Review: WWF/WWE Fully Loaded 2000 PPV- Tagged Classic DVD

October 16, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWF “Fully Loaded 2000” Review:


“The fact is…that Chris Benoit IS the best Wrestler in the World Today!”Jim Ross








-WWF Fully Loaded 2000 took place live on ppv, Sunday Night July the 23rd, 2000 at the Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas in front of sell out crowd 16,504 rowdy attitude era fans.

-WWF Fully Loaded 2000 scored a 1.04 impressive buyrate, only slightly down from 1.07 in 1999.

-This is widely considered one of the best WWF PPV’s ever.

-Despite Steve Austin being on the poster he did not show up at this show. Had he had shown up the show would of been even better obviously which is a scary thought.

-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler broadcast the event.

Oh Heat Before the Show 4 matches took place:




Sunday Night Heat Match #1) Taka Michinoku defeated Essa Rios in a Singles match at 2:00.
Sunday Night Heat Match #2) Steve Blackman (c) defeated Funaki in a Singles match for the WWF Hardcore Championship at 4:38.
Sunday Night Heat Match #3) Dean Malenko (c) defeated Crash Holly in a Singles match for the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship at 2:42.
Sunday Night Heat Match #4) The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) defeated Lo Down (D’Lo Brown and Chaz) in a Tag team match at 5:14.







-Now onto the Classic PPV…..









1) Opening Contest- The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) and Lita vs T & A (Test and Albert) and Trish Stratus in a 6 Person Intergender-Tag Team Match



Stratus was sexy in 2000 but I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

Matt dominating TEST and the crowd chants for Lita, but she is not in just yet. Matt then gets a bit boot from Test and then TEST tags in Trish!

The crowd explodes and so do I!

Trish gets a roll up by Matt as he grabs onto her trunks, lucky guy to say the very least! Trish missed an elbow drop on Matt, but who cares? LOOK AT HER. Have I pointed out she looks great yet? Albert comes in though as Trish tags in him after Matt tagged in Lita and the fans boo because there’s no Trish/Lita interaction.
Jeff and Matt double suplex Albert, and then Lita comes in and and it’s a Triple Suplex!

This gets an amazing pop, an absolutely amazing pop. Wow just going back this era was something else…. What a great spot, then The Hardyz take off there shirt to the usual girl scream and then Lita rips off her shirt, while all the guys scream. I’m not a big Lita fan but yes that was cool, but hey, she doesen’t have 1/10th of what Trish has got in this match. T and A get back in control on Jeff and hit him with AMAZING elevation as he was high in the air and slammed the mat incredibally hard. Test then with a pumphandle slam attept on Jeff Hardy, but the rainbow warrior fights back with rights and lefts conering Test and then with a back roll-up off the corner after a bunch of reversals fails, then Test hits a high impact move on Jeff. Test with a huge powerslam to Jeff! Test tried to slow down the pace of the tag team match that was speedy and in that sense best suited The Hardyz so he tried to methodically take down The Hardy Boyz by locking a sleeper on Jeff.

Test’s power apparently impresses Trish as she nods in approval on the ring apron. Wow, if that’s all it takes I’ll hit the Gym. Oh wait, I’ve been going 5 years aleady. So yeah….how and why does Test keep impressing these hot blonde bombshells like Trish, Stacy and Kelly Kelly. (Arguably the three hottest ever)



It’s a shame he passed but he certainly did some great things so to speak.


Trish looking like a Dish stands on the apron in her wonderful Pink Outfit that is holding back some wonderful things. Anyways, Lita is on the other side banging (What hasn’t she banged though) on the top turnbuckle trying to get the crowd to will on the Hardyz back into the match! Been a great match thus far that has seen good back and forth action and it didn’t slow down, solid pace. Jeff fought out of the headlock but he ran right into a hard sitdown powerbomb by Test! Test then goes to the top rope and missed a flying elbow from the top rope and then grabbed onto Jeff as he tried to tag in Matt, but it didn’t matter as Matt got tagged in and hit a flying clothesline to Test from the top rope. Matt then planted Test’s face into the canvas from the top with a bulldog and then while he knocked Albert off the apron it bought Test some time to hit a Pump Handle Slam onto Matt.

Albert then came in and Matt countered his offensive move to a twist of fate. the action goes back and forth so much that it’s literally impossible to tell who’s in control, but it certainly does make for an entertaining match.

Test catches a high impact move by Lita, then she hits a cross body to Albert on the outside, WOW. Lita then with a hurricanrana to Test in the ring but only got a nearfall. Albert hit a cheapshot to Lita’s injured back then Trish begs to come in as the fans roar. Trish comes in and then pins Lita but only gets a two. Trish bounces up and down in the ring with that blonde hair and my mind is going places I’d care not to go. Trish hit a bulldog to Lita, maybe the first time she’d hit her MOVE. JR says she’s been training for the match….I’d say she’s been training in general, look at her! Okay, I’m getting as redundant as Jerry Lawler regarding this topic. Lita slowly climbs up to the top and goes to superplex Trish and does from the very top obviously and that’s another big bump to Trish! (She took a big one at Backlash 2000) With both ladies down, then Lita with a MOONSAULT off the top and the match is over! Albert then clotheslines Lita from behind and T and A beat on them after the match is over.

So in the end Lita pinned Stratus after a moonsault at 13:12 and the fans roar!
Excellent opener! One of Test’s best matches with Eddie at WM 17 and Shane at Summerslam 1999.


It’s a PPV in the year 2000! It’s Summer time! It’s TRISH…in the Summer…IN THE YEAR 2000….WRESTLING…in a hot Pink outfit….with a hot crowd….in an excellent match…oh and there was two tag teams in this match as well as a red-hot and very over Lita gaining the victory to open the broadcast!

Hey, what’s THERE NOT to love here!?


*** 1/2




2) Tazz vs Al Snow
Tazz starts to fight back on one half of the former re-creation of the Rockers and he slams his head into the mat and then hits him with stiff right-hands before a waist-lock, looking for a suplex, went for a clothesline but Al Snow ducked it and then hit a nice martial arts kick to Tazz.
Al Snow then with a sit down powerslam but not enough weight on the shoulders to get Tazz down.

King is impressed by Snow’s offense on Tazz and he Irish Whips Tazz to the corner, went high but Tazz then slams Snow down and his head slammed against the canvas hard.

Tazz finally gets in control of the match for the first time and doesen’t look like Snow’s bitch for once, and the man from the red hook section of Brooklyn, New York threw Snow to the buckle, but he came off and hit some scoop slams to Tazz!

Snow jumps from the top rope and hits a flying leg drop from the top rope! Al Snow from up high and he’s always been a pretty good flyer hits a moonsault and gets just a two.

Some pretty good action surprisingly in this match but it gets boring chants for some reason? Fans were pretty picky back here. Tazz hits a chop block to Snow’s leg as he went for head and then Snow goes down selling the leg.

Tazz then with hard rights to Snow and grabbed the boot and stomped on the leg on the bottom rope. Tazz then took Snow down with a drop toe hold and then pounded away at his upperback region.

Tazz then caught a hard right hand and this match is anybody’s game, Snow hits Tazz with some headbutts and then hits Tazz in the sternum hurting his thigh muscle, and then goes to kick Tazz again and gets caught with his leg in the air and catches a huge suplex.

Tazz looks for a Tazzmission but Snow counters out and then the two with a couple of go behind waist-locks, before Tazz locks it on again and SNOW GETS OUT AGAIN and the two roll over the mat with near falls until Tazz inevitably hooks it in for a third time!

Tazz forced Snow to submit with the Tazzmission at 5:20.

Wow, for a nothing match this was actually applied pretty good for its time and for an Al Snow match who yes is indeed underrated even if he was in Kennell from Hell.

They carried the weight of this very nicely, trying to get Tazz over as a ruthless heel. He’d soon feud with Lawler heading into Summerslam 2000 where Jerry would take the face role for the first sort of time in the WWF. Not a good role for him, he’s a natural heel.

This one was short and to the point so I liked it. Very competitive.





3) Perry Saturn (with Terri) vs Eddie Guerrero (with Chyna) (c) for the WWF European Championship

Two former Radicalz sqauring off here for Eddie’s European Strap, we should see a good contest.


JR says when you get on the wrong side of Chyna you pay and pay and pay? I guess we’d have to ask HHH what he means by that?

King sounds more puppie obsessed over females then I did during the opening match if you can believe it here.

Eddie with a suplex to Saturn after some of his early offense and the crowd chant for Eddie.

Guerrero ducks Saturn’s leap and comes off with a reverse elbow.

Eddie Guerrero then kicks away at Saturn inside the ring before setting him up, high on the top turnbuckle and hits a hurricanrana.

Mammacita with was overused at the time and I still remember that, hits a clothesline to Saturn on the outside and throws him back in the ring where Eddie irish-whipped him and hit him with yet another.

Eddie with an armbar on Saturn and then he throws the powerhouse out of the ring shoulder first under the bottom rope. Chyna then iris-whips Saturn hard into the steel steps on the outside of the ring further damaging Saturn’s shoulder.

Eddie then with a big high risk move off the top and hits him with a crossbody. Eddie then gets to the top rope and hits a hurricanrana and then scores a nearfall. Eddie Guerrero then hit an uppercut on Saturn and then he got scooped up by Saturn out of no where he hit a desperation powerbomb which killed the momentum of Eddie and the crowd. Saturn is a crowd killer despite being talented.

Eddie though back in control spears at Saturn in the corner hurting his injured arm and hits him with rights and chops, then goes to the top and hits a beautiful tornado DDT!

Guerrero gets a nearfall after a long pause and Saturn kicks out while the crowd chants for Eddie!

Eddie Guerrero is as dangerous from up high as he his from the mat and gets scooped in the air though and hits Saturn with a series of suplexes before a brain buster, followed by going to the top but he missed a summersault, and just rolled with amazing balance but caught a huge powerslam by Saturn which twisted him inside out.

Saturn curled him up but got a nearfall.

Another hard slam by Saturn and he then signalled for his finisher and went to the top and Eddie went up to catch him up there and hit him with a dropkick to the outside. Saturn then got nailed by Chyna, but he clotheslined her over a table. Terri, tits bouncing and all comes out at ringside and Saturn used her as a shield to hide from Eddie and Terri hit him with a lowblow. Saturn then sent him into the ring post.
Chyna is out of it on the concrete, Lawler says there will be no latino heat tonight!

Then Saturn took advantage of this situation!

In the end Saturn pinned Guerrero after a Diving elbow drop at 8:10 to become the NEW European Champion!

Good match, Terri was always a much better choice then Moppy for Perry.


** 1/4





4) The Acolytes (Faarooq and Bradshaw) vs Edge and Christian (c) for the WWF Tag Team Championship


Belly to Belly suplex from up high from Bradshaw to Edge, nice move!

Farooq came in and levelled Edge in the mid-section followed by a nearfall then made another quick tag to Bradshaw and the two hit a double team shoulder block. Bradshaw then threw Edge into the corner and then went for a powerbomb but his leg give out and then Bradshaw hits a shoulder block to Edge followed by an amazing powerbomb! All the way from Texas according to Lawler.

Edge then with an effective maneuver and the crowd chants USA and christian stomps on Bradshaw. Edge then with right hands to Bradshaw and kept that up and got them into the corner until Bradshaw fought back and then he connected with Edge in the center of the ring before taking a neck braker by Edge. Edge scored a near fall and then stomped on Bradshaw a few times before tagging in Christian.

Christian showing great tag team continuity with “his brother” and the two double teamed Bradshaw in there corner with kicks to the mid-section and Edge tagged back in and the two attempt a double superplex but Bradshaw pushes both off the top and of course Ross has to point out he was a former offensive tackle. Farooq the powerhouse gets tagged in and clotheslines Edge and Christian before hitting a spinebuster! Crowd into this one surprisingly but it has been pretty decent for sure, but so was Al Snow vs Tazz but they crapped on that. Farooq hit the Dominator on Christian but Edge then hit him in the head with a tag belt out of desperation to make sure they kept the titles. Edge and Christian took an ass kicking by the APA after the mtch which totally reeked of stinktitude. In the end at 5:29 Edge and Christian were disqualified after Edge hit Faarooq with a tag title belt, Edge and Christian retain the titles.

Decent, at times hilarious, never boring, pretty good match! That’s Edge and Christian for ya in the year 2000!

** 1/4






5) Val Venis (c) vs Rikishi in a Steel cage match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship



I did it for da Rock….one of the worst and notoriously worst heel turns ever in history, not because it made sense but because it ruined such an over babyface.

Meh here he was in action.

It’s even sadder hearing Rikishi talk about how much he hated his heel turn in a sit-down shoot interview on youtube.
Val then got beaten down a bit by Rikishi to start the match as he looked to escape early in the match but Rikishi slammed him against the side a couple of times. Rikishi then did so again and JR makes fun of Lawler for not knowing what happened to Venis’s long hair.ikishi then tried to escape the cage but Val Venis tried to catch him up there and did so, Val then caught a break to crawl out the door and Trish urged him on but Rikishi caught him and hit him with a slam. Rikishi went for the door but Venis caught him in the knee and then stomped on it viciously.

Val Venis got thrown hard into the side of the cage by Val venis there as his head smashed the steel hard, nice spot. Val then with more aggressive high impact as he whipped Rikishi hard into the steel again!

Rikishi then got back in control and threw Val hard into the corner and hit Rikishi with a low blow followed by a bulldog headlock off the second rope inside the cage, Val broke a Stinkface attempt to do that move.

Val Venis then hit a reverse elbow followed by a clothesline to Rikishi that sent him inside out and he did a flip in the air so the crowd “OOOOHHHHH’d” appropriately.

Val then climbed up the side of the cage and maybe he bought himself some time. He then stood on the top rope and walked it until hopping off with a flying elbow and planted it to Rikishi’s head.

Val attempted to get over the top of the cage but Rikishi a minute later met him up there and with the two up top, they elbowed at one another trying to fight there way out of the predicament, and then Rikishi slammed Val’s head on the top of the cage but in a familiar cage spot fell down and hit his crotch on the top of the buckle, but luckily he took Val down with him.

Both men on there back in some pain and the crowd claps, Rikishi then had busted Val open and the first bloodshed of the night occurs.


This night is going to get bloody so he’s just getting a head start.

Val Venis then with his adrenaline pumping after seeing his own blood hit hard right hands but Rikishi countered whipping him hard into the side of the steel cage and then a Samoan Drop.

Rikishi Irish Whipped Venis into the corner, then stared at him before coming off with a big BONZAI drop rom the top.

King calls Trish a great ASSet at ringside. JR gets mad at Trish for hitting the cage into Val’s head but he didn’t mind when Rikishi rubbed his big ass in hers.
Val Venis hit the Money Shot from the top and only got a two and he can’t believe it, neither can Trish!

Lita then jugs a bouncing comes out with a belt and whips Trish. Lita beats the hell out of Trish and takes off her top. I love this PPV.

Good god.

This has been a great match so far with wonderfully booked spots mixed with good back and forth action, even a blade job, and T and A on the outside.
It would even get better!

Rikishi bounced Val’s head off the steel on the top of the cage and he bounced to the back of the canvas and it knocked ref-Teddy Long down.

Rikishi then stared and climbed to the top….

Rikishi stands all the way up there, looks extremely high for him.

Rikishi then goes to the top….NO WAY!?



Rikishi at the very top…he wouldn’t…not with all that weight coming down, not from there….would he?

Rikishi SPLASHES at 400 pounds from the very top, of the TOP of the CAGE with a belly to belly suplex and he rolls over in pain. What an effing RISK. What a RISK! I’ve known people who have DIED from impact in there stomach jumping from just at this sort of impact.
Jesus, Rikishi is in considerable amount of pain but Tazz comes out of no where!

In the end Val Venis pinned Rikishi after Tazz hit Rikishi with a TV camera at 14:10 to retain the IC Title.

Say what you want about Val getting made out to be a jobber in recent times with how good of an actual worker he really was, but they did give him a very fair run for his talent. Was pushed high into the high mid-card uppon arrival and stayed there despite different gimmicks for a good 3 years before taking time off and eventually becoming the short lived Chief Morley.
This match was booked extremely well and it was very entertaining as a result, not sure why it missed out on BOTH Cage Match DVD’s but I guess you couldn’t have included them all.
Great match! Borderline classic with a lot of things putting it over the top. Un-real stuff. The agility for that size and guts were off the charts and made this truly special.









6) The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle



This match is also on Taker’s DVD “This is my Yard” and it’s about as good as Yard Sale material.

It’s not that bad but it’s certainly not what we’ve come to expect from these two due to the gimmicks, the chemistry not being fully there yet, Angle being GREEN, Taker getting back into his groove under his new gimmick, and the result of the fact the match didn’t get very much time to work.
Kurt Angle was on The Undertaker’s most wanted list and that was even an understatement. The whole feud consisted of Angle wrecking everything of Taker’s and he acted scared of Taker at first then he became the aggressor and purposely destroyed everything he had.

Angle gets scared of his own pyro (KAYFABE) as Taker bikes out during his entrance on his own bike, earlier in the night Angle had attacked Taker with a wrench.

Taker is apparently fine and he jumps Kurt from behind as the two brawl in the crowd, which consists of Taker meeting Angle with huge right hands.

Taker then with a big right hand beside the steps and threw Angle into the security wall and he doesen’t fall over.

Sucks for the fans who wanted a Taker entrance.

Taker then slammed Angle’s head into the side of the steel steps which were tilted over. Taker then threw Angle in the ring and the match officially begins.

Taker then with an irish whip and hits Angle with a big boot to the face and scores a nearfall. Taker then pulls Angle up and says “NO” as he wants to punish the rookie. Taker scoops up Angle displaying power as he had one arm up only and hit a one arm vertical suplex to Angle.

Jim Ross calls this the most emotionally charged PPV of all time, yeah he’s said that to a lot of other ones but I believe him on this night, this truely seemed like an emotionally charged PPV in almost every match!

Angle chokes out Taker in desperation behind him until Taker corners him and hits him with a splash before a sidewalk slam!

Angle kicks out of Taker’s near falls and Taker throws him to the outside. The Undertaker then got hit with a wrench into the knee! Angle slams Taker off the security wall and throws him back in the ring.

Kurt then begins to work on Taker’s ankle a bit by twisting it and turning it over and the crowd chant that he sucks. Angle is so desperate he is resorting to take over Taker’s hurt ankle from the wrench shot earlier in the night but Taker with his taped up hand fires back with right hands.

Taker then back into the Ankle predicament.

Ankle then with more Ankle work until Taker pulls on the rope for leverage and kicks at Kurt’s knee and then he goes fist for fist with Kurt until his leg comes back to haunt him and Angle thinks he has the upperhand for a bit until Taker hit a strong uppercut.

Taker then caught Angle with a choke slam.

Undertaker hits The Last Ride!

The finish came when The Undertaker pinned Angle after that Last Ride at 7:34.

Ugh, I’ll be polite with this rating just because the ending was recieved well and I consider all the circumstances to why this wasn’t so good and I understand them all.

Could of been so much more, as we’d see in the year 2003 and 2006! I pointed out my reasons for the rating pretty much in the 2nd line of this match’s review.




** 1/4




7) “The Game” Triple H vs Y2J Chris Jericho in a Last Man Standing Match



Yeah, it’s the year 2000, and yes this is Triple H at his very best. Wrestling at its very best as a matter of fact.

What a beautiful match. Not in a “What a beautiful painting” type of way but as for pure art, it’s here man. It’s all here.


While Helmsley was red hot in the Summer of 2000 as the top Heel in the business and the top name of Pro-Wrestling during such a hot peroid, Jericho was also a top name and as over as ever in the Summer of the year 2000 so the two guys styles complimented each other wonderfully from a character stand-point.

This is Hunter pre-quad injury and their chemistry together was never quite the same but these two seemed to go at it better before Hunter’s injury.

Add a gimmick to this PPV match and give it over twenty minutes and we could have a Classic, and we certainly sure as hell did!

Jericho kissed Stephanie on the apron at King of The Ring and Hunter was pissed.

Jericho won the WWF title on Raw in a match that “NEVER HAPPENED” earlier in the year and Hunter was pissed then, and still had not forgot it in his mind.

Jericho cost Hunter a loss to the Brooklyn Brawler and Hunter was pissed.

Foley made this match a Last Man Standing bout between the two energetic superstars who had a huge rivalry.

This was only the 2nd LMS match in WWF/E history as the first was a great war between Foley and Rock at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre ending in a draw.

Stephanie grinned at Y2J as he came out and Hunter attacked him right away at his injured stomach that was wrapped from a Sledgehammer shot weeks ago.

Jericho took it right to the Game though surprisingly from the get go with a series of rights and then a dropkick to Hunter on the outside. Jericho then with a high springboard drop kick to HHH on the outside and slammed Hunter’s head into the security wall. Jericho then slapped at Trips a couple of times before he gave him a knee to the guy. Remember, Jericho’s waist was sore but Trips wasn’t in control for very long as Jericho threw him right back in the ring. Jericho speared Hunter back into the ring then hit a reverse elbow off the top and Jericho with big right hands, he is on fire here!

Chris Jericho was unreal and on fire and went for a back frop but HHH hit a face buster out of desperation!

Jericho then got clotheslined hard to the outside and you can just feel the chemistry in this match.

Everything Wrestlemania X8 SHOULD HAVE BEEN.
Jericho threw Hunter’s face into the top of the steps then when he charged towards him, Hunter hot shotted Jericho ribs first into the security wall and he sold the pain on the outside for a bit until HHH dropped him ribs first ont he steps. HHH then grabbed Jericho by the long blonde hair and threw him back inside the ring.

Hunter then kicked him hard in the rib area that was already taped up and damaged as said, but HHH didn’t care and he ripped off the protective padding. Hunter then dropped knees to his ribs as he began to methodically torture him in a vicious way and very quick, while the crowd was into it the whole time and Triple H recieved great heel heat from these moves, one of the best heels in the business if not the best since Flair in 89.
riple H relentlessly drove his shoulder into the injured ribs of Jericho on the corner, unbelievable pain delivered from Hunter and stiff, very brutal looking.

Hunter then caught Jericho with a knee to the gut after he was sent for the ride.

Jericho then had all his protective padding ripped off by Triple H here after all this torture and began to choke out Jericho with it!

King says he feels sorry for Jericho and Triple H drops his elbow on Jericho and then on the outside kept kneeing him and kicked away at his mid-section. Stephanie then slapped at Jericho on the outside as Hunter kept stomping on him, remember there is no DQ’s in the match so Stephanie’s slappage is completely legal. Triple H then hooks up Jericho beautifully and suplexes him on the concrete floor.

Triple H then who has been in complete control for all of but the first 120 seconds of the match got it taken to him and the crowd exploded but it didn’t last long as Hunter expertly locked in an abdominal stretch, and to further the agony he delivered blows to his mid-section when in the hold! Fucking brillaint psychology by Hunter here as he continues to stretch the mid-section of a very hurt Jericho!

Somehow Jericho countered his hold with all the will he had and Hunter got into a pushing match with Keota, which bought Jericho some time.

Chris Jericho connected with a Spinning Heel Kick to Hunter!

But the game very Cerebral had it scouted and got his knees up on the injured ribs while he went for a Lionsault.
Chris Jericho got an amazing amount of pressure near the side ropes and Hunter then hit a body-scissors to Jericho! This is all creating further damage to the already injured mid-section as Y2J screamed in pain inside the middle of the ring where he couldn’t reach the ropes.

Jericho after the gruelling body scissors hold made it to his feet limping at the nine count. He had a come get me attitude but Hunter kept pounding on him as Jericho kept asking for pain really FOLEY-FUNK like.

Jericho looked scary convincing, dude should be an actor.

HHH then went for a Pedigree and hit one hard on the canvas! Jericho asked for it and now he got it.
Triple H then layed on the top of the ropes as cocky as ever and even had time to cross his legs as Stephanie on the outside smiled. HHH told him to stay down and then went to the outside of the ring and grabbed a steel chair.
Hunter then grabbed that chair and smashed it in the rib-section of Jericho twice! Triple H completely wore out his mid-section by this point and what’s fascinating is how brilliantly he did it. Jericho then looks like he’s about to be Pedigreed onto a chair but HHH pushed down Keota.

Y2J hit a low blow out of no where to HHH. Y2J out of desperation grabbed the chair once he got back to his feet and he barely was able to lift the chair but he caught HHH right between the eyes and he is busted open!
What a shot!

Jericho collapsed right after the chair shot but when both men get back to there feet Jericho was able to catch HHH with shots to his bloody head.

Jericho holding his ribs, still selling it like a PRO got reversed into the corner and Jericho jumped off the top and hit a missile dropkick to Hunter! Jericho now selling the ribs at the same time as attacking the bloodied game and this is an amazing comeback!

Truly believable and completely awesome for the crowd!

Jericho then hits a running bulldog to HHH’s face right into the steel chair! The bloodied face right into the chair! Awesome!

Jericho irish whipped HHH with a lot of velocity over the top rope and he went to the outside all a bloody mess and Jericho then kicked him in the mid-section and before that was irish whipped into the steel steps by Triple H.

Jericho then avoided getting pedigreed into the steel steps and with his sore ribs somehow managed to back body drop Triple H onto the mat from on top of the steps. Jericho busted up inside, and Triple H busted open in this Classic War!

Great Psychology and the Chemistry here, just EVERYTHING was so brilliant.

Triple H all bloodied could barely stand and went to grab a tv monitor at the same time as Jericho and they both knock each other in the head with it.

HHH down on the mat and so is Jericho but both men get to there feet at the 9 count and come back in the ring.

Jericho missed a clothesline, counters a pedigree attempt and gets Hunter in the Walls of JERICHO! As much as it hurts The Game to do it he locks it in harder with the hurt ribs and HHH reaches for the ropes all bloodied as he screamed in pain with blood dripping down his face similar to Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 13 in the Sharpshooter.

While Jericho had the hold on Stephanie went to slap Jericho but Jericho countered it into the Walls of Jericho on Steph.

Triple H let this get the best of Jericho as from behind he protected his wife and knocked Jericho off her, and rammed him into the two security walls, rib first.

The connection of all these moves is the most brilliant aspect of this match.

Completely dynamic and perfectly paced with tremendous execution!

Triple H went to hit Jericho with a sledgehammer but he hit the ring post as he ducked, Jericho then catapolted Hunter into the ring post and Jericho hit Trips in the gut with a Sledge Hammer for some retaliation! Jericho then on the Spanish table and Hunter got up and gave him a lowblow before his lionsault attempt to HHH you’d have to guess.

HHH then with a back body suplex through the announce table! Jericho’s head bounced off the concrete and while the ref counted to ten Hunter slowly got up and beat the 10 count.

Triple H won when Jericho couldn’t get up after being suplexed through an announce table at 23:11.

The Game is the LAST MAN…Standing!
One of the best matches of all time!
So it’s easy to understand it’s Jericho’s best match ever and it’s one of  HHH’s also… (He’s got the Mania XX triple threat, 3 SOH with Austin, Michaels at Summerslam 02, etc)
Brilliant selling but The Game’s psychology and offense was the best part of the bout. Some of the best you’ll ever see…This is Triple H in his absolute prime.

Spare the brutality, the pacing and conditioning of both men were phenominal.

A Classic in every sense of the word. In my top 12 matches EVER. Those stars down there aren’t a typo, that’s all five you see on purpose.

The best match of Jericho’s career, 2nd best in Hunter’s next to Wrestlemania 20.

How it’s not on DVD yet is the most mind-boggling of all match releases ever in my honest opinion to this day.

Maybe one day there will be another DVD for both men or a LMS DVD, either way this match has to be put on DVD one day…

Full Five, no questions asked.












8 ) Main Event- The Rock (c) vs Chris Benoit (W/Shane O Mac) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship
The ruling here was that the WWF Title could change hands even by DQ! Better stay out of the danger zone in this one for both men. The rule ends up being completely meaningless only to swerve the fans with no proper explanation, but that’s beside the point because we get another Classic here!

Shane stalked Rock from behind but this one got going right away and Rock hit Benoit with a reverse elbow.

Rock then threw Benoit in the ring and he chased Shane-O-Mac to outside the ring as the crowd chanted for him. Benoit stalked Rock back inside the ring but Benoit knocked Shane off the ring apron by accident when Rock moved out of the way. Rock then tried to lock on a Crossface on Benoit.


The crowd was nothing short of electrified at this point. Ya know, that’s a credit to how well Benoit and Shane were working here and The Rock’s natural charisma because Jericho/HHH is not such an easy act to follow!

Benoit with a reverse elbow and a vicious clothesline to Rocky. Chris Benoit then threw Rock into the turnbuckle extremely hard and then hit a gut wrench into a gut buster. Rock chants all over as Benoit extremely viciously stomps on Rock, and then the crowd chant Shane is a Pu**y, while Shane-O-Mac drops an elbow on the top half of Rock’s body behind the ref’s back while it’s hanging under the bottom rope on the ring apron.

Benoit then slammed Rock’s head into the top of the steps and threw him back into his office, inside the ring. Chris Benoit the best wrestler of all time irish-whipped Rock to the ropes and came off with a knee to his already injured gut showing great timing and in-ring psychology and it flipped Rock over. Benoit with a near fall.

Benoit then went to irish-whip Rock but he lifted up Benoit high and dropped him on the high ropes and came off with a big kick to his high body, and then Benoit flied up to the very top and Benoit got caught at the very top rope and suplexed from the very top and both men get a much deserved breather.

Awesome, awesome action thus far!

Rocky was in control for a great deal of time, then Benoit, then Rock again as this WWF title match has gone back and forth, Benoit has shown great psychology and both look like they had there timing down because the chemistry was unbelievable between these two and they hadn’t met much before this if at all!

Benoit hit Rock with a title behind the officials back but Rock kicked out and Shane looks worried and the fans explode!

Benoit hits a quick, beautiful snapshot suplex to Rock but he kicked out.

Chris Benoit then after these few moves started to gain confidence after he built himself some offensive momentum and sent Rock into the corner. Chris Benoit hit some hard, brutal blows to Rocky including many chops in the corner.

Chris is COLD says JR and Rock caught a reverse elbow by him and Rock hit a power slam! Rock then got caught by Benoit and he hit a back body suplex! Chris Benoit then goes for a sharp shooter and locked it on!


Fans chant for The Rock and I believe it might of been around this time that he started using the Sharpshooter. We all know he won his first WWF Title with that move at Survivor Series 1998 but that was more of a shot at Bret Hart with a screwjob ending at that PPV ordered by McMahon.
Rock Irish Whipped Benoit into the Steel Steps hard on the outside out of desperation.
The Rock picked up Benoit by the head and slammed him hard into the security wall! Rock then groin first threw Benoit into the ring post! Rock then threw Benoit back in the ring and when Chris went to kick Rock, Rock reversed it with a quick figure four.
Shane tried to get in the ring while Rock had Benoit hooked in the figure four.

Benoit grabbed the ropes and Hebner made sure Rock let it go before the 5 count or else he would be DQ’d and we’d have a new champion.

Benoit then after some Shane interference brawls with Rock in the crowd and Rock spit a drink in the eyes of Benoit. Rock then suplexed Benoit from over the security wall onto the hard floor on the mat.

Chris Benoit then threw ROCK HARD back first into the security wall.

Wow that looked stiff.

Benoit relentlessly drove The Great One’s spine into the wall hard as he worked it over.

The Wolverine threw The Champ into the ring and stomped into the lower back that had just been worked over against the wall.

Jim Ross says he’s not going to argue that Benoit is the greatest technical wrestler ever. Smart move.

Rock with a desperation roll-up, didn’t amount to anything as Benoit dictated the pace for the next two minutes as he worked over the lower back for a great deal of time.

While Benoit talked to the ref Shane O Mac choked out Rock on the outside.

Benoit then grabbed Rock and hit a reverse neck braker to Rock and got a nearfall.

Rock and Benoit both with right hands back and forth and then Benoit landed right mid-section first into the middle ropes!

He built back his momentum by out working Rock on his lower back and then Benoit dove off the top rope and hit a great headbutt to The Rock.

Benoit then with a right hand to The Rock and he caught a Spinebuster Slam out of no where by Rock! Fans go wild as he threw off an elbow pad and he hit a People’s Elbow! Shane tried to interfere and by the time the ref turned around Rock only got a two count and Shane marked out on the outside!

Chris Benoit kept recieving blows but Benoit irish whipped Rock into the corner and hit him with a chop and Benoit set Rock up high at the top with a suplex and hit it off the top rope!

Benoit almost got the three count after some power moves and then his cardio conditioning was showing as he kicked at Rock’s mid-section against the corner turnbuckle, but Rock came flying towards him out of no where with a clothesline and then Benoit reversed THAT MOVE and came back with a clothesline. Unbelievable.

Benoit brought a chair in the ring and so did Shane but the ref took the chair out of Benoit’s hand, and Shane hit the ref with a chair. But as the ref got up he saw Rock in control as he had the crossface locked in!

The ref was so incompetent that he made Benoit the Champion because he thought Rock hit him with the chair.

Shane then jumped up and hit Rock right in the head with a Steel Chair and Benoit has done it! JR calls it a highway robbery! Rock looks like he’s going to fucking kill somebody, but we’ll save that for Benoit I guess. 😉 Jokes…..

Rock is down on the mat and out of no where while Benoit and Shane are celebrating ……well first of all…..

Remember how the title could change hands by disqualification? well Rock was disqualified….. meaning Benoit won the title, but here comes Rock’s good friend Commissioner Mick Foley who came out and re-started the match!
Good for us!
Bad for Benoit, but I guess if he won this match then WM 20 wouldn’t of been so special, so it all works out in the end except for the logic behind this decision other then the fact Rock said there was NO DQ.

A Bloodied Champion goes to hell and back with the very best.

Rock told Benoit to just bring it all bloodied.

Benoit walks back with his WWF title and the two get it on and Rock lays the Smackdown on The Crippler.

Benoit though catches Rock with a belly to back suplex, and all the fans sit back in there seats as no, they’re NOT going home just yet.

Chris Benoit suplexed Rock a couple of times before taking vicious blows from Chris Benoit and then Rock in the corner tried to battle out of Benoit’s blows but he couldn’t as of this time as Benoit’s pressure was too much.

Chris went for another Crossface and Rock all bloodied looked to be out of it.

Rock got to the ropes though just in time and Benoit continued to stomp on Rock’s bad lower back, but Rock continued to fight back.

Rock Bottom! Rock Bottom!

Rock out of no where hit his move and the fans explode!
Damn near a top 5 Rock match ever!

Awesome stuff!

In the end The Rock pinned Benoit after a Rock Bottom at 22:09.

Rock retains the WWF title to a thunderous ovation! What a way to end a fabulous show.















Final Rating for WWF Fully Loaded 2000 = 9/10



This show was a CLASSIC in the true sense of the word.

It featured almost everything you could want from a PPV….almost.

Backlash 2000 featured STEVE AUSTIN so I don’t know if this one is better but if it’s not it’s definitely close and it’s definitely debatable. This show literally had it all, with a Triple Main Event and a couple of them classic matches both in the ring and with certain gimmicks involved. Even the undercard was entertaining with the intergender opening 6 person tag match and good matches all throughout the night, two in paticular and one that was 5 stars. This event is one not only to be seen but to own, get it anyway you can!

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The last man standing match and the Rock/Benoit match are 2 classics.

  2. Mike says:

    What a mark – so a
    bulldog/ superplex bump 9/10 > jumping tornado DDT “high impact move”/Crossbody to floor/Hurricanrana/snap moonsault ?!?

  3. @Williamwwe says:

    Brett MiX……… YOU THE MAN

  4. Isrs4life to Brett Mix says:

    The DVD Player will still stay it is an option.
    I was looking at a commercial from a movie I own of a 2011
    film that you have the option to choose what type of quality
    you want some people say DVD or they would say I like blu ray
    and there is the internet also to watch whatever but DVD and Blu Ray
    I guess are within the same company. So I love DVD and i’m banking on it to stay for years and years to come.

  5. Brad Attitude says:

    i loved the last man standing match and the rock vs benoit for the wwf championship. two forgotten classics.

  6. Brett Mix says:

    VHS Tape, that would explain it then. DVD’s have been the in-thing for about a decade now so it’s time to release it. Seriously how many of you use your VCR’s? I’m not one of those highly expensive everything has to be top notch blue ray HD etc, etc, but at least the transition from VHS to DVD has gotta be completed by now….

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Last Man Standing match between Triple H and Chris Jericho and the WWF Championship match between The Rock and Chris Benoit are both on the “Best Matches of 2000.” VHS tape.

  8. The Champ says:

    2000 had some bad shows with King of the Ring and Armageddon along with WrestleMania

  9. K-mac says:

    2001 was a great year for wrestling, minus the Invasion Angle. But in 2000 almost every PPV was awesome especially this show, except for Wrestlemania, which other than the TLC match was one of the worst Mania’s.

  10. Isrs4life says:

    I don’t get the big deal about the year 2000 anymore.
    I use to have a fair collection of PPV’s from that year
    But I was more of a fan of the year 2001, myself.

  11. Brett Mix says:

    Or HHH vs Benoit No Mercy 2000 which was another Classic. **** 1/2

    Benoit was the best ever and it’s not even close.

  12. John Peterson says:

    The Triple H/Jericho match is on the Triple H That Damn Good DVD.Too bad the Rock vs Benoit will never see the light of day

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