVD, stream it instantly, or download it for later.

Kayfabe Commentaries - 'Back to the Territories: Georgia' DVD


WWE’s new DVD compilation on the 2000s has officially hit stores this week in both the UK and the USA. Not picked it up yet? Read our in-depth review of the stacked 11 hour compilation.

WDN reader “Silverback CP” gives a quick look at the 4-disc set, here:


Around 20 different WWF DVD rarities are up for grabs in eBay auctions in the next few days.

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  1. Brian says:

    I know it wouldn’t break any sales records but I wish they would release a best matches collection and documentary on Bruno Sammartino. They put one out on Superstar Billy Graham, why not Bruno?

  2. Kenny says:

    I don’t understand the idea of doing documentaries on guys who are so new to the company. They seem like they would be rather insubstantial, shallow, and limited, considering the lack of footage from outside WWE.

    I’d limit the A.J. Styles, Finn Balor, etc. shows to match comps. That’s where they’re the strongest right now. Give them a few years to establish a solid personality, and create a long-standing rapport with fans, before putting the spotlight on it.

    In other words, I want to care enough about the guy to WANT to get to know the guy before I get to know the guy.

    …if that makes any sense.

  3. Guest says:

    I voted best of superstars. And Charlotte Flair, I’d lay in the ring and give her 45 minutes to try and knock me unconscious with her breasts:))

  4. Anan says:

    What I wanna see:
    Goldberg doc – With his last run over, best time for a doc. I’m hoping for a career spanning retrospective doc, not one only focused on the last run he had.

    Nash doc – The other 3 Kliq members got their individual docs. Only fair Nash gets the same treatment.

    1998: A Look Back doc – I’m hoping this has comments from Vince, Shane, JR, Lawler, Cornette, SCSA, Rock, HBK, Tyson, all members of HHH’s DX, Kane, Taker, Goldust, Edge, Christian, Gangrel, Foley, Kurrgan, members of The Nation of Domination (both iterations), Shamrock, Severn, Bradshaw, Holly, Bart Gunn

  5. MaXiMuS says:

    Why they don’t release a WCW greatest PPV Matches vol 2 or NXT greatest matches vol 2 ? would be great. Lot of great DVDs in this list but making a DVD of young superstars is stupid, they have two years in WWE sometimes no experience in the indies and they would already have a DVD, i don’t agree with that !

  6. Mack Dawg says:

    Some of these people are way too young for a documentary release, like Charlotte and Finn Balor. Didn’t their WWE careers just start?? I get they had a life before, but wouldn’t it be very incomplete? And a better retrospective comes with age. Like, how interesting can their perspective and stories be if their still LIVING IT?

    • Anan says:

      Agreed! Docs on talent that to my knowledge haven’t had (career spanning retrospective) docs on them yet such as in no particular order: Goldberg, Nash, Sting (don’t believe Into The Light was a career spanning retrospective doc), Kurt Angle, Rock, Hardyz, Kane, Taker, Sid, Booker T to name just a few and some of these names are current or soon to be WWE HOFers!!

      • Leo says:

        TNA did a Sting documentary on the Return of an Icon dvd and Kurt Angle’s “Champion” dvd.

        WWE did one for Booker T on WWE 24 lol two years ago.

  7. RabidHeat says:

    Some great ideas there, although ‘The Best of Roman Reigns’ made me feel physically sick to even read. I was say the Goldberg documentary is probably almost a lock at this point and makes sense. I’m not understanding the current desire to make documentaries about stars whose careers aren’t even a quarter of the way done yet though, like Owens, Balor and Charlotte.

    • some guy says:

      I agree with you completely. Roman Reigns is so good that a “Best of” would never be able to fit all of his great matches and the very idea of leaving some out makes me physically sick as well.

  8. SCSA says:

    Everybody is right about too much revealed for the Attitude Era w/Best of 1998, although it was my favourite whilst watching wrestling so yes, this was my 2nd vote. I just hope that they include something they’ve never had a chance of including on Blu-Ray, like when we were introduced w/our new Commissioner by VinMan, ‘The only grand slam champion… The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels’! This was one of my favourite times when he made his come back (after WM14) and later had given Vince McMahon his ‘Sweet Chin Music’ upon being fired!

    My 1st vote was for Kevin Nash, it’s important to see a Documentary on the first guy who jumped ship (w/Scott Hall) to WCW & had many great moments w/the nWo/nWo reds, Outsiders, returning back to the WWE, etc.

  9. brandon vendetta says:

    Best of superstars would be awesome. I’m kind of surprised that Kevin Nash hasn’t had a doc set come out yet so that’s got my vote too. I wish I could remember last years survey to see which sets were actually made.does anybody know??

    • Leo says:

      why would anyone want a kevin nash dvd? he did the exact same 3 moves in every match and was rather limited for his size …these new fans that keep asking for one just don’t know a good wrestler these days.

      • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

        Tore his quad while the sit-down interview in between the 4 matches on the 4-disc DVD. *muuuhaaaah haaaah*

      • Tommy D says:

        Why can’t someone be interested in something that you aren’t? The constant flaming and bitching on this site is pretty sad.

        • Leo says:

          What’s sad is this generation who think a wrestler from the 90s such as Nash was good when he was just awful. It’s like asking for a dvd on Earthquake, King Kong Bundy or Kamala.

          • some guy says:

            Yeah! It’s like all the people asking for a Rick Rude DVD. Guy had 3 moves: a kissy face, a butt wiggle, and the RKO. Who cares!

          • LP1 says:

            Depends what your definition of “good wrestler” is. Some people think a good wrestler is someone who can go 60 minutes and put on a 5-star classic. Others think a good wrestler is someone who cuts good promos and has great mic skills. My definition of a good wrestler is anyone who can draw money. If you’re able to get a lot of people to pay money to see you, bring in big TV ratings and have people invest their hard-earned money into the product for you, which Kevin Nash definitely did big time in the late 90’s, then that’s a good wrestler. It doesn’t matter if you can do a thousand wrestling moves and last an hour. Botton line is if you’re not a draw then you suck. Plain and simple.

            • Leo says:

              @LP1: a good wrestler is someone who draws money? LMFAO. Good joke there buddy. Who pays you to stoop this low

              • LP1 says:

                Nobody pays me. Once you understand that it’s a business first and foremost then you’ll understand the big picture. The job of a wrestler is to draw as much money as possible. That’s their job. And if they can’t draw money then they’re not doing a good job. So if someone can outwrestle you and put on great matches and do a million flips and knows a million holds, that’s awesome. But if the you do all that and the masses aren’t paying to see you then it’s all for nothing.

                • LP1 says:

                  Keep in mind I said “draw” money, not “make” money. A big difference.

                  • Leo says:

                    you giving me lessons on the wrestling business now are you? u work for a wrestling company? You have a degree in business?

                    doubt it, all I hear is jibber jabber.

                    the wrestling business is a business but not just about making money. that’s what hollywood does. big difference. the wrestling business is about creating stars, working on a craft, ring psychology, developing a character, evolving it, entertaining the audience.

                    these newbies asking for a kevin nash documentary/dvd are the same ppl asking midcard performers to be in the hall of fame. whats next? a kamala dvd? a king kong bundy documentary? a rhodes family feud or dvd? sigh.

                    • LP1 says:

                      You’re hearing jibber jabber because you can’t comprehend the fact that making money is the number one goal of any business. Creating stars, developing a character, entertaining the audience and everything you said is done for the sole purpose of MAKING MONEY. Bringing fans to the arenas, tv ratings, Network subscriptions, merchandise selling, those are all the main focuses of a wrestling company. Everything else you mentioned is done to help boost those numbers. Working on a craft, ring psychology and all that is fine, but if you can’t translate that into drawing money then what good is it to the company? You’re looking at it from a fan’s point of view and not a business point of view.

                    • BITW says:

                      Are you retarded ? Seriously do you suffer from a mental disorder of some kind ? WRESTLING IS A BUSINESS. And like any business it’s about making money you dumb f***ing piece of sh**. WWE doesn’t give a sh** who’s a good wrestler is, it’s all about how many people they can draw hence why The Rock was a huge superstar even though he wasn’t a great wrestler. Same reason Dean Malenko wasn’t a main event star.

          • brandon vendetta says:

            Hell yeah kamala. I’d buy that DVD. No joke. Good wrestler?? Hell no.Great old school gimmick?? Definitely. But having said that it don’t mean shit cause there will never ever be a DVD about kamala.NEVER

          • foley is good says:

            Earthquake was awesome. Seeing a 450 pound man do a dropkick ruled.

    • d.p. says:

      Can’t speak for his early WCW stuff but in his WWE career we can look at his series against Razor, tag matches with Shawn, matches against Bret, WM12 against Undertaker, his last TV match against Shawn & since WWE loves putting unreleased matches now there’s still the cage match the night of the curtain call, WCW matches as The Outsiders…that’s enough to fill up two disc right there all before tearing his quad & getting injury prone. Did he have a Dean Malenko “1000 holds” moveset that some people seem to think you need to have even to this day nope but no denying he was over & was one of the main people behind the biggest boom in wrestling.

      And seeing as of right now how Nash is in 3rd place on this poll, I say people are interested & the facts don’t lie.

  10. d.p. says:

    1998: A Look Back (Documentary) – While this is my favorite year of the Attitude Era, haven’t they already beaten this subject to death.

    Finn Bálor (Documentary) – They already announced a 24 special on this so I just assume an extended edition plus I wouldn’t mind all his matches in one collection.

    Kevin Nash (Documentary) – A case where we already had a quick network special on him a while back plus whatelse is there to tell about his story we haven’t already heard elsewhere & all the Nash matches I’ve wanted I’ve gotten over a bunch of different sets. I’m a Nash fan but I would rather have a set of someone else who hasn’t had a big spotlight put on their career like Booker T.

    The New Day’s Unlikely Success Story (Documentary) – I’d wait for this to air on the Network but wouldn’t go out of my way to buy & keep it.

    Goldberg (Documentary) – Just like Finn, already scheduled to be a 24 special so I guess another extended one but again nothing I would go out of my way to purchase & buy.

    Charlotte Flair (Documentary/Match Comp.) – I’d wait for this to air on the Network but wouldn’t go out of my way to buy & keep it.

    The Phenomenal AJ Styles (Match Comp.) – Absolutely

    Chris Jericho’s List of Greatest Matches (Match Comp.) – Depends on the match listing

    The Best of Dean Ambrose (Match Comp.) – Absolutely

    Shane McMahon’s Craziest Matches (Match Comp.) – This is already a network collection but wouldn’t mind a DVD.

    The Best of Roman Reigns (Match Comp.) – Depends on the match listing

    John Cena: The Face that Runs the Place (Match Comp.) – Depends on the match listing

    The Best of RAW & SmackDown 2017 (Match Comp.) – I guess this isn’t automatic anymore but nope, whatever I would want to see is on the network.

    Best Pay-Per-View Matches 2017 (Match Comp.) – Same as above

    The Best of WWE Superstars (Match Comp.) – My top choice, I was wishing for something like this after the SNME set they did a long time ago.

  11. Nicolas Hébert says:

    I voted for the Best of Superstars!!! This program was aired on CTV in Canada at noon every Saturday as Maple Leafs Wrestling.

  12. mememememe says:

    I voted Jericho and 1998 but I really wanted to pick Goldberg and some others. Surprised to see Nash so high but not complaining even that wouldn’t be bad. Things are looking up with all these choices.

  13. Cherie Smith says:

    I’m okay with Balor Nash and maybe Goldberg (depending on what’s on it) but still keeping my fingers crossed for DVDs for Rick Rude Lex Luger and Vader sometime in the near future

  14. mememememe says:

    wow wow wow these are good choices I want lots of them!

  15. whutwhut says:

    “Best of Superstars” for me, which could be great if done right (for example if I’m not mistaken there are six title changes that so far have never been released on dvd. also a good amount of important “talk show segments” etc.)

    • Brad Attitude says:

      Diesel winning the Intercontinental championship from Razor Ramon is in The Kliq dvd & bluray.

    • Snappy Sam says:

      Honky Tonk Man beating Ricky Steamboat for the title is on the History of the Intercontinental Title dvd.

  16. Mark Markson says:

    Voted best of Superstars and A Styles match comp.

    I don’t care about another Attitude Era DVD. What I’d rather have them do, is make a non PG show for the network. A show not for kids, more violent, blood etc. They can have their own shows like NXT. I’m sure such a show would attract lots of fans that don’t care about the current product.

    • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

      while I absolutely agree with you on the current product, cos.. it is utterly boring and forgettable;

      having more violent and blood really will not do much to improve. Booking and storylines are whats weakend year by year.. PG does not need to mean non-blood, non-violent.. Attitude-era had events that were rated PG..

      For me, it has all to do with originality in storylines and builds and excecution, but above all: having a believeable charachter.. Brock Lesnar is for me the only one that has that in todays product (minus the Goldberg “feud”).

  17. Brad Attitude says:

    I’d rather see a Best of:

    – Superstars (which I’m aware is listed)
    – Action Zone
    – Halloween Havoc
    – Saturday Night’s Main Event (Vol. #2)

  18. Eric says:

    What else can they say about the Attitude Era? I love it, too, but they have been over and over it. Every Raw and SD from then is now on the Network. They came out with a book about it. They did the DVDs.

    I don’t want to hear anymore about Goldberg’s WWE comeback. I’m tired of seeing his kid on camera. I’m tired of his crappy promos leading to 1:26 minute matches. I don’t want a Goldberg set. I already have one.

    • RabidHeat says:

      Lol, you’re so down on Goldberg, yet you own the repetitive bore-fest of squash matches that is his first DVD set? Hypocrisy, eh?

  19. LP1 says:

    What could they possibly include on a Besf Of 1998 set that hasn’t been released a million times already? Best Of Superstars on the other hand is a great choice. Lots of title changes happened there, debuts of future Hall Of Famers and more.

  20. Jeff Copeland says:

    not bad choices i would of liked a wcw best of like havoc but styles jericho nash goldberg good picks

  21. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    Would have voted Best of Superstars, but not sure if it will be the old concept, cos the concept of todays product is horrible ( like 99.9 % of the 9.99 era )

    Shane and Jericho for me on that List.. 1998, maybe.. rest is crap..
    Goldberg..what matches could they possible put on.. I really can only think of the Armageddon 2003 triple threat..and that was not very good.

    And no, I’m not a fan of his second run..if you can call it that at WWE.. while his 2003/2004 run was’nt great, it at least had lengthier matches and still better storylines than this years horrible boring crap.

    Cena, Charlotte, New Day and Reigns on the low end of the List says it all.

    Still wish for a multiple discs release in the veins of True Giants and Factions where the so called “under- and midcards” performers get some love, especially the crazy, funny, weird, charachters are given some spotlight.

  22. Anthony says:

    I remember someone once joked that if they ever did a Kevin Nash dvd, the match vs HBK from IN YOUR HOUSE April 1996 would be one of the only two matches on there.

  23. Indyfan says:

    They all seem like terrible choices. 1998..really? Hell no!!! Hasnt the attitude era been covered enough?

    Im down for a best if AJ Styles but honestly… its too soon.

    • Indyfan says:


      Ill take the best of WWE Superstars. Thats the only one worth itat this point.

    • Eric says:

      I would probably buy an AJ Styles set. Especially if they stick in a few “unseen” matches, maybe from live events. Like maybe the first time Styles wrestled in MSG or something like that and they make it a Blu Ray. But I totally agree that it’s too soon. Unless they are going to be able to get some of his ROH matches for this.

  24. Joseph De Feo says:

    Any documentary that WWE releases is fine by me (not so much Goldberg, although he deserved a much better DVD release than the one from 2013).

  25. Anthony says:

    Business wise and in terms of popularity, 1998 was one of the hottest years in the history of pro wrestling and wwe in particular. I’m glad they are considering doing a documentary on it as opposed to just a match compilation. I voted for that and AJ Styles. Too bad a Bayley comp or documentary isn’t considered.

    • some guy says:

      Yeah agree, it’s high time for a Bayley release. Maybe a documentary chronicling her career so far. Also crossing my fingers for a Best of Noam Dar box set!

  26. Brett Linforth says:

    Shane and AJ for me

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