Review: WWE “OMG: The Top 50 Incidents in History!” DVD

November 2, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “OMG: The Top 50 Incidents in History!” Review:







-This 3 Disc DVD-set released on August 23rd, 2011 takes a look at the top 50 OMG (OH MY GOD) Incidents in WWE History chosen by the WWE. The Count-down runs well over an hour perhaps closer to two and shows many of the segments with music in the background and various superstars commenting on moments.

-There are matches and segments as well on Disc’s 2 and 3.









Disc 1 Count-Down:








# 50 – Seeing Double – 5th February, 1988


-At first when you watch this segment you are thinking, are we going to see the Hogan-Andre SLAM from Mania 3, or the turn from Andre, or their highly rated match from 1988 on NBC which you do see.

You see double as Earl is shown now with two Hebner’s. Hogan can’t believe he has now Earl along with Dave Hebner. Fans were confused and certainly said OH MY GOD.




# 49 – Nexus is Here – 7th June, 2010


-A bit of a head-scratcher that THIS was on the list but at least it’s this high which is fine. A basic invasion by Team Nexus.



# 48 – Chokeslam to Hell – 7th June, 1999


-I remember watching this live Undertaker taking on Big Show and what Show did here was chokeslam Taker though the canvas to the floor. Something that was some-what un-heard off at the time and didn’t happen often, so could be worth a spot on the list, wasn’t jow-dropping but a spot in the high 40-‘s is fair.






# 47 – Backlot Brawl – 31st March, 1996



-Something else you didn’t see the WWF do at the time their backlot brawl which was controversial in many ways. They had a brawl outside the arena, it carried on with a chase, an actual-car chase in Hollywood they used clips of O.J Simpson’s chase during the footage and also it kept on going until Piper un-dressed the Golden one to wear he was a cross-dresser, certainly Oh My God-ish.



# 46 – Wedding Surprise – 7th September, 1991



-Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth get married at Summerslam 1991 in the Main attraction at that event from MSG. Un-like most WWF/E weddings it went according to plan but the gift giving didn’t. Liz opened a gift from Jake Roberts and it was a cobra and Liz screamed. Jake grabbed it with a glove to further intimidate her. Both of these guys Jake and Randy had such an underrated rivalry and this was a classic moment as Randy pulled Elizabeth back to protect




# 45 – Cena’s Feat of Strength – 5th April, 2009


-It’s Cena but at least it was an impressive. An Attitude Adjustment to Big Show and Edge on top of him for at least five seconds at Mania 25. Goof stuff.




# 44 – Concrete Crypt – 27th June, 2004



-A bad event, something that doesen’t make sense really. Taker kills Paul Bearer with concrete but he’s still alive. Okay. Oh My God at the time being though.




# 43 – DX Invades WCW – 27th April, 1998



-Something we’ve seen a ton of times but it never gets old. A rare move, extremely innovative, a tad dangerous, very hilarious and something that pissed Bischoff off royally. Showing up hours before Nitro and getting their fans to trash Bischoff and their product on WWF Raw si




# 42 – Dumpster Stage Dive – 2nd February, 1998



-IN February of 98 on Raw is War, this took place on Groundhog Day. It’s a good thing Foley or Funk aren’t Bill Murray and didn’t have to re-live this over and over and over, the Outlaws pushed a Dumpster with Funk and Mick inside off the titan-tron to the floor, a nasty fall. Both men seriously hurt and this segment took up about half the show, remember that well. I would of been mad to pay for that show as the 2 hour broadcast became basically a one hour one.




# 41 – Grocery Store Attack – 13th December, 2001



-Highly remembered entertaining segment where Austin beats up Booker T for over ten minutes on Smackdown! in a Grocery Store, hilarious.




# 40 – Triple H Meets Escalator – 8th February, 1997




-Shotgun Saturday Night’s debut as Hunter Hearst Helmsley faces Taker. I honestly don’t know what’s the reason for this but alright. The match is included on the DVD.




# 39 – Tim White Tries to End it All




-More hilarious stuff. Tim White took a huge bump in the Jericho-Hunter Judgment Day 2002 and a few years later kept trying to kill himsef. That’s pretty much it.





# 38 – Bischoff – New Raw GM – 15th July, 2002




-HUGE moment. Should probably be in the top 15 or ten but at least it’s on the list. Don’t need to go over why.





# 37 – Orton Thumbtacks – 18th April, 2004



-Big time stuff that gave Orton respect and big time props from the fans. He eventually won the title and turned face a few months after this and while that turned ut to be a booking flop. This match and moment certainly wasn’t. Awesome Oh My God moment!





# 36 – Unholy Wedding – 26th April, 1999



-Stephanie abducted by Taker his Ministy and the Higher Power, even though vince was behind it all. Even though that didn’t make sense Austin in his popularity peak who was feuding with Taker saved the day and Steph from the Deadman.




# 35 – Mad Dog Vachon Loses Leg – 28th April, 1996



-At In Your House Diesel rips off this Canadian Wrestling Great’s wooden leg. Lawler would later do the same for heel heat at Over the Edge 98.




# 34 – Haiti Kid Gets Haircut – 7th March, 1986



-Something pretty disrespectul to say the least, this full segment is shown first on Disc 2 of the DVD as Piper is so full of charisma and confident doing ths to further anger Mr. T in their feud in the mid 80’s




# 33 – Hospital Visiting Hours – 5th October, 1998



-The Debut of Mr. Socko and Austin hitting McMahon with the bed-pan among other things were comedy gold.




# 32 – Jarrett Plays a Number with Moolah – 9th September, 1999



-Jarrett abusing ladies and broke a chair over the head of the two decade at one point reigning Women’s Champion, the now deceased Hall of Famer Legendary Fabulous Moolah. Perhaps the greatest ladie’s competitor of all time, I’d rank her #1.





# 31 – Edge Cashes in Money in the Bank – 8th January, 2006



-This WAS definitely an Oh My God moment. Fans pissed Cena retained over guys like Kane, Michaels and Angle, but Edge cashed in his first MITB and the first MITB in history and Edge became Champ in under two minutes. While his reign lasted 3 weeks just till the Rumble this moment was truly shocking in a OMG way and all around brilliant.





# 30 – Got Milk ? – 20th August, 2001



-Ripping off the Beer Truck moment, on Austin Appreciation Night the night after Summerslam 2001 where Austin kept the title off Angle after stunning the ref 3 times getting himself DQ’d Angle came out with a Milk truck interupting the Alliance’s sing-along Kareoke “Wind beneath Our Ring” song and Sprayed the Alliance with Milk.




# 29 – Kiss My Ass Club



-Vince makes his employees Kiss his ass. Rock got him back though as he shoved his head in Rikishi’s ass. Vince also in 06 had his head shoved in Big Show’s ass. Yup, there’s been a lot of head shoving in ASS in the WWE over the years.




# 28 – Jeff Hardy Pyro Gone Bad – 16th January, 2009



-Tons of fans thought this was real because it’s very believable and hadn’t been done as an Angle through the main-steam but on SD! in early 09 Jeff got caught by the Pyro and I believe it was his brother Matt Hardy behind it all in kayfabe.





# 27 – Austin Blows Up DX Bus – 27th April, 2000



-Just before Backlash 2000, one of the most highly anticipated PPV’s ever (and turned out to be one of the best ever) Rock guranteed Austin would be here tonight on Smackdown! Austin played games with the McMahon-Helmsley regime all night then finally blew up the DX Express bus they had been using for over a month. Austin would appear in the arena when the show went off the air so the fans could see him yet the tv viewers had to order the PPV (Smart booking) to see him in the ring live. Austin ended up helping Rock win the title from HHH many thought he should of at WM 2000 at Backlash making it one of the most memorable events ever, especailly as far as endings go.





# 26 – Wedding in Vegas – 29th November, 1999



-Vince warned Trips not to interupt Test and Stephanie’s marriage. What’s with Test, almost married Steph (Dated Stacy, Kelly Kelly) anyway too bad he died but at least he did a lot before he died so to speak. Trips ended the segment saying they should all take a look at his video on the tron where Trips “drugged” Steph and got married to him. She secretly was in on it all along as we’d learn at Armageddon 99.




# 25 – Snitsky Punts Baby – 8th November, 2004



-It wasn’t his fault. But it was hilarious.




# 24 – Concrete Corvette – 12th October, 1998



-Austin-McMahon, more on the saga.




# 23 – Snake Bites Macho Man – 23rd November, 1991



-Unbelievable segment that 20 years later still amazes me. We see the full version thankfully on Disc 2, god bless the late Randy Savage for being this much of a legit Macho tough guy.




# 22 – Shane McMahon, Daredevil – 27th August, 2000



-Shane falls off the tron at Summerslam 2000 after being hit by a kendo stick by his good buddy Blackman. He’d also fall off at Backlash 01 which I thought was more impressive yet it’s not shown and again at Unfogiven 03.




# 21 – Barber Shop Window – 11th January, 1992



-Tag teams turn on everyone for the past decade but back then almost no one did and to see a legendary team like the Rockers do this was amazing, especially to help elevate the career of Shawn Michaels, a true Oh My God moment.





# 20 – Edge Spears Jeff – 1st April, 2001



-One of the best spots of TLC 2 was arguably the Spear from Edge off the giant ladder to Jeff Hardy hanging onto the title’s in mid-air crashing all the way to mat at the best PPV ever at Wrestlemania X-7. Oh my god and classic by all means.





# 19 – Kane sets JR on Fire – 14th July, 2003



-One of the dumber moments but at the time it was a bit strange and it could be on the list, I didn’t want it this high though.



# 18 – Stone Cold Stuns Mr. McMahon – 22nd September, 1997



-Austin had been stunning the Commish, Wrestlers, Announcers, pretty much everyone but he finally got the boss and at MSG to boot. A classic moment to start arguably the greatest rivalry of all time in Austin-McMahon.




# 17 – Kurt and Shane Battle – 24th June, 2001



– This epic battle is by far Shane’s best match and he’s had a lot of great ones believe it or not. Infact it’s also one of Kurt’s best which says a lot. I have it rated at **** 1/2, Shane must have experienced multiple concussions here (1 serious one for sure) at King of the Ring 2001. One of the most disturbing hardcore matches ever.




# 16 – Jeff Swanton off Tron – 14th January, 2008



-Orton back-dropped off the stage through a table. Jeff climbs a few stage rungs and hits the Swanton. He claims it’s so hard to do this off the top rope or Ladder’s so this must of hurt like hell.





# 15 – Edge Spears Foley – 2nd April, 2006



-During a classic Hardcore battle at Mania, Foley showed he still has got it, Edge landed on thousands or hundreds of tacks despite being busted open and it hurt like hell. But what everyone remembers is Liita lighting the table on fire and Edge spearing Foley through it to othe floor on the fire. Oh My God. This is on the cover of the DVD, a pic of this.




# 14 – Stone Cold Zamboni – 28th September, 1998



-Before he drove Monster Trucks, Beer trucks and the like, Austin hit the Joe in Mo-town driving a Red Wings Zamboni and crashed Vince’s Taker or Kane crowning night for the title and Austin smiling away getting taken off in handcuffs with the crowd going wild, Steve in his popular prime.





# 13 – Piper hits Snuka with Coconut – 17th July, 1984



-Highly controversial, a clip you’ve seen a thousand times. Snuka a guest on the Pit and he was treated with that during their feud in mid 1984.




# 12 – WWE buys WCW – 26th March, 2001



-I hate how many times the WWE brag about this and put this on seemingly every DVD but it deserves a spot on this list and perhaps even higher.




# 11 – Unbreakable Mae Young



-Just her all around moments, every one has left me saying Oh My God from her stripping at Rumble 00 or Bad Blood 03 to Mark Henry segments to her birth of a hand.




# 10 – Big Show’s Father’s Funeral – 11th November, 1999



-While this was a terrible feud and it lead to a terrible Armageddon 1999 WWF title match, it was a hilarious scene to see Bossman drive off with Big Show’s dad’s casket from his funeral with Show hanging on. All this just months after Bossman fed Al Snow his own dog Pepper. That Bossman, RIP Ray Traylor you were hysterical.





# 9 – Montreal Screwjob – 9th November, 1997



-Don’t need to go into any detial here, but it was a robbery of dignity more then anything. People that think it was about Bret being in his own country or wanting to keep the gold are flat out ignorant and don’t know the story. Thankfully both men have made up so the fans shouldn’t care either now. But #9….strange.





# 8 – Big Show and Brock Lesnar Break Ring – 12th June, 2003



-Like Hardy’s Pyro thing only 1000X cooler, Lesnar Superplexed the 500 pound Big Show onto the mat from the top, all turnbukles crashed then the ring twice. Fans jumped up and down making extreme noise somme covering their ears in one of the best moments in WWE and SD! history.




# 7 – Tyson and Austin – 19th January, 1998



-Also one of the best moments in WWF history, the interaction between two of the biggest bad asses in the main stream’s eyes. Huge move by the company to gain Austin and themselves publicity.




-# 6 – Mr. McMahon’s Limo Blows Up – 11th June, 2007



Pretty dumb actually, and since it lead to nothing due to the Benoit Tragedy we will never know. I was surprised it even made the list.





# 5 – Sable Handprints – 26th July, 1998



-Definitely shocking, the pre-teen in me at the time definitely had a soft spot for this. Did I say soft, actually it wasn’t SOFT at all. Anyway it left it’s mark for sure. Hey, it was the attitude era and PPV and Sable in her prime, looks-wise. The name of this show was Fully Loaded, and after this segment I was no longer.




# 4 – Snuka Off the Steel Cage – 17th October, 1983



-Foley hitchhiked to see this match as we have all heard and this was his inspiration to fly off things. Snuka changed the way things were done, him, Dynamite Kid and Randy Savage were true innovator’s in this time period with their aerial offense.




# 3 – Pillman’s Got a Gun – 4th November, 1996



-When Austin 3:16 MEETS PILLMAN, god Pillman was so good at talking and before the accident one of the best aerial wrestlers in wrestling. God he could of been one of the all time greats and for his pootential alone I still rank him in my top 30 ever. An untimely death. He will be a Hall of Famer one day inducted by his best friend Steve Austin one day, I guarantee it. Every wrestling faan should own his DVD. It’s fantastic! What a segment this was, while WWF was starting to lose in the ratings Austin and Pillman were really intriguing and this pushed boundaries with the cable company and was a true Oh My God Moment. Definitely deseriving ths high of a spot.




# 2 – Beer Bath – 22nd March, 1999



-I think this moment (That was voted best in Raw history back at the 10 year anniversary in early 2003) is so high because the beer truck was so big, there was so many elements to the segment and it was when Wrestlng was on top, the peak of the attitude era with its three biggest stars. Vince, Rock, Austin. Austin with a great promo, great fan support, Rock and Vince with great heel acting and swimming in the beer to top it all off hyping up Wrestlemania XV.






# 1 – Mankind thrown off Cell – 28th June, 1998






-Holy SH**! Some of the biggest bumps and bruises and broken bones, dislocated shoulder, ribs, lost teetch, thousands of lost brain cells and whatever else FOley gave you in this match. The single biggest self-destruction in a match that will never be duplicated and the toss-off the Cell is hands down the biggest bump in wrestling history and how Mick managed to continue the match, let-alone climb back to the top of the Cell and take all of the other bumps is just-blowng, the next bump through the top of the cell with the chair hitting him the head legit knocked him out. Slammed on thousands of tacks multiple times after, slammed into the steps, the fance and then finally Tombstoned. Un-reaaaaaaaal. Everyone in Pittsburgh should of gave him a standing ovatioon, he did get one but not nearly loud enough. Foley was god…for at least that night. DDP said it best….”Good GOD…if they didn’t show it over and over (WWF) we would have..(WCW)….”














-Disc 2 Segments and Matches:





Rowdy Roddy Piper Gives Haiti Kid a Haircut
Tuesday Night Titans – 7th March, 1986



-Basically what you get here is the full segment (which you will see all of with no background music in DVD quality and no superstar commentary) just the segments in full. This showed more of Roddy’s charisma and it’s obviously extended with him and Vince there as well.




Jake The Snake Roberts Attacks Macho Man Randy Savage
Superstars – 23rd November, 1991



-Randy Savage sure had a ton of guts to do this.

I don’t know how many others would have. Macho Man startedd from the booth broadcasting with Piper and Vince in the middle. Macho’s shirt said “Reinstate Macho Man” on the back as he lost that retirement match to Warrior earlier in the year when he was a heel. Before getting back with Liz and Kayfabe marrying her.

Anyway Roberts calls out Savage and finds himself in the ring with the Cobra biting Savage till he bleeds. The Snake would actually die a few days after this and Piper tried to help take Savage out on a stretcher, this feud was one of the most underrated riivalries again between Macho and DDP. Even thoug as most of you know I’m a huge Savage mark, he’s had so many underrated feuds, with Ricky Morton, DDP, Crush, Jake the Snake, Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, Ultimate Warrior, Rock N Roll Express, Dusty Rhodes, George Steele, Honkytonk Man, Piper, Luger, and most of all of course Hulk Hogan. RIP MACH.




The Rockers Split on the Barber Shop -The Wrestling Challenge -Jan 92
-The Full segment of Shawn and Jannetty on Bruti’s Barber Shop where Michaels turns heel on Jannetty. Heenan is hilarious on commentary. What else is new?








1) HBK Shawn Michaels (c) (With Jose Lathario) vs “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel in a No Holds Barred Match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -WWF In Your House: Good Friends, Better Enemies – 28th April, 1996



Vince calls Mad Dog Vachon a future Hall of Famer, well he was as he got inducted in Michaels year as well in 2011.

Michae a relatively new Champ in his first title defense against the man who used to be his best friend and dominated the WWF for almost a full year as Champion in 1995. Two members of the Clique. Shawn had almost been Champ for four weeks.

Shawn Michaels comes to the ring and ducks an immediate clothesline by Big Daddy Cool.


Some consider this bout to be Diesel’s best ever and while I got it at four stars, it’s one of them but Bret’s series ae far better I find anyway. Just include a better story I find, while Shawn might be more flashy then Bret, Bret has more strategy and technique which I find go a long way in judging a match, but that’s me.

Back to the match and Shawn Michaels lands hard right’s. The quality of this match IS SO GOOD because I always had watched it wth bad quality until now, this match was one of the main reasons I picked up the DVD. HBK dodges Diesel again even though he had kicked at his knee. HBK with a baseball slide then a moonsault off the top turnbuckle to HBK.

HBK grabs Hugo’s boot and drops Diesel as it’s all LEGAL in a NO DQ match. Diesel kicked out easily even though McMahon loved to say how it’s OvER!

Diesel wth a BIG, hard, irish-whip with a ton of velocity taking HBK onto the fence on the outside which took the wind out of HBK’s sails.

Now Diesel methodically might take apart the quicker Michaels despite him being resilient as McMahon points out. Nash throw HB back in the ring and drops him with a clubbing forearm to the back of the head. Diesel dragged Michaels in closer and clotheslined him.

Diesel gave the crowd a nasty look as his heel turn was in full effect. This was one of or Diesel’s last PPV in the WWF before going to WCW as one of the Outsider’s.

Nash drops HBK over the top rope clotheslining him own to the mat. Diesel says this is how we do it in the 90’s with high knee shots to the gut of Shawn. Big Daddy Cool choking him out. Michaels giving up 100 pounds in the match selling the back.

Diesel with a hard side-walk slam jumping up for additional leverage and hurting his back even more.

Diesel choking out Hebner with wrist-tape. NO DQ. Big Daddy Cool takes off Hebner’s belt now and is whipping Michaels, crowd boo’s some can’t believe it.

Big Daddy Cool grabbed a steel chair and went for Shawn Michaels in the corner, he moved and it hit him. Michaels grabbed the chair and then Diesel who was about to get hit turned the tide one Michaels with a low-blow. Off the ropes Shawn is hit with a high back-body drop.

Diesel destroying the back of Shawn Michaels. Diesel now with Shawn Michaels down torking the neck putting Michaels in a neck-vice.

The crowd encourage him on with hut shots and then he runs into two clubbbing shots by Diesel with strong forearm blows to HBK. No Count-Out as a reminder.

You win this match by only pinfall or submission.

Diesel with a taunt followed by boos.

Diesel, Big Daddy Cool then set up Shawn Michaels for the Jackknife and slammed him directly through a table.


This gets him tremendous heat.

vince and Lawler lose their headsets but it was the final match of this PPV anyway or they’d probably have used the Spanish announce table. Shawn’s back wasn’t feeling any better after that move.

Diesel awaiting Shawn Michaels to return to the ring and Michaels caught Diesel by surprise hitting him with a Fire Extinguisher or letting out the smoke shall we say and Michaels then let out shots to a blind Diesel and then with a flying forearm he kicked up without selling the back.

Don’t like how he didn’t sell the back there like he’d usually do later in hs career but he just levelled Disesel twice with the char and didnt cover him just yet.

Michaels with an irishwhip to Diesel and then he clubbed Michaels’s back with a hard forearm and then a boot to the face off the ropes.

Diesel signals yet again for another powerbomb as both men are in the ring. Shawn up high set up lands rights on Diesel’s face. He rakes the face with the boot.

Shawn Michaels lands a flying elbow.

Brilliant pace in this NO DQ match on PPV here.

Shawn setting up for the Sweet Chin Music and instead Diesel turnsed him around by swinging the leg and clotheslining him hard to the mat.

Diesel clotheslines Shawn Michaels hard over the top rope to the floor. Diesel then dropped Michaels throat-frst on top of the fence.

Diesel grabbed Mad Dog Vachon and grabbed his wooden leg two years before Jerry Lawler would do this at Over the Edge 98 In Your House. This made the OMG moments hence the match.

Diesel was going to use it on Shan and grabbed the leg from Diesel. McMahon says Shawn didn’t know what he had in his hand so it was okay when he clubbed Disel with it obviously.

Shawn Michaels tuned up the band in the corner and knocks Diesel down.

In the end Michaels retained his WWF title at 17:53 after he won via the superick for his first WWF title PPV defense to a thunderous roar.


This match was one of the best in Nash’s career, full of so much quality in such a quick amount of time.

It looks extra flashy with the DVD Quality.

Greatest match by far between the two. A borderline classic.













2) Hunter Hearst-Helmsley (c) vs The Undertaker for the Intercontinental Championship -WWF Shotgun Saturday Night – 8th February, 1997



Wow, talk about rare.

Not sure of the significance of this bout making this DVD but we’ll see. Still even though I was with some buddies watching this count-down chatting I missed the relevance of why this was so “Oh My God” none the less here’s the match.


Hunter Hearst-Helmsley took it to the Deadman early on.

We also got a commercal break early on.

Vince McMahon and Sunny in the broadcast booth.

This setting reminded e of the first Nitro.

All yellow ropes.

HHH and Taker going at it for the IC title is rather a funny thing to ponder. This was one of Taker’s best wrestling years, 1997.

HHH with a face-buster to Taker.

Sunny actuaally had good color analysis.s

Hunter Hearst-Helmsley then with kicks to the mid-section to Taker and he is really taing it to the Deadman is Hunter Hearst-Helmsley. HHH really even as a mid-carder was impressive, he’d win the King of the Ring just a few months after this.

Taker of course would be WWF Champion after defeating Sycho Sid at WM 13 just over a month after this.

Taker landed some blows including a European uppercut but Hunter Hearst-Helmsley off the ropes went for a swinging neck-breaker.

Undertaker then levelled HHH in the head with the IC title.


In the end before a four minute mark, Taker loses by DQ. Fans chanted for a Tombstone and Taker hit a chokeslam to Hunter Hearst-Helmsley. Fans still chant Tombsstone and signalled for one now but Hunter Hearst-Helmsley slided out of the ring.

Undertaker chases him up the steps.

Undertaker on top of the Escalator gets tonbstned and HHH the IC Champ takes a ride down it.

Now I Know why it made the OMG DVD, cool finish, the fans got the tombstone they wanted and in a very unique location.
This Match








Stone Cold Stunner to Mr. McMahon
Raw – 22nd September, 1997



-You can also see this on the Monday Night War’s DVD, Austin’s first Stunner to the Owner which got him arrested and a huge pop from MSG starting one of the greatest rivalries of all time.





3) The Undertaker vs Mankind in a Hell in a Cell Match In a Hell in a Cell Match -WWF King of the Ring 1998


When you just say the name “King of the Ring” a lot of people think of this match here and it`s not even apart of the annual tournament.

Mankind comes out as a tweener in a sense and climbs the cell right away which is interesting.

His biggest concern was how the hell could he possibly top the original Michaels vs Taker match.

He also brings a chair with him. Foley says in his book “Have a nice day” which is the best wrestling book of all time by the way, that he had a very bad ankle heading into this match and was worried about how that would come into effect during this violent match with The Deadman. Undertaker also had his share of injuries which make this paticular peformance from both men that much more memorable.

Mick was so worried about his performance here, he probably should of been more concerned with his life and his family.

Undertaker came out to a HUGE POP and met Mick on top of the Cell and this rivalry had been going on for more then two years.

The hatred was evident from both men without this meeting on top of the cell, but I thought this was a unique and ENTERTAINING way to start this type of match. Everyone in attendance felt the same way as most people in the crowd stood up knowing they were witnessing something special.

Foley and Taker exchanged blows on top and the Cell actually broke open because of there weight up there which combined for well over 600 pounds.

Both men were shocked as was the crowd. They tried to work around it and did a good job all things considered to say the least.

JR: “They’re right above us folks! And I don’t like it a damn bit.”

You all know this memorable spot. It doesen`t get old, not ever. You can rewind it a hundred times consecutively and it`ll be just as amazing every single time.

The Undertaker throws Mankind off the top of the Cell and he crashes down sixteen feet through the announce table. Yeah…

Jim Ross screams his ass off and everyone jumps up in shock as they witnessed the biggest spot in Wrestling history. Biggest spot, biggest bump, biggest moment, biggest shock, everyone of them candidates.



JR: “Good God Almighty! Good God Almighty! They killed him! As god as my witness, he is broken in half!”




I still get goosebumps. I don’t get them once, I get them each time it is replayed. The sound of the crowd and picturing what it would be like to be Mick Foley. I can’t even imagine.

The King’s…”Oh my god” wasn’t his usual “Oh My God” it was a “Oh My God” as if someone has just been killed in front of his very eyes.

There was a delay in the action but no one cared as they just witnessed something no one ever thought would be possible.

A concerned “Have I gone too far” McMahon comes out breaking kayfabe to check on Mick. Terry Funk among others help Mick to the back as everyone cheers and chant for The Undertaker.

JR apologizes and The King questions how on earth anyone could apologize after seeing something like that!

But it`s not over yet.

Foley is coming back! Foley is coming back!

No one could believe it. Not only is he coming back but he CLIMBS to the top of the Cell again displaying tremendous guts.

Everyone loves it.

The Undertaker seems to like this idea meeting Mick up there once more.

Taker this time doesen`t waste any time sending Mick straight back to hell.

It`s rumored this spot wasn`t meant to happen but either way it`s irrelevant, it`s beyond violent and actually temporarily knocks Mankind out.

Undertaker chokeslams Mankind on the top of the Cell, THROUGH THE CELL! To the mat! Where a chair hit him in the face on the way down knocking him out as well as some of his teeth.

Absolutely brutal.

King: “That’s it…he’s dead.”

This is still incredible watching today.

Taker looks down at a knocked out Mick Foley.

Ross screams “Will somebody stop the damn match!” If chills don`t flow through your body then you`re simply not human.

Another little break happens in the match as everything thinks it has stopped again but they were wrong once more.

Taker jumps down with his injured leg and all, and limps around before going back to work on Mankind as no one can believe this thing is continuing.

Mankind was layed out.

Undertaker hits Old School.

Mick gets back to his feet and actually cameback with an offensive charge sending Taker off the apron.

Mankind is smiling but eventually drops the steps because he couldn’t support the weight after all this punishment.

Undertaker beats the hell out of Mick who looks like he just got hit by 10 trucks. There’s that shot of him sitting in the corner of the ring with his tooth in his nose and his body all bloodied with a smile from earlier on which was memorable.

He actually took a right hand by the Undertaker but since he was semi-concussed he fell before Taker even hit him. Foley said “The lights were on but nobody was home.” on his DVD “Greatest hits and Misses.” Which is a great DVD by the way…(Cheap plug for Foley’s DVD as he’d like that sort of thing.

As if that wasn`t enough, Taker hit Foley in the side with steel steps and he crashed into the side of the Cell.

Undertaker takes Mick into the ring and drops him with more shots and then grabs a bag.


Jim Ross feels sick by this point as the Deadman spreads thousands around the canvas floor.

Foley`s battered and broken down body was then slammed hard back first through thousands of tacks!

Not once, but twice!


He got chokeslammed hard on them next as the crowd exploded once more. A bloodied and broken Foley rolls around and screams on in agony as it became a bit disturbing by this point.

I could literally FEEL his pain while I watch it and that’s another reason most guys in the back and fans all over the wrestling world couldn’t believe what they had seen.
Everyone took note of a sight like this, the casual fan and even the average person.

The Undertaker pinned Mankind in the end after a Tombstone Piledriver at 17:38 to win the Hell in a Cell war.
People can go on about this being just a “Two-bump” match. In REALITY this was the toughest performance by two men ever in one Wrestling match and it was a series of events that went above and beyond what most people could physically handle.

A historic bloodbath that got the whole world talking. It got a lot of WCW fans interested in the WWF as well. DDP said it best “If they weren’t going to show it, we would have.” It was good for professional wrestling and it was the defining moment in the career of Mick Foley.

This isn’t THE BEST Hell in a Cell of all time (It’d go in my top 5 for brutality alone) but it is definitely the most historic and will NEVER be forgotten. It’s still talked about on a daily basis.

Words don`t do this type of Spectacle justice. It is though a timeless classic by all means…

**** 1/4







Mr. McMahon’s Ceremony to Crown a New WWE Champion
Raw – 28th September, 1998


-When Austin drove the Zamboni and crashed McMahon’s crowning the Champ party to Taker or Kane. Huge reaction from the Joe in Detroit. It didn’t hurt that the Joe was host to back to back Stanley Cup Champions at the time in the Wings. (97-98)




Stone Cold Gives the Corporation a Beer Bath
Raw – 22nd March, 1999



-The Raw 6 days before WM 15 Austin cuts a tremendous promo sending the Corporate team into a beer bath they’d have to swimm in. Hilarious and epic. Classic oh my god material.



Dearly Departed
SmackDown – November 11, 1999



-Big Show tellng his father what he meant to hm before Bossman drove off with his casket. Hilarious.






4) Shane McMahon (c) vs Steve Blackman for the WWF Hardcore Championship -WWF Summerslam 2000



The two brawled on the outside early and Blackman and Shane brawled into the crowd and then outside the ring. Shane got caught with a trash can lid to the knee caps, then followed by a shot to the back of the head on the Boss’s son, then yet another. Shane has got a lot of guts for the bumps he takes, that is for sure. Blackman then threw in a bunch of weapons and then threw the Trash can on top of Shane McMahon and then gave him a boot to the head with the can on. Shane then got a pumphandle slam with a Kendo Stick for elevation right below him. The Lethal Weapon then choked out Shane with a leather strap and sent him to the turnbuckle then whipped him off the top of the turnbuckle with a tug. Shane got in control when T and A came out and beat on Blackman while he danced around and the crowd chanted that Shane was a pussy. Shane then got time to rest as Test and Albert kicked Steve Blackman to the outside. It’s 3 on 1 with Hardcore rules and Blackman is struggling to survive as he missed a speaker that fell to the floor.

Test booted him by the Summerslam entrance and Albert hit Test with a Kendo Stick. Steve Blackman then went apeshit and his Test with it. Shanen then tried to distance himself and climbed to the top out of the way of Blackman. Steve Blackman caught up as they climb extremely high up as the fans scream. Shane then got smacked by Blackman with a Kendo Stick for the third time and He fell back 50 feet onto a black stage with a protective mat, HOLY SH**. This wouldn`t be the last time Shane-O-Mac did something like this but it certainly was the first, of this Magnitiue anyway!


Blackman then did an impressive spot of his own by jumping off that titan tron with a leg drop to Shane and then pinning him for the 1, 2, 3 at 10:08 to become the NEW WWF Hardcore Champion!

Another fun match!
** 1/2










Disc 3 Matches and Segments:



5) The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) (c) vs Edge and Christian vs The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match for the WWF Tag Team Championship -WWF Wrestlemania X7



Bubba and D-Von were the reigning champs going in…

With so many successful matches like this, this one was a no-brainer from a booking perspective.

This is a bit quicker then the others like it but there is a ton of quality to enjoy, plus there’s always the fact that it happened at a Wrestlemania.

All three teams with a rich history in this environment.

And now we have TLC #2 tonight here with these three teams. As you will be able to see at the end I loved it perhaps the very most, not just from the big spots but from every little other aspect needed for this type of environment.

You can overuse this idea or do it just right and that’s what the WWE had been doing RIGHT during these days.

Off to this one.

Action will be early and everywhere with six men, three teams and objects flying everywhere at Wrestlemania.

Makes it hard on the guy reviewing it to keep up with all the action, but then again I’d rather look into something deep then try and scratch the surface on something I wouldn’t remotely be interested in.

All three teams begin brawling with on another and Dudleyz drop Christian with a flapjack off the ropes. Righthands hitting hard and often by all three teams inside and out of the ring to begin the match. Jeff and Matt throw themselves into one another using good tandem tag team offense. Matt took down Bubba Ray Dudley but Edge and Chris dropped Matt with a ladder they picked up already.

Christian hammers away on Matt in a corner. Edge sets up a basic chair in the middle of the ring. Edge and Christian both stretch Jeff’s groin. A drop toehold face-first into the chair sat up goes Matt Hardy flying in. Edge begins to climb but Matt stops him and throws him in the corner.

Matt climbng up is stopped by Edge. Both Hardy Boyz do a double dropkick/baseball slide out of the ring to Edge and Christian.

Matt slams Christian down between both Ladders Matt and Jeff get up high on.

Hardyz do there Wrestlemania 2000 move dropping off with the leg from each ladder onto there opposition.

Dudleys back in isolating Edge dropping him to the mat. D-Von Dudley from the corner is ready and drops the What’s Up on Edge.

D-Von Dudley and Bubba are feeling it, Tables are of course asked for them now. Bubba powerbombed Jeff Hardy through Edge and through a table inside the ring! Matt clearing house around the ring with Ladder in hand and everybody has set up the big spots with four tables set by the ring.

Several other ladders and tables with chairs are around ringside.

Three ladders set up in the center of the ring, all teams begin the climb, the race is on for the titles. Christian’s ladder flies and he goes over the top rope to the floor. Everyone else is pushed off but no one took a more violent fall then Christian who dropped over the ropes to the floor off the top of the Ladder.

Christian from the floor slid in a table. Bubba took out a Ladder to set up beside the ring.

Spike Dudley ran to the ring and did his move but took Christian out with him through a table.

rhYno out and speared Bubba! Rhyno speared Matt through a table in the corner and then set up a Ladder in the center again for Edge to climb.

All of the sudden a third party, Lita showing her black thong and all getting a good pop.

Classic line “Lita Jerkin Edge OFF” the Ladder.

Lita hit a hurricanrana to Rhyno and hen Spike drops Rhyno with a DDT. Edge gets pushed off the Ladder to the ropes dropping groin first. Dudleyz have Rhyno up for the Doomsday Device by the Duds.

Lita drops Spike with a chair and undresses, she turns into a 3D from the Dudley Boyz. Edge tosses Bubba a chair and Christian takes him out because of it. Action everywhere.

Awesome booking.

Now Jeff Hardy drags a Ladder to where he wants it.

Jeff Hardy from the outside, just like the year before put his body on the line as he performed a painful looking Swanton Bomb from the top of the ladder!

Jeff Hardy poses and then drops off a twenty foot ladder hitting a Swanton onto the bodies of Spike and Rhyno.

Christian and Edge seemed to be at an advantage placed the Ladders where they wanted them inside the ring.

Christian hung on with D-Von Dudley by one arm and then dropped.

What happened now was Jeff who had already had a lot taken out of him thus far tried to walk the Ladders but couldn’t hold his balance. Jeff then gets to the seperate title belt as he hangs in the air.

Jeff was hanging by the belts at the top with no Ladder, Edge then goes to the top of the other Ladder and somehow, amazingly dives off, hitting Jeff extremely high in mid-air with a Spear taking them both down.

AMAZING. Probably one of the best bumps of all time.




Crowd ate it up, but the brutality wasn’t over just yet.

Unbelievable spot to a great match.

Bubba and Matt arguing over the title’s but Rhyno pushed them now!

Matt and Bubba on top of the big Ladder both went for a ride and both fell over the top rope, way to the outside through four tables thanks to Rhyno.

Unbelievable bump, and more “Holy Shi*” chants.

Rhyno helps Edge and Christian Climb, can they make it!?

They climb the Ladder!

Edge and Christian get the title’s and win!

In the end at 15:53, RhYno helped Edge and Christian become tag team champions once again in a TLC Match as they both climbed to the top to grab the title’s.

Perhaps the fastest fifteen minutes in Wrestling History since Savage vs Steamboat from Wrestlemania 3.

This match deserves praise, because it was a spotfest done to absolute perfection.

From Lita, Spike Dudley, and Rhyno interfering to these three teams awesome chemistry, they continued to find ways to shock the hell out of people and deliver an entertaining war.

Nothing, but pure Gold here to add just a little bit of everything to a fantastic show.




**** 1/2





6) Kurt Angle vs Shane McMahon in a Street Fight -WWF King of the Ring 2001



Kurt Angle’s third match of the night.

This feud started because Shane interupted Angle one night for no reason and talked about his purchase of WCW which had nothing to do with Angle at all.

Questionable booking but it did lead to a Classic.

Bad blood between the two as the bell rings, Angle is pissed Shane cost him back to back King of the Ring reigns.

Shane McMahon has been in great matches before, but he took that to a whole new level here.

What makes this match great is the fact both were able to brawl at an incredible rate. Angle was already fatigued and Shane was ready.

Shane also busted out some Wrestling moves to try and go toe to toe with a submission specialist like Angle.

They take no time to get things going.

Angle jumps Shane-O-Mac from the opening bell and then hits a waistlock taking him down.

Two belly to back suplexes while holding onto the waist. Shane tries to roll out and gets to the ropes. Angle suplexed him back.

Kurt Angle tried to stay ahead.

Angle now hit a running knee on Shane in control. Kurt Angle who had already wrestled twice was in tough with Shane here. Shane fought back and twisted Angle acrosss the mat with a modified armdrag.

Shane had some tricks with a heel kick into a drop toehold and left the ring for a breather.

That’s why this was brilliant, not only was it barbaric but it was smart.

Angle has a cut above his eye and before the match would end, both men would be a bloody wreck.

All of the sudden Angle drops to his knees insisting Shane McMahon can’t beat him in a one on one amateur ground so he drops to the mat allowing McMahon full advantage. Shane goes for a waistlock and Angle rolls him over and hammers away on the lowerback of Shane.

Angle in control hits a textbook gutwrench suplex on Shane McMahon. Angle clearly showing he could take Shane apart. Angle sent Shane out of the corner and Angle with a bloodied eye hit a belly to belly overhead throw.

Angle once again tosses Shane McMahon over his head crashing hard to the mat. Angle parks on top of Shane and hits him with hard forearm shots. Angle with a roll-up on Shane, he had it scouted but Angle countered it into an armbar. Angle tells Shane McMahon he’snot in his league.
Shane once again is given the priviledge of getting the upperhand as Angle bent down. Shane McMahon scores with a kick to the ribs clotheslines Angle.

Good counter stuff here.

Angle had a waistlock and Shane McMahon spins around using his ring awareness to take Angle to the floor.
Kurt Angle runs back in and then outside the ring. Shane chases him.Shane McMahon launched himself from the barricade onto Angle. Shane McMahon uses a kendo stick on Angle who falls to the concrete.

Shane rams Angle backfirst into the barricade. Shane drops some blows on Angle but he spears him into the steel steps with a shoulder tackle right into the steel steps.

Shane McMahon pulling out all the stops. Shane McMahon beats on Angle with weapons this time and now a trash can is thrown inside the ring. Shane grabs a can.

Shane applies the Ankle Lock to the Olympian. Angle runs into the corner and misses Shane and he hits a tornado ddt. Shane McMahon is doing fine in the wrestling department.

The Boy Wonder was earning his name McMahon.

Shane McMahon locks in the Sharpshooter on Angle.

Now I’ve seen it all.

Angle reaches the ropes to break the hold. Shane McMahon avoids some kendo shots from Angle and he drops him before scoring a nearfall.

Shane McMahon now grabs a can and places it on top of Angle hitting him with it time and time again. Shane then placed the trashcan above Angle and he leaped off the top with a moonsault that missed.

Angle has boughten himself time. Angle then dumps Shane over the ropes to the floor in a fireman’s carry.

Shane McMahon and Angle have bumped hard on the outside. Both men barely able to stand. Shane McMahon and Angle brawl over to the stage.

Angle tries to belly to belly Shane McMahon overhead into the Glass.

It doesen’t break.

Angle suplexed Shane through the glass and this time Shane flies through shattering the glass.


Shane McMahon was a bloody mess.

Shane McMahon was driven through the glass on the outside but it didn’t break.

Then AGAIN it didn’t.





Angle finally threw Shane through the Glass and this time a bloody Shane went flying over landing on a ton of pieces of glass.

Kurt Angle’s arms were bloody but he looked over at a knocked out Shane who was full of blood himself.

Angle rolls Shane over on a kart and somehow by the time they get to the ring Shane fights back.

Out of desperation Shane McMahon hit an Angle slam on Kurt which got a two.

What a bloody war.

Kurt Angle sets up a Wooden table and puts it on the top turnbuckle as a platform…


Angle hits an Angle Slam to Shane McMahon off the top table all the way crashing to the mat.

Unbelievable after all the suffering he had faced to this point.

The crowd loved it.

In the end at after a violent war, Angle pinned Shane after a Super Angle Slam off of a table on the top turnbuckle at 26 minutes. Wow…

This match is by far the best match in Shane’s career and one of the greatest pure fights in Company history.



**** 1/2






Kurt Angle’s Milk Delivery
Raw – 20th August, 2001



-Tne night after Angle is robbed out of the WWF title as Austin got himself DQ’d on Austin apprecation night, you see the full segment of Austin having his beer truck segment from two years before mocked. Angle with Milk-O-Mania turning the Billion Dollar Princess into a Dairy Queen as Ross says. Austin is pissed as Angle drinks the milks as they’re a cuple of beers and downs them. Angle’s biggest pop ever without a question.



Stone Cold Steve Austin Brawls with Booker T in the Supermarket
SmackDown – 13th December, 2001



-Finally you can own this entire segment and don’t have to resort to YOUTUBE. This is so full of quality, Austin and Booker were both absolutely hilarous and it’s awesome to own the full version. Thank you WWE for putting this on the Disc and for paying that grocery store whatever you had to pay them.





7) Brock Lesnar (c) vs Big Show for the WWE Championship Match -WWE SmackDown! – 12th June, 2003



Kurt Angle gets the winner of this match for the title at WWE Vengeance, the first ever SD! Monster.

Tazz couldn’t be more correct when he says you don’t how huge Big Show truly is unless you see him in person.

Brock’s physique is also certainly nothing to to lightly.

Big Show took control of the match early on as Lesnar tried to win the power game cornering him. Show seemed to have a high hunger for the title but the crowd chanted Big Show sucks.

It didn’t seem to effect the Giant as he hit a huge side-walk slam on Lesnar. The Big Show then appled a half-crab to Brock Lesnar cutting down another bigger man.

Usually The Big Show is on the other end of moves like this so this was a great strategic move by The Big Show.

Lesnar with his strong vertical base reaches the ropes but how much did it take out of the Champion was the question, Tazz the color analysist on SD! at the time gives props to The Big Show. The Big Show slams into the corner and Brock tries to catch him off his game with a clubbing foreaem to the head of Show, or the back of his head.

Brock Lesnar with a German Sulex to The Big Show and now Brock tried for an F-5 but the back and ribs that The Big Show worked on earlier came into play Brock dropped the 7 footer.

Brock standing toe to toe with The Big Show and he clotheslines him to great heel heat. The Big Show believed hw was seconds away from becoming Champion before going or a chokeslam. Instead he drops Lesnar with a series of big boots but the BIG THING Brock Lesnar had enough to get out of it.

The Big Show with his Hand taunt foes for a chokeslam. Could we have a new Champ?

The Big Show goes for the three but Brock Lesnar kiced out. The Big Show cant believe it.

The Big Show climbs to othe top rope and then with a throat shot to the Champ. Brock Lesnar then climbs up there with him.

Lesnar with clubbing blows to the back.

Tazz says no freaking way, as Lesnar goes for a Suerlex on Big Show and the ring BREAK as the fans go absolutely insane.

A moment in wrestlng HISTORY.


In the end the ring collapsed and these guys wrestled to a no contest at just over ten minutes.


This match was such a fun television match, always great chemistry with these two topped off with an unbelievable OMG moment!




*** 1/4







8 ) Undertaker vs The Dudley Boyz in a Concrete Crypt Match -WWE Great American Bash – 27th June, 2004


Bubba Ray Dudley gets on the mic saying Undertaker should do the right thing and lay doen, he goes down to one knee an then lays down.

Heyman gets ready to poor concrete.

Fans aren’t sure what to make of this.

Bubba says has been waiting for this moment his whole life. The Deadman wh was laying own grabbed both Dudley Boyz by the throat with his one arm.

A 2 on 1 to begin by the Dudleyz, they’re supposed to be tagging yet both man are tryng to work over Bubba Ray Dudley to begin. Undertaker slamming Bubba head-first to the announce table.

Heyman then begins to pour conrete onto Heyman.

Heyman as annoying as he was in this angle calling Undertaker a bad dog, saying he should be a good dog and don’t make hm test him again.

Why the WWE would put an embarassing main event like this on the DVD, I have no clue. There was definitely better matches to choose from, that’s not an opinion it’s a fact really.

Dudeyz took it to Taker the entire match but he was able to get out of it with a Tombstone to D-Von and he won.


In the end at 14:42 Taker won the match and buried Paul Bearer in the process was “killed off” for the time being, Heyman said he’d do the right thing until Taker did it and a pyro stopped him.

This match was basicaly standard garbage with a dumber ending.



* 1/4





The Highlight Reel with Trish Stratus & Lita
Raw – 8th November, 2004



-This was of course hosted by Chris Jericho introducing the Women’s Champ first, the heel Tris Stratus looking very fine.

Next he called out Lita.

Trish called Lita the kiss of death.

Fans chanted the S word at the Women’s Champion Trish Stratus who was feuding with once again against Lita.

Trish says while Lita was making babies and getting fat she was winning matches and getting the title.

Lita’s mic skills suck, her voice skills annoy me. He calling Snitsky a son of a bitch cracked me up. Hey it wasn’t his fault.

Lita says she IS the walking kiss of death so this Sunday Pucker Up. Snitsky came out with a doll baby and punted it.


Love it, Snitsky was awesome for comedy.







9) John Cena (c) vs Edge for the WWE Championship -WWE New Year’s Revolution – 8th January, 2006



A busted open Cena wins. Vince congrats Cena for retaining the title as the fans bo.

Cena just went through everyone in the Elimination Chamber to retain the title he’s had for a long time.

Fans were frustated he retained as Cena was already becoming stale and Superman in the minds of many, some wanted Angle, HBK or Kane to win.

So when McMahon came out at the end of the Chamber telling no one to leave this was a pleasent surprise and many would seen be saying the words…OMG.

Edge came out fired up with Lita and jumed up and down giving the Case to Vince.

Edge is well rested. Cena is bloody and can barely stand. This was orignal and hadn’t been done before so it was so well recieved and the fans couldn’t believe it.

Desite Edge being heel the fans chanted his name.

Edge with relentless shots to a bloody John Cena. Edge then covered Cena and he kicked out while the fans boo.

Cena kept kicking out after Edge kept pinning hm. Edge is kicking Cena in the head and trries out the spear as Cena would have to get to his feet t turn around and is hit with the spear.

John Cena kept kicking out, hence Super Cena complaining from the IWC.

Edge then frustrated in and in dis-belief.

Edge then corners Cena in the opposite corner and spears him again and FINALLY WINS! Huge pop! OMG is what it truly was! Lita is almost as happy!


In the end at 1:46 Edge wins his first of many, many World Title’s but this was perhaps the best as it was his first and such a shocker.


This match provided plenty of excitement, suspense and drama.



* 1/4







10)  Mick Foley vs Edge (W/Lita) in a Hardcore Match -WWE Wrestlemana 22



Mick Foley proved in 2004 he was still capable of putting on a GREAT match when he did so with Randy Orton at Backlash.

He did it again here.

Edge went into Mick’s environment here and no one really knew what to expect.

What we got was a borderline Classic.

Edge began the match with a baseball bat swinging at Mick but he sent him into the corner and drove Edge face first into the canvas.

Mick set up Edge upside down in the corner while the crowd chanted “Foley.” Mick Foley then ran to the corner and dropped his elbow to the head of Edge. Edge then charged towards

Mick Foley and hit him with a high boot and then a hard forearm off the ropes.

Edge picked up a pan thrown in the ring by Lita and smashed it over Mick’s head in violent fashion, quite a few times. Road signs now entered the ring area. Edge picked it up and smashed it over Foley, then directly placed it in front of his head and off the ropes hit Mick Foley with a baseball slide into the sign, into his face.


Edge signalled for a Spear and hit it directly in mid-ring. Edge seemed to be hurt worse then Mick Foley though as he had some weapons hidden. Foley had wrapped himself in barbedwire.

Edge’s arm was all bloody and Foley took off some of his wire and began whipping at Edge. Mick then ripped some of the flesh of Edge’s bloodied arm and proceeded to wrap it around his fist before giving him some striking blows. Edge tied up in the ropes in a vulnerable position waited there as Foley went out of the ring, in between the steps grabbed his barbedwire bat.

Edge looked on in fear and Lita then hopped on Foley inside the ring.

Despite this Mick Foley charged towards Edge with Lita on his back and clotheslined Edge over the top rope to the floor sending Lita along for the ride with them. Foley got a two count on the floor before hitting Edge with a swinging neckbreaker and scoring yet another close call.

Mick Foley landed a few hard shots on Edge and proceeded to yell “Bang Bang”. Mick Foley ran towards Edge to drive his knee but Edge regrouped and in mid-air hit a hiplock to Foley sending him back first, hard into the steel steps.

Edge with a righthand and then sent Foley hard into the barricade. Edge irishwhipped Mick hard into the steel steps, and Foley bumps insanely hard, like only he can.

Words don’t do those paticular bumps justice.

Edge grabs a chair and places it in the ring, and then baseball slides into Foley sending him back outside of it buying himself some more time. Edge goes under the apron and grabs a table as the place cheers. Edge sets it up outside the ring right beside the entrance apron. Edge puts Foley on top of it and then climbs to the top turnbuckle but Foley moves out of the way.

Edge climbs down and levels Foley with a hard forearm shot. Edge then swings Mick Foley’s head backwards hard onto the ramp. Foley’s head had sustained enough punishment over the years and he just kept taking more and more bumps here. Edge tossed Mick Foley back inside the ring. Edge then with lighter fluid sprayed Foley but he struck back at him. Mick Foley hit a piledriver on Edge, and he kicked out. Edge down and Foley grabbed the frying pan and placed it directly under Edge’s skull, then he rammed Edge’s skull into it and grabbed a chair with the intent to hit Edge but Lita distracted him on the outside.

Foley turned around and Edge dropped Mick on his head right on the pan which gets him a two count.

Edge grabs the barbedwire bat and swings it at the abdomen of Mick, then the back, then right in the face. Three hard shots.

Now Edge started to rip up Foley’s bloodied face with the barbedwire bat. Edge then hit a running bulldog onto Mick’s face on top of the bat. Edge still only got a two count and then began to rip out his hair in frustration.

Edge underneath the ring got a giant bag of thumbtacks and dropped them on the canvas. Edge landed righthands on Mick in the corner of the ring.

Edge went to place Mick on the tacks but he hit a sidewalk slam on Edge right on top of the tacks, and you could feel the pain by the look on Edge’s face.

Foley then wrapped the wire around his sock and placed a Mandible claw with the wire on Edge, then Lita afterwards who ran in the ring and both of them were bloodied. Foley grabbed the bat and got a roar from the crowd. Foley smacked Edge in the ribcage with the bat a couple of times and Edge still had the tacks in his back. Foley again charged into Edge driving the bat into his skull.


Foley rammed the barbedwire bat into the bloodied skull of Edge once more by driving it downwards on the canvas.

Mick Foley then ripped open Edge’s face some more on the middle rope bringing the barbedwire onto his face.

Foley then with fluid placed it in top of the Wooden Table.

Chicago pops.

Lita then hit Foley with the bat and she continued to place the fluid on the table.

A bloodied Mick stayed outside the ring apron, and Lita placed the table on fire.

Edge speared Mick Foley off the apron!

Edge speared Foley onto a flaming table.

Styles lets out his ECW style “OH MY GOD!” and the fans let out your typical “Holy Shit!” both of them worthy after a bump like this.

Edge defeated Foley at 14:37 in the end when he covered Foley on the ground after the spear through the fire.

Both men were a bloody mess. But this was loads of fun, a Hardcore Classic for its time!




Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night
Raw – 11th June, 2007



-Everybody wished Vince well, then he stepped inside his Limo and it blew up. Of course the Benoit tragedy prevented us from knowing anything further on where this storylne would of lead. There were various reports saying Mr. Kennedy would of been behind it all or even Vince’s son at one point but I don’t believe either myself.



Lawler Out-Takes:



-Basically a lot of clips of King behind the scenes showng what a goofy guy he really s laughing at past wrestling moments such as Snitsky puning the Baby Doll.




Going Inside Out:



-The least feature of the DVD shows a special trailer of Inside Out, the WWE Film starring Triple H.











Final Rating for WWE “OMG: The Top 50 Incidents in History” DVD = 7/10
This DVD again will always have it’s share of critics because anything done with a count-down format always will. Add in the random match selection and some people will say don’t bother at all. However if you don’t own much of this it’s atually a fun trip down memory lane for the most part. Plus some of these matches like In Your House: GFBE I wanted on DVD Badly. Not Essential but worth picking it up if you get a good deal, or are a collector.

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. John Anderson says:

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    Best Matches:

    Kurt Angle vs. Shane O’Mac (****1/2)
    HBK vs. Diesle (****1/2)
    TLC 2 – WMX7 (****1/2)

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  5. Sean says:

    dude proof read your stuff before publishing, makes you look so shit.

  6. Harry Faversham says:

    Well if they’d done that obviously they would have used a slightly different name.

  7. Vincenzzzzzo says:


    Why would they add ECW, AWA, WCW in this DVD? You do know its called the Top 50 Incidents in WWE HISTORY, right?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Would’ve been a much better DVD if they added ECW, WCW, or even World Class and AWA moments on here.

  9. Steven says:

    The Screwjob should be higher than 9, should be 2 because it was so OMG did that just happen and they did it the next year to Mick Foley. I think Brett doesn’t like anything flashy about Shawn or anyone else that is a little flashy.

  10. Harry Faversham says:

    I loved the Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels and Nitro DVDs and the Wrestlemania documentary alright. Other than that I would agree that the releases this year weren’t great. I’m sure the Stone Cold DVD will make up for it somewhat and we’re still waiting for the King of The Ring match list.

  11. ,jk.jk.gj says:

    It’s bad enough that idiot-assed Steph books the current crappy product but for a while there it seemed like she was in charge of the DVDs as well.

    …also, while I’m at it, still majorly disappointed with the third disc of the new Austin set. HORRIFIC fucking match selection! And why so few matches?!?

  12. ,jk.jk.gj says:

    If you want GFBE just get the first Shawn set, you’ll find it for way, way less then this pile of crap and you’ll get some of the best matches of all time in the bargain.

    This OMG set is just one in a long line of downright TERRIBLE sets they did this year. I really hope they can get back on the horse with these things soon…

  13. SRB says:

    @Morris, from my memory the DVD is not edited.

  14. Harry Faversham says:

    The limo blowing up made me angry, not because of the limo blowing up itself, but the bell tolling afterwards was in such poor tatse with so many wrestling deaths. I couldn’t understand why they would do something like that. I hated it when I went on to and I saw the big image and story was pretend sadness and tributes for Mr.McMahon. This is because near the bottom of the page in amongst all the small news articles it said ‘Sherri Martel passes away’ (a Hall of Famer). I thought to myself, these people have no decency at all and they deserve to have this come back and bite them in the ass. Of course a few days later the real big tragedy happened and death wasn’t so funny anymore. Easily one of the worst angles they have ever done in my opinion. It wasn’t shocking either, just bad and tasteless.

  15. MorrisMethod says:

    Is it edited at all? Like when blood is shown the screen turns to black and white?

  16. SRB says:

    Good review, but I personally outright hated this DVD. Not only did I own about 95% of the footage elsewhere, but the concept, cover and content were unappealing. Im actually glad WWE released it for maybe a younger audience who missed out on some of the attitude era, i dont really know, but i have said it many times, i was not a fan of this DVD one bit.

  17. Hitman316 says:

    A few comments…

    The HBK/Diesel match from In Your House: GFBE has been released on DVD before (on the Shawn Michaels: From The Vault DVD)

    In Have a Nice Day, Mick actually wrote that it was the Undertaker who had the injured ankle, which you can notice by the way Taker winces in pain when he climbed down through the opening in the Cell

  18. Craig says:

    Actually Bret Mad Dog was inducted in the 2010 HOF, not 2011

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