Review: WWE “The Greatest Superstars of the 1980’s” DVD

October 26, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- “The Greatest Superstars of the 1980’s” 3 Disc Review:



“Ya listen to me!…You go to the top! You don’t listen to me…you’re never heard of again!….”Bobby “The Brain” Heenan









-“The Greatest Superstars of the 1980’s” was put together in 2005 covering some of the best personalities of the 1980`s.
-Many critics have blasted the DVD for not covering one of the decade`s most charismatic and all around greatest talents in Randy Savage. (The only mention of the Macho Man is a mediocre match against the JYD, but no character profile.) As well as Bob Backlund.
-This DVD is put together looking at 15 individuals from the 1980`s in a documentary and an additional 16 matches to boot covering over 3 discs also taking a look at the 2004 Hall Of Fame ceremony whih also explains why Backlund and Savage didn’t make the cut as far as character profiles.

Disc 1 Profile`s:






 -Bobby Heenan.

Certainly an appropriate beginning here. The greatest manager of the 80`s, the greatest manager ever ACTUALLY handling all the great heels and seemingly against Hogan every single time.
Must of got frustrating.
Here they cover the Brain`s skills to make you love to hate him.
They call him one of the most dynamic personality’s ever. He perferred to be a manager over a wrestler.
A ton of great old school clips of promo’s by the Brain in the Awa with Bockwinkel.

They show exactly why he is the greatest manager ever. Now they go into when he managed the Federation, managing the likes of Big John Studd and Andre the Giant.
Of course you can’t talk about the Brain without discussing the name “weasel” as that was constantly chanted against him. He also managed Harley Race, Rick Rude, Ric Flair, Mr. Perfect, King Kong Bundy, among others.
You really loved to hate him. His chemistry with Monsoon is discussed.
He had so much heat that he was an instant draw, and sometimes overshadowed the wrestler’s as Arn Anderson says. Heenan talked tough but when confronted he is a coward, making him a weasel.
Very entertaining personality, one of the very best. There will never be another Brain.



-He went to Stampede, promotions in the south, and up to the big time in the Federation.
The JYD had a great following and inspired many people. A true fan favourite in the 1980’s. Ron Simmons, Ernie Ladd, Butch Reed and the JYD were setting the standard.
Hayes calls JYD real. He is a hall of famer and rightfully so. The JYD’s clips of promo’s and matches are showcased when discussing the mega-over JYD.
May he RIP. A true family man. His daughter accepted the award for his HOF achievment.






-You can’t talk 1980’s without discussing Sgt. Slaughter.
As a Babyface and a Heel he could get it done. He competed in legendary matches, it wasn’t just the gimmick.
His bootcamp matches, his bloody wars against the likes of the Sheik and Backlund made Sarge a true somebody. Stories are shared.
From Slaughter himself, a lot of stories are told. He discussed how he wanted to become a Pro-wrestler after talking to Vern Gagne. He also discusses how he became Sgt. Slaughter.


He made the ranks of the Awa in the mid-late 70’s feuding with a Russian. Slaughter developed his mic skills in the Awa. Sgt. Slaughter talks about beating Larry Zybysko for the Awa title. He won the Nwa tag title’s, onehalf of them of course.
Sarge talks about his wars in MSG, his alley fight is widely considered one of the best matches ever. He discusses his allignment always having some sort of controversy because of whatever the Nation was facing.
Slaughter speaks about switching allignments. One of the best characters and workers of the 80’s even battling with Hulk Hogan in the main event of a Mania.


 -One of my personal favourite`s from the decade.
The Hammer was such a take no shit, stiff worker. Greg Valentine was trained in the Dungeon by Stu Hart.
Ric Flair speaks highly of Valentine, we see a ton of promo’s from him and his opponents.
Teaming with Beefcake becoming the dream team. Valentine in the early 80’s established his credentials. I loved his shoot on Randy Savage on youtube, claiming if he had a problem with him, he’d “Stretch him”.
Everyone remembers the feud with Roddy Piper. Or his feud with Tito Santana that lasted years. But back to Piper…
The Dog Collar match is an old-school classic. Rough and tough is what The Hammer is all about. I love it.
Greg Valentine is one of the true great’s of this decade.


 -The Hot Rod! The 2005 Hall of Famer.
Piper is only second to Mick Foley as far as mic skills go in my opinion.
Roddy’s trademark was the bag pipes. He said if it wasn’t for Pro-wrestling, he’d likely be dead. He said he was a skinny little kid, 167 pounds going no where.
He says entering the business he lost in ten seconds to Larry the Ax in Manitoba in probably the shortest match in that venue he says.
Piper had memorable feuds with Mr. T, Adrian Adonis but his most memorable feud would be with Hulk Hogan.
Piper-Hogan was the war to settle the score, it headlined the first Mania, it was HUGE. One of the biggest feuds of not just the 80’s, but of all time.

He had amateur training with Ric Flair in the Mid-Atlantic region of the NWA.
His best match is likely with Bret Hart at the 8th Mania.
Roddy Piper is best known for his mic skills. The second best in the industry ever, to Mick Foley. Piper hosted his own show, in Piper’s Pit.
Piper’s entertainment is hard to match, a true character.





Disc 1 Matches:

1) “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs Greg “The Hammer” Valentine (c) in a Dog Collar Match for the NWA US Title -NWA Starrcade 1983


Here we go, fans were really looking forward to this one was the world-wide thought. An innovative beauty of sorts to begin, one of both men’s most famous matches, arguably both’s best ever.

This was of course from the original Starrcade in 1983.

But before all that was the famous Dog Collar Match.

The Hammer was a big heel in this one as the reigning NWA US Champion.
“Rowdy” Roddy Piper had the sentiments of the broadcasters.
The two chained superstars locked up hanging by the neck from ring to ring with nothing but a chain locking them together.
At the time it was called one of the most dangerous matches, and the story going in hd to to with Piper’s bad head.
The Hammer would then focus on that.
Both guys tugged with there heads, and the crowd exploded cheering while they tuged with each other’s neck to show who could move who.
Interesting beginning. Valentine reached out as he held the links of the chain, but Roddy Piper had a better link folded up and he gets the first great shot on The Hammer. Things settle down a little bit and the two move in close yet again.

The Hammer swings for the bad head of Piper twice but he dodged it time and time again getting to his paticular corner and the crowd loved it. Both guys forget the chain and meet mid-ring.
Combat breaks out as righthands fly both ways, stiff as hell. Crockett gets his due on commentary for the success of this event.
Roddy Piper charged at Valentine up high catching him again. Roddy had Valentine in trouble in the corner and with a chain arounsd his wrist he levelled Valentine. Greag came in and Roddy Piper slapped it around his head and he used it as a weapon repeatedly on the valentine, and everyone loved this.
Out of desperation the Hammer fought back with the chain in hand catching Piper in the ear. Piper is down and Valentine wrapped the chain around his eyes, his throat and the Hammer drops his devistating elbow drop twice to the hot rod.
Valentine showed nice psychology also hitting the elbow with his ear. This time Piper pushed Valentine down and spread the chain across the face of the Hammer and the nose paticularly, the fans ate this up. Roddy Piper had him tied to the corner and he used the ropes for leverage. The Hot Rod closes in on his face beginning to almost chew at the Hammer who was down in a considerable amount of pain. Piper kept slugging away.
The Hammer is a bloody mess.
Valentine tied up and Roddy Piper borught him to the floor. Both guys are hitting each other’s bloddied skulls all changed together right in front of the crowd on the floor now to make it extra dramatic. Roddy Piper attempted to hang the Hammer.

While the official bumped into him Piper got caught in the bad year. Valentine following up on Piper’s bad ear showed good strategic wrestling and innovative offense with the chain molbilizing the ear and head region of Roddy Piper. Piper full of bood outside the ring fell to the concrete and Valentine kicked him off again. Valentine keeps dropping the knee inside the ring on the Hot Rod but Piper somehow a bloody mess decided to shake it off. Piper in the corner gets hard righthands by the Hammer who was as tough as they come.
Piper with everything he had came fighting back, Valentine drops the elbow on the hot rod as a second effort. Piper almost unable to defend himself hit with another hard elbow by Valentine.

The rough stuff continued as Piper fought back with the crowd behind him, but every chance he got back in it Valentine would take over because of his mass. Valentine drops the knee on Piper who is a ton of blood.
This is a war.
The Hammer wonders what he has to do to put him away, Valentine and Piper both block each other using the chain as they attempt a vertical suplex and this time it is Roddy Piper with a roar from the crowd who lands the slow vertican suplex. Both men were covered so no count.

Both warriors stand up exchanging or “slugging” forearms and as Piper goes sternum first to turnbuckle, the Hammer slaps a Sleeperhold on a bloodied Roddy Piper.
Roddy Piper shrugs Valentine off of him but the Hammer lands back with two elbow drops out of desperation seeing this as his last resort. Valentine went for a third elbow drop but Piper aggressively pulled onto the chain swinging The Hammer back in and Piper hooked the leg and got the win.
What a pop, what a war.
In the end at 16:08, Finally Roddy Piper gets the win and is the NEW NWA US Champion.
This match was a Rough Classic for its time. It’s not some something I’d like to watch over and over but you can appreciate its greatness.
It still holds up as a stiff contest between two of the 1980`s most underrated talents.

Good choice to open the DVD.





2) Sgt. Slaughter vs The Iron Sheik (May-21st, 1984)

Not quite the standard of the Boot Camp match but still interesting none the less.
Monsoon and Okerlund on commentary.
The Iron Sheik gets tremendous heel heat.

Slaughter gets heat too, but the good kind of heat for a Babyface.
Sheik came at him but Slaughter kicked him off. Slaughter bodyslams him and rakes the eyes with his boot.
Sheik caught in the corner and Slaughter kept delivering a right inbetween the side headlocks, open hands and Sarge is dominating. Slaughter tossed the Sheik up and over the top rope onto the concrete floor.
Fans chant USA. Slaughter drove his knees into the Sheik and could of had him but he wasn’t done punishing him and the fans love it.

Slaughter rakes his face all across the top rope. Sheik blinded goes for right’s but Sarge tossed him into the corner.

All of the sudden out of no where the Sheik irishwhips Slaughter over the top rope to the floor. Sheik came outside the ring and slammed Slaughter into the table and then smacked Sarge in the back with a chair.

Sheik now getting a will to slam Sarge head first into the corner repeatedly in both turnbuckle pads. Sarge held onto the corner trying to get out and a leapfrog but he ran into a reverse elbow by the Sheik.
Slaughter kept coming back in but he kept getting kicked back out and rammed into the corner. A vicious headlock on Slaughter who is opend up badly.
A scoop slam and a leg drop. Slaughter dripping blood and the Sheik came off the top and hit a vertical suplex afterwards. Sgt. Slaughter from adrenaline alone hit a big uppercut on the Sheik and the fans loved it.
Another big forearm by Slaughter. Sgt. Slaughter tried to take the boot of the Sheik off. He threw the official off of him. As did the Sheik.

In the end at the fourteen minute mark after a double DQ.
This match was a great war, despite the ending. A bloody battle, back and forth!








3) Greg ‘THE HAMMER’ Valentine (c) vs Tito Santana in a Lumberjack Match for the IC title (MSG:March-17th, 1985)

Greg Valentine and Tito Santana, this should have a good pace.
One of the longest feuds in wrestling history.
Lumberjacks come out and heels do first, Studd took them out as the fans boo’s.
This match does have a quick pace. Santana delivered right after right jamming Valentine’s head into the turnbuckle.
Valentine is tossed to the outside and Ricky Steamboat takes care of him. Valentine begs Santana off and the crowd were into this one. Tito caught the boot and dropped Valentine with an atomic drop.
Valentine on the outside is pushed back in by the JYD.


Lumberjack matches worked so much better in the 80’s, same with slasher films and music but lets get back to the point. Santana drove lefts and right’s into Valentine.
Tito wanted to get his title back in any way possible. Valentine leaves as Tito tried to slap on Greg’s own finisher, in the figure four. Santana drives his head into the canvas. Tito off the top rope hits a chop to Valentine and he pauses for five seconds before doing a face flop. Hilarious.
All challenger here in Tito Santana. A high knee drops Valentine who kept trying to leave the ring but Steamboat made sure he got right back in.
They had to really sell the gimmick of this match type, with Valentine not being able to catch a break. Santana charged into the corner of Valentine but he lifts a boot catching Tito in the corner with a high knee.
Now for the first real time Valentine is in control chopping Tito with some momentum off the ropes. Tito Santana with a low blow, then goes to work on the bad knee of Santana.
Not only is this smart to take him off his feet but it also opens the door for Valentine’s figure four.
Valentine attempts a half-crab and gets a modified leg-lock until Santana grabbed hold of him and gave him a right from his back. Valentine comes back stomping on Santana. Valentine tries to make a figure four.

A hard elbow and Santana fights back as they exchange lefts and right’s. The figure four is attempted and he gets
In the end at the 15 minute mark Valentine wins by pinfall after a shoulder block at the fifteen minute mark.
This match is pretty tremendous. Both men fatigued and rightfully so keeping up that terrific pace.





4) The Junkyard Dog vs Randy “Macho Man” Savage (with Miss Elizabeth)  (WWF Wrestling Classic Tournament Final. November-7, 1985):[/U][/B]


What’s this!!? Hey, Macho Man is on the set, surely not a big enough star in the 80’s to get a profile set or a hall of fame induction but big enough for a silly little attraction like this bout that is pretty average, what a disgrace. There were so many better options out there for him to make him look good but god knows the WWE would never have that. It really shows you what the company thinks of Savage. Not including him on the chapters is one thing as said. Hell they didn’t even put him in the 90’s where he won 6 world title’s in the decade….6! One in the WWF, 5 with WCW.



It`s still not bad but it had the potential to be a lot more, both these men had several better matches in the 80`s.
Randy Savage’s entrance isn’t shown and he holds Liz in front of him to get more heel heat. Savage grabbed a a chair and meant business and he tossed it to the dog and he smacked it on his own head.
Macho on the outside took his time getting in. Savage began getting counted out but came in and acted like a coward every chance he got, escaping the ring. The Macho man not acting too Macho here looking for a weapon.
Savage goes to the Dog who has waited patiently and they tie up but Savage can’t lift the dog for a powerslam, the Dog hammers his head right into Savage’s back. An atomic drop from the Dog to Macho.
The JYD holds a bearhug on Macho. JYD continued to work over Macho Man’s back and choked him out with his boot in the corner.
All of the sudden out of the corner Macho hit a clothesline as the tide has turned. Savage kicked JYD out of the ring and from the top rope hit a double axehandle to the JYD out on the floor. Savage still selling the back like a pro.
Macho Man then hit another double axehandle and drove the Dog into the ringpost. Savage with a kick to the face then another high double axehandle off the top turnbuckle onto the JYD out on the concrete.
Savage hit JYD with a chair but he wasn’t dq’d for some reason as Okerlund points out on color commentary. Savage choked the Dog out headfirst on the steel barricade, then Macho hit an elbow to the injured throat of the Dog.
Macho is so good at gaining heel heat. JYD rolled over Savage who is tied up and kicked out of the ring.
In the end at the ten minute mark they have the JYD victorious after a countout.
This match is pretty basic, it takes awhile to get going but when it does it is back and forth. Savage and his awesome ability to draw natural heel-heat is the real story here.



** 1/2









After the DVD bashing him that I have still yet to get to, Heenan makes it known he hated doing business with warrior making this extra interesting to look back on now.
THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR no sells any of Heenan’s offense. Considering he doesen’t sell other wrestler’s offense it shouldn’t come as a surprise.
In the end at 6 minutes THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR beats him after a sleeper and a splash and placed Heenan in a weasel suit. I actually feel bad for him. Even if he was just doing his job.
This match is exactly what you’d expect.



JYD Performs “Grab Them Cakes”: Performed at the 1986 Slammy Awards, The JYD shows his skills.
Sgt Slaughter Story About Verne Gagne’s Training Camp: Sit down interview.
Sgt Slaughter Story About Meeting President Reagan:
The Haiti Kid on Pipers Pit: This was from a March ’86 ‘Tuesday Night Titans’ episode.
Valentine Back Rub: This was from a July ’84 ‘Tuesday Night Titans’ episode.
Bobby Heenan Show: July ’89 episode.

Disc 2 Profile`s:





-Jerry “The King” Lawler.
Just saying that name makes you think of prestige, credibility, humor.

All for good reason of course. The King is one of a kind, and from the birthplace of the Blue’s, Elvis, Memphis. One of the original hot-bed’s of wrestling.

Lawler knows it as a pretty good wrestling town to say the least. The King got into wrestling because of his drawings and his early wrestling came natural to him.

Lawler discusses himself and how he got his name as the King.

Also he mentions the feud with the late Andy Kauffman. Some footage is shown. King then discusses his feuds with Hennig and Bockwinkel. He calls his favourite tag team partner was Bill Dundee.

Even the title unification match of Awa and wccw against Kerry Von Erich. That bloody war helped elevate Lawler’s career.

He even came to the Federation and had a major three year feud with Bret Hart. Lawler has been a color commentator and worked for the company for essentially twenty years and talks about JR and all his fans.

The King is no doubt a legend in this business and along with the Poffo family ruled the Memphis territory.



-The Enforcer. Double A.

The Horsemen’s main guy arguably outside of Flair. Arn Anderson had a huge impact on the business in the 1980’s.
He talks about growing up in Georgia. Speaks about the love he had for his Grandmother, but didn’t really know his parents.
Arn tells his story.

Such a good mechanic and under-appreciated so I’m glad they gave him a whole chapter on this DVD.
Double A was multi-talented and very diverse, extremely good at promo’s and in the ring. A trademark Spinebuster slam.
He could work a single’s match and deliver credibility as a power wrestler, or as a tag team worker tagging with Tully.

Double A is…the man.



8 ) “The American Dream” DUSTY RHODES:




-Hard times. That promo is one of the best of all time.
Flair among others talk about how great Rhodes was on the mic. He delivered such a personality that caught on with everyone else.
Hence the birth of the American Dream.
Not only could he work as big man so well, but he had a ton of charisma. Bischoff talks about how fun he was to watch.
Mostly known for his feud with Nature Boy Ric Flair and there several matches, he also battle windham, and was Champion in the Nwa.
He went to the Federation for a brief stint then became a booker.
His legacy should be remembered as a man with a tremendous sense of timing, charisma, and personality.

9) RICKY “The Dragon” STEAMBOAT:

-The true Babyface of Pro-wrestling.
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat is one of the best ever.
Never been incredible on the mic but his charisma in the ring got him over, similar to Chris Benoit. He was just so good at what he did.
He talks about his childhood and growing up watching Florida Championship with the late Hall of Famer, Gordon Solie.
Steamboat only ranks behind Bret and Benoit for North American workers as far as I rank them anyway. They discuss Savage versus Steamboat and put an awesome video package up of that match.
They even show Savage’s pre-Mania 3 promo yelling History Beckons the Macho Man!
Ricky Steamboat’s one of the guys you can’t hate. Even in his 50’s at Mania 25 he still proved he could go with Chris Jericho who is arguably the best in the world at what he does.
Steamboat is truly a master of his craft. As far as I’m concerned only Bret and Chris can do it better in the ring. So that means I consider Ricky Steamboat the greatest American “wrestler” ever.


10) “Nature Boy” RIC FLAIR:

-The very best of the 80`s. (Puts on a lisp and yells) He ISSSS….THE REAAAAAAL DEAL.

Flair is how they end the chapter on Disc 2. The man with the highest rated matches, the hardest battled, the biggest feuds and draw’s in the Nwa.
Flair started in the wwwf in the 70’s but began as a Babyface at a Flair for the Gold at Starrcade.
The very beginning had Flair against Race winning a bloody war and becoming Champion. Carolina became Flair country.
Ric Flair was the leader of the Horsemen.
Arguably one of the greatest all around ever. He could sure as hell do it in the ring. A man that went to any territory and worked an hour every night with there territory’s top guy.
Then as a heel reigned on top in legendary feuds and matches against the likes of Dusty Rhodes, Sting and Ricky Steamboat.
The 1989 trilogy with the Dragon is still talked about daily among the Iwc.

A true legend in the business.



Disc 2 Matches:


6) “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes vs “Nature Boy” Ric Flair in a 1 millon dollar challenge (NWA Starrcade November-22nd, 1984)
One of the best rivalries in the history of the game.

Ric Flair caught in a big side headlock by the American Dream. A clean break on the ropes and a series of chops until Rhodes fires back using his elbow.

Flair corners Rhodes hits a snapmare and a legdrop. Flair then gets caught in his own hold the figure four leglock. A leglock by Dusty and Flair just got to the ropes.
An overheard armbar by Dusty but Flair spearedhim in the corner. Rhodes slams Flair down. Rhodes shoots Flair to the concrete outside the ring. Rhodes hit shoulder blocks and then missed an elbow.
Outside the ring Flair shoots Dusty into the post and he’s full of blood.
Rhodes can’t see and Flair is hammering away but a courageous Rhodes battles back.
The official calls for the bell.
In the end at the 12 minute mark Joe Frazier stops the match due to blood. A faulty finish to a good match.
This match isn`t quite as great as the match they`d have together the next year that had a better storyline going into it.



** 3/4



7) OLE & ARN ANDERSON vs WAHOO McDANIEL & BILLY JACK HAYNES (NWA Starrcade November-28th, 1985):
Ole and Arn taking on McDaniel and Haynes here at Starrcade in 85.
he bell rings and Arn and Tully are ready.BILLY JACK HAYNES shoots Double A to the corner twice. Arn is frustrated. Off the ropes Haynes hit a shoulder block then press slammed Double A.

Ole Anderson comes in and slugfest breaks out here in the middle of the ring between two tough guys. Off the rops McDaniel chops Ole and hit a snapmare then an elbow drop.

Arn comes back in. Arn is chopped down to size. Another tie-up in the middle of the ring and a side headlock takeover by McDaniel to Double A grounding him, yet wearing him down at the same time.
Arn countered into a head scissors then drove his knee in wahoo’s back. Ole comes in and both Anderson’s rough him up, they begin to isolate.
Arm-ringers, heavy shots until Billy Jack gets the hot tag.
All four go at it as the official has lost control.

After it picks back up McDaniel and Arn are shooting back and forth. Arn covers with Ole’s help on the outside.
In the end at the nine minute mark the Anderson`s pin McDaniel to be the victor`s.
This match is very fast paced, a great tag here.sss
*** 1/4





8 ) Jerry “The King” Lawler (c) vs Kerry Von Erich (c) to unify the AWA and WCCW Titles from 12/13/88 at Super Clash III: Chicago, Illinois


Lawler and Von Erich get ready for a classic at Super Clash 3!
An approriate addition to this set.

Fans go crazy for Kerry.
Lawler says this is one of his bloodiest matches ever, and he’d be right.
Already the arm of Kerry Von Erich is split open in the first little bit but he shows he isn’t phased with a little bit of a walk.

The two men tie up yet again and a clean break.
Both men understood the importance of this match.
Kerry poses.

Both men have defeated Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage as pointed out on commentary.
It’s funny back in 88, they knew the top three of the decade, the only man the other hasn’t beaten was one another.
Lawler loses his cool after a series of shoulder blocks. The King and Von Erich exchange in a battle of strength.
Lawler’s mind-games get to Kerry who goes for a walk and then the shots to Lawler don’t phase him and he lifts the knees into Von Erich.

Snapmare by Von Erich and he tries to put the Von Erich Iron Claw on Lawler and then misses with a kneedrop.
King with a snapmare and Von Eirhc kicks out. Kerry hits a piledriver. Nearfalls.
Lawler messes up Kerry bad outside the ring.
A Claw inside the ring on Lawler, blood everywhere.
The famous Von Erich Claw on the King. Lawler bleeding from the mouth in the claw and King’s feet on the ropes break the hold.
King grabbing knucks lays out Von Erich again and he is already bloodied.
Lawler doesen’t stop gouging at the eye of Von Erich. Both men backed off. Kerry backs the officials off but Lawler kept giving in with his righthands attacking that portion.
In the end Jerry “The King” Lawler gets the win at the 21 minute mark for Kerry’s own safety.
The blood loss stopped the match.
This match is excellent of course.



9) “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (c) vs Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship -NWA Chi-Town Rumble February 20th 1989


Now here we go! One of the GREATEST Matches ever.


 This here is a match I consider a top five match of all time (third best actually), and the very best from the 1980`s decade and of course the Flair-Steamboat triology as a whole.
This masterpiece was already released on the Rise and Fall of the company DVD but its worth it to buy that package for this one match alone if you don’t own it.
Here we go. This is something purely subjective for me, a lot of people have this as their third-best in the Wrestlewar, and hour bout Clash of the Champion’s (54 minutes if you want to get technical) but I have my reasons for putting this one ahead. Less flops, more realistic, meant more, among others.
PLus it was the original so to speak. Not the first match by any means for each other against one another but the first of the big three in 89. SO many little things you pick up each time and love, or learn to respect more and more every time.

Both men were ready for the Classic.

A tie-up with a feeling out stage to begin.

Ric Flair pushed to the ropes out of a side headlock and Ricky Steamboat lands a shoulderblock to Flair and a nearfall is scored out of it. Back into a side headlock and another shoulderblock, Flair ducks a leapfrog or so he thinks and Ricky Steamboat goes into a side headlock dropping straight down. A great pyshological move by Steamboat, and then Flair flipped Steamboat over and showing great agility he lands on his feet.
Ricky Steamboat rolls Flair off the ropes with an inside cradle attempt and he gets a two. Flair goes for a walk.
Brad Muster of the Chicago Bears is shown at ringside and Ross says he is a big Ric Flair fan.
Ric Flair walks back into the ring as Steamboat is already there waiting for him. Steamboat who had gotten the better of the early exchanges ties up with Flair and Ric corners Ricky.
Flair with Steamboat in the corner delivers a forearm to the abdomen and a hard chop with encourages Ricky Steamboat to nail some of his own. Ricky Steamboat irishwhipped Flair to the corner and hit a hard backbody drop. Flair in the corner begged Steamboat to give him a break, Flair cornered him again and the two exchange in a chopping fest, Ross puts over how vicious Ricky Steamboat’s chop to Flair was which basically drops him out of no where with cat like quickness.
The Dragon is breathing fire tonight, and these chops have GOT TO BE HEARD to be respected are two quotes coming from the mouth of the legendary announcer Jim Ross, and when he is announcing he adds that extra something to any match, the greatest play by play man in Wrestling history.

Ricky Steamboat ties up with Flair again and Ric Flair has a side headlock, into a waist-lock go-behind into a hammerlock.
Flair with a hammerlock on Steamboat, and Ricky Steamboat drops to a single leg-takedown on Flair. Flair pushed Ricky Steamboat to the ropes and he ducks below Flair inbetween his legs after a nice chain-wrestling session.
Wonderful exchange, and Ricky Steamboat lands a beautiful dropkick to Flair.

Lightning quick speed shows Steamboat drop Flair with a nice side headlock take-over and Ricky Steamboat was inches away from a three count and the crowd react in a major way for an early nearfall. A lot louder then usual.

Steamboat with a side headlock on the canvas, Flair using the tights for leverage holding Ricky Steamboat to the mat twice scoring nearfalls.
Ricky Steamboat catwalks out of the corner into a pinning combination as Ricky Steamboat drops Flair with a nice side headlock takeover, Flair then counters on the mat getting Ricky Steamboat himself into a nearfall position.
Flair screams in agony as Ricky Steamboat continues the hard side headlock now up to his vertical base, but Flair backs him off the to the ropes and he must let go. Flair cornered Ricky Steamboat and delivers a desperation forearm shot to the abdomen followed by a series of chops.
Flair chops Steamboat in the corner, he reverses an irishwhip does Steamboat and hits a beautiful chop to Flair in mid-ring, he goes for the cover and gets a two. Flair goes for a much needed walk wondering why Ricky Steamboat is out-chopping him, that was supposed to be his game.

Ross puts over the cardio-vascular conditioning of both men. Flair back in now goes for a test of strength with the Dragon. Another tie-up in mid-ring.
Steamboat again back to the side headlock cornered by Flair out of desperation as he lands another forearm to the abdomen followed by a chop.

Another quick exchange takes place as Flair off the ropes lands a shoulderblock, off the ropes again Ricky Steamboat leapfrogs the champ and Ricky drops Flair with another chop elevating him to the floor. Ricky Steamboat teases a leap from inside the ring to the outside to Flair on the floor but he stops. Flair looking frustrated outside the ring hesitates to get back in but finally does.

Flair puts a hand up and Ricky Steamboat accepts. Ricky Steamboat breaks off and another tie-up corners Steamboat. Small portions of the crowd begin chanting for Flair.

Once again another nice-quick exchange breaks out, Flair chops Ricky Steamboat and sends him to the corner, Ricky Steamboat leaps over Flair and hits a hiptoss. The Dragon flies with a side headlock takeover, then a headscissors, a nice dropkick and another side headlock takeover into a pinning predicament.
The cat like quickness with the power of the chops by Ricky Steamboat forced the champion into a rough spot. Ricky Steamboat who relied heavily on that side headlock as a weardown hold had Flair grounded with it applied on the mat. The Dragon with the hold still slapped on regains his vertical base and is still forcing Flair inbetween his arm and chest region.
Flair pulls the hair of Steamboat in an attempt to get out, using every heel tactic he can think of. Flair lands another chop to Steamboat and The Dragon switched up the momentum and off the ropes hits a shoulder block. Steamboat with great speed gets caught by Flair with a reverse elbow shot.

Amazing pace.

Steamboat fired back with chops and the second one drops Flair outside the ring to the floor. Ricky Steamboat climbs up to the top signalling he wanted more of Naitch. Ricky Steamboat was then dragged out by the legs as Flair sweeped him out of the ring. Flair by the barricade lands a vicious chop on Steamboat. The fans are rowdy by ringside as Ross shows a ton of enthusiasm in his call of the match here making it seem like an all out war, which it surely was.
Flair lands a hard chop to Ricky Steamboat and then holding him by the hair on the apron drops an elbow down on him. Flair drives his knee into the chest and drags the Dragon back in dropping him with a snapmare. Flair then pulls his knee pad down and drops his bareknee into the head of the Dragon and Steamboat kicks out at a two count, three times in a two.
Flair with a double-arm, gut-wrench suplex by Flair and a two is scored. Flair lands another chop and grabs Steamboat by the hair and corners him. Flair dops righthands to the head of the Dragon. Flair lands another vicious chop in mid-ring, this just fired up the Dragon some more and he retaliates with more of his own cornering Flair.
Ricky Steamboat irishwhipped Flair to the corner and he flew upside down over the turnbuckle and ran across the apron, Flair flew out of the corner off the turnbuckle with a flying cross-body and Ricky Steamboat reversed it on the mat and got just a two. Flair using a ton of power locked a Figure Four Leglock on The Dragon in mid-ring which got a decent pop from the crowd as a lot of fans were in his favor.

Behind the official Flair grabbed onto the middle rope for additional leverage with the Figure Four and this added additional and illegal tork to the legs of Steamboat helping Flair in this regard.


Now the crowd chants for the Dragon.
Flair continued to illegally use the ropes once more and with Ricky Steamboat’s shoulders to the mat and Flair got a two count. Flair once more torked the leg of Ricky Steamboat with all he had as he kept grabbing onto the top and middle rope at every opportunity that was possibly available.
Nature Boy Ric Flair with everything he had in this Figure For got another nearfall. Finally the official catches Flair grabbing onto the ropes for about the seventh time with the Figure Four made him drop the hold. Flair kicked at the abdomen of Steamboat trying to drop him, Ricky Steamboat ot of desperation landed vicious chops to the chest of Flair. A gutcheck time for the Dragon and he is cornered by Flair again.
These two “Gladiator’s” exchanged chops some more, Flair ducked a clothesline and then hit a crossbody to Steamboat over the top to the floor. Both men dropped to the mat at the same time after a big time charge from the Nature Boy. Flair lands another thunderous chop on the floor, Steamboat again fired back. Steamboat then pushed into the steel ringpost by Flair outside the ring. Ross says he has never seen a more physical battle in his life for the title. Flair dragged the Dragon back onto the apron and from inside the ring displayed a great amount of power elevating the Dragon up and landing a standing vertical suplex dropping Ricky Steamboat back into the ring.
Flair gets a series of two counts off the powerslam. In mid-ring Flair lands a back suplex to the Dragon and he cold not hold him down. Flair shoves the official as he is not counting fast enough for his liking. Flair a little cocky at this point takes his time with his onslaught of punishment to Ricky Steamboat here and he drops him with a backbreaker. Flair with his feet on the ropes tries to pin Ricky Steamboat as this was how he beat Luger not long before this at the 1988 Starrcade.
Ricky Steamboat out of no where hit a side headlock takeover, into a pinning predicament got a two. Everyone standing.

Steamboat went up for a flying cross-body off the top and nobody home as Flair dodged it just in time!
A portion of the crowd “Wooo” and then Flair hits a nice side headlock takedown, Ricky Steamboat with a reversal and a bridge.
Ricky Steamboat still showing strength hits a gutwrench suplex after an amazing bridge and Flair got his foot on the rope.
The crowd applaud what is an amazing showing of endurance.
Ricky Steamboat reversed Flair off the ropes and tried to get enough strength for a backslide and Flair rolled out!



Flair then chopped Ricky Steamboat mid-ring and off the ropes the Dragon fired back with more of his own, both men looking like they’ve gone to hell and back here.
Ricky Steamboat shoved to the corner and out of the corner the Dragon came out of no where landing a clothesline and then a hard judo chop to the head of the NWA Champion. Off the ropes Ricky Steamboat lands another running tackle.

The Dragon lands a chop off the top rope.

The Dragon flies with a flying cross-body off the top rope to Naitch!


Steamboat helped the official up and Flair cradled up the Dragon holding him by the tights. Flair dropped an elbow to Steamboat and tossed him over the top rope but Ricky Steamboat hanged on, skinned the cat. Ricky Steamboat went for a crossbody from the top again and missed.
Flair went for a figure-four, Ricky Steamboat then hit an inside cradle out of no where, the official counts the three!
Ross screams “YES HE CAN!” as the place loses it.

In the end at 23:18 Steamboat is the new NWA Champion.


What was most remarkable about this contest between Flair and Steamboat (as far as the 89 trilogy goes) is the length. This one was a lot shorter then the Clash match, still shorter then Wrestlewar (which is highly acclaimed) and I feel it accomplished a lot more.

A mind-boggling amount of quality with some of the fastest-crisp exchanges you’ll ever see. You can see why the chemistry was so great between the two in this match, it is a lot like Bret Hart and Curt Hennig from King of the Ring 93 which happens to be my personal “favourite.”


As said, I only hold two matches in Wrestling history higher then this one, as it is one of the very best, no questions asked.

So basically all in all, what I consider the best match of all time that doesen’t include the “Hitman” Bret Hart. Only Bret’s bouts with little brother Owen at Mania X and Austin WM 13 are ahead of it on my rankings list.











10) “Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs Jay Youngblood (Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. February-3, 1982)

Here`s a rare old school gem.
Slick Ric and Youngblood get it going in the small venue of Mid-Atlanatic. A shoulder block and a hiplock by Jay to Naitch.
Flair took a break in the corner looking for air. The two tie up again and they reverse hammerlocks.

Some chain wrestling here.
Youngblood really took it to Naitch and then he hit a back bodydrop and a series of dropkicks.


Flair was selling the back and kept backing off in typical heel fashion.
Matches in this environment are always fun. Another tie-up and Flair is backed into the corner but pushed off Youngblood. Flair struts around.
Flair backs Youngblood to the ropes but he comes back with a slap to return the favor. Flair ties up again and this time he clobbers Jay with forearm shots and reverse elbow shots.
Youngblood fires back with chops and sent Flair to the corner as he flips up.
Flair is shocked, he runs into a shoulder block, but Flair pulled the ropes down and he fell to the floor.
Flair from the inside of the ring suplexes Youngblood to the mat over the ropes from the outide ring apron. Somehow Youngblood is able to counter a cradle and he got a two.
Another chop to Flair who flops down face first. Flair kicks at Youngblood dropping elbow’s. A small package and Flair kicks out.
The bell rings as the time limit is apparently over but I got 7:30.
This match is very fast paced that had a good audience, if it had more time it could of even been better.


Dusty Rhodes Promo: From May 1985.
Jerry Lawler Interview: This 1 minute interview from may 1988 takes place after Lawler’s AWA title win over Perfect.
Ricky Steamboat Gets His Name: Ricky explains how his real name (Richard Blood) was changed to Ricky Steamboat down in Florida.
Arn Anderson Interview: From January 1986, this is a backstage NWA interview just after Anderson wins the television title.
4 Horsemen Interview: From June 1986.
Lawler’s Worst Injury: Jerry explained how he severed a muscle in his leg in a match against ‘Lumberjack’ Joe LaDuc. A clip of the incident is shown.







Disc 3 Profile`s:






-Now before I get going on this guy I’m going to admit something. I’m not a fan of Snuka. I appreciate some of his innovative work but I’ve always found him highly overrated by Vince McMahon for one reason or another.

Still he was an inspiration to guys like Mick Foley or The Rock. That stands for something.

Now I’m sure everyone has heard he might of killed his girlfriend but he never went to Jail, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Either way even if he did I’d still praise his work as it has nothing to do with in the ring, like Benoit who I often praise.
But I just don’t like Snuka’s work. He had that memorable leap in an average, overrated cage match against Muraco and he also had a classic with Backlund. Other then that I truely don’t care for him or his style.
Even the gimmick, His promo’s also made no sense at all and were mostly rambling screams. Snuka got a lot of credit from guys like Flair, Lawler and Michael Cole.
Also the most infamous Piper’s put was the Snuka one including the Cocanut. Can’t forget that.


-Made a significant impact in the main event of WrestleMania 1, the origina which is huge as it’s one of the most famous moments, matches, attractions in Wrestling history and always will be. It’s always in the record books and will never be deleted…well, unless of course he killed his famly due to brain dementia but what are the chances of that happening again?
Roddy Piper and Bob Orton really clicked. Even Savage as well.
A ton of old Orton Senior clips are shown from Tuesday Night Titan’s.
Every wrestler seems to have props, Piper and his bag pipes, Jake and his Snake, DiBiase and his Million Dollar Belt, Savage had Liz, Hogan had the Hulkamaniac’s.
Orton…had the cast.
He used the cast in some of the most controversial moments.
His son now has become a much bigger star then his father was, of course I’m talking about Randy Orton.

A pretty good video package but you can’t tell me he deserves this over the likes of Randy Savage or Bob Backlund.








-Arguably the greatest heel of all time with his Passoniate Anti-America beliefs and his perssonal own Patriotism view-point un-popular in North America.

One of the most hilarious and entertaining personalitie’s out of character as well.

He was great and a rightful Hall of Famer.
He ended Backlund’s multi-year title reign and then faced Hogan.
The Hogan match made Hulkamania and who did he beat? The Iron Sheik.
After that he teamed with a Dungeon prospect in Nikolai Volkoff and became one of the most hated teams in wrestling, not just the Federation. They faced guys like Rotundo and windham and they became champions at the first Mania.
Sheik usually always had gold. Fans love when a heel carries a title, because there’s always that chase there. He even made a return at Mania X7 and his long time feud with Slaughter came to an end when the Sheik tossed him out and he won the Gimmick Battle Royal.
The Iron Sheik will always be remembered as one of the very best.





14) PAUL “Mr. Wonderful” ORNDORFF:
-Now here’s a guy I love that is getting proper recognition now as of his Hall of Fame induction in 205 by the WWE, was really happy to see him in the class of 05.
He payed his dues and in 83 caught a big break wrestling for wcw.
Orndorff says he’s always been a bit of a rebel. Orndorff arrived during Hulkamania and he said it was a win/win situation headlining the first Mania.
Orndorff’s feud with Hogan was tremendous.
His bad guy persona was tremendous. A rightful Hall of Famer.
I’m a big fan of Mr. Orndorff, a hard worker who payed his dues and was very talented.


15) “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan

-The biggest name in wrestling history ends the decade chapter’s.
Everyone had a piece in creatling Hulkamania. Celebrities, Vince McMahon, Orndorff, Savage, Piper, The Sheik, the fans.
But most of all it was Terry Bollea. Hulk Hogan.
Hogan’s charisma over-shadowed his ring skills or lack there of. He is a good wrestler earlier in his career in Japan or the Awa.

 However Hogan was more routine in the Federation. He still proved his versatility creating the nwo as a heel but that was in the 90’s.
Hogan launched wrestling.
You could even say he MADE wrestling.

Hulkamania is the biggest thing in wrestling history. Almost everybody was a Hulk Hogan fan.
His hall of fame induction in 2005 really says it all when you watch it. Nobody will ever get a reaction like that, and if anyone should of it should be Steve Austin but even he was to humble to let that happen.







Disc 3 Matches:


11) Bob Backlund (c) vs Jimmy ’SUPERFLY’ Snuka (with Captain Lou Albano) in a Steel Cage Match for the World Wrestling Federation title (May-19, 1980)


 Finally Backlund is on the set, as him and Macho are noticeable omissions from the profile categories on the set.
A cage match here against Snuka. I mentioned previously on his profile that this is one of the few things I’ve ever liked about Snuka.

Jimmy Snuka taken down by Backlund. Backlund crawls to the cage door. A lot of rough and tough stuff going on back and forth.
Eventually Backlund gets enough adrenaline in him to catapolt Snuka into the cage and he blades like crazy. Snuka in the fight of his life fights back from his knees.

Fans were heavily into Backlund. Snuka can barely see as his own blood is blinding him. Backlund tried to escape the door but can’t. A thrust kick by Snuka to Backlund keeping him around.
Snuka takes it to Backlund slamming him down. Another unorthadox headbutt by Snuka to Backlund. Snuka smiles enjoying the pain. Superfly with adrenaline pumping and his blood firing down hit a tremendous suplex to Backlund.
Fans pop when Snuka begins to climb to the top. Is he going to escape or is he going to hit a Superfly splash. He goes for the splash, Backlund moves! Backlund moves!

Bob Backlund the reigning WWF Champion goes for the door and gets out to a big ovation from the WWF fans he was so loyal with and had an amazing bond with around the year 1980 before the Hulkamania boom! Two PURE WWF Veterans in Snuka and Backlund getting it on here in a Cage for the title at MSG!

Glory days for the McMahon family.
In the end at the eleven minute mark Backlund sneaks out to become victorious.
This match I personally believe is Snuka’s very best I’ve seen. Pretty basic and to the point.






12) The Iron Sheik (with Freddie Blassie) vs Bob Backlund (with Arnold Skaaland) (c) for the Federation Championship (MSG: December-26th, 1983):


Two of the most hated heels Sheiker and Blassie come out together. Nice combo there.
The Iron Sheik gets tremendous heel heat once again.
Bob Backlund is the face of the Federation here and gets a tremendous pop from the Federation’s home in MSG.
Monsoon on commentary.
Fans chant USA.
Bob Backlund attacked in the corner by the Sheik not wastng any time wrapping a strap around Bob Backlund’s neck.
The Sheik focused on the back of Backlund. Iron Sheik then with Backlund down goes into an armbar. Backlund tried a hiplock with his left arm.
Sheik holds an armbar up high. Blassie watches on as the Sheik grounds Backlund. Sheik is taken over with a snapmare, but the Sheik quickly kicked at Backlund’s arm.
Sheik had done an excellent job on the back and arms of Backlund, taking out a potential crossface chickenwing. Sheik slaps in thre armbar even more. Sheik goes right back to work on Backlund then goes back to the same predicament.

Now the Sheik puts his boot into the back of Backlund while stretching the arms.
A flying elbow by the Champ Bob Backlund out of desperation. Backlund tried for a suplex couldn’t do it, due to the selling of the back. Instead he hit a swinging neck-breaker of sorts.
Sheik with a body-scissors and a modified arm-bar taking it all out of Backlund.

This is one fine ass kicking.
Sheik using leverage and Bob Backlund is in trouble. Sheik now uses his head to drive into Backlund’s back. Bob Backlund is getting out.
Bob Backlund from his knees drops the Sheik and rakes his eyes. Sheik now bows to Backlund who is ticked and tried a slam, his left arm and bad back slipped and Sheik covered Backlund for a two.
Blassie yelled to the Sheik to grab the arm and he has it. Sheik stretches both arms while driving his knee into the middle of the back on the spine of Backlund. Bob reversed it but Sheik turned it right around again and Backlund didn’t have enough strength to get out.

Blassie kept yelling tips, “Drive your knee in his back!” Backlund in tremendous amount of pain. Backlund with a unique take-over and the Sheik hit a side headlock, Backlund reversed it to a head-scissors.
Then a backslide into a bridge up and Sheik drops Bob down.
Awesome exchange!
Sheik missed a knee drop on Backlund. Sheik goes for a suplex on Backlund but he lands on his feet and rolls back on Sheik and got a two. Sheik goes for a clutch.
Backlund screaming in pain. The Camel Clutch by The Sheik, Blassie yells for him to pull on it.

All of the Sheik’s work payed off in the end. There is a new Champion and MSG aren’t fans.
In the end Arnold Skaaland gave in the towel for his man Backlund around the 12 minute mark.
A Federation Classic!
This match is tremendous. Great psychology and significant to the company. Old-school fun.



**** 1/4





Paul Orndorff is tremendous. Goes without saying, really…he could wrestle a mop and make it entertaining IMO. Reason I say that is because of this match choice.

This match is a little questionable for the set as surely there is better material from him out there but here we go none the less…
Orndorff cuts a brilliant heel promo backstage.
Piper was an enforcer of sorts here and it took forever to get this thing going. I could see why they wanted to exploit Mr. wonderful’s gimmick, it’s tremendous and got over in a big way.

Orndorff drops a vicious knee on the throat of Salvatore and drove him hard to the mat. Orndroff kept stomping on Bellomo until he caught the bad arm of Orndorff Orndorff missed elbow shots which made it worse for him.
Salvotore put him in a long armbar.
Orndorff sends him out to the floor and levelled him on the concrete before flexing. Orndorff drops a clubbing forearm to the throat.
A nice vertical suplex and then Orndorff choked out Slavatore in the corner. Another bodyslam and up top he goes missing a splash.
Salvatore fights back but he’s caught with a powerslam then a pile driver.
In the end at the the twelve minute mark Orndorff won the match with a piledriver.
This match had a slower pace at the beginning but then picked up.

Good stuff.



 ** 3/4



14) Hulk Hogan vs Iron Sheik (c) (with “Classy” Freddie Blassie) for the WWF Championship: Madison Square Garden -January 23rd 1983
A vital addition to the 80`s set.

Back to the Federation now. One of the most important matches ever right here.

It goes without saying the Sheik was one of the most hated heels, Hogan’s bandwagon was simply easier to jump on, to say the least.
The Legenday Gorilla Monsoon on commentary.

The Hulkster erupted with shots and The Big Apple loved it.

He got up on top of him then clotheslined him. A big knee to the throat area.
MSG going crazy.
Hogan with a leverage choke.
The Iron Sheik into the ropes and Hogan hits a big boot.
Hogan drops a big elbow and Sheik kicked out.
Hogan drove into the corner, nobody home and the Sheik going to work kicking at Hulk as the fans boo. Sheik with a backbreaker on Hogan. Sheik stomped on Hogan’s kidney’s and Sheik takes him down.
The Iron Sheik with a Boston Crab.
Hogan doing a push-up to counter the Crab, nice move. Sheik then with tremendous gutwrench suplex to a very large man in Hogan.
Hulk just kicks out.
Now he’s going for it.
Camel Clutch by the Sheik. Hogan is powering his way up.
You’ve got to love Old School crowds. Hulk Hogan knocked Sheik down, dropped the big leg and got him!
Hulk Hogan is the Federation Champion at 5:40. He did it at MSG! Everybody going crazy!
Nothing but quality.

Short and sweet.


This match is signifcant for the birth of the biggest phenomonen in the history of the business. That boosts its points on the rating scale, they show a great promo with him, Gene and even Andre afterwards.


“Hulkamanaia is here”!!!






15) ’COWBOY’ BOB ORTON vs JIMMY ’SUPERFLY’ SNUKA (MSG:February-18, 1985):
Bob Orton and the Superfly getting ready to get things going from the Garden.
Orton and Suka tie up but neither man can gain an inch. Snuka sent Orton to the top turnbuckle and kicked at the Arm of Orton.
A sideheadlock wears down the Cowboy some more. Orton gets a side headlock and then put into an atomic drop by Snuka taking him to the outside.
Orton fights back aiming low, then driving his elvow into the throat of Superfly.
Orton poses for heat. A suplex from the outside, then an elbow from the top but he kicks out!
Superfly shoots back with a ton of shots, the fans love it. Superfly goes for the splash and hits it.
Orton kicks out.
Snuka sends Orton into the turnbuckle and then from the outside comes back in.
 In the end at ten minute mark Snuka gets the win after an impressive sunset flip from the outside.
This match is pretty basic.






16) Hulk Hogan (c) vs “Rowdy” Roddy Piper (w/Cowboy Bob Orton) for the WWF Championship -War to Settle the Score February 18th 1985:


I always considered this match just AS important as the main event of Mania. As this could of been the Main Event, the one on one battle, after-all…
Okay so a little backstory coming in….

Hulkamania by this time was getting beyond huge and before Andre, DiBiase or Savage went for Hogan there was PIPER. Sure, guys like Andre and Savage were already big enough names they already had feuded with Hogan or at least challenged him for the title, but not a main feud for it centering around the First Wrestlemania, or like here at WTSTS in MSG like the Hot Rod!
Very appropriate they put Piper and Hogan in the Same HOF Class in 2005.
The Hot Rod hated Hulk and the fans loved hating him.
This was just before the original Mania and had a ton of hype surrounding it. This match was HUGE in 1985 and McMahon put everything on the line for this one.
The hatred here was tremendous.
Perhaps the biggest feud of the 80’s was between Piper and Hogan, a strong argument can be made.


The Hot Rod knew a lot was on the line coming in.

Piper is very proud of this one as he says on the Hogan DVD before we get going.
Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper begin in a huge slug-fest back and forth.
Piper rakes the eyes and gets on top.
Hogan and Piper begin this one similar to Austin-Bret at Mania 13, pure war resulting from hated.
Hulk irishwhipped Piper to the corner. Hogan slammd Piper and dropped the elbow. Piper came fighting back applying the same sequence.
Piper in control held a sleeper on Hulk. That’s a signature move for Roddy so this is dangerous for the Immortal one.
The Hot Rod’s special move was a sleeper so this was a big deal as I just mentioned.

Eventually Hogan fought out but Cowboy Bob Orton gave him soe trouble along the way…… Twenty years before his son would.

Piper used this distraction to apply a crab and Orndorff came out and slammed Hogan.
Hulk had all the odds against him.
Lauper tried to get involved.
Mr. T over the railing came for Piper. This all to build Mania.
Mr. T comes in and Orndorff and Piper jump on T. Hogan now irate. Hulkamania is about to run wild. Security holding everyone back.
You could feel the intensity.
A no decision but an exciting one at that to lead into Mania!!


Star ratings didn’t really matter here but….




*** 1/4






The Iron Sheik Swings The Persian Clubs: From All-Star Wrestling in December 1983.
Paul Orndorff vs Tony Atlas Posedown: From the ‘Tuesday Night Titans’ program, this November ’84.
’Cowboy’ Bob Orton Goes To The Doctor: From a May ’85 episode of the ‘Tuesday Night Titans’ program.
Jimmy Snuka: From a June ’84 episode of ‘Tuesday Night Titans`.
Hulk Hogan on Hercules: From a November ’86 episode of Saturday Nights Main Event.




 Final Rating for “WWE: The Greatest Superstars of the 1980’s” = 7.5/10




This set is a terrific look at MOST of the great stars of the 80’s. Some matches didn’t need to be here, but most are good or somewhat significant. Not having Bob Backlund or Randy Savage on there profile list, there’s no excuse for that and it hurts the DVD as a whole. You can’t tell me Bob Orton meant more to the company then those two. Still, it’s a great three disc look at the 80’s and some of the best moments fromm them, the Chi Town Rumble match between Flair and Steamboat in Disc 2 is a huge addition for this set and before the Rise and Fall of WCW came out was a huge reason or many to pick up this set as Flar doesen’t have it on any of his DVD sets.

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  1. SRB says:

    Agreed. Savage’s best promo was cream of the crop or nothin but garbage. both classics.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Brett i knoW it was to be annoying but fans liked it way to much. So i guess my issue is with the fans and the fans who continue to ruin promos today with it.

  3. chrisZ says:

    Awesome review as always, keep it up bro!

  4. Brett Mix says:

    “What” was supposed to be annoying, no one wanted to boo Austin so he thought of the most annoying thing possible, I don’t see how fans don’t get that. And Indyfan nailed why Foley is better then Piper on the mic. Randy Savage was extremely intelligent on the mic, take a look at the cream of the crop.

  5. indyfan says:

    i don’t find Piper as good as Foley. Not even close imo. nothing Piper has ever done compares to Foleys ECW promos. Rock is a comedy act and simply catch phrases strung together. HHH is great but still nothing compared to Foley. HBK isn’t good on the mic.. hes average and still don’t know why people think hes good. Austin was great but he also became annoying with that “What” thing that still haunts us today.

    I dig intelligent talkers like Foley, Roberts, Raven, Punk, Taker, Dusty and to some extent.. Austin when he first came around and Rock when he was bad ass before he became all comedy and catch phrases.

  6. Charles says:

    Ok I don’t want to be unfair, I’ve not finished to read the entire review but I am now at Roddy Pipper’s profile and I just don’t understand how Mick Foley is the best on the mic of all time? Best hardcore legend I agree but best on the mic? hell no, The Rock, Austin, HBK, Triple H and a lot of wrestlers are better than Foley including Pipper.

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    Really great dvd set,i enjoyed it very much!You need this in your collection!

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    A GREAT nostalgia piece, but since the release of SNME, I feel this has become a secondary look back at one of the most successful periods in pro-wrestling, SNME covered the period MUCH better – almost like Best of Monday Nitro covered the rise & fall of WCW far better then the documentary that actually focused on the subject. I always thought it was very odd, that Savage was left out, I guess this was a time when the company was ignoring his existence? My favorite match on the set, – other then Flair/Steamboat – had to be the Lawler/Von Erich match, rumour is Von Erich was totally screwed up during that match and Lawler LITERALLY worked a bromstick. The match just goes to show you how great Lawler was/is.

  9. SRB says:

    Great review Brett. These sets are hard to review and discuss but you did a great job. I’ve got to say I truly loved this set as I felt it took me back to the days when I first got into wrestling. I agree that Savage and Backlund were very necessary for this set and it’s nothing short of a shame that they were left off, it does hurt the disc. But, going on nostalgia alone this is one of my favorite releases. I loved the follow up to this as well.

  10. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks bud

  11. indyfan says:

    I still love ROH but its not nearly as good as it was. You do great reviews and i read them to get me pumped for old school matches. Best match on this dvd to me was Lawler vs Kerry

  12. Brett Mix says:

    Was a big fan of ROH, I don’t follow any of these very much anymore or re-live most of it. I’m a lot busier with some of my other work with media as I’m a junior hockey broadcaster so whenever I review Pro-Wrestling I’m usually just doing one of the big 3 in the 90’s, WWE, WCW or ECW.

  13. indyfan says:

    I really enjoyed this dvd when it first came out. Awesome vintage stuff!!

    Im wondering Brett, what are your thought son indy promotions like Dg USA, PWG or ROH

  14. Brett Mix says:

    I thought they were both a tad dissapointing. Greatest of the 21st Century was better then both IMO because of Lesnar vs Angle Ironman. That review and the 90’s will be up in the next few days.

  15. @williamwwe says:

    The Greatest Superstars of the 1990′s was much better (IMO) but take nothing away from this one.

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