Review: WWE Bad Blood 2004 DVD

October 6, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “Bad Blood 2004” Review:

“It’s about beating him in the ring, my arm raised in the air and once again proving to the World that Chris Benoit…IS…FOR….REAL!” -Chris Benoit





-WWE Bad Blood 2004 took place Live on PPV, Sunday Night June the 13th, 2004 at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio in front of 9,000 fans.
-This was the 3rd Bad Blood but just the second in a row, and the last one to date.


-The event marked the third time the Hell in a Cell format was used by WWE in a Bad Blood event; the first was at In Your House: Badd Blood in 1997. Bad Blood grossed over $494,000 ticket sales from an attendance of 9,000 and received 264,000 pay-per-view buys, and was instrumental in helping WWE increase its pay-per-view revenue by $4.7 million compared to the previous year. When the event was released on DVD, it reached a peak position of third on Billboard’s DVD Sales Chart.


-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler did commentary for the show.


-Before the pay-per-view aired, Batista defeated Maven on Sunday Night Heat at 3:44.

-Now onto the PPV……………










1) Opening Contest- Chris Benoit and Edge vs La Résistance (Sylvain Grenier and Robért Conway) (c) for the World Tag Team Championship




Benoit in two of the seven matches on the night, he was a cardio machine so why not? It certainly wasn’t the first PPV he’d wrestle twice. Judgment Day 2001 he put on two classic’s that often get over-looked.

La sing the Canadian National Anthem, the french version.

Edge interupts it to a good pop, King says why would he interupt his own nation’s anthem. Good stuff.

Benoit gets an amazing ovation as he is World Champ.

Fant USA and all four men are Canadian.

Sylvain Grenier and Edge are at it to start.

An over-head wristlock to Sylvain Grenier and then Benoit comes in and kicks at Sylvain Grenier. Benoit slaps on a sleeper. Benoit with a big shoulder block, a leap-frog, then Benoit had the move scouted and he choped his man down.

Edge tagged back in. Edge chops Sylvain Grenier in th corner. Conway with a tag in and takes it to Edge gaining amazing heel heat until Edge turns the tide and corners him. Edge holds an abdominal stretch and Benoit comes in kicking.

A chop-off with Conway and Benoit and now Benoit with a side suplex. Benoit gets a nearfalll on the lateral press and now a tag into Edge working over Conway who fights back with shots, a tag into Sylvain Grenier. A kick to Edge and then a hard forearm shot. Choking Edge out on the middle ropes now.

Edge with a one-man flapjack to Sylvain Grenier off the ropes then knocks Conway off the apron, Sylvain Grenier takes Edge to the outside and spears his kidney region into barricade/security-wall.

Conway and Grenier begin to isolate Edge and rough him up in their corner as the World Champ Benoit, watches from the other side.

A reverse chinlock by Conway focusing on the neck. King mentions that Edge and Benoit have that in common as they both have had neck injuries, very true as we saw in Edge’s tribute to Benoit from Raw in 2007.

Grenier and Conway continue to work over Edge. Grenier then drops the leg on top of the back of Edge.

Now another chinlock to Edge working over the neck this time by Sylvain Grenier. Edge has got a lot of the in-ring time, remember that Benoit has got a ton of work with the monster Kane tonight for the World title.

What I still believe to be Kane’s best match ever, but more on that later.

Solid tags, and continuous isolation to Edge this time Conway with a snapshot vertical suplex and Edge kicks out twice.

A double suplex to Edge after Benoit is knocked off the apron and Edge with a double suplex all by himself.

Edge with an inziguri and Benoit finally gets the hot tag. Suplex 1, Suplex 2. Benoit with a hard chop anad then tosses out Conway.

Benoit with a snap suplex and he goes for the Sharpshooter here but is elbowed by Conway. Benoit is chopped at in the cornerr and Edge nearly speared Benoit.

Benoit catches Grenier in the crossface.

Kane walks down to the match and Benoit is booted in the face as is Edge.

Kane continues to beat-down Benoit and hits him wth a chokeslam to soften him up for the World title match. He then throws him into the steps.

Cue Kane’s sadistic laugh.

In the end at 10:17 Benoit and Edge win the match but its by DQ therefore Résistance retained the title’s.
This match was so solid to open the show just had a dissapointing ending, but logical due to booking, so I deduct no points for that.

I like it.








2) Chris Jericho vs Tyson Tomko (with Trish Stratus)


The Jericho-Trish Saga continued into Bad Blood 04, it’s just a shame that Tomko was involved in the storyline.

Infact outside her heel turn at Mania 20 in the match with Christian and Jercho, I hated everything about this storyline.


Tyson Tomko competed in what I consider the worst wrestling match of all time. Him and Richards in a dress went on for over seven minutes at Unforgiven 04. That’s right people payed to watch them for over seven minutes. WOW.

Needless to say I’m not a fan.

Jericho takes it to Tomko early on which the fans love, then Tomko catches Jericho up high but he lands on his feet and sends Tomko down.

Back in the ring Tomko busted Jericho’s ribs as he caught Jericho on the top rope.

Tyson Tomko rams Jericho with a spear to the gut twice.

Jericho slammed hard to the mat. Tyson Tomko stomped away at the ribs of Jericho, staying focused on Jericho.

Y2J tries to get back in the match but he runs into a side slam by Tyson Tomko and a nearfall. Tyson Tomko with a bearhug on Jericho wearing him down and Tomko slams him down.

Tomko charged into the corner and Jericho moved just in time. Chris lets a forearm and a chop and then a flying forear. Jericho off the ropes for leverage then uses his signature modified running bulldog.

Looking for the Lionsault but hurt his injured ribs.

Tomko kicks at his injured ribs.

Now a modified back-breaker, painful impact by Tyson Tomko which also hurt the rib and he gets a two. Jericho rakes the eyes and hits a chop block to the bigger man, cutting down his height/leveage, smart thinking.

Jericho going for the Walls, Trish interupts and now Tyson runs into Trish sending her off the apron, Jericho hits the inziguri and gets the win despite the bad ribs.


This match was actually quite good because it was kept short and to the point, told a story with a feel good ending. Jericho got the best of Tomko for sure here.



** 1/4






3) Randy Orton (c) vs Shelton Benjamin for the WWE Intercontinental Championship


Now we’re onto something…

Looking back as of 2011 both men were credible IC Champs with long reigns and I completely forget this bout so I’m excited to see it again, especially since I read that it gets fifteen full PPV minutes, and I write PPV because of no interuptions.

Orton cuts a heel promo on the crowd and Orton rips on them on the mic coming from the crowd, into the crowd, into the ring trying to draw heel heat calling himself a living legend. Saying he’s had the longest reign in 7 months. Since the Rock I believe.

Shelton Benjamin cuts a pretty bad promo in the ring compared to Randy but that’s average for him as he lacked confidence in that area which is pretty much the reason he never really reached main event status. If you walk the walk you gotta talk the talk, other-wise you be lyin in Chalk. Hey, look at Bret…he could work which got him over but despite medicore skills on the mic he still could cut a promo. Shelton and guys like Morrison, despite their athletic skills they can’t talk an it’s always cringe-worthy and you just want them to ask for help.

The bell rings and the match is right now.

Benjamin begins with a quick roll-up and a two count is what he got.

Some fans chant “Randy” while Shelton Benjamin hts him with a baseball slide.

So here we go now, officially both guys are set in the ring ready for this IC title contest. Orton shoves Shelton Benjamin into the corner lays some solid right’s to Shelton. Benjamn chared to Orton n the corner and he recieved a bot to the face.

Shelton Benjamin with a leapfrog and a clothesline. Orton rolls out of the ring goes for walk. Sheltn pushed Benjamin into the barricade. Orton charged at Shelton Benjamin and he back-dropped him over the barricade to the floor.

A sunset flip but Randy kicks out. Orton dodges trouble all match as Shelton Benjamin went for it all there, Shelton Benjamin went for a Stinger Splash and Orton dodged it.

Fans continued to chant Randy covering Shelton Benjamin and now Flair is Wooooo’d comng to the ring. Orton with a reverse chinlock to Shelton Benjamin wearing him down as Flair applauded on.

Randy wrenching back and he is trying to wear down the quicker and more agile Challenger in Shelton Benjamin. Orton continues to wrench the neck, perhaps a full body attack woould be Orton’s fortay in a match like this on Benjamin who can pretty much attack you from any part of his body because of his agility and strength.

Shelton Benjamin shows it right there standing up and dropping him off his shoulders, Shelton goes for a quick cover but is kicked in the gut andd now a gut-rench by Orton and then applies a back-breaker, and some mre innovative offense with a power, gut-wrench back-breaker into a slam, or a neck-breaer as Ross called it.

Orton then drove his nee into the stenum of Benjamin taking apart his whole body. Orton then slasp n the sleeper yet gain, The reverse chinlock wears down Shelton some more. Shelton Benjamin

As Shelton Benjamin powers out Orton powerlas him. Now Randy Off the top goes for a crossbody and Shelton Benjamin dodged it and then with a Northern Light’s suple Shelton gets a long two count as Shelton got a spark of offense in.

Flair is cheering on Randy.

So are some fans chanting “Legend Killer”.

Orton with right’s and both guys are exchanging jabs, shots and upercuts. A forearm and now a slug-fest has broke out and the fnas LOvE it, it looked like Hart-Austin WM 13 for a few moments as the fans went insane.

A shoulder tackle from Orton to Benoit, then Shelton slams Orton and Orton kicks out. Back and forth this one has deiniftely gone.

Orton tries to apply offense but Shelton hits a side russian leg-sweep then another but the cover came a little late, especially after a spin kick.

Stinger splash. T-Bone suplex by Shelton Benjamin then Flair puts his leg on the rope as Naitch cheated putting hs boot on the rope Shelton Benjamin then attacks Orton.

Shelton Benjamin then attacks Flair putting him in the Figure Four which actualy recieves more boo’s then cheers.

Orton actually gets caught in an inside cradle while Shelton does this. But only a two another two a Crossbdy but Orton rolls Shelton over and Orton gets the three holding the ropes for leverage.

Evolution’s theme plays as Flair walks back with Orton holding his IC  title in the air, it’s a shame he’d lose the title in the next month to Edge.
So in the end at 15:03 Orton retained the title once again in his lengthy credible title reign.
This match certainly stand out.




*** 1/4






4) Victoria (c) vs Trish Stratus (With Tyson Tomko) vs Gail Kim vs Lita in a four corner match for the Women’s title



One division the WWE actually were really good with in this time frame were the diva’s.

While not many cared in the crowd (can’t change things) the action in the ring was most of the time good with these workers.

Trish was looking to become the first 5 time WWE Women’s Champion. In her career she went on to be a 7 time Champ but would she get to 5 tonight.

Victoria was the most oveer a a face on the night and as Champ gaining respect.

Action inside and outside of the ring, Trish went for a chick kick on Lita but she responds with a bridge and Keota spots Tomko helping Trish.

And Keota told Tomko he’d DQ Trish if he didn’t leave so he did.

Twist of fate but Victoria interuted the count. All the ladies going for pins all getting nearfalls.

Gail Kim with a huge slap to Trish. Lita and Victoria both collide in the corner.

Trish out no where pins Lita and now Victoria loses here belt.
In the end at 4:30 Trish became the new Champ, for a fifth time breaking the record.
This match was decent at best, a bit all over the place.







5) Eugene vs Jonathan Coachman


Jonathan Coachman tries to out-wrestle Eugene and then Eugene plays around with hm spanking him.

Jonathan Coachman runs off the side of the ropes until he realizes he grabbed teddy bear.

Eugene rlls around in the ring with Coach and then he headbutts him lke the JYD.

Jonathan Coachman asks for some cookies. Jonathan Coachman gets a girl wth a plate full. Coach then grabbed Eugene and slams his head int the plate of cookies.

Coach kept slamming his head into the buckle. Cade came from the crowd and then he ripped off the head of the stuffed animal.

Eugene though hit a Rock Bottom on Coach after knocking Cade off the apron. People’s elbow to Coach.
In the end at 7:38 Eugene gets the win after this three count.

A stunner to Cade after the match.
This match was a hell of a lot better then what I remembered and what I heard going into it. Absolutely nothing

Pretty fun actually and I don’t even like the character.



* 3/4







6) Chris Benoit (c) vs Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship



This is the kind of thing I hated about Benoit’s reign. If a retarded gimmick in Eugene (literally) wasn’t over-shadowing him it was Triple H and Shawn Michaels wrestling for the 856th time.


Kane hit Benoit with a chokeslam and then threw him into the steps in his first ten minute title bout earlier in the night.



Basically Kane says he hates Benoit because he lives the life of a normal man..err…wait a few years Kane.

Kane more then anythng wanted more then a 24 hour title reign, more that haunts him then his own imaginary scars or all the horrible gimmicks and jobs he’s done over the years combined!


So here we go!

It’s time for Kane’e best match.



Chris Benoit not in a good mood this time coming out as he was earlier in the night.

Chris Benoit with  kick to the gut and then unloads chops to the chest, Kane throws him to the corner but Benoit rips Kane’s chest apart with chops and high kicks.

Benoit actually clling Kane to the middle, wow.

Kane then ties up with Benoit and wins the war of wristlock. Kane hits a shoulder block to Benoit sending him outisde to the floor.

A fan yells you still “suck” Kane. Benoit with more chops but he runs into a reverse elbow off the ropes by Kane. Kane’s offense coming quickly.

Chris Benoit the Heavyweight champion of the world is very resilient a lot like Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart or say Ricky Steammboat in the sense where he can go for extended periods of time due to enhanced endurance, great stamina due to excellent form and cardio-vascular conditioning and hs ability to come back in a match because of own in-rin intelligence. That is why Benoit is such a master of his craft and he can work an excellent match with just about anybody as we see here with the Big Red Monster in Kane.

Chris Benoit is caught with an uppercut which seems more like a slap and they go back and forth with shots, Benoit gets a boot up high and then Benoit targets Kane’s arm and then levelled it on the top turnbuckle as Chris spots the weakness and tries to soften it up for his weakness for the potential crossface.

Kane then with scary strength picked up Benoit and dropped him upside down in the corner on the turnbckle. Now Kane methodically disecting the World’s Heavyweight Champion by striking the abdominals.

Benoit chops back but then Kane hits a neck-breaker.

Kane using brilliant psychology hitting a neck-breaker knowing Benoit had a bad neck.

Fans chant “Lets go Benoit” while Kane goes back to the neck torking it in a reverse headlock, Benoit elbows out but is sent to the buckle and hit with a side-walk slam then a nearfall.

Kane utilizing Benoit’s weakness and slaps him in a neck-vice.

Kane showing great strength again slamming Benoit down and this time irish-whipping Chris and side-stepping him slamming him to the floor not giving him one second.

Chris Benoit fights back on the floor buying himself some time sending the big Red Monster into the ring-post.

The count begins and Kane gets back in at 7. Chris Benoit almost getting up still selling and Kane comes with a clothesline from hell as he actually drops targetting the bad neck.

Unbelievable as I’ve never seen Kane go a body part as much as this knowing what he has to do.

Speaking of that, to get back in the match Benoit doesen’t seem to be going for Kane’s arm now he goes for the leg of Kane to soften him up for a potential sharpshooter or perhaps just take the bigger man down, chopping him down to size for hus leverage advantage, similar to how Angle does with Taker or Bret did with Taker and Nash as well.

Benoit with a leg-chop then a baseball slide to the bad leg of Kane in the corner.

Now Chrs Benoit’s got the Sharpshooter on Kane! The fans love it.

Will Kane tap?!?

Kane though with his great reach can get to the ropes. Now we’ll see if Kane sells as there has been significant damage done to the legs of Kane.

Chris Benoit comes up from behind and slaps on a waistlock for one German Suplex, then another, then another, and finally the third was commplete as the technical machine had done three to the monster.

Benoit signals that the end is near for a flying headbutt.

Kane sits up.

So Chris Benoit comes back in and then hits a fourth German then a fifth and now a sixth to Kane.


Some fans show appreciation.

Benoit now signals for the end once again. The tenacious headbutt from the World’s Champ, shades of the Dynamite Kid who was of course Benoit’s chlildhood idol and no Benoit dented himself with the headbutt.

Kane sits up at the same time as Chris Benoit didn’t even get a pinfall attempt.

Benoit trying to make KANE tap!



Kane gets up though and rolls out.

kane hits a chokeslam to Benoit.

Chris Benoit kicks out!

Fans roar.

Kane goes mad.

Kane with a size 18 boot to the head of Benoit that will damage sme more brain cells. Kane goes to the top rope and flies off the top looking to catch Benoit with a clothesline but Chris Benoit catches Kane with the crossface in mid-air.

For the second time in the match Benoit wants Kane to tap, Kane gets up again and now Benoit goes for the other arm and rolls him up and Chris Benoit pins Kane with an inside cradle after Kane rolled out of the Crossface.

Unbelievable pop and match!
In the end at 18:20 Benoit did the impossible and retained the title in a hard fought match with the big red monster.
This match gets better on each watch, as mentioned its Kane’s finest outing and Benoit was Benoit, did beyond an amazing job here.

Benoit working Kane’s bad arm and legs of Kane to drop the leverage, Kane working Benoit’s bad neck, such a great pace, a difference of styles, tremendous time to work with brilliant work-rate, what’s not to love?

An all time classic and Kane was robbed that wasn’t on his DVD for obvious reasons as it is his far and away best match of all time..



**** 1/4





7) Main Event- HBK Shawn Michaels vs “The Game” Triple H in a Hell in a Cell Match





Just a bit of a warning.

I’d have to check but I’m pretty positive it’s the longest Hell in a Cell ever.

Un-like their 2 out of 3 falls cluster of a match with no psychology what-so-ever aat Armageddon 02 this one actually had psychology.

Trips actually targetted the injured back of Michaels, while Michaels actually worked ove the injured Quad of the Game. By now a lot of people including me though were VERY tired of this feud, thankfully this ended it.

To begin some serious impact by both men, I expect both to be blaing by the mid-point of the match but it’s been awhile since I have seen it.

Shawn speared HHH out of the ring to the floor.

A lot of people expect the guys to leave the Cell whenever there was Cell matches back then because that’s how they went most of the time.

A spinning, swininging neck-breaker by Michaels Hunter. Shawn chopped at HHH and then Hunter just tossed Michaels out to the floor ith one hand..

Shawn Michaels grabbed HHH and already the Game is bleeding and he is chopped n the center of the ring and slaed. Michaels targets the busted open head and drops his fist on top of it twice.

Shawn Michaels chaged at HHH in the corner but he moved just in time and now HHH back-dropped HBK to the floor. They show a replay of why HHH is bleeding as he got tossed into the steel fence. He is once again, then a third time.

Now HHH’s face is going to be a tad worse as he blades but not nearly as bad as the Nash match the year before as this was going to last over twice as long.

Shawn Michaels hits ten shots on Hunter and then avoids the atomic drop and places HHH to the outside.

A lot of great rivalries are ended with the Cell.

HHH smells blood like a Shark and now irishwhips Shawn Michaels to the turnbuckle targetting his bad back. Triple H then with two hard vicious elbow drops onto Shawn Michaels’s back on the canvas.

HHH hits a tremendous back-breaker in mid-ring now. Hunter with a bit of busted open forehead and now Hunter is working over the Showstopped and Hunter picks him up with a standing vertical suplex where he holds Shawn in the air for a good five seconds making it a British Bulldog like powerslam with more tork to the lower-back.

Great strategic psychology by the Game working over Shawn Michaels’s backk as he hits the back-breake twice as Michaels kicks out.

HHH goes for the win, two nearfalls.

Now HHH grabs a chair which scores a HUE POP.

Michaels fights back as he notices the chair and is sellng the back and decides to chop Hunter. Michaels attempts the double axe-handle off the apron but Hunter jabs him in the chest.

The next sequence is unbelievable by HHH.

What The Game does is he catches Shawn Michaels in mid-air running Shawn Michaels into the fence then the steel post, then the fance then the post, then the fece then the post three times each back to back to back hard.


Hunter then irish-whips HBK into the fence hitting lower-back not once, but twice to both sides.


You can literally feel the pain just by seeing it.

Hunter using the Cell as a tag-team partner to tear apart HBK as he has the Hell in a Cell experience.

HHH places the chair in the middle of the ring and now picks up Shawn Michaels with bad intentions obviously. Hunter then slams Michaels through the chair he sets up with a modified back-breaker bending the chair which scores a loud “OOOHHHHH” sound from the crowd.

Which was about right, ouch once again….

HHH in full control of Michaels and his bad back as every offensive move has something to do with Hunter disecting his opponent’s weakness inside perhaps his favourite match type in the match that will end their huge rivalry.

Hey, it got top billing of this PPV despite it not being for the World title.

Hunter then goes for the pinfall but three times in a row HBK kicks out. Hunter now picks up a bent chair despite breaking Shawn’s back with it smacks Shawn Michaels in the lower-bac with it, a steel chir across the spine for some reason can;t put HHH away.

HHH then went for an abdominal stretch and what Shawn Michaels did as a desperate move hit HHH with a hiplock in mid-air and tossed The Game onto the floor buyng himself some time.

HBK speared him fro the inside and chopped him.

HHH goes for the Pedigree then HBK hits a low-blow, it’s all LEGAL. Fans applaud this.

Michaels now hits an atomic drop to Hunter and then once again, with three vulnerable low-blow shots then a right with big momentum off the ropes and a clothesline by Michaels to HHH still sellng the back. Shawn Michaels didn’t have the strength on that nearfall to a hook a leg but he still got a two. HBK sent HHH hard into the Cell.

Shawn Michaels now throws Hunter into the Steps and he takes a rough landing.

It looked like HBK was far and out of it despite the bad back but HBK find a way back at least for the moment until HHH hit a back-body drop on top of the steps as he laands on the floor. Shawn Michaels’s spine haad to be in bad shape.

HHH going for more toys and this time greabs a blue steel chair and levels Micheals with it. Hunter throws steps into the ring now. HBK chops back and off the opes hits a flying forearm to HHH.

I like how HBK kicks up but then sells the back and gets back down. HHH dodges the Sweet Chin Music then smashes Shawn Michaels’s skull wth the Steel Steps. Hunter again with a huge steel steps shot to HBK’s busted open bloody face.

Both men a bloody mess now but Shawn Michaels somehow kicks out at two.

HHH grate’s the face of HBK on the fence wall.

Back in the ring The Game hitting a Double A like Spinebuster and scores a nearfall.

Lawler says both men needto know which man is the winner. Both men choppinf one another and the sleeper applied by HHH. Triple H keeps up the pressure but this time Shawn Michaels uses some of the Game’s momentum sending him into the corner turnbuckle.

HHH tries to go for the Pedgiree but Michaels counters it and then hits a ddt buying himself yet some more time as this time it’s Hunter’s head slamming hard against the mat.

Shawn Michaels SHOULD or could be the first one up but both men begin to get up at once as it turns out. Michaels has the steel chair and swings it right across the face of Triple H.

It’s safe to say this match is blowing Nash-Hunter right out of the water. Shawn Michaels then again with another slam to HHH. Shawn Michaels sent Hunter to the ropes and he hit a facebuster and then Michaels rolls out to the floor.

Michaels then grab a ladder and brings it into the ring and Columbus loves it, the man who introduced the ladder into the WWE has a Ladder in hand and smacks it to HHH’s head.

JR also points out he won the first Hell in a Cell match did Shawn Michaels.

Shawn Michaels then tossed HHH into the Ladder in the corner and now the blood is pouring out from Hunter’s cranium an his lower-body and Quad is exposed right into the ladder with high impact as HHH Bumps hrd to the floor after The Game’s bloody body bumped very hard int the Ladder flipping over onto the mat.

Now it’s Shawn Michaels’s turn to grate HHH’s face into the side of the fence.

Michaels sets up the Ladder again in the corner but The Game goes for a Pedigree and then The Game is catapolted by HBK right into the Ladder conveniently in the corner of the ring, as Trips leaves a trail of blood, nearfall.

A scoop slam then Shan went for a cover but HHH kicks out.

Both men extremely fatigued and bloody as the match has gone well over thirty minutes and both guys are down on their kneess.

It’s tough enough to pace yourself condition-wise for an hour long match, but if you do it in a fashion where you are putting your body on the line like this you’ve got to imagine it’s ten times worse.

HHH grabs a table from under the ring s the fans pop, as if the brutality without the weapons wasn’t bad enough.

The Game sets up a tble in the Center of the ring. HBK scores wth a what they think is a broken hand places him on top of the table.

Michaels sets up the Ladder in the corner of the ring.




HBK with a flying elbow to Hunter through the table.

Nobody did a flying elbow better then the late great Randy Savage in his prime, not Shawn, Not Bret, Not even….CM Punk although I appreciate his tribute attempts. Summerslam 2011’s wasn’t bad I guess, obviously loved the Macho Man chants afterwards.

Holy Sh** chants!

HBK then applied the flying elbow though the table as both men were beyond dne at this point but it’s STILL enough for Michaels to get the victory.

Shawn goes for the Sweet Chin Music but Hunter barely catches him and dodges it at the last second hitting a low blow and now HHH goes for the Pedgiree and hits it. Can he cover Shawn though? Fans boo.

Fans chant HBK.

The Game slowly rolls over and puts his arm over HBK and he kicks out in the clutch as well unlike say Nash last year.

Out of no where Shawn lands a superkick in mid-ring on HHH.

Michaels collapsed afterr landing the Sweet Chin music.

If Shawn Michaels can cover HHH after such impact he can win in almost the same way he did in the original Cell match with Taker as a bloody mess.

Michaels gets the arm over but HHH STILL KICKS out.


HHH and Shawn still down.

The Second Pedigree is about to be set up, and it’s finally hit! Now it’s time for HHH to pin Shawn Michaels if he can an arm over as the cowd chant HBK.

The match clocks in at well over 45 minutes thus far as Ross pointed out.

Both men look like they won’t be able to recover.

Smashed Tables, Chairs, Ladders, blood on the canvas, fence, floor and bodies of both men.

Ross says we’re gooing to stay here as long as it takes.

Shawn Michaels and The Game both get up slowly at the same time, and Hunter hits another Pedigree, back to back. That is his third.

Michaels lands on his back fortunately for HHH as the Game is able to cover getting the three. Ross said it best, Unbelievable. Pure hell and carnage.
In the end at 47:26 HHH finally wins.
This match went up almost a whole star since my last viewing. I always thought it had great structure and psychology but I never knew until now how well it flowed, I always felt it was dull and boring in parts but it was hardly ever either.

A borderline classic, and a tremendous Cell Main Event!












 Final Rating for WWE Bad Blood 2004  = 6.5/10



This show was pretty up and down for the most part, a great opener, Benoit really stole the show with two tremendous matches which includes Kane’s best match ever. The Hell in a Cell really stands up and gets better with age. It was basic at the time but looking back told a tremendous story. Decent show here.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The world heavyweight championship match and the hell in a cell match were 2 classics.

  2. Brett Mix says:

    Vengeance 2005 Batista and Trips is one of my favourite matches ever (gimmick-wise and of course Cell wise) and I’m not really high on either guy. It’s incredible and I’m going to love reviewing that match and whole show pretty soon when I so the Vengeance anthology

  3. SRB says:

    Brad, thanks for the tip. I was actually at Judgment Day 2004 live and trust me, you could hear that chair shot from around the arena. A very solid match in my book. And the Vengeance match 2005 was another great main event

  4. Brad Attitude says:

    @SRB: you should look at the clip of Eddie Guerrero vs. JBL after their WWE Championship match backstage from Judgment Day 2004 or the footage after the Triple H vs. Batista III match from Vengeance 2005.

  5. SRB says:

    The DVD extras after the Last Man Standing match are nothing short of amazing. I havent seen too many WWE DVDs that show the wrestlers after affects of a match. The footage is on youtube and i suggest that if you havent seen it to take a look. The highlights from their actual match are there too. All great classic stuff. Those two guys had countless matches and to say which one is best is for sure debatable. Part of me actually got tired of watching their cell match. I felt that the last man standing match did in 20 minutes what the cell match couldnt do in 45 minutes. Again, debatable.

  6. Brad Attitude says:

    @Simon: I’d like to think that the match they gave us was quite intense from beginning to end. A lot can happen in 15-20 mins in terms of a fight as they pretty much tore into one another from the get go. But you gotta take into consideration both guys were throwing every ounce of strength into one another from the get go, bleeding all over the place and were legitimately hurt towards the end.

  7. Simon says:

    @Brad: They were acting as if they’d been battering each other for an hour. It wasn’t a highly aggressive last man standing match (a la Rock/Foley) so I wasn’t buying into the near exhaustion which started after around just 15 minutes. They had a more violent match at Summerslam 2002 IMO, and didn’t run out of gas in that one. I just think the last man standing match type requires the competitors to end up bruised, battered and unable to stand, but I wasn’t buying that in such a short timeframe – especially given the action that unfolded.

  8. Brett Mix says:

    Benoit vs Kane was amazingly intense, had everything a good quality main event needed. Psychology, work-rate, crowd interaction and was amazingly well done due to the conrast in styles. While the Taker-ane storyline was superb, the match was a snooze fest.

  9. Butthole says:

    I think Undertaker gave Kane the best match of his career at WrestleMania XIV … Benoit vs. Kane was alright, but nothing special.

  10. Brad Attitude says:

    @Simon: You’re telling me that two guys beating the tar outta each other for 20mins and bleeding like pigs ain’t realistic? that’s like saying its not realistic for two boxers to be throwing anymore punches after 25mins of heavily throwing bombs at each other and roughening one another up.

  11. Simon says:

    The Michaels/Trips cell match is a classic, but you do need to be in the mood. Its length is one of the reasons it feels so epic. On the flip side, that’s why I didn’t buy the Rumble ’04 last man standing match. For them to be so bloodied and unable to stand – after just 20 minutes – felt a little unbelievable. Even in the events that unfolded, they hadn’t done enough to each other to justify being in that state. The cell match, however (and again, due to its length), had that extra integrity and reality element to it. It felt like a true, gruelling contest, rather than a rush job purely to tell a certain story / get to a particular finish.

    The definitive match of the entire feud was the Summerslam ’02 match. If you were telling a new fan to watch just one match of their rivalry, that would be the one. In terms of match quality, the Raw Dec ’03 match surpasses it, but is less historically significant. Nonetheless, it comes in at a close second. The third best match is probably the Bad Blood ’04 encounter.

    As for the Michaels/’Taker match at WM26, I think WWE made the right call – as much as I’d have loved to have seen HBK/HHH. Firstly, the feedback from HBK/’Taker at WM25 was so monumental that the company knew that a rematch would convert to an inflated buyrate. Secondly, the stakes (streak vs. career) made this the biggest match in wrestling history, IMO; what would Triple H have put on the line? I suppose a straight-up career vs. career match could’ve worked, but it seems a little out of the blue to go from best friends and DX members to threatening each others’ careers in a matter of weeks. Thirdly, there had been so many HBK/HHH matches during 2003-05 (including a multitude of tag matches, triple threats and so on) that there really wasn’t that much desire to see a repeat.

  12. jeff copeland says:

    i still think this ppv was meh and hbk hhh was so boring sadly i acually liked there 2 out of 3 falls and there 03 and they did wrestle 1 more time at taboo tuesday when hbk was voted in over edge and benoit which setup the heel turn for edge

  13. SRB says:

    I always also felt that HHH shouldve retired Michaels, not the Undertaker. Bad move on the part of everyone involved in that decision. The card was HBK/Undertaker and HHH/Shaemus… Undertaker should’ve gone with Shaemus and HHH should’ve gone against HBK. They really couldve played off of their old rivalry as well as the problems DX began having on all of the Raw episodes. HHH kept telling HBK he was obsessed with Undertaker and ending the streak. HBK shouldve turned his attention to HHH, thus culminating to HBK’s last match. One final match between the two would’ve been great. HHH to retire HBK would’ve been great. and for them to do it at WM (something they’ve never done) would’ve been great. A loss in my opinion.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think the best Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H was the one on Raw, just before the 2004 Royal Rumble. Its on the Shawn Michaels Heartbreak & Tiumph DVD. Yes they had so a=many great matches. To think that used to be a ‘dream match’ because we thought Shawn was finished. We were treated well there.

  15. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    One of the great Hell in a Cell matches between Triple H and Michaels. Obviously way before the Cell became just a regular match inside a 18 story cage like it is now.

  16. SRB says:

    I think the best HHH/HBK match was from the Royal Rumble Last Man Standing. The finish alone to that match gets the vote from me. Their Hell in a Cell was a true classic and their Armageddon match was great. Their SS2002 match by far stole the show. These guys had a great program together for a long time. Classic fued

  17. Anonymous says:

    I have to say I don’t remember the Benoit vs. Kane match being the thrill ride you described, but I may have just forgotten its greatness. I need to re-watch it too. Its probably just that I always had very high expectations for Benoit matches, so possibly thats why it didnt stand out for me. Also when I think of Kane, I think of his masked days. He sucks without the mask. The feud had a pretty poor build too I think. But its all about the match so maybe its a lost classic, albeit for good reason.

  18. Anton says:

    HBK vs. HHH Cell Match IS the longest one to date

  19. Brad Attitude says:

    @Brett: I think at the time I just viewed Benoit vs. Kane as another David vs. Goliath match with a predicatable outcome. Perhaps I may need a second view as I just saw the match differently. As for the 2002 three stages of hell match, that wasn’t as bad if you compare it to the one Triple H had with Randy Orton in 2009 – that was pretty much just a stretcher match.

  20. Steven says:

    @Brett, not denying that Bret Hart did the elbow drop but his version of it was totally different from Macho Man and Shawn Michaels. I always liked the SummerSlam 2002 match between Shawn and Triple H better and the time where they made a mockery of the European title lol.

  21. Brett Mix says:

    Their Armmageddon 3 stages of hell from From Dec 02 was horrible.

  22. Freddie D. says:

    both matches were awesome

  23. Freddie D. says:

    I loved this hell in a cell match, one of the best ever. However i would not call their Armageddon 2002 match was awesome, not a cluster of a match.

  24. Brett Mix says:

    Can I ask Brad why the Benoit match didn’t click with you, not only did both men wrestle a smart match, it was a non stop thrill ride for 20 minutes. Maybe a re-watch?

  25. Brad Attitude says:

    I remember hiring this back in 2005 and I remember not liking the Benoit matches as I thought I would. The Benoit/Kane match just didn’t click with me at the time. But I loved the Hell in a Cell match though, both guys literally just beat the snot out of each other to the point of exhaustion and it was a great way to end their 2 year rivalry (though they would have more matches later against each other but not as constantly).

    Randy Orton vs Shelton Benjamin is also a forgotten gem.

  26. m.blier says:

    hbk and hhh hell in a cell was a gem and one of the best matches of 2004

  27. The-Great-White-Sheamus- says:

    The Hell in the cell match was epic between HBK vs HHH Certainly think it was the best match they had together i even think its beats their great Summerslam 2002 Match, Match had everything you want from Hell in a Cell and great Length too i give that match a full 10/10.

    Benoit vs Kane again was epic brilliant contest shame this match wont be recognized by WWE for obvious reasons its a shame, by moaning nothing will change but this match was certainly Kanes best match in WWE History and most likely Benoit best match aswell,

    If they ever did a Benoit set if he was still you know what im sure his match would make it on a 3 disc benoit set or kane’s set for sure!!

    Good PPV 7/10 is my score 🙂

  28. Drew says:

    Finally glad to see Triple H and Shawn Michaels get the credit they deserve for their Hell in a Cell match, great review!