Review: WWE Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Legacy – 3 Disc DVD

November 16, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- “The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin” 3 Disc Review:

“I’m gonna tell you a little story about a man named Stone Cold Steve Austin!” –Stone Cold Steve Austin





-Steve Austin himself publically stated in an interview that his DVD could have been a lot better then it was but he still was happy with a lot of the material shown. This for the most part is why they’re releasing another Steve Austin DVD to cover his main career achievments as well as a full length documentary full of highlights from his legendary career.

-This DVD was put together without a documentary but it had Steve talking inbetween the matches just telling a little back story to what was happening in his career before and after the matches inbetween them. They showed some promo’s and some clips in that time span.

-This DVD doesen’t feature one Chris Benoit or Kurt Angle match which is probably the most popular complaint overall.
-As an Extra on Disc 1, we saw a Free-For-All match right before the Summerslam 1996 PPV between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Yokozuna. We also saw a interaction with Terry Funk from Shotgun Saturday Night in early 1997. We also see how he got the name Steve Austin but most people already know that story, or at least I did as it had been covered many times before.

In the case of the Shotgun Saturday Night segment, Austin credits Funk to being such an all around great and a Texas legend. This took place before the 1997 Royal Rumble which Austin won (the night before) and Steve was on commentary and he said HE OWNED the state of Texas. Funk said it was his state, his town, and Austin kept saying wrong, wrong, and it was HILARIOUS. Interestingly Funk in this interview says he’s MEANER then a Rattlesnake in this interview. Funk said he wanted to know what number he would be, and Austin said he’d be over the top rope if he was in there. Funk said he was looking for anybody that wanted to Rumble with him. Funk calls Pettingill’s Mother a whore and we see Vince and Austin’s facial expressions at the booth which were just as funny. Funk then went over to the booth and Austin called him a senile old man. Austin then took his headset off and he went up the steps into the ring and caught a slap from Funk. Austin then hammered him with a couple of right hands and some kicks, the crowd chants “Terry”.



Disc 1 Extra:



Extra Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Yokozuna -Summerslam 1996 Free-For-All


Mr. Perfect, Vince McMahon and Jim Ross are doing commentary for the Free-For-All just as they’d do it for Summerslam 1996’s PPV event right afterwards.
Austin comes out to this old Ringmaster theme (Non-Dibiase one) before the Glass theme would debut just two months later at IYH Buried Alive in October 1996.

Austin told Todd Pettingill (Today’s version of Todd Grisham) before the match that he’d whoop his ass just like he would Yokozuna and you can hear the crowd react.

One would have to assume this match was on the DVD because it was a rare, kept short, a unique ending, becseau other then that right there, there’s nothing very much to say about it. Austin on the DVD set said Yokozuna was one of the better big men, I don’t know about that but I don’t doubt he wasn’t a kind human and he could work.

He gets a great ovation from the fans surprisngly but then again those of you who know how fast he was growing on with them, it’s not very surprising. He had just gained momentum from his Austin 3:16 speech and King of the Ring victory. Also most of you who have been to live events know that when the first Semi-Big name comes out he gets a good reaction no matter what.

Yokozuna’s weight is put over as 660 pounds, JR says closer to 700…I’d be surprised if he was over 550 if we’re being serious.

Austin jumped Yokozuna from behind while he was taking off his jacket until he levelled him with a big right and and then a headbutt until Austin rakes him in the eye, the natural heel tactic. Yokozuna then gets clotheslined three times until he catches a Samoan drop.

Yokozuna then ran over to Austin and dropped his big leg on him. Yokozuna then signalled for the match to be over, it was to this point at least entertaining and the fans were very much into it.

Yokozuna climbed to the top for his Bonzai Drop but as he grabbed the top turnbuckle it came off and the top two ropes of the ring flew off and Austin capitalized on this by rolling him up for the three count and just over two minutes, some of the place pops.








1) Hollywood Blondes (Steve Austin and Brian Pillman) (c) vs Dos Hombres (Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and Shane Douglas) for the WCW Tag Team Championship in a Steel Cage Match -WCW Slamboree 1993


“Austin should be a LEGEND in this business….IF HIS BODY CAN MAKE IT THAT LONG!”




Pretty powerful statement made during this match during the commentary.
Austin talks about being trained by “Gentlemen” Chris Adams and having his first match in Dallas, Texas back in the late 80’s. Austin talked about paying his dues in the business and how he had it tough in the beginning. Steve got told by Jerry Jarrett that he was ready to go from the USWA to WCW. He had long blonde hair and was wrestling as “Stunning” Steve Austin and signed on with Dusty Rhodes for 75, 000 dollars a year. He talked about winning the TV Title from Beautiful Bobby Eaton and then Dusty Rhodes had to tell Steve he’d become a tag team with Brian Pillman. Steve didn’t like this at the beginning because he was getting ready for a single’s push in a program with Harley Race. He said that things started to click with him and Brian because of his great sense of humor and because of them both being great personalities. Austin said Pillman got the gold necklaces and the matching outfits they both wore to the ring, it was all Brian he said. Pillman does often get overlooked for some of his great contribution to the wrestling world, especially given his talent as you can see here.

This one took place six years to the day Austin lost the WWF title to The Undertaker at Over the Edge 1999 on May 23rd.

Both Steamboat and Douglas are covered in suits and masks so you can’t quite tell who is who at times, although you should always have an idea given Steamboat’s armdrag’s.

This is really a great match that has a pace to it that never lets you get bored which is its best quality. Austin bumps like crazy from side of the cage to side of the cage in this one which is always interesting to see.

The Hollywood Blondes took off there gold inside the cage and the match was underway when the bell rung.

Austin then pointed at who he thought was Steamboat, and yelled “Take the mask off Steamboat!” with his raspy voice. Speaking of Raspy, Pillman stood there on the apron and Austin started out the match.

Austin slammed who we think is Steamboat’s head into the corner before a snap takedown, and once Steamboat chopped Austin he tagged in Pillman and he elbowed him in the corner until Steamboat hit him with some chops and then a vertical suplex.



Tony Schiavone was calling him Steamboat due to his style and he was in a side head-lock until “Flyin” Brian Pillman hit him with a shoulder block off the ropes. He tagged in Austin then he got a hiplock from Steamboat and he tagged in Douglas who went to work on Austin’s arm. He pushed Steve to the corner to psychologically wear down Austin’s arm. Steve was pounding on the mat with his free hand while Shane Douglas had an armbar and then a hammerlock. Steve rolled out of the predicament but Shane Douglas kept it on him. Austin pushed Douglas to the ropes and he came off and Steve hit him in the mid section with a kick but Douglas then threw his head at the side of the cage until Shane Douglas pushed Austin’s back into the side of the cage a few times. Austin grabbed the back of his neck as it hurt him and the crowd reacted appropriately. Steamboat caught a tag and flew off the top and locked in an armbar harder to follow up on the damage Douglas did to Austin’s left arm. Ricky Steamboat irish-whipped Austin to the ropes he ducked but as he came off he took a back body drop straight into the cage!

Right into the cage and it had hard impact! The crowd erupts as does the commentary. Ricky Steamboat flew Steve Austin towards the side and the back of the Cage a couple more times. Steamboat then tagged in Douglas and he hit Austin with some hard shots. Pillman kept his boot up in the corner and Austin threw the Dos Hombre Member’s head into the buckle. Pillman got a top rope reversal into the corner and flew off but he caught a gut shot. Pillman didn’t let this offense phase him and he just chokes Steamboat down and then hit a snap, missed a leg drop and then Steamboat hit an armdrag takeover. Steamboat tagged in Shane Douglas and he slapped an armbar on Brian Pillman. Pillman though kneed him in the chest and ran off the ropes but got caught in the air by Douglas and he threw Pillman into the side of the cage hard and the crowd reacted. Pillman crawled to Austin to tag him and then Steamboat chopped at Austin’s back and he was showing signs that his lower back hurt.

Steamboat hung Austin upside down on the top of the Cage then rammed his shoulder into Austin’s belly before irish whipping Douglas right into him as he fell down the side of the Cage. Steve was near by Pillman thankfully so he just tagged him in and then he desperately chokes out Douglas on the bottom rope before tagging in Austin. Steve then kicked at him down on the mat and did the “filming” taunt that the Hollywood Blondes always did. Austin snapped Steamboat down and then went up to the middle rope and dropped an elbow to the chest and got a nearfall. Austin cornered a Dos Hombre member and punched him until tagging in Pillman who did more of the same, until Pillman tagged Austin in after more of the same. Frequent tags by The Champions.

The Blondes using more heel tactics as shown when Pillman grabbed a towel and choked out likely Steamboat behind the official’s back. Pillman leaped off the top and caught a boot to the face. He tagged in Austin who chopped Douglas, and then ran off the ropes and caught a shoulder block, Douglas came off the ropes and gave him a good dropkick! Austin then caught a right hand from the outside by Steamboat. The action then oicked up in a big way.
Austin’s tights were almost pulled off when he was climbing up the side of the cage and Pillman landed on his groin.

Steamboat flew off the top and hit a double crossbody to the Blondes and the place erupts! Great moment. Steamboat went for it all but only got a two, then hit a DDT to Pillman and only got a two. Both Dos Hombres caught the Blondes off the side of the Cage and got douple dropkicked. Steamboat hit a DDT to Austin and only got a two, then coming up Pillman threw Steamboat to the corner and Austin just had to roll him up for the victory after a Stun Gun around the sixteen minute mark.
Fantastic action throughout, and a brilliant climax.

A shame in the NEW Austin DVD we don’t see much of the Blondes on the matches part, they clearly were so entertaining to watch together.








2) “Stunning” Steve Austin vs “Flyin'” Brian Pillman -WCW Clash of the Champions XXV: Nov 10th 1993


WCW never expected The Hollywood Blondes to go so well (get so over with the fans) and then when they did Austin and Brian were both upset about being split up.

Obviously these two men knew each other in and out of the ring so that helped develop any chemistry that might not have been there to start. You tag with a guy for so long you get to learn his move-set and personality that there styles clashed quite well here.
This match is better then the one on Pillman’s DVD from Raw in 1997 although that one is quite fun to watch as well, only Pillman wasn’t in the same shape he is in that match that he is here.



Brian Pillman chased Austin’s manager (known as Tennesee Lee when in the WWF) around the ring after attacking him in the ring.

Brian Pillman ran right into Austin on the outside but not before long he was chopping at Austin in the ring and hitting him with a flying head scissors on top of that! Austin then asked for forgiveness with his hand but caught a kick to the head.

Austin went for a piledriver to Pillman but he hit him with a back bodydrop on the unique looking entrance ramp these WCW showd had at the time. Austin though in desperation kicked at Pillman then threw him off the ramp into the gaurd rail and then attacked him some more tenaciously driving his knee into his throat. You know it’s a personal issue when Pillman’s THROAT is being attacked.

Brilliantly, Austin followed that up by dropped Flyin’ Brian on the top of the rope THROAT first!

Steve scored a nearfall and then picked up Brian Pillman’s head after driving his knee into his throat. Austin got Pillman semi up but he rakes the eyes of Steve Austin. Pillman with a big chop to Austin and the fans cheer. Austin still the aggressor though does not allow Brian back in the match and he chokes his throat on the middle rope.
Great follow up by Austin here.

Steve with a half crab and extends it back while he shaked his head to the official.

Steve had the hald crab locked in and he’d constantly grab the top rope of the ring for leverage while the official counted to five. When Austin let go Pillman got to his vertical base but still sold the leg damage as he hit Steve with some elbows, then jumped to the top and elbowed him on his way down. It wasn’t bad selling since he was know to be one of the best if not the very best flyers in the entire industry.

Austin went to the top and Pillman chopped at the knee of Pillman and he fell but Pillman got caught as he went up and Steve dropped him on his belly to the canvas floor. As Austin came leaping off, Pillman caught him in mid-air with a brilliant dropkick. Austin then got up after a Pillman nearfall and after a Powerbomb attempt got taken into a victory roll by Flyin’ Brian and then he was sling shoted into the corner but held his ground by leaping over both sides. When Pillman who was flying everywhere, came back into the ring he caught a powerslam by Austin.
Steve then drove his face first into the mat and then went off the ropes attempting to drop his leg onto the throat of Pillman into the ropes but Pillman moved out of the way and then hit a hard DDT! 1…2…but Austin kicks out. Brian with a crucifix to Steve but he counters and drops him on his back. Austin then went up to the top rope and missed Pillman as he fell to his knees but Pillman rolled him up but got a two. Austin irish whipped Pillman to the corner and then when going for a Stun Gun he just flipped Pillman over the ropes but he stood on the Apron. Austin’s Manager pushed Pillman and he flew him in the ring and Austin got the win from that, a little bit of a sketchy ending to a great match but it could logically explain Pillan being vertically challenged due to Austin’s leg work.

Good, good stuff here. Another fast, fun match between two of my all time favourites.



*** 1/4





3) “Stunning” Steve Austin (c) vs Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat -Clash of the Champions 94 for the WCW US Championship
This was a return match from Bash at the Beach and WOW. Steamboat gave Austin his best matches early about five years into his career which is no surprise. Steamboat gave Fair, Bret, Savage, Austin their best matches early in their careers.

This was the match of the disc thus far, quite easily

This is a classic. A methodical start to the match between two of the best workers in this time period in the entire world. Is that a stretch? Well lets see, there was Hogan, Flair and Savage who were still good at the time but not at these guys level. Austin was entering his prime and Steamboat is Steamboat. Bret was better then these two, Benoit was getting there, Sasuke, Liger, Misawa, Kawada, Kobashi might of all been better in the ring and HBK was even rising. Yes, 1994 had a lot of talent all over the wrestling world but in WCW these two masters of there craft stole the show.

Austin and Steamboat put on one hell of a showing here and how the WCW managment didn’t know what they had after something like this is mind boggling.

As a plus, The Brain is as fun as always to listen to on commentary during this back and forth wrestling clinic.

Ricky Steamboat was challenging Austin for the title at this event in the Summer of 1994.

Ricky Steamboat tied up with Steve Austin and Austin gave him a side headlock into a side headlock takedown. A pinning combination from the champ then Steamboat put his legs over Austin’s head in a head scissors on the mat and then Austin got up after the quick exchange and Austin argued Steamboat pulled the hair. The fans booed and then Austin took him down again the same way then Steamboat once again cleanly took back control with a head scissors and Austin got back up again and told the ref in typical heel fashion that he grabbed onto his hair. Must be why Austin shaved his head. Anyway Steve has had enough and pushes Ricky Steamboat and he pushes him back harder and Austin falls down then goes into a corner and begs Steamboat off, you’d think he was Ric Flair.

Austin then used the official as a shield and then Steamboat took Austin down still with a side headlock takedown and then a sideheadlock which Austin counters with a roll over and pinned Steamboat’s shoulders to the mat but only gets a two. Ricky Steamboat then in control up to his feet holds the sleeper on Austin. Ricky Steamboat gets his hair pulled by Austin to get out of the move and then Austin lands on Steamboat off the ropes gets a two, then Steamboat got a roll up and got a two. Austin and Steamboat chop at each other and then Steve kicks Ricky Steamboat in the chest and delivers hard right-hands and then a chop, but Ricky Steamboat connected with a series of dropkicks before chopping Austin in the corner. Ricky Steamboat irish-whipped Steve Austin to a corner but he puts his boot up and caught Steamboat with it. Still though Ricky Steamboat hit an armdrag takedown on Austin then hooked his left arm in an armbar. Steamboat out of the armbar with Austin grounded slapped on a hold.

Steamboat locked Austin in a brief camel clutch!



Steamboat then rolled up Stunning Steve with two pinning combinations a bridge on one of them, then Stunning Steve did one of his own. Austin got a two and Steamboat went right back into the armbar and then dropped a blow on his arm. Austin gave Steamboat knees to the gut and then snapped him over but Ricky Steamboat quickly countered out of a camel clutch and flipped him over back into an armbar, so much pressure to Austin’s left arm.

Ricky Steamboat slapped on an armbar on Steve Austin again and the action in this match has been incredibally quick. Amazing counters and brilliant chemistry between these guys. Steamboat ended up having Austin push him off one side of the ropes over the other side and the place booed. Steamboat though caught Austin from the outside and clotheslined him hard. Steamboat then chopped the hell out of Austin on the outside before throwing him in the ring and then Austin ran off the ropes, Ricky Steamboat ducked and Austin threw him to a side caught a sleeper on Steamboat, then Steamboat countered it by throwing Austin to the ropes and got a sleeper of his own but then Austin hit a jaw-breaker!

You’d think it was the Stunner!
Austin then got up and slammed Ricky Steamboat’s head into the turnbuckle and chopped at him in the corner until Steamboat quickly turned the tide with some chops from the corner of his own, Austin then irish whipped Steamboat to the corner and he flew off the top with a crossbody. Austin then got reversed into the corner and hit shoulder first into the post and then he grabbed Austin’s already injured left arm and jumped from the top rope on the outside to the floor and Austin’s left arm had been injured badly hitting the top rope.

Steamboat came flying off the top to Austin and then went back into an armbar! Steve then complained to the official until he raked the eyes of Steamboat. Austin the US Champion posed to the crowd and they booed him. Austin came off the side ropes and dropped a knee to Ricky Steamboat’s head and then slapped at his head from his knees. Austin just pissed him off by slapping him around, giving him a thumb to the eye and then slamming his head into the mat! Austin chopped Ricky Steamboat and then snapped him down and only got a desperation two count.

Austin went into a sleeper. Fans chanted for Steamboat and Austin shook his head that it didn’t work.

Ricky Steamboat back to his vertical base and elbowed his way out of it until the chops to Austin and an elbow worked. Steamboat flipped Austin over and then when Steamboat tried a Swan Dive from the side Austin put his knees up and Steamboat landed abdomen first. Austin drove his fist into Ricky Steamboat’s head and then jumped from the middle rope connecting with an elbow to the chest of Ricky Steamboat. Austin slapped at Steamboat’s head again and then when he got up Austin hit a beautiful snapshot vertical suplex.

Austin only got a two and the conditioning of both these men can’t be ignored. This pace is incredible.

Steamboat reversed another vertical suplex attempt by Austin and put him on the top rope and hit him with big chops until Austin gave him a thumb to the eye. Right hand by Ricky Steamboat and then Austin headbutted Ricky Steamboat off the top and he fell to the mat. With Austin still sitting on the top rope catching his breath he got to his feet, but by then Ricky Steamboat did as well and he took the leg out of Austin and he landed groin first on the top and the crowd erupt! Literally. Heenan says it would ruin his weekend.

Steamboat all the way to the top trying to suplex Austin from the top, but Stunning Steve continued to battled and dropped him on his abdomen and the sweat was literally pouring off Austin. Steamboat caught Austin flying in the air with a shot to the gut, and the fans came in his favor in a big way. Steamboat flew off the top with a crossbody this time and then The Dragon went boom into the mat. Austin took off his wrist tape and then kicked at Ricky Steamboat’s head. Austin trash talked and kept slapping at his head and then pretended to film him, as Schiavone said it was a blast from the past to his Hollywood Blondes days. Austin slapped Steamboat some more.
Ricky Steamboat had enough! Steamboat fired back with chops and was tired of being slapped around, double chops by the challenger! Ricky Steamboat irish whipped Austin and then caught him up high after a series of reversals and then hit a beautiful Spinebuster! Steamboat caught Austin high off the top turnbuckle with a back drop! What a match!

Inside cradle by Steamboat and then he flipped over and got a two! Austin then with a powerbomb attempt but Ricky Steamboat with a backslide and then got a two. Ricky Steamboat then kicked Austin up high and then Austin hit a clothesline!

WOW, this is way better then I remembered.

Austin backdropped Steamboat over the top but he didn’t hit the floor and then Ricky Steamboat flipped from the outside to the inside and cradled Stunning Steve and got a two. What a climax.

Stunning Steve went to slam Ricky Steamboat on the canvas and then his left arm gave out and Steamboat got an inside cradle and a three count! Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat became the NEW United States Champion and the place erupts, while Austin can’t believe it!

What an amazing match.

An INSTANT Classic!

Steamboat can bring the best out of anyone- Savage, Flair, Hart or Austin, it just didn’t matter.

This is perhaps Steve Austin’s finest work when looking at a “RIC FLAIR” type match. By that I mean plenty of old school goodness, nice psychology, a ton of quick reversals, and Ricky Steamboat.



**** 1/2





4) “Superstar” Steve Austin vs Mikey Whipwreck (c) vs The Sandman (W/Women) in a Triangle Match for the ECW Championship


They have Austin talk about how he left WCW and got hired by Heyman in ECW.
They show the promo with Steve-a-mania, Mean Joey and the Steveamaniacs.

They then show one of Steve Austin’s most famous ECW promo’s:


His ECW shoot is beyond amazintg, quite possibly a top 5 promo in the history of Pro-Wrestling.

Austin says this is one of his favourite promo’s of all time and it obviously should be. He said these promo’s were the launching pad for the Stone Cold promo’s that would follow.

Anyway Austin had just cut his hair at the time and tied up with Mikey Whipwreck.
Steve didn’t let the fans get under his skin and he cornered Mikey Whipwreck and then patted him on the chest as to say he’s doing a good job. Austin then powered him to the corner and slapped him until Mikey fought back with a push.

Steve wanted to shake hands and then Mikey Whipwreck did.

Mikey Whipwreck circled around Steve Austin and then he took him over with a side headlock takedown.

Mikey Whipwreck tried a top wrist lock but Austin just wrenched a side headlock back on Mikey Whipwreck. A clean break and then Mikey just stared at Steve and the Sandman had yet to come in. Austin with a hammerlock and then Mikey reversed it until Austin hit a drop toe-hold.

Steve Austin with a front facelock and the crowd chanting “Here we go Mikey, here we go!”

Mikey Whipwreck with a foot across the bottom rope and then the two break off and Austin once again shakes his hand and laughs as to say he’s doing a good job. Austin was a natural heel you could see why he always wanted to be one. Mikey Whipwreck with a side headlock takedown now and then another one as he had a crossface on Austin but he rolled him over and got a nearfall.

Mikey Whipwreck continued be on top of Austin, as these two played the underdog and agressor really well back and forth. Austin eventually cornered Mikey Whipwreck and then hit him with straight right shoulder blocks. Austin chopped him in the corner and the fans got right in Austin’s face. Steve just looked at them, shrugged it off and then he kicked at Mikey Whipwreck.

Austin was focused and wanted to win his first World Title. Steve choked Mikey Whipwreck on the middle rope and then irish whipped him to the side of the ropes and Mikey went for the tights in a sunset flip attempt. Austin then went nuts on Mikey Whipwreck because he didn’t want him to pull the tights like the last time they met and then Austin beat on Mikey Whipwreck until Sandman’s music hit.

Everyone stood up and Sandman came through the crowd.
The Sandman then entered while Austin was stomping on Mikey Whipwreck and he then called the Sandman into the ring did Austin! Sandman entered with Woman by his side. Mikey Whipwreck with a dropkick and a cross body to Austin as he was distracted. Austin then sent Sandman into the steel gaurd rail. Austin then piledrove Mikey Whipwreck to the floor! Austin showing no respect and then Sandman took a few sips out of his beer.

Austin stood alone in the ring and then when Sandman didn’t come into the ring he hopped out and attacked Mikey Whipwreck some more. Sandman needed to smoke a little bit as well as drink. That is what kept him from entering the ring while Austin was in the ring fingering the fans. This was some hardcore stuff. Austin then taunted the crowd and did the Hogan ear taunt. Austin then crouched down like Golddust did quite often but obvioussly this was before Golddust came out.

Sandman finally came in the ring and the two greatest beer drinkers went toe to toe. It’s funny how Joey Styles says you can’t brawl with The Sandman and Austin needed to rely on his wrestling skills. Sandman won the punching war and then Mikey Whipwreck hit a hurricanrauna to The Sandman. Mikey Whipwreck then with a hurricanrauna to Steve Austin but he countered it into a powerbomb and almost became the ECW Champion. Mikey Whipwreck sent Austin to the ropes and Sandman pulled the ropes down and came crashing to the floor.

Sandman then refreshed himself with what was left from his beer bottle and smacked Austin on the outside until he chopped him back. Sandman and Austin were chopping at each other until the Champion Mikey Whipwreck came to the outside landing on them both with a moonsault. Mikey Whipwreck threw both challengers back into the ring.

Mikey with big right hands to Austin and Sandman both. Mikey elbowing Austin and Sandman slowly until he dropped down and gave them both a low blow. Mikey came off the second rope and Sandman dodged it and he fell face first. A pair of thumbs to the eye from Mikey and The Sandman. All three men moving groggy now and then Austin held Sandman until he caught a high crossbody! Two count only and then Austin charged towards the ECW Champion and kicked him in the mid-section and then a right hand to the face before an awesome piledriver in mid-ring!

Austin dropped the knee on top of Mikey and then picked him up and irish whipped him to the ropes and then The Stun Gun and the place actually applauds! Austin covered him and then defeated Mikey Whipwreck and eliminated him.
Mikey lost the title due to Austin pinning him after the Stun Gun.

Austin was the ECW Champion in his own mind now said Joey Styles and it was now down to just him and The Sandman and The Sandman elbowed him until Austin hit Sandman with a chair. Austin then got sent into the front row by Sandman as he back dropped him over the gaurd rail. Sandman grabbed the timekeeper’s table and threw it on Austin! The Sandman then grabbed the ref and shoved him before he pushed Austin towards some fans but he came bouncing back and Steve pushed The Sandman face first into the table over the gaurd rail. Austin had that scouted and he had not been in a violent match like this likely in his entire career.

Austin set up The Sandman for the Stun Gun on the Steel Gaurd rail but he blocked it and them jammed a chair into Austin’s gut before hitting him in the head with it. The Sandman then stomped on the back of Austin’s neck, Sandman’s hand had been bruised from blocking the Stun Gun on the gaurd rail. Austin then got back dropped on the concrete by The Sandman. Austin then shoved him off and sent The Sandman face first into a table breaking it. Austin then smacked Sandman’s head on the broken table with a chair a couple of times. Then Austin choked out Sandman with a cord on the outside giving him no breathing room. Austin held it on, on the outside of the ring.

Austin then irish-whipped him into the steel again and then kicked at the chest of Sandman with him down and in serious pain as he held onto his right hand.
Austin threw him back in the ring and it’s funny you hear some boo’s. Austin put Sandman’s head on the middle rope and then came off with a leg drop across the back but he still only got a two. Steve then set up The Sandman for a vertical suplex and then dropped him face first. Sandman had to use his already injured right hand to block it. Austin dropped the knee again to the upperhalf of Sandman and then he went to the outside to taunt Women. Steve grabbed a beer from the fan in the front row and spit it out at Women in disgust then took it into the ring to drink some more, pretty hillarious.

Austin spit beer at Sandman’s face and then slapped him and mocked him with a smoking taunt. Austin stomped on The Sandman and then he went to the middle rope to drink some more beer and then The Sandman sat up and Joey Styles acted like it was the beer that Austin spit at him to make him wake up.

Styles said Austin was in trouble but Austin landed The Sandman with a slam and then cracked him in the temple with knucks from inside his tights. Austin rolled him up but Sandman got a foot on the rope. Austin was arguing with the refs and then Sandman fell backwards into Austin distracting the ref and allowed The Sandman to hit Austin with the knucks and then Sandman pinned Superstar Steve Austin.

Again, Austin lost a title on this DVD and can’t believe it and he had his foot on the bottom rope when he got pinned. Austin argued with the ref, as Nancy Benoit lit up a smoke for The Sandman in the ring to celebrate with his new title.

Fun is the proper word to use when discussing this match, it was a great ride and each guy deserves a little bit of credit but it was a good choice for Austin’s DVD because he was in the action the whole time, one way or another.
Great stuff.






5) Stone Cold Steve Austin (W/The “Million Dollar” Man) vs Savio Vega -In Your House: Beware of Dog (2): Carribean Strap Match
The first match on his DVD under his “Stone Cold” name. He didn’t use the GLASS music until IYH Buried Alive on October the 20th, 1996 on a night he was scheduled to wrestle Savio Vega but a substitute and also heel in Hunter Hearst Helmsley was the replacement.
Mr Perfect and Jim ross commentated Beware of Dog 2, and it just goes to show how brilliant Steve Austin was in the ring as not only a brawler but a master technician. Mr. Perfect knows a thing or two about that aspect of wrestling and he states to Ross just how great Steve is in that deaprtment during the match. Also during Austin’s bout with Mero at King of the Ring 96, McMahon states this as well. It was common knowledge and common sense around that time period yet SOME people still think that he was just a brawler and has never wrestled a day in his life. OK. Don’t have time for idiots, moving on.

This marked Ted Dibiase’s last WWE appareance (in this era) as the rules stated if Vega touched all four turnbuckles then Dibiase had to leave. Vega ended up winning in the end and it benefitted Austin in the long run going solo as he followed this up with the Austin 3:16 era and his legendary feud with Bret Hart. (Although Dibiase is one of the if not the greatest heels ever, Austin just didn’t need him)

This match was a great back and forth strap match in a pretty underrated rivalry. (Definately Vega’s best ever given who he was up against)

The match was a lot of fun and quite memorable! A ton of brutality for sure.

Austin said he didn’t have three of these things in him due to the power going out and the match type being extremely physical. This was Tuesday Night just two night’s after the original PPV.
Savio Vega tried to avoid being whipped by Austin as he was whipping at Savio Vega before he entered the ring.

Savio Vega and Steve Austin had a nice little feud in the undercard at the time.

Both men became strapped to each other and then both men tried to get the advantage of the belt. Savio Vega then went for Austin’s head but he ducked and then went to the outside of the ring. Austin on the outside tried to pull on the belt so Savio Vega would go towards him. Austin played some Mind Games with Savio Vega and then he got back in the ring and then kicked Savio Vega in the gut.

Austin had Savio Vega in the sleeper to take a break from the brutal action but to still wear him down in the process.

Stone Cold then got brought in by Savio on the outside in a unique offensive move by the Puerto Rican to jam his abdomen against the ring apron as Savio Vega pulled on it. Savio with a big jab to the back of Austin’s neck.

Savio was in control but the crowd was barely on his side, he had never lost a Carribean Strap Match in his career. He kept whipping at Austin and you can hear the brutal blows, he was very relentless in his attack. Savio Vega was never extremely over with the crowd so I’m not sure why they kept him face for so long.

Austin then expertly disected by Austin as he was hanging from the apron but then Savio Vega suplexed him back into the ring hitting hard against the mat! Savio Vega then whipped Austin some more with that belt and then picked him up and hit a high spinning heel kick to Austin. Savio Vega in control, touched one corner and he has to touch all four in succession without interuption in order to claim victory. Austin then made sure Savio Vega got tangled up and then they show Dibiase on the outside who was sweating, Stone Cold then aggressively smacked Savio in the back until he turned Austin over and went to “Fist City” as Jim Ross says.

Austin then turned over Savio Vega and hammered him with some right’s as well. Both men tough, both men roll to the outisde and Savio with a whip and then a chop, until Austin rams Savio Vega’s back into the apron. Austin trying to gain some momentum hit Savio Vega in the lower kidney area with a belt.

Steve then picked him up and dropped Savio Vega in the kidney area on the steel railing. Steve Austin then dragged Savio Vega to the ring and choked him out with his belt. Savio Vega was hung from the belt with his head by the middle rope until Austin whipped him hard again and Mr. Perfect hillariously rooted Austin on in typical heel fashion.

Steve Austin with a nice suplex to Savio Vega who had been choked out from the apron back into the ring. Austin touched one corner and tried to pull the weight of Savio Vega with him but it was hard. Austin touched two and went for three but couldn’t touch it and Savio Vega spinned him around and then sent him into the corner. Savio Vega utilized the strap very effectively due to him being in this match type before. Savio Vega then with a strap shot to the throat of Stone Cold and then he stomped away on him before whipping Austin hard with the belt. Savio Vega then with hard blows to the back of Austin until Steve elevated Savio Vega over the top rope to the floor but Austin went with him!

Awesome spot.

Stone Cold backdropped Savio Vega over the ropes and since they were tied up together it brought Stone Cold with him and it tied him up high, pretty dangerous spot too. Front facelock on the outside by Austin when they get to there feet but Savio Vega countered it into a vertical suplex on the mat. Dibiase goes over to Austin and screams “COME ON!” since his career was on the line afterall. Savio Vega kept whipping Steve hard on the outside and then Steve with a rake to the face followed by a right hand and then Austin jumped off the steps to Vega but he buried a right hand to the mid-section. Savio Vega with a hard leather strap blow on the back and then came into the ring and tied up Austin’s left leg.

Vega touched one, then two and the crowd chanted along and then Savio Vega inches away from the third turnbuckle and touched it. Savio Vega 75% there until Austin trips him up with a leg cradle. Austin then wore out Savio Vega with the strap like an animal. Savio Vega then put Austin up top and then chopped him with his arm and then did so with the belt. No give when leather meets the flesh and then Savio Vega tried for a suplex from the top but Austin pushed him off. Steve Austin then at the top of the rope about to jump off gets kicked at by Savio Vega and then he falls groin first on the top. Savio Vega chops at Austin some more and applied a front facelock from the top rope and then with both men up top Savio Vega applied a beautiful suplex from the top rope!

Good stuff!
A long way down to the mat with that high impact/risk move by Savio Vega.

Savio Vega touches one turnbuckle and then gets to another and then GETS to three and when going for four Austin caught him with a waistlock and turned it into a spinebuster slam! Austin then choked out Savio Vega on the middle rope and then dropped his left leg on the back of Savio Vega. Steve was in great shape here and then choked out Savio Vega with the strap. Stone Cold trash talked him in the corner and then came down hard with the belt again.

Austin touched one turnbuckle pad, then another, and then Savio Vega broke it off with a vicious blow followed by a big one with the strap. Austin had a tombstone piledriver to Vega set up then Vega fell back and went for it, then Austin, then Savio but he landed on the apron and fell to the floor. Savio Vega back on the apron got the oxygen sucked out of him with Steve’s strength, choking him out from the outside.
Savio was on the outside and then Austin jumped from the apron and went face first right into the steel!

Savio Vega jammed Austin into the steel steps.

Savio held Austin up high and then touched two corners until Steve hit a sunset flip attempt and Steve was trying to stop Savio but he kept fighting with all he had and Savio Vega got to three. Savio just needed one more but Austin in his last graps tugged on the belt and it just barely dragged Savio Vega over as he was just a foot away. Austin then went for a piledriver and scored. Stone Cold then got up and posed as if he hasn’t learned from before that it wasn’t what he should do in matches when he was in control. Dibiase said one more.

So Stone Cold went for another piledriver but Savio Vega hit a backdrop to Austin. Savio Vega up and then The Million Dollar Dream was locked on from Austin! Austin kept the lock held in but at the same time Savio vega was touching the corner pads. All of Austin’s weight was on Savio Vega and he was going out but he kept up and countered the Million Dollar Dream by using his legs and kicking off at the corner pad.

Austin then elevated Savio up with a waist lock dropping him head first into the post. Austin posed and then tied up Savio Vega and wrapped the strap around his neck and started to drag him across the ring by the neck. Austin touched two turnbuckle’s but Savio Vega had been doing it behind Austin’s back.

They had both got to three and The Million Dollar man had just realized they were both going for four!

Austin was trying to get to the fourth but he accidentally whipped Vega into the fourth corner! Savio Vega defeated Austin, revenge from Wrestlemania 12. Dibiase must leave the WWF.

Awesome innovative offense, and you have to give both men props for the effort. Amazing.






6) Bret “Hitman” Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Number One Contender`s Match: November 17th, 1996- WWF Survivor Series at MSG



“Bret, …… Cliche’s are Cliche’s and an Ass Woopin, is an Ass Woopin!”Steve Austin





Sure, it`s two of my favourites of all time (with Randy Savage of course) and these are the two I consider the best of all time.

One of the reasons they had so much chemistry together, is the fact Bret who is one of the best in the ring ever and Steve Austin was the complete package.

As Vince says on Bret`s DVD, “These two were just made for each other” chemistry wise he`s right. The fact that this match was the first meeting between these two competitors it`s downright SCARY how well they worked together but it`s mostly because the styles complimented the other one so well.
On Austin`s DVD here he states that Bret came out and hand picked Austin and called him the greatest wrestler in the WWF at the time which was huge to Steve and this feud helped make him who he was going to become. Bret called Austin out on the October 20th, 1996 edition of Monday Night Raw challenging him for this match! Winner gets a shot at the December IYH PPV against Sid.

Steamboat, Heyman, McMahon and other wrestling minds knew Austin was the next big thing. As Cornette states on the Monday Night wars DVD, there was no way of finding out how big.

Steve Austin cut two of the most bad ass, intimidating promo`s and it was great all around work by the WWF production team to hype this feud and this match at the event.
Simply wonderful.

The psychology implemented by Austin in this match is his best individual performance in that regard.

The HITMAN was making his return to the WWF in his first match since the Ironvman Match, would he show any ring rust though, that was the question and we`d find out soon.

Todd Pettingill conducted interviews backstage before Austin went out and before Bret went out. Steve cut an awesome promo which a lot of MSG liked, talking about how Bret was NOTHING, and how Cliche`s are Cliche`s and an ASS WOOPPIN IS AN ASS WOOPIN and some of the New Yorkers popped.

Stone Cold showed nothing but attitude as he came out and JR said he had the potential greatness, and Vince said he could make a big name for himself, Austin`s look to the camera on the way out was priceless.

Bret said that Austin doesen`t have the MSG effect, where as the Hitman wrestled a ton of classics over the years in this building and he was about to wrestle another one.

Austin got his cheers sure, but not many and The Hitman was still the full out face in this bout and was getting a brilliant reaction from MSG as expected and rightfully deserved.

Austin began his masterful psychology from the get go, not just the opening promo but his cold stare into the camera at the beginning of the match as I ellused to. So intimidating was Austin.

Jim Ross states that both these guys can use a lot of submissions. Just seeing the contrast in these two individuals and how Austin was COLD and not impressed by Bret, the GOOD guy who made being GOOD COOL against the guy who was going to make being BAD COOL and get over with it to revolutionize the company in the upcoming Attitude Era.

Austin and The Hitman face to face at Survivor Series in Madison Square Garden after the phenominal build up and you can just feel it. This is what Pro-Wrestling is all about, what an atmosphere, what a setting!

“If you like Holyfield and Tyson you`re gonna love this!“ says Ross before the match.
Austin then showed his attitude by flipping the bird at Bret and back in 96 all the crowd reacted in a huge way.

The HITMAN and The Cold Blooded Rattlesnake TIE up in the middle of the ring. I love how JR says that the beauty of this match was that both men were in there prime.

We`re going to see the best of the Hitman and the Best of Austin.

Steve drove Bret to the corner and Bret got out, Bret drove Austin to the corner and Austin got out!

JR pointed out that neither man had ever submitted in a match, so he thinks this is going to be a first and the finish will either be a Sharpshooter or a Millon Dollar Dream hold in all likelyhood because he didn`t specify, he just thought it`d come down to a submission.

McMahon points out the irony that if Austin were to slap the Sharpshooter on The Hitman, nah Vince…we`ll leave that till the next Survivor Series, right Vince, 😉 …….

Steve Austin and Bret Hart each with one failed attempt at cornering there opponent so they go to lock up again in the mid-ring.

Steve Austin goes behind The Hitman with a waist lock, then the Hitman with a nice counter with one of his own then Bret countered his move and applied on a hard vicious armbar and kept stomping on the ground hurting Bret. The Hitman answered back as the crowd chanted “`Let`s go BRET“ as he reversed the armbar showing Austin a wrestling move and telling him I`m back by a one upman ship. Austin got out and with another go behind, Bret applies a go-behind hip toss on the rattlesnake and throws a superb hammerlock on Austin and drives the knee into Austin. Stone Cold then drove The Hitman to the ropes to get out and hits a drop toe hold, then Bret counters it into a hammerlock.

Awesome crisp, technical wrestling here. Anyone who thinks Austin is a brawler, watch this. Even though I`m more then certain the ignorant fans just think that. Austin whips Bret to the ropes and he comes off with a beautiful reverse elbow. Everything high impact for Austin and then he drops elbows to Bret, followed by a ruthless clothesline. Both men with scientific moves early but Austin was more physical where as Hart was more methodical. Steve Austin has only been a Pro for seven years, while Hart for nearly two decades so he had the experience advanatage and he held on to Austin`s left arm, and Austin when he targetted tried to aim high taking out Hart`s head and spine. The Hitman then locked on Austin`s right arm with an arm bar, until he got sent to the rope and Austin caught him in mid-air with a bear hug and Steve caught Bret with a Stun Gun! A Stun Gun! He dropped him on top of the ropes and Bret`s air was driven right out of him, reversed right across the ropes. This drives the air out of The Hitman.

Austin then chokes Bret out on the bottom rope as his neck was vulnerable and he had a gameplan. What awesome PSYCHOLOGY by Steve Austin to realize Bret was grasping for air after the Stun Gun so he utilized that and choked Bret out some more on the bottom rope. Steve then dropped an Elbow to The Hitman hanging half off the apron further damaging the lungs, and then he went up high to POSE on the top rope as he got a mixed-reaction. Steve Austin then back in the ring pulled Bret up and throws his head against the ropes taking the air out of The Hitman any way he could. He looked on a sleeper with more great stategic wrestling, his fatigue gameplan to cut that short of Bret was nothing short of brilliant by Austin. Steve Austin applied a rear chinlock, followed by knee drops and elbow drops in the throat of Austin. As The Hitman out of desperation and out of air needed adrenaline to get to his feet and maintain a vertical base. Bret got back up and had a slug fest with Austin and here is the brawling part of the match.

Steve Austin then sent Bret in the corner, and then Bret came off with a clothesline, now maybe he bought him some time to re-group, Bret then built some momentum with an atomic drop and a clothesline, followed by a roll-up when Steve got back up and he got a two. Hart with a side russian leg sweep, then could not hook the leg to complete the pinning predicament. Hart went for a Bulldog headlock but Austin hit the brakes and he unbelievably sent The Hitman hard into the corner and hit amazingly hard, STERNUM FIRST. Bret`s even had sternum problem`s before and Austin had done his homework.

Steve went for a superplex from the top rope but Bret counted and threw him down to the canvas. Now Bret with an elbow from the top rope to Austin and drops the elbow to Steve`s neck for some payback from earlier in the match by Austin, to Austin this time. Bret scooped up Austin for a backbody suplex raked the face.

Back and forth contest with beautiful wrestling moves that all make sense and all are logical.

Stone Cold sent The Hitman to the outside as he came charging for him. Stone Cold then jumped off the ring apron and dropped an elbow to The Hitman`s back. Steve with an uppercut and forearms to the back of Bret, aiming at the high body of The Hitman and then drove him SPINE FIRST into the ring post further damaging the spine and high area of the Hitman. Bret down on his knees was going to recieve a suplex into the security railing but Bret countered and pushed Austin over the steel railing and then Bret stomped on Austin and then threw him face first into the steel. Stone Cold is now down as The Hitman is still in pain. Bret threw Austin back in the ring after both men had recieved devistating blows so who would have the momentum. Austin went out to the other side and Bret chased him and hit him with some hard right hands until Stone Cold grabbed him by the legs and catapolted Hart up high from the mat into the announce table and he flew over it! McMahon gives one of his UNBELIEEEEEVAAABLEEEE comments after the sling shot. Jim Ross wonders if Spanish Commentator Hugo is hurt.

Steve brawled with him inder the table before setting him up and slamming him back first, which had been injured from before. Stone Cold then methodically drops the point of his elbow FROM the ring apron into the throat of The Hitman.

Steve Austin was on a mission to become a name and defeat The Hitman anywway possible, both strategically and outside the ring as well.

Steve pulled Bret back into the ring from inside while Bret was on the outside apron and he hit a big time vertical suplex! Austin then picked up his legs and he stomped in the mid-section of Hart and then drove the elbow in the throat area of Bret and he wouldn`t give up and The Hitman kicked out. Steve was frustrated at this point in the match because he couldn`t put Bret away. Stone Cold saluted the crowd as they chanted LETS GO BRET, and then Steve Rammed Hart into the corner hard.

Austin then intelligently drove his knee into Hart`s injured back that ALSO injured his throat, brilliant strategic game-plan by Steve Austin here.

Austin and Bret then tied up and Austin hooked an abdominal stretch to further damage The Hitman`s back-mid section area and surprisingly lets go Austin chants come but they don`t point them out.

Stone Cold then got a surprise as The Hitman, bad back and all took a slug fest to Steve Austin in mid ring!

The crowd went absolutely insane as Vince screamed IT`S MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, WHILE BRET AND AUSTIN slugged it out!

While Austin methodically took apart Bret`s head, neck, lungs, and back, Bret got back in control with a Stun Gun of his own followed by a roll-up.

Steve was pissed off (what else is new) and he gets a piledriver and then a nearfall!

Stone Cold then chopped at Bret up high after he set him up there. Chops, and blows, followed by more chops! Austin then Superplexed bret From the top!


Stone Cold Steve Austin just Superplexed The Hitman from the top after all that punishment.

What a MATCH!


Stone Cold! Stone Cold! Stone Cold!

1….2….WHAT! The Hitman kicked out.

Steve hesitated before the pin and that`s why Bret kicked out and then Austin tried another near fall and he can`t believe his stunner didn`t get it done.

Austin then beat on Bret and now took apart the whole body and now Steve locks on the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF. Austin showing great technical skill as he applied it so expertly but Bret grabbed for the bottom rope.

Steve stomped at Bret`s head section that had been damaged. Austin cornered Bret and then battled away at him punching him with hard fists into the injured sternum.

Austin then Irish Whipped Bret and he flew under the bottom rope and hit the steel post ribs first! Unbelievable work by the Texas Rattlesnake to take apart his whole body! Great game plan by Austin.

Steve then dragged him to the middle of the ring after Hart might have of cracked a rib. Stone Cold went for a nearfall, couldn`t get it so he pulled Bret up high and on his back stretched his neck backwards and his knees forward driving his knee into the already hurt back, what an excellent fucking move by Austin!


Bret then has to drop the hold because Austin reached the ropes.

Stone Cold hits a slam on Bret, then slaps his own self to make sure he was doing a good job!

Bret a mess in the corner after all that brilliant selling and all that brilliant punishment by Austin towards him started to take a breather in the corner due to his air supply being cut down curisy of the Rattlesnake.

The Hitman was breathing in the corner and Austin stalked him and lifted his arms to the side in position for his dangerous submission hold, THE MILLION DOLLAR DREAM!
Austin locked it on and Bret was caught in it and The Hitman kicked off the ropes and pinned Steve with a three as a retro to Wrestlemania 8 and how he beat Piper!

Bret Hart countered Austin`s own maneuver and won the match at 28:36 rolling back to a huge roar from New York City.

Steve Austin looked to the canvas and shook his head, knowing he had out wrestled Bret in his own game but couldn`t get the fall as Bret had more veteran experience then Austin and showed it there, perfect story telling of teacher vs the student.

This feud is far from over and the greatest things were yet to come said JR, and how right he was! Wrestlemania 13 featured the double allignment turn and a match for the ages that sent both men in brilliant directions, which is also a 5 star match.

The strategic wrestling, the counters, the atmosphere, this was a technical masterpiece!

Not only one of the best matches of all time, but one of the best clash in styles with chemistry, selling, psychology, full throttle action, brilliant wrestling, emotion and everything else you`d need to build a superb match in Pro-Wrestling.

Absolutely one for the ages for any pure fan of Pro-Wrestling! It’s top ten material. And that’s the bottom line.

Five Stars.













Disc 2 Matches:





7) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Undertaker (c) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -WWF In Your House: A Cold Day In Hell May 1997


Austin on his DVD said that they were probably the two biggest stars the WWF had at the time as far as draws go and he got a pretty good ovation once at ringside. Stone Cold talked a little bit about how intimidating Taker’s deadman entrance was and anyday you get to main event a PPV for the title with Taker, it’s a good day.

The Hart Foundation came towards the ring during this match, just before it actually as Taker and Austin were looking eye to eye, Owen, Bulldog, Pillman and The Anvil came out with Bret in a wheel chair to a chorus of boo’s. Pillman was hysterical swinging a crutch. Austin and Taker looked on and Austin told Earl Hebner to get there asses out of here.


They decided to sit front row and Austin wasn’t happy.

Austin was tired of waiting and he just started giving Taker a bunch of rights and then cornered Taker who still had his dark jacket and belt still around his waist.

Austin stomped on The Undertaker in the corner of the ring. Taker fought back with some shots of his own and then he rammed Steve’s head into the top of the turnbuckle, and then Austin left the ring and took Owen Hart by the head and flipped him over the gaurd rail and beat on him and then Taker irish whipped Austin to the steps. King was hilarious by saying “What kind of message is this sending when we just attack our fans!?” and Ross yelled “That’s no fan! That’s Owen Hart.” The Undertaker then threw Austin back in the ring and made sure Owen got to his seat okay. Back in the ring though Austin attacked Taker again and connected with a big right hand to Undertaker. Taker ducked a clothesline but hit a flying clothesline of his own and then got a two count. Great agility as shown as always by Taker when performing that move. Undertaker then twisted the arm of Austin and twisted his wrist and then climbed to the top rope and dropped a blow from the top rope again showing great agility when applying another signature move.

Austin kicked out and then kicked The Undertaker in the mid-section and hit a side headlock takedown on The Undertaker. Austin kept the side headlock in until Taker rolled him on his back and got a two count out of it. Austin depriving Taker of air while both Lawler and Ross are silent for over a good ten seconds for no paticular reason until Lawler finally speaks. Austin then with another side headlock takedown to Undertaker and kept it locked on until Taker grabbed Steve’s head in an attempt to get out. Austin tried to slow the pace down after a bunch of The Undertaker’s signature moves. Austin then hit a big right hand to Undertaker and then kept choking him out until Taker became vertical sent Austin to the ropes, he came off with a shoulder block but Taker didn’t move as the fans cheered, then Austin resorted to yet another side headlock takedown which he applied quite well to a man that size.

Taker to his feet and Austin’s side headlock still locked on until Taker back flipped him over but Austin then took out the leg of The Undertaker. Taking a page out of Bret’s book until Taker counterered Austin’s hard right hands in the corner and gave him some of his own. Taker then with a series until Austin leaves the ring and grabs a leg of Taker and slams it against the post.

Stone Cold wanted to take The Undertaker off his feet obvioussly and continue to slow the pace down.

Steve pointed to Pillman and then Taker dragged Austin with his feet and his face hit the ring post. Austin then slammed Taker’s back on the mat as he kept on The Undertaker’s left leg. Austin dropped all his body weight onto Taker’s leg and then Taker with a fist to the mid-section of Austin didn’t hold him back. Stone Cold cornered Taker and stomped on his left leg.

Taker with a couple of big right hands to Austin and then he irish whips him and Steve flips back over Taker and then he lifts up his left leg with the back of his boots, and slaps on a STF.

Stone Cold with a Crossface to Taker and then he is forced by Hebner to break the hold and then he goes to the outside and drops the elbow right into Taker’s sternum twice.

The Phenom being challenged in a big way by Austin here and then he dropped his body weight on top of Taker again. Stone Cold went to drop on Taker again but he boosted Steve over the top rope and out to the floor. The Undertaker then sent Austin right into the ring steps for the second time in the match.

The Undertaker threw him back in the ring and then kicked at his back with his one good leg, the right leg of Taker. Undertaker then threw Austin’s back to the mat and then a single leg pickup as Taker locked on a left leglock to Austin for payback. Austin around his street fight with Bret at WM 13 had a busted up knee and Taker knew that so he focused on it. Austin got out of it then The Undertaker took the leg out of Austin again and some of the fans cheered.

The Undertaker then with a half boston crab to Steve Austin’s bad left leg.

Stone Cold in the half crab still managed to point to The Hart Foundation and trashtalk. Austin crawled towards the ropes and finally got to the bottom one. The Undertaker then slammed Austin’s leg hard on the canvas floor and he rolled to the outside. The Undertaker then scored with a right hand shot to Austin and then put him back in the ring. Austin limping with a sore left leg and then when Taker came up to Austin he showed his tenacious side as he relentlessly attacked Taker’s left leg trying to hyper extend the knee. Austin tried to lock on a turning leglock to the left leg of Taker and then he fought with all he had and with his right leg kicked Austin. JR said both these guys will be limping tommorow, and it was true due to both men targetting the left leg of the other. Austin rolled out of the ring and slammed Taker’s right leg on the mat from the outside. Stone Cold then dropped his elbow to Taker’s face two times before being half a count away from becoming the WWF Champion. Stone Cold then snapped a nice vertical suplex to The Undertaker and got another nearfall. Taker fought back from his knees with hard right’s to Steve and then pushed him down. Taker limped to his vertical base and then Taker went to go to the top rope and Austin pushed his bad left leg and Taker landed groin first on the top rope. Austin with a hard right hand twice to Taker’s head as he sat up on the top of the turnbuckle.

Steve Austin then went for a big time vertical suplex on the top rope, but Taker was able to block it and pushed Austin down face/stomach first on the canvas. Taker went off the ropes and tried to connect with an elbow drop but Austin moved out of the way and Taker hit his bad leg right on the mat. Austin pushed Taker into the ropes and then Taker got a headlock on Austin. Stone Cold then hit a Stunner! JR called it a jaw breaker, but Lawler, the fans, and I knew it was a Stunner, Ross calls it a modified Stunner on the replay. Still though Taker got up at the same time as Austin due to Steve being in pain and he pounded on Stone Cold in the corner and then Austin hit a low blow in the corner, but the referee didn’t want to do anything.

The ref told Austin off and then Austin fingered him and the fans went crazy, then Earl Hebner fingered Austin and the fans went crazy with laughter. Taker then caught Austin by the throat and hit a chokeslam!

Austin able to roll to the bottom rope and then Austin was able to drop Taker’s throat on the top rope from the outside and then he rolled into the ring and hit the Stunner on Taker! Austin was going for the cover but Brian Pillman rang the bell on the outside. Austin went back to attacking Taker and then off the side ropes Taker set him up for the Tombstone Piledriver but Austin countered it however Taker countered it back as the two guys flipped over and The Undertaker got the three count to retain the title. The Hart Foundation got in the ring and attacked Taker and King said fans were getting in the ring. Austin saw Bret and Bret was all alone in a wheel chair and Austin flipped it over and grabbed a crutch. Austin then went after Pillman with a crutch and then hit Bulldog with it and the fans went crazy. Bret limped on the outside out and Taker chokeslammed Owen down. Austin had the match won, but still looked strong since The Hart Foundation costed Steve Austin the title. Good booking and good match. Taker then posed with the title, turned around and caught another Stunner and Austin flipped him off as some fans cheered.

Austin limped up the ramp with a crutch chasing the Foundation as Taker posed in the ring with his title.

The beginning is a little slow but the match is very solid here and the booking was as well. I’m glad the WWE kept the entrances, and all of the post-match stuff on here, you can even see this match to the point where JR wishes everyone a happy Mother’s Day and says “SO LONG” that doesen’t happen very much on DVD’s.

I’m a minority when it comes to this contest but I love it, both Taker and Austin were in there prime and I loved The King and The Hart Foundation in the match, and I felt the leg for leg thing worked very effectively.

An excellent methodical match.



*** 3/4





8 ) Stone Cold Steve Austin and “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels vs The “British Bulldog” and Owen Hart (c)for the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship -WWF Raw Is War May 26th 1997


This is Shawn Michaels’s first TV match since he lost his smile and there was no ring rust which shows signs of a true great. Or the fact is smile coud of been in his head all along. Who would of ever thought?

They show the entrances here but don’t on the Monday Night War’s DVD set that also has this classic.

Stone Cold talked in his DVD about how Austin and HBK had unique and very different styles which made for good stories in the ring.

Austin also mentioned it being a difficult task to keep up with Michaels, and I know that’s right because this match is insanely quick.

The Chemistry is there.

The in-ring action is very crisp and it looks all so well, which comes as no shock since it’s safe to assume all four men were in there prime during this contest. 1997 was just a good time because so many big stars in the wrestling world were arguably in there prime or at least near it.

Owen and Bulldog came down to Bret’s theme as the stable stood at the top of the ramp and then the Champs came towards the ring. These two happen to be my favourite team ever and I’d put them in a top ten tag team list for best as well. I really liked there contrast in styles as well.

The match began when Michaels and Austin dodged out of the ring and attacked the Champions on the outside until Austin caught Owen with a knee to the mid-section after an irish whip and then he dropped the elbow to Owen’s face. Austin went for a sharpshooter then knocked down Davey Boy Smith when he tried to run in.

Austin slammed Owen hard to the mat and then dropped an elbow to his chest. Austin twisted Owen’s wrist and then tagged in Shawn Michaels who jumped off the top and drove a double axehandle to Owen and then gave him a wrist lock until Owen did his usual flip over and tagged in the Bulldog.

Davey Boy took down Shawn with a hard forearm, then Shawn hit a shoulder block, neither men moved, he ducked a clothesline and then gave Bulldog a leapfrog and a thumb to the eye. Shawn then gave Bulldog a hurricanrana and a series of fists to the face as the girls in attendance screamed and Ross pointed out there was no ring rust.

Bulldog bag to his vertical base shoved Michaels off of him and then irish whipped Shawn Michaels but he came off the ropes caught Bulldog’s leg and hit a spinning heel kick.

HBK then twisted the arm of Davey Boy Smith and then tagged in Austin and he hit him down with a forearm shot.

Austin kicked at the groin of Bulldog.

Austin had Davey Boy down and he then choked him out.



Davey Boy Smith had his arm twisted and Austin stomped to the canvas hard and then Bulldog over powered Austin and irish whipped him to the corner where Owen hit Austin from behind and then behind the official’s back Owen dropped Austin on the steel gaurd rail.

The Hart Foundation then came towards the ring and teased interfering.

Back in the ring Owen tagged in and had Austin in a headlock until Austin hit a shoulder block and Owen stood there then Austin stunnered Owen after he had a headlock.
Steve was down at the same time as Owen due to the punishment from Owen on the outside which was logical and allowed Owen time to tag in Bulldog.

Davey Boy Smith and Shawn Michaels both got tagged in at the same time and he hit some flying forearms to Davey Boy Smith until he picked him up with his great power and dropped Shawn on the outside. Owen then rammed Shawn’s back into the ring post on the outside. Owen then threw Shawn back in the ring.

Interesting to note that Austin and Michaels would always distract the ref why Owen attacked the other member of that team.

Bulldog catapolted Shawn into the top turnbuckle and got a two count from the official.

Davey Boy Smith then sent Shawn hard into the corner and he flipped upside down and then Bulldog hit a running powerslam until Austin broke up the count.

Austin then with a ton of energy in his tank attacked Owen in the gorner.

A gut wrench into a suplex by Owen to Michaels and then a leg drop. Owen then with a side headlock to Michaels.

This is UNBELIEVABLE ACTION. Seriously some of the best wrestling to ever see Raw television, that is FOR SURE.

Michaels fought out of the side headlock and then hit a shoulder block, went to the ropes but Owen hit back with a tremendous belly to belly suplex! Owen pushed Austin on the apron which got Earl Hebner to warn Austin not to come in, which helped Bulldog choke out Shawn behind his back.

Owen then cornered Shawn and stomped on him. McMahon says “No team has ever been better then the Bulldog and Owen!” Owen distracted the referee while Michaels hit a sunsetflip on Michaels and then when the ref turned around he irish whipped Michaels into the corner and he flipped again, hitting hard into the buckle with serious impact.
Davey Boy Smith with a front facelock to Michaels but he was able to tag in Austin.

It was a BLIND tag as Hebner had his back turned. The ref didn’t see it, a typical Wrestling Cliche.

Owen then tagged in and dropped Michaels on the top turnbuckle and locked on a suplex from the top but it was only an attempt as Shawn pushed him back first and then HBK flied off the top with a crossbody, but Owen then hit a spinning heel kick to Shawn Michaels.

This is what put HBK on the shelf screamed Ross! A year ago! Michaels then sent in the corner but able to tag in Austin, and Owen at the same time taggged in Bulldog.

What an unbelievable pace.

Austin went insane when tagged in and attacked OWen and Bulldog. Austin went for the Stunner on Bulldog but OWen broke it up, and then Michaels hit Sweet Chin Music on Bulldog and then Austin covered him, when Hebner turned around he counted the three and we had new tag team champions!

I don’t think you’ll get more BANG for your BUCK, especially for a TV match.
This was as good of a tag team match as these four could have ever produced on RAW. After the match Austin speared Bret on the top of the ramp and then hammered on his injured leg and went for a Sharpshooter until Owen hit him from behind.

Every BIT as good as I remembered. A classic, a top 10-15 Raw match ever.




**** 1/2







9) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels -WWF King of the Ring 1997



The WWF Tag Team Champions squaring off here.

Austin`s shirt was selling like hot-cakes by this point and Ross is sure to mention that, it really sold significantly more after the Mania match with Hart.

You’ve got to love Stone Cold Steve Austin’s entrance in this match, he tells the Hart Foundation that he’ll kick there ass on his way back. Austin then turns around like he owns the event, he remembers what happened at the last King of the Ring PPV.
Both guys popular with the ladies but obvioussly The Heartbreak Kid had more of the female fanbase during this match and Austin had more of the males it’d probably be safe to say, still they were both insanely over.

Michaels looks to be literally on COKE on the way to the ring. I wouldn’t be shocked.

Austin and Michaels were the tag champs and they talked trash in mid-ring.

Both guys circled around each other as the native Texans and current tag champions tied up. Austin got sent to the ropes and shoulder blocked Michaels and the males in the audience cheer.

Ross says Austin has a thirty pound weight advangage over Michaels. Well Alcohol makes you gain weight, Coke makes you lose weight, it’s common sense.
Austin flipped off Michaels as some people cheer, and then that’s when the “SPECIAL OLYMPIAN” came to the ring but Michaels went right for him to “HELP HIM”.

It’s often been speculated if this was REAL or a plant, but in my opinion it was all a work. Right away Michaels knows what to do, RIGHT AWAY McMahon notes he is a Special Olympian. Would he react that way without a good look on a given day? I don’t think so. That’s way too risky and it showed Austin as heartless to attack

Michaels while he was doing this.
Either way back in the ring Shawn got a hold of Austin’s left arm and slapped on an armbar.

Austin then had his arm twisted, Steve countered it and flipped his arm over, but Shawn then threw Steve to the mat and then flipped off Austin and the females cheer.

Austin goes outside the ring for a walk and then Shawn helped the fan to the back as referee Tim White did as well. Austin then let Shawn into the ring as he held the middle rope open for him.

Shawn leaped up to the ring apron and then got into the ring. Both men again circled around each other and Austin yanked Shawn’s left shoulder so hard it almsot fell out of its socket said McMahon, he twisted it a few times into a front facelock. Both men with counters and then a side headlock takedown by Shawn to Austin.

Quick action and it looks so good here because both guys move around so well together especially during this time period.
Michaels kept a side headlock to Austin and then he kicked off the top rope and Michaels kept it on until he hit a shoulder block, then Austin leaped up and hit HBK with a reverse elbow and then Austin posed.

Stone Cold taunted Shawn by doing his signature pose and the males in the front few rows cheered. Michaels snapped Steve over and then kept a headlock on him.

Michaels kept a standing side headlock on until steve pushed him to the ropes and he hit a shoulder block and then irish whipped Ausdtin, he ducked, leap frogged him and then Stone Cold hit an Atomic Drop on Michaels who was going for a Lou Thesz Press!

Austin then clotheslined Michaels VERY HARD outside the ring.

The two then brawled outside the ring!

Austin set up Shawn from outside the ring apron to inside the ring but he countered in mid-air with a sunset flip and then went into an armbar.

This match is unbelievable

A lot like Steamboat/Austin with how crisp/quick and enthralling the pace to the match was.
Austin needed to go for a walk after Michaels armbar to Austin and then a little psychology portrayed by Austin as he just stared into the eyes of Shawn and then came back in the ring and wanted to test power.

Steve and Shawn tie up in mid-ring with a test of stength in the center of the ring.

Austin flapped his arms as if Shawn was scared and then Austin won the test of strength and then shook his head like he usually did with one of his signature taunts which got a reaction. Austin stretched Michaels arms with control of his wrists with Michaels down on his knees.

Michaels slowly got back to his vertical base and both men were level to one another face to face, having gone at a magnificent pace.

Michaels with a hard irish whip to Austin and then a back drop! Michaels went to the side ropes, attempted to drop an elbow to Austin’s head but he moved out of the way and

HBK hit the mat hard.

Austin got up and went off the ropes and then went to drop an elbow of his own but HBK moved out of the way and the crowd found that humerous.
Shawn got up and slapped an armbar right back on Austin’s weakened left arm as he stomped on the canvas floor for more leverage and additional tork. Shawn then backed off the ropes with Austin’s power but he came off with a shoulder block, ducked a clothesline, but then Austin hit the Thesz Press which scored a big pop.
Austin then hammered HBK with hard right hands, went for a pinning combination but HBK rolled Austin up, Austin countered, the two men continued to flip over one another with awesome pinning combinations via inside cradles, Austin flipped over using HBK’s legs for leverage and then HBK bridged out and Austin tossed him over the top rope. What a great exchange that was.

Jim Ross says he doesen’t think he’s heard a crowd get into something as much as this. I don’t know about that but they definitely were in the match, that’s for sure!
Stone Cold grabbed HBK’s hair and then smacked his face into the top rope and left him hanging there until Steve hit his back with a hard forearm shot that sent him into the steel.

Austin went to the top rope and posed with his arms in the air.

Austin then moved the mat on the outside exposing the concrete floor.
Steve then scooped up Michaels and dropped his abdomen on the steel. Austin rolled back in the ring and Shawn layed there on the outside hurt.

Both guys clubbed at one another on the outside and Steve irishwhipped HBK into the steel steps for further damage on the outside.

Stone Cold Steve Austin then dropped him stomach first on the exposed concrete. You have to give Shawn credit for his bumping skills, he sure can flop around out there to make matters. Steve then goes in the ring and does a Bret Hart pose and some cheer, some boo, JR says he doesen’t give a damn what they do.

Steve then pulled HBK back into the ring and hammered him with a series of right hands until he dodged a clothesline after Austin elevated him to the side of the ring. HBK was to the outside as Austin avoided contact and Steve dropped an elbow to him and threw him back in the ring.

HBK with a small package and he got a two, then Austin hit him with a hard clothesline upon getting up and he got another two. Nearfall after Nearfall made this extremely entertaining.

Austin then snapped Shawn over and went to the corner and targetted HBK’s injured mid-section and landed an elbow drop but only got a two!

This has been fantastic from the sound of the opening bell.

Steve slapped on a side headlock to catch a breath and Austin wasn’t sweating nearly as much as Shawn likely due to Shawn recently having returned you’d have to imagine due to conditioning levels.

But it was such a brilliant pace that both men were fatigued and Steve looked to wear down Shawn some more as Shawn had been in control early in the match, Austin more so in the middle to later stages as we saw a brilliant near fall series, now were nearing the climax.

Austin argued with Tim White and it bought HBK time to get up and get in a fist fight with Steve until he hit him with a shoulder block and sent him outside the ring! Michaels with a baseball slide to Austin on the outside. Michaels then grabbed Steve by the head and suplexed him from the outside ring apron back into the ring but Austin landed on his feet! Steve swinging and missed Shawn and was then sent to the ropes and HBK hit a flying forearm and kicked up. Steve went for rights back up but got sent to the ropes and hit with a back body drop by Shawn.




HBK built back up some much needed momentum and hit an inverted atomic drop to Austin. Michaels sent Austin into the corner and then he charged towards the turnbuckle to Austin but he moved out of the way crashing in shoulder first. Austin pulled on Shawn’s tights to expose his ass for the 56th time in his career.

Austin stomped on Michaels in the corner before sending him to the other corner where Shawn landed feet first on the top and sprung back with a cross body and got a two. Austin then immeditately back to his feet with a hard clothesline then another two count. Austin sent HBK to the corner and then Michaels stopped and countered by sending Steve Austin into Tim White who gets knocked down.

HBK went for Sweet Chin Music, Austin reversed it into A Stunner as the place pops, but no official! Stone Cold is pissed.

Ross says “Austin did it! Austin did it! Austin did it!” three times and he was just the color commentator here!

Tim White got up and then Austin hit a stunner on him and of course everyone just loved that “Attitude.”

HBK then hit a sweet chin music to Austin. Michaels had the cover but Mike Keota went to check on Tim White instead of counting the three so Michaels hit a Sweet Chin Music to Keota.

Michaels then got a two count and HBK grabbed Tim White and Earl Hebner ran out. Earl Hebner then decided to stop the match as both men had literally gone through it all.

The match ends when both men were disqualified after they attacked the referee at 22:29 of the match.

If you’ve never seen the ending to this match before you’ll be dissapointed. It’s a shame but it kept both guys looking strong which is key. It doesen’t effect my rating very much because I’m such a huge fan of the match and it’s the two men’s best work with each other. (That’s out there)

Austin and HBK continued to be out to get the other one as they stood there with the title belts.

So in the end at 22:29 Both men were disqualified after they attacked the referee.

This match is brilliant. Perhaps no match shows Austin in his absolute prime better then this one, what made matters even better was that Shawn was also arguably in his as well.

A huge upgrade on the Mania match they`d have a year later when both men were hurt.

This is somewhere in the top 50 matches in company history from where I sit.


“Me and Shawn Michaels had our best matches at House Shows, that’s just the way it works in Pro-Wrestling sometimes. All I know is that whenever you get in the ring with him you better bring your best, because he is.”

You’ve got to love Stone Cold Steve Austin’s entrance in this match, he tells the Hart Foundation that he’ll kick there ass on his way back. Austin then turns around like he owns the event, he remembers what happened at the last King of the Ring PPV.




**** 1/2






10) Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dude Love vs The British Bulldog and Owen Hart (c) for the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship -WWF Raw Summer 1997


This is a match where you might take a look at it on the set or on the listing of the set and scratch your head. It’s perfectly justified. Why on earth would they give a match like this valuable time on a disc for a superstar like Steve Austin? There is a ton of GOOD material they could of used instead but there are a few reasons for this choice I’d imagined

It’s rare.

It’s in a time period where Austin was still in his prime pre-neck injury and he had to carry the work load in a handicapped match for a great portion of the match.

It shows the debut of Dude Love and is pretty entertaining.

Also, I can’t really complain a whole lot considering they have yet another match with Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith as a team on the set, since as mentioned they are my favourite team ever.

Austin was insanely popular entering the ring after the Tag Team Champions entered and Austin attacked both of them from the beginning. Stone Cold Steve Austin then kicked at The Bulldog in the corner of the ring and then threw Owen Hart into another corner and stomped on him, and the fans were eating it all up. Jim Ross put over the fact Steve Austin was all by himself doing this against a credible team like Davey Boy and Owen which of course made Stone Cold look even more bad ass which is why the fans absolutely loved him in the Summer of 1997. Austin hit some right hands to Owen and then snapped a vertical suplex on Owen an then irish whipped him and Owen ducked Austin’s clothesline attempt and came off the other side of the ropes quickly and delivered a beautiful spinning heel kick like only Owen Hart could. He didn’t win the Wrestling Observer’s best High Flyer in the late 80’s two years in a row for nothing.

Owen with a devistating move to Austin and now this opened up the door of oppurtunity for the geat tandem offense from Owen and Davey Boy Smith to go to work on The Rattlesnake who was all on his own here. Stone Cold Steve Austin then down on the mat and Owen Hart up and the legal man as Davey Boy Smith was on the ring apron, Owen just stomped on Austin and then irish-whipped him but Austin reversed it and then Owen came off the side ropes and kicked at Austin’s chest who bent down and then Owen went for a spinning heel kick but Austin ducked and then delivered a clothesline to Owen Hart. Austin then went for a Sharpshooter on Owen and Bulldog came in and attacked Austin. Owen and The Bulldog double teamed Austin. Bulldog and Owen stomped on him and then Davey Boy Smith was the legal man. The Bulldog then with hard forearm shots to Austin’s back and he then recieved more right hands in the corner before a hard irish whip to Austin who came from the corner with a clothesline and then he scopoped up Davey Boy and he turned the tide by tossing Austin over the top rope as Owen dropped the top rope to help his partner the Bulldog out.

On the outside of the ring Owen dropped him down and beat on him and then Owen sent him into the steel steps behind Earl Hebner’s back as he was talking to the Bulldog inside the ring. Davey Boy waved the Canadian Flag.

All of the sudden a foot was seen stomping on the floor backstage on the titan tron and Austin gave Owen a shoulder block in the ring, and then Owen and Bulldog sent Austin to the ropes and he gave them a double clothesline showing he could tough it out on his own. Owen and Bulldog pulled on one leg of Austin and stretched it and then Bulldog took a leg out of Austin and stomped on the canvas. Owen then threw Austin to the corner and slammed him hard to the mat, Owen then “woo’d!” Owen went to the top rope and flew off but Austin caught him in the mid-section and gave him some right hands and then Austin stomped on Owen in the corner. Bulldog got knocked off the apron by Austin who was inside the ring and then Owen Hart got back dropped to the outside of the ring!



Dude Love then appeared on the screen saying he didn’t blame Austin for not teaming up with Mankind but he needed the hippest Cat around! Dude Love lives screamed JR after he came out. King and Austin wondered what the hell was going on as Dude Love danced around the ring and Austin put his hands on his head which was hysterical. Owen then knocked on Austin from behind and Austin tagged in Dude Love. Dude then irish whipped Owen to the corner and kicked him in the mid-section and then ran his knee into Owen’s face. Owen raked the eyes of the Dude and then Austin refused to tag in Dude and Owen tagged in the Bulldog.

Bulldog irish-whipped Foley to the corner and then went for a powerslam but he flipped behind him and applied a mandible claw to Bulldog and then Owen tried to come in the ring and he successfully broke the mandible claw as he gave him a dropkick!

Austin came in the ring behind Hebner’s back as he was telling Owen to leave and he gave Bulldog a Stunner! JR marks out.

Dude Love covered Bulldog and then they got the three and Austin’s music hit and then Dude and Austin got the title belts as the fans went wild.

Dude then handed both titles to Austin. All of the sudden some groupies came into the ring and JR calls him a Sex Idol. Hillarious.
Austin gave him a title belt and then he shook his hand and Dude danced with his ladies.

The first time Austin showed any kind of emotion to another person likely in a positive way anyway.

Fun but more for show then anything else.




** 1/2





11) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Owen Hart (c) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship “if Steve Austin loses he must kiss Owen Hart’s Ass” -WWF Summerslam 1997


And I’m afraid Austin is hurt….and hurt BADLY……….”Vince McMahon

Austin came out to an amazing pop as he was one of the if not the hottest stars in the entire industry (counting WCW) at this time.

Stone Cold and Owen Hart had a personal rivalry but the belt still mattered.

As Micheal Cole attempted to grab a word with Stone Cold he said “You’re fixin to kiss my ass if you don’t get out of my way!”

Austin looked in good shape here (well yeah, it was before the injury) but he was red hot with the crowd and when celebrating fingered Owen inbetween posing and Owen didn’t like it and attacked Austin’s knees from right in under him.

Owen then ducked a clothesline from Austin as Steve hit the Lou Thesz press and a series of right hands and Austin sent Owen hard sternum first into the corner then raked the head of Owen and slammed him to the mat twice. This was Steve’s first Summerslam match on PPV despite beating Yokozuna in the Free-For-All the year before.

Austin missed Owen on the side and hit the ropes but still caught Owen with a hard clothesline and a nearfall. Austin then grabbed Owen’s left arm and twisted it as the fans continued to chant his name. They were amazingly loud in this match compared to the other ones. Austin then with a wrist lock as the fans chanted USA. Austin continued to twist the wrist of Owen as Austin drove his knee into the bicep trying to Charlie Horse the upper arm, as JR said Owen had to technically compete with Austin and Owen began to flip over as he did so well but Austin gave Owen a thumb to the eye.

Austin then got caught in an arm bar by Owen and the two kept exchanging arms with the other until Austin’s slammed Owen and he fell back on it as the fans cheered.

Owen did get the better of this exchange though and caught The Rattlesnake with a Spinning Heel Kick. Austin then went face first into the steel ring post as King called it a beautiful move by Owen. Hart then slammed Austin into the steel steps and Austin then tried to break Austin’s hand since he loved those punches so much and stomped on his hand on the top of the steel steps.

That move would be a focus point for Owen during this match.

Inside the ring Owen then tried to BITE on that hand and then stomped on it some more. He grabbed Austin’s wrist and tried to seperate his fingers then tried to specifically BREAK THE MIDDLE FINGER. Owen then bit Austin’s finger which was hilarious.

Austin was tied up in the ropes and the fans chanted “Let’s GO AUSTIN”

Owen flew off the ropes but Austin caught him with a Stun Gun!

Austin then hit a hard spine buster and then a clothesline to the outside!

The pace to this match was beyond fantastic! Owen had enough and walked away but Austin chased after him and hit him with a hard clothesline from behind right beside the entrance way. Austin then threw Owen’s head into the top of one of the stages near the entrance way where The Govenor of New Jersey had stood earlier in the night.

Austin then had Owen where he wanted him in the center of the ring.

Steve got sent to the ride by Owen and caught a desperation move by Owen, a NICE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX followed by a neck breaker to Austin!

(You wish this was the ONLY NECK BRAKER of the match)

Owen then dropped an elbow and scooped up Austin and slammed him to the canvas! This match has had a brilliant pace, never slow and the crowd was into it the whole time once again. Owen flies off the top with an elbow but only gets a two.

Owen twisted Austin’s neck and had him in a Neck Vice.

Jim Ross strangely says “Austin in his career HAS HAD NECK PROBLEMS.” It’s almost like they KNEW what was going to happen.

Owen with a hard irishwhip to the buckle on Austin but Stone Cold fires back with a nice clothesline. Austin goes for the Sharpshooter but Owen gets out of it and drove his knee into the high neck of Austin. Jim Ross says it’s almost like Owen drew a bulls eye on the neck of Austin. Yeah, that’s fairly accurate as the crowd chanted Lets Go Austin some more.


Owen came off with a side suplex from the corner but Austin rolled over after the near fall and caught a German Suplex when Owen turned around and he thought he had got a three. Owen then damaged Steve’s neck some more and locked on a camel clutch.

Vince calls it a TREMENDOUS match up. It really was.

Some more solid wrestling between Owen and Austin but Owen kept up the pressure on the neck of Austin.

Vince: “There is a SEA of Austin 3:16 shirts in the arena, no question he is insanely popular.”

The match is going nicely and Owen goes for a gut wrench suplex.

You all know what happens here, Owen botches the piledriver and Austin can’t get up.

He knew the stipulation was a “KISS MY ASS” so he made sure he rolled up Owen, as Hebner told Owen what to do after a shaken up Owen improvised and killed time.

He would yell “CAN-A-D-A, CAN-A-D-A”, “Now he’s gonna have to kiss my ass!”

Rough night for both guys.

The finish went down at 16:16, a little earlier then expected obvioussly due to the unfortunate piledriver incident and Austin rolled up Owen in one of the weakest looking roll up/inside cradle’s known to man (who is going to blame him after being damn near paralyzed) and he got the count. Owen kicked out to not make himself look weak right after the three but as Steve says in his book that kick out damaged his neck a lot more and he was in critical condition as that was a no brainer.

Still though, Austin celebrated with one hand in the air with the IC Title and he says it himself he has no idea how he did it. The refs helped him to the back after he tried to do it himself but couldn’t. Austin is the toughest son of a bitch in the WWF and this night here proved it and they ran with it and made as hit load of money, they revolutionized the industry off of a REAL life angle right here showing Steve’s toughness.

This match was heading places, I shi*t you not this was going near **** territory until the botch.


Austin said it himself on his DVD that his chemistry with Owen was almost as good as his chemistry with Bret. This match was the best the two had one on one anyway until that botch and the unfortunate ending. It wrecked Austin and forced him into an early retirement but at the same time he managed to fight through the injury and go more into a brawling style that DID luckily suit his BAD SOB character after all. So things worked out in the long run despite him living every day in pain still.

Awesome until you know what…..still a great match overall, there’s absolutely NO DENYING THAT AT ALL.

Steve Austin was the highest draw and the hottest star in the company so why he was winning the IC title is kind of puzzling. By this point the Wrestling Observer said his Austin 3:16 shirt was selling every 32 seconds in North America. This was of course why Vince was so devistated as they could not afford to lose there hottest star as said in The Monday Night Wars.

This was a terrific match till the injury but the botch and ending knock it down half a star at least.




*** 1/2



12) Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs Dude Love for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -WWF In Your House Unforgiven April 1998



“Vince McMahon wants to come and sit at ringside during this match, well he’s only done that at one other match and someone else ended up getting screwed out of the title!”Jim Ross

Another questionable match for the DVD.
The only Dude Love vs Austin match worthy of a DVD mention is the Over the Edge classic a month after this that is already on Foley’s hits and misses DVD.

That is the the reason they went with this match and instead of his title victory at WM 14 over Shawn, they give us this, when they could of slapped on his Highway to Hell match with Taker instead from Summerslam.

Either way this match is still a great effort for sure.

This was about a week after Raw beat Nitro in the ratings for the first time in two years. It was when Austin and McMahon were going to battle on Raw and then Dude Love came out and attacked Steve Austin to set up an opponent for Austin’s first PPV title defense, but in reality the real feud of the company was between Steve Austin and Vince McMahon.

Austin was paranoid during the match about being screwed during the match by Mr. McMahon for the title.

Steve Austin when he came out still got an amazing pop as expected in 1998 as Champion, and this was his second appearance on the night in front of the crowd as he cut a promo earlier in the night in the ring.

Stone Cold Steve Austin got attacked by Dude Love from behind as he was posing with the title but Steve turned the ride and hammered him with some rights and then slammed him into the corner. Austin then slammed Dude’s back/neck into the mat a bunch of times. Austin warned the timekeeper not to ring the bell early like in the Bret match at Survivor Series 97.

Austin with a vicious elbow into the collar bone of Dude Love and then choked him out on the middle rope before dropping the leg on Dude’s back! Austin then outside the ring apron dropped an elbow to Dude Love’s face! Austin slammed Dude onto the steel gaurd rail head first and then threw him back in the ring. Dude roleld out and went for a walk and Austin then chased him up the aisle and clotheslined him hard as he went for a roll and the fans went wild as Austin flipped him off.

Good start to this match for sure. Austin is amazing JR says, popularity is unmatched.

Steve then scooped Dude up and slammed him hard on a stage by the entrance where Double J sang a country song earlier in the night.

Jim Ross did such a good job portraying how hard some attitude era bumps were with his emotion.

Austin then threw Dude Love off the stage to the CONCRETE FLOOR!


His back literally cracked the floor (just a month or two before the Cell match with Taker) and JR did his usual “you can’t break that fall!” type comment.

Austin then moved the mat and slammed Dude on the floor again this time by the ring. Then Austin dropped Dude Love on the gaurd rail head first. Austin just kicking the living hell out of Dude Love so far in this match which kept the crowd loud and lively during the match.

Stone Cold then choked out Dude Love on the ropes and went to drop his leg on his back and landed on the middle ropes as Foley moved out of the way. Dude Love then in control and irish whipped Austin to the corner and drove his head hard into the mat. Steve then down on the mat and Dude Love went off the ropes and dropped the elbow hard into Austin!

Dude Love then hammered Austin in the corner with some right hands and then stomped on him in the corner and choked him out while the crowd chanted for Austin! Austin got up and then hit a huge clothesline on the Dude! Austin then irish whipped to the ropes by Dude and he hit him with a knee to the gut!

Dude targetted the injured neck of the Rattlesnake and then drove his elbow into it as it hung off the ring apron.

Dude snapped Austin over and crossed his legs around Steve’s waist and choked him out laying down on the mat.

Vince McMahon then walked out with the Stooges and the place booed.

Gerald Brisco grabbed a chair and made sure Mr. MacMan could sit down and then he looked at the timekeeper and gave him a nod. (all a play from Montreal)

Austin then got out of it and was all fired up as he saw Vince at ringside and got up on Dude and then stomped on him and then fingered Vince and the place went crazy.

Austin then knocked down Dude Love and then grabbed him by the leg right in front of Vince and slammed his leg on the ring post. Austin then kept ramming Dude’s leg on the post and Austin kept stomping on Dude Love’s mid-section. Austin then hammered Dude Love with a series of right hands and then kicked him to the outside and the place went crazy as Mr. McMahon shook his head as he didn’t like what he saw. Austin then got ready to piledrive Dude Love on the concrete floor and Austin pointed to Vince and said this is for him, and then Dude Love back dropped Austin to the floor.

Austin taking a big bump in this match like he would at the match at Over the Edge the next month. King said JR could be replaced and Ross said the ratings had never been this good for what that’s worth.

Austin then chased McMahon up the aisle after he taunted him on his back. Dude then chased Austin up the aisle way and hit him from behind with a forearm shot. Dude Love raked the back of Austin near the entrance way and then Austin limped towards the ring still selling his back.

Stone Cold Steve Austin got on the ring apron and Dude Love tried to suplex him back into the ring and then Dude with a neck breaker along the top rope from Foley to Austin showing some good psychology following up on his injured neck, and making the most out of a situation which saw a series of counters as both men tried to suplex each other either in or out of the ring.

McMahon told Austin to be a man and get back in the ring.

Dude Love irish whipped Austin and he locked on an abdominal stretch.

Vince told the timekeeper to ring the bell!

JR freaks out.

Austin reverses the abdominal stretch and hit a hiplock and Vince looks furious that the match didn’t end.

I almost forgot that this match was pretty good afterall!

Dude rammed Steve into the steps. Crowd chanted for Austin some more and then Dude Love with a front facelock outside the ring went for a suplex and Austin suplexed Dude Love legs first into the steel steps!

Huge SPOT!

Dude then got flipped over the gaurd rail and Austin hammered him with big rights and lefts, more and more of the same in succession. Austin then with a ton of fuel in the tank and he threw him over the gaurd rail and back into the ring.

Dude came off the ropes with a neck breaker which bought him some time. Dude Love had been tossed off a stage, and landed on metal stairs and he could take pain time and time again.

Dude then in the corner tried to tune up the band being a heart throb and all. Dude then went for it and hit the ref as Austin ducked.

Stone Cold went for a Stunner but Dude pushed him to the ropes and caught him with the mandible claw, and then as Austin faded he fought out of it but Austin fell to the mat.

Great action!

Austin was down and out and McMahon came into the ring to try and wake up Keota. Dude signalled for the mandible claw again and then Austin back dropped him from inside the ring over the top rope to the outside. Physical Match!

Austin and Vince fought for the chair on the outside of the ring. Dude then grabbed the chair and went for Austin but he hit him with an elbow. McMahon tried to help Dude up and then Austin cracked McMahon in the head with a chair and flipped him off and the fans went crazy. They would play with this angle as “Did he mean to do it!?”

Austin then stunnered Dude Love in the ring and counted his own three.

He’d later be DQ’d but he kept the title. Fans went crazy, good ending.

A match that was way better then I had originally thought, awesome booking with McMahon at ringside, good crowd, insane bumping by Foley as usual, even some from Austin and good action throughout. Obvioussly over a full star lower then the classic the next month but still a Great Match!



*** 1/4





13) Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs Kane (W/Paul Bearer) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship in a First Blood Match -WWF King of the Ring 1998


Kane still talked with a voice box and said the blood would be for real at King of the Ring! (When showing clips of him pooring blood on Austin.)
Austin had said he had been bloodied before and he wasn’t afraid to be again.

Steve said it was Vince’s way of stacking the odds against him since Kane was covered in a suit and mask so it would make it hard for him to bleed.

Austin came out to a thunderous roar and ducked Kane’s clothesline and came off the ropes with a great deal of momentum and the crowd behind him and hit the Lou Thesz Press on Kane.

Austin had an infection in his elbow at the time and was in the Hospital for a few days before this and the crowd chanted for Austin as Kane was choking him out in the corner.

Austin clotheslined Kane as he got back to his feet and then got irish whipped and Kane went for a tombstone but Austin landed on his feet and threw Kane over the top rope and he landed on his feet. Austin with hard right hands to Kane and then slammed him head first into the steps in attempt to SOMEHOW bust him open. The leather mask provided him with some protection though.

The Cell then began to lower and Ross says we saw enough of it for one night.

Kane dropped Austin on the security railing. Kane threw Austin against the ring apron and then hard into the steps. Kane then in control as the Cell was lowering. Austin hit Kanw eith hard rights and then Kane irish whipped Austin face first into the Cell that had almost finished lowering.

The Cage had almost lowered completely on Austin as Kane was choking him out. Kane then slammed his head into the Cell. The Cell was completely lowered.

Kane then hit Austin with a hard uppercut and then irish whipped him hard into the Cell again.

Flesh off of Steel over and over and Austin looked tired probably due to his tempature at the time. Kane again threw him into the steps. Austin was bloody on his back but JR said that the ref wouldn’t stop the match over something minor.

Austin then sent Kane hard into the door of the Cell and then the Cell was starting to raise and Kane was hung on the Cell and he grabbed Austin by the neck as he was hung out to dry…


Stone Cold Steve Austin then got Kane out of that predicament and then they brawled in the aisle and Austin slammed him into the railing on both sides. Austin went for a piledriver to Kane but he elevated him up with a back bodydrop to Austin.

Steve hit the concrete floor back first and they show Vince with Sable from a luxory box.

Kane with a series of shots and he fall to his back on the KOTR entrance. Kane then went for a suplex but Austin tried reversing it and then Kane landed one on the ramp way! Austin another hard shot to his back that had already been bloodied, as the Austin chants continue.

Austin and Kane battling near the entrance way as there were obvioussly no count outs in a First Blood Match. Austin then down on his stomach and Kane picked up a security railing and then dropped it on his head and then Kane hit him with a hard right hand. McMahon obvioussly cheering for Kane. Austin with hard right hands to Kane and then he kicked him in the mid-section and slammed his head against the corner.

The Cell was still halfway down, and Austin then tossed Kane to the outside of the ring and he hit hard and began walking up the aisle way again and then Austin slammed Kane into the gaurd railing again. Austin then slammed Kane’s head near the timekeeper’s table and dropped him face first on the announce table. Austin then slammed Kane with a fan head first in attempt to bust him open. Kane then threw Austin out of desperation into the gaurd rail and it knocked the ref out.

Kane then jumped off the top rope and hit Austin with a big clothesline. Gasoline was near ringside because the stipulation was Kane had to set himself on fire if he lost.

Kane then jumped off the top rope with a flying clothesline attempt again but he missed and Austin just stomped away on him and threw his head into the buckle and kicked away at his mid-section to take the big man off his feet.

Mankind then ran to the ring with a Chair as if he hadn’t gone through enough on the night. Austin then stunnered Mankind. Stone Cold flipped him off but then landed into a chokeslam attempt from Kane but he caught the Stunner as well!

Kane is down and then Taker then walked out in a tee shirt with a chair.

Taker had a chair and went to hit Mankind but ended up hitting Austin and it hit his chair which busted him open. Taker beat on Kane and Mankind his two greatest rivals.

Taker poored Gas on the ref and then Kane hit his brother with a chair. Kane went for Austin with a chair and then Austin hit a flying clothesline on Kane, carnage everywhere. Austin hit Kane with a chair extremely hard.

Hebner got up and asked to ring the bell.

Austin was bleeding and they made Kane the new WWF Champion! This could be good as long as it doesen’t last 24 hours!


14) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Kane (c) (W/Paul Bearer) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -WWF Raw is War June 29th 1998



Why? Austin won the title in this match, but why not show a better match where he won the title? HBK at WM 14. Taker in 99 on Raw….Buried Alive Taker match…. Rock at WM 15. Hell, Angle on Raw in 2001. Oh well.

Kane came into his first and only match as the Federation’s Champion!

Good opening segment to this Raw show.

Kane decided he’d give Austin a re-match by nodding even though Paul Bearer and Vince McMahon didn’t like it.

Austin then got in the ring signalled he’d become Champion.

It was a hot summer night in 1998 (and no I’m not writing a novel) and the World Wrestling Federation was red hot according to Jim Ross. It really as and Austin who was already sick and had been through a bloody war the night before came out with a lot of attitude and the crowd ate it up.

Kane came to the ring announced as the Champion for the only time ever by the ring announcer in Glen Jacobs’s decade plus in the WWE.

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s right elbow was still injured and he hit Kane with hard right hands in the corner. Kane turned the ride and hit hard shots and the fans booed. Kane with a big uppercut to Austin. Kane then irish whipped Austin and then he caught Kane with a high knee shot. Austin dropped some elbows onto Kane. Kane then caught a ton of right hands by Steve Austin.

The Fans legitimately wanted Austin to become Champion again that Kane’s heat was LEGIT.

Austin caught Kane with a clothesline off the ring apron to the outside that knocked him down right after Kane dodged a Stunner attempt.

Austin sent Kane into the ring steps hard twice hitting shoulder first!

Austin sent Kane into the steel again and then back into the ring.

Kane though reversed the momentum and threw him into the corner turnbuckle. Kane ducked a clothesline and then came off the ropes and Autin hit a Lou Thesz press! Austin then dragged Kane from the outside and then slammed his big leg into the ring post. Taking a big man off his vertical base is always a smart move, and then inside the ring Austin targetted the knee and took him down. Austin then went to grab Kane by the legs but he over powered him by kicking him to the outside. Kane with his big reach just lifted a leg and went over the top rope to the outside and then Kane picekd Austin up and sent him hard into the steel steps outside the ring. Kane grabbed Austin and then picked him up and dropped him chest first on the gaurd rail!

Kane choked Austin with his boot as the crowd chanted for Steve Austin.

King said Kane is a role model, his lips had never touched liqour. Hillarious. Kane irish whipped Austin into the corner.

Kane had Austin down on the mat and was in control of the challenger.

Kane then choked out Austin in the corner with his boot and then raked his face. Paul Bearer took his shoe off and then hit Austin with it and JR said he thought he smelt something. King hillariously said he didn’t see it and it was literally right in front of him. Kane with a hard right hand and sent Austin in the ring.

Kane with a sleeper on Austin.

Taker then walked to the ring.

Kane with a hard slam. And another. Kane then stepped over the top rope and flew from the top just like he did the previous night and met Austin with a mid-air collision with a flying clothesline.

Referee Earl Hebner got a long two count and Kane slapped back a sleeper on Austin as the crowd chanted for The Rattlesnake.

Austin got out of it and then got right into a choke slam! Kane then stood tall as WWF Champion and the crowd booed.

Kane picked Austin up and went for a tombstone but Austin fell and countered it into a Stunner attempt but Kane threw him to the ropes and then AUSTIN HIT THE STUNNER!


Everyone in attendance is jumping and this was one of the loudest pops that I’d forgotten about. I got chills from re-watching this!

Undertaker stepped into the ring and then he got a Stunner himself and the crowd went crazy again, paying him back for the King of the Ring and would eventually set up the feud for the Summer.

Probably one of the best Raw matches of 1998 if not the very best.

Actually, much better then I remembered but still there are better choices out there for an Austin DVD. One Kane match is enough but this was very good!



** 3/4




Disc 3 Extra’s:

-Stone Cold Steve Austin is the Gladiatior: The Commercial from the beginning of WM 21.
-WWE Experience: Making of the Commercial “The Gladiatior”. Decent for comedy but just lasts a few minutes.
-Stone Cold is Not Mr. McMahon’s Son: The Segment from SNME 2007. Good fun here. This is an extended version so it’s the only part of the Extra’s from the DVD where you don’t feel completely ripped off. It has Mr. McMahon sing with The Coach on it. (Other then the Funk and Austin segment from Disc 1)
Overall as stated the Extra’s are lacking in such a big way on this set overall though.


Disc 3 Matches:






15) Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs The Rock in a NO DQ Match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship (W/Shane McMahon as Special Ref) -WWF Backlash 1999



There was a lot better about this match then there was at Wrestlemania 15.

For one Austin remembered his vest. That is always nice.

Two, they brought more out in each other in the battle of a classic attitude era brawl.

The fans were more into The Rock more and more each week in 1999 and by this point he was practically a Face, the only reason he was not completely cheered for is because how god-like Austin was over.

For fun, The Rock would turn Face turning his back on Shane and the Corporation the next night on Raw, if you did not know. Enter, the peoples champion.

Anyways here we go with this one!

Austin and The Rock is always a good time!

Shane-O-Mac walks to the ring as the active Chairman of the Federation and Special Ref of the match to No Chance in Hell.

Rock comes out to a mixed-reaction, remembering he would turn babyface the next night on Raw. WCW was dying around this time…why….look no further then these two guys.

Something which everybody knows.

Rock came out with the Smoking Skull Belt and got a big ovation, thankfully the company knew they could capitalize on this with Rocky as a BABYFACE and they did this RIGHT by not changing his character like they did with say Randy Orton in 2004. If Orton had remained his COCKY self, dare I say his face run may of worked.

The glass hit and the crowd explodes and Austin REMEMBERED his vest.

Austin ran to the ring threw the title and the place explodes in a No Holds Barred match.

The reaction from the crowd was so electrifying compared to any other match on the night and Shane McMahon had a tough job ahead of him. The vest is off and Austin hit the Lou Thesz Press to Rocky early, flipped him off and drove the elbow into The Rock.

Rocky however came off the ropes and hit a swinging neck-breaker. Rocky stomps on Austin in the corner but Stone Cold Steve Austin fought out of the corner with hard rights, it did not take this Attitude Era main event style brawl to go to the outside of the ring as Rocky sent Stone Cold Steve Austin to the outside landing on the mat.

Rock trasht-talks the crowd as he stomps on Steve Austin. Rock slammed Austin into the security railing and then with a fire extinguisher hits Austin right in the head. This match was not No Holds Barred until Shane made it that way on Heat before the show.

Austin kicked Rock in the gut until Austin bumped hard into the Backlash entrance fence, Rocky with a hard irishwhip sending Austin crashing into all steel. Big bump.

Rock then did not let Austin go as he layed the Smackdown on Austin, fans kept chanting his name despite Rock gaining massive popularity. That is how you know Steve Austin is over. I heard he made anywhere from 9-11 million (not counting merchandise) in 1999 the most any wrestler in any year ever.

His popularity was more over then anyone in 98-99. Not even Hogan in 87 could out-pop this guy.

Steve lifted his middle fingers as he fought back on Rocky on the fence and he clotheslined him on top of the fence!

Awesome action thus far!

If Austin gets DQd he would lose the title, or layed hands on Shane, those were the rules. Austin throws Rock into a bunch of steel boxes. Austin jumps on Rock and the hatred these men had for one another was clearly evident. Austin throws Rock into the security railing. Austin then drove a metal box into the head of Rocky.

Austin climbed on top and dropped an elbow to the head of The Rock.

This match is worked a lot like the Over the Edge 1998 match Austin had with Dude Love, another classic Austin match. Also one of the best matches in the career of Mick Foley.

Rocky fought back when it mattered still on the concrete near the entrance way and then Rock sent Austin into the camera and a hard clothesline knocked down Stone Cold Steve Austin on the concrete. The Rattlesnake was down as Rock choked Austin some more. Rock hits his signature move or one of them.



Austin and Rock continued to battle as if this was there last match. Both guys closer to their prime and that is why this match worked so well. As both men get closer to the ring Austin sent Rock into the steel steps.

This is getting your moneys worth. What an awesome ride this is. Stone Cold stomped on Rock in the corner.

Shane taunted Austin by pushing him, Austin could not hit him back, Rock charged at Austin and he back-dropped him to the floor. Austin with a vicious clothesline to the Brahma Bull off the apron! Austin got Rock on the Spanish announce table and but Rock low-blowed the Rattlesnake and hit The Rock Bottom through the table to Stone Cold Steve Austin!

The Rock bottom through the table!

The Great One Flips off the Rattlesnake. God, these guys were good.


This would take some steam and momentum out of Stone Cold Steve Austin and his plans. Austin was so dominant in the match up until this point.

Rock gets on the Spanish headset and calls Austin a piece of trash, King says Rock speaks great Spanish.

Austin in the corner threw a chair out of desperation and Rock back-dropped Austin over the barricade onto the concrete floor.

The Rock in control now.

Rock uses the announce table as a tag team partner as Jim Ross says.

This is the most memorable spot of the match. The Rock got a headset on and filmed Austin down, soon enough he would get a Stunner while he filmed it as Austin flipped him off.

The table did not fully break but still an awesome moment none the less.

The feed was still strong despite the cables and cameras all over the place. Thankfully everything worked out. Great work.

Austin threw Rock in the ring. Oh yeah there is a ring!

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Rock down after both have went to hell and back, both guys barely back to their feet. Austin waited for Rock to turn around and instead of the Stunner Rock pushed Austin into Shane.

Rock hit the Rock Bottom to Austin.

Shane put Rock and his arm over Austin but only counted to two. Shane grabbed the title belt and now he was looking to hit Austin and as he went for Austin he ducked and he hit The Rock. Austin covered Rock but Shane flipped him off and ran out of the ring and Austin was beyond pissed off.

All of the sudden Vince McMahon came to the ring with the real title, Shane turned him around and Vince hit Shane in the head with the title. Of course all of this made no sense in the long run, revolving the higher power storyline.

Hebner comes back to officiate. Stunner!

Austin then hit Rock with the belt and won the match.

Ross yells, Stone Cold! Stone Cold!

So in the end at 17:07 Austin got the win.

This match is one of the very best matches in the Austin-Rock rivalry which says a great deal. A classic ride, perhaps the second or third best match they ever had together.

That is something special.

Great way to close the event!
 **** 1/4






16) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Eddie Guerrero -WWF Smackdown November 2000


Here’s a guess.

A Chris Benoit match was scheduled to be on this spot of the DVD. Whether that be the technical match they had on Raw from November of 2000 or whether it be one of their 2001 Classic’s, I imagine a Benoit-Austin match was in the works.

Chris Benoit is no longer allowed to be on DVD’s of course so they take him out and put in another deceased wrestler. Eddie Guerrero. That’s all fine because Austin loves Eddie and thinks he is a top 10 ever and Austin only regrets that he wasn’t at his best for this match. (Like he was in the Benoit matches)

It’s a rare match between two men that could of done some great things in 2002 had Austin been around and had not left before King of the Ring but it’s definitely not a classic or a GEM or anything like that.
Still nice to see it mentioned but it definately could of been a different match in this spot.

Austin interupted Eddie who was calling out Mr. 3:16 on an episode of Smackdown and then all hell broke loose. Eddie was funny on the mic before the match, he said he was going to start drinking some of his beer although it’s not as good as his liquor.

Austin trapped the Radicalz with a forklift backstage and Eddie’s eyes were priceless.

The fans chanted for Austin and it made for some entertaining television. It’s interesting that this match was a few days before the next match vesus HHH on this DVD set.

Austin then hit him with some right hands and then irish whipped Eddie and hit him with a Lou Thesz press. Austin dropped an elbow to the sternum of Eddie and the Rattlesnake was on fire. Austin hit a hard suplex to Eddie on the mat. Austin tossed him over the ropes to the outside and then grabbed him by the head and slammed him head first into the steel steps. Austin and Eddie both connected with a series of right hand’s outside the ring.

Eddie then took out the knees of Austin with steel chair shots outside the ring. Eddie then using good psychology followed up with it dragging the brace of Austin’s busted knee and slamming it into the ring post. “Eddie Sucks” chants filled the arena as Austin started to hit back with some right’s until Eddie gave him a poke to the eye.

Eddie then used the rope for leverage and kicked at Austin’s mid-section. Eddie then went for a baseball slide into the corner of the ring and Austin stomped on Eddie. Austin then outside the ring dragged Eddie’s boots and hit him groin first. Eddie let out a “OH MY GOD!” that is absolutely hysterical! He did that when Benoit chopped him in a match I went to live and I couldn’t stop laughing there either. Austin stomped on Eddie and then set him up with a Stunner and got the three count around the five minute mark.

Entertaining TV material but Austin controlled most of it. A hot crowd and entertaining personalities made up for it being short and nothing classic.


** 1/4





17) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Triple H in a NO DQ Match -WWF Survivor Series 2000


Steve said he wasn’t exactly firing on all cylinders yet and here’s another match that is sort of rare but it was still fun to watch.
Both these guys had awesome chemistry together and HHH said he gained the most from Austin being out a year. He really did rule all in the year 2000 and the proof of that is in the pudding if you look.

Triple H and Austin’s best match together was at No Mercy 1999 right before he went out a year and Austin bumped like crazy. There best match is the next on the DVD set and this is a pretty good one well with a memorable ending that is altered for this DVD because it had Benoit. They editted all Benoit involvment out of the ending which makes me wish they didn’t even have this match on the set in the first place if they were going to do things like that.

I would have rathered they include that awesome Triple H/Steve Austin match from No Mercy 1999 but that was on the Triple H DVD so what do you do?

Either way Austin got a great pop, Helmsley came out to some good heat and Austin fired some right hands to Triple H inside the ring to begin the match.

Steve cornered him and hammered hard onto Triple H. Two of Austin’s five Disc 3 matches include Triple H. A lot more could have if this DVD wasn’t so Benoit screwed. Austin choked out Hemsley on the middle rope. Steve wanted revenge here and that was the major motivation driven behind his agression he took out on HHH in the match.

This match is actually subpar when compared to anything else HHH did in the year but it’s still great. Triple H was just that good in 2000. Austin tripped up the psychotic Cerebral Assassin and then knocked him down with a right hand, before he gave him a hard forehand shot to the lower back/kidney’s of the Game. Austin then drove his knees into his spine while he choked him out on the middle rope. Austin yelled at HHH and said he was in for a long night. Austin wanted to punish the Game and then hammered him with some right hands until HHH hit a face buster. HHH bounced off the ropes but Austin reversed anything HHH was trying by eliminating options as he hit a Lou Thesz press! Austin then dropped an elbow to HHH’s neck and then threw him over the rope. Austin then drove Trips into the security gaurd rail throat first before hitting some right more right hands to the head of Helmsley. JR did a good job of putting over this war, this rivalry when the two brawled in the entrance way and Austin tossed HHH towards the steel railing. HHH got up and pushed him down and then hammered some right hands into him. HHH then did so again and irish whipped Austin into the side wall. HHH grabbed Austin by the bald head and smacked him face first into a wooden table on the outside.

HHH hammered on Austin with a big right hand and then he scored with another one. HHH got hit with a reverse chop as the two battled towards the back area. Austin then ran right through the Game. Austin then grabbed him and gave him some high knee shots to the abdomen. HHH had a weakened mid-section that Steve targetted pretty effectively. Austin then with a facelock to HHH but he hit a suplex on the carpet. Austin then who had surgery recently was worked over by Trips on the way to the ring and he threw Austin hard into them. Austin got up out of desperation and sent HHH into the time keeper’s area. Austin got a monitor and sent it right into HHH’s face and he was busted right open as Austin had a smile on his face. Good spot.

Austin with another hard right hand to HHH, measuring the Game and making sure Trips would have to suffer. Austin began to stomp harder on the outside onto HHH as the mud hole had been stumped. Steve used a beer cooler then and then toasted Triple H while down and drank a Steveweiser. Steve said he was thirsty and then Austin drank some more and gave him a hard shot to the bloodied head with a beer can. Awesome spot. Stone Cold drank some more beer and rammed HHH’s head into a beer fan. HHH was bloodied from the TV shot. Austin got better in this attitude era brawl as this one continued but HHH was on his game from the beginning, no pun intended.

HHH all bloodied in the ring was scared of Austin charging towards him with the ring bell and then he jumped on Austin and the two rolled on each other in the ring with each man in the driver’s seat. HHH with a low blow in the corner as there was NO DQ and HHH bought him some time in the ring. HHH irish whipped Austin to the ropes and then HHH countered a Stunner looking predicament into a swinging neck breaker. HHH knew that a neck breaker could do some damage to Austin. HHH then had him dazed and drove the point of his elbow to the throat of the Rattlesnake to measure him up. HHH choked Austin out by the ring post as he drove him head first in a vice like scenario.

The Cerebral Assassin all bloodied knew Austin had suffered neck trauma and then got up on the ring apron and clotheslined him hard. The fans chanted on Austin but he was lacking the drive here as Trips became the driver until Austin kicked him when HHH lowered his head. HHH resorted to yet another neck breaker but Austin had enough left in the tank to kick out. Lawler hillariously said Austin had cramps from drinking beer mid-match. HHH hit him with a ton of right hands and Hebner could not breakup the count since it was a NO DQ match. Austin with a spinebuster slam to Triple H and then flipped him off in the corner, jumped from the second rope but missed Triple H! HHH got up and stomped on Steve in the corner. HHH choked out Austin with his boot. HHH then on the outside of the ring grabbed AUstin by the head and went to hit him face first into the gaurd rail on the outside but Steve fired back with some right hands into the gut of the Game. Targetting that mid-section again. Austin then lifted HHH up high,
or attempted to but HHH lifted Austin up high on the security railing and dropped him. HHH set up Austin near the announce table for a pile driver on the steel steps. HHH went for a pedigree attempt but Austin back dropped HHH up and elevated him high and he dropped his back through the table.

This match was a lot more violent then I had originally remembered.

Austin then got on top of HHH with right hands and JR plugs Armageddon in an appropriate spot as the war to this point had looked at least somewhat reminiscent to one from an Armageddon like setting.

Austin then went for The Game and he was calling for no more. The fans chanted on Steve and when HHH went for a cheap shot, another low blow Austin caught his leg and slammed it down in the corner and Austin stomped on HHH some more! The intensity was off the page in this one by this point and Austin had scouted HHH wisely and he turned around to catch a Stone Cold Stunner!

Austin then tried to break HHH’s ankle. Austin put the chair on HHH’s ankle and then went to break it. Austin then stopped and the fans booed and Steve put HHH’s neck in the chair and they went crazy! JR told Austin not to do it because he’d regret it the rest of his life. Austin couldn’t at the end because HHH rolled out of the way to “Save his neck” Nice call Ross.

HHH and Austin were brawling to the back and this is around the time where they edit this part of the match for Austin’s DVD. Austin was beating on Helmsley through the curtain and this match went on last I now remember. This was just a grudge match, it wasn’t for a title but it went on last. Both guys irish whipped hard into the pepsi machine.

They play the Survivor Series logo across the screen as if we’ve missed some action. Oh good stuff. I don’t feel ripped off.

HHH is in a car outside the ring and Austin is picking him up with a fork lift and then drops him 40 feet in the air. HHH returns just a month later without a scratch and a few months later they’d become the power trip.
Well no one said the WWF had logic but at least it was fun to watch.

Very, very good material here in parts. Better then remembered.


*** 1/2





18) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Triple H in a 3 Stages of Hell Match -WWF No Way Out 2001
I’ve been to Las Vegas but if I could of seen something like this while there I would of truly seen it all.

Austin said he knew he’d need a lot in the tank to keep up for this match but it would go down as one of his all time favourites when it was all said and done. So it should. It’s arguably the match of this decade still to this day.

The first fall was a basic wrestling match where Triple H said he’d out wrestle the Rattlesnake to break his spirit.
The next fall would be a Street Fight.
Then if necessary (and we all knew it would be) the third and deciding fall would be in a steel cage!

This feud to this point was amazingly intense. Triple H was in his absolute prime and Austin was getting his game back, this match apparently ressurected him because it stold Steve he could still go. Stone Cold still had enough in his shape, at his age, in this stage of his career to go on a run, and after this match he would own the year of 2001 just like the man he was facing owned the year 2000.

Stone Cold dominated the first 5-7 minutes and although The Game had his supporters there were loud “Austin” chants throughout this time period.

Austin mostly brawling with Triple H despite it being a “Wrestling Match in the first fall.” Triple H countered Austin’s attempt at working on his elbow with a hammerlock and applied a neck braker. Smart psychology by the Cerebral Assasin because everyone knows Austin was out for a year because of his neck.

Everyone also knows how well Austin did in the year 2001 despite all of this and this was his last 5 star match in my estimation. The Main Event at Wrestlemania the next month would be the closest he came to matching that, plus a couple of matches against Angle and Benoit in 2001 as well.

The match began when Austin met Trips in the middle of the ring with a series of right hands that connected between both of them. We’ve seen this before but you can truely feel from the beginning of this one that it’s something amazingly special this time around!

Stone Cold Steve Austin then hit Helmsley with some more right hands as Las vegas ate it right up and bought into Stone Cold waiting to finally get his hands on the Game and then when he finally did all hell broke loose. Having this kind of a match is one thing but after injuries that the two have had is something else. It was a pre-match storyline that neither men could attack the other until this match so when the bell finally rang all hell brooke loose!

Stone Cold Steve Austin then got hit with some hard right hands from The Game himself who came to battle. This wasn’t going to be one of those Austin squashes, Trips definately had credibility and who would win this match was the question on everyone’s mind the entire time. Neither man wanted to and it would hurt whoever lost but at the same time it would make the winner look incredibally strong.

Stone Cold Steve Austin caught The Game with a reverse elbow and then gave him vicious right hands before stomping him down in the corner. Excellent start to this match. Austin being called just a brawler by King was funny and Ross has said Austin can do more. Stone Cold then on top of Triple H with hard right hands and the fans heavily in his favor. King and JR brought there A game to this match which helped it.

Austin then irish whipped HHH to the ropes and then he tried to get out of the ring but Steve caught him and then hammered him back before catching a semi-Lou Thesz press near the ropes and HHH countered it in mid-air as it was a half ass attempt to begin with and dropped Stone Cold head first onto the ropes. Stone Cold retaliated when he gave HHH an armbreaker when countering a pedigree attempt. It may have hyper extended the elbow of Trips and then Austin sent HHH hard into the ring steps. Following up on the arm breaker a vicious Texas Rattlesnake irish whipped Hunter hard into the ring post arm first.

Good psychology by Austin who sent him back in the ring but The Game met him with a kick to the mid-section. Austin then grabbed the injured left arm of Hunter and kept striking it with hard right hands and then kept an armbar locked on Hunter. The elbow was feeling the force and then Austin dropped his boots to the canvas for more tork on the elbow into the armbar. Austin had enough in him to irish whip Hunter to the ropes and come off with the Lou Thesz press and an elbow to the sternum. A latteral press and then somehow Hunter kicked out. Hunter was supposed to break the spirit of Austin in this first fall but all Austin early. A Spinebuster by the Rattlesnake. Stone Cold from the second turnbuckle went for an elbow drop but the Cebral Assassin Triple H had it well scouted and let him meet hit boot to the jaw.

This match took place during No Way Out 2001 mid-show and it was the greatest match in the middle of any show ever.

HHH with a swinging neck breaker to Austin who had well documented neck problems as illustrated before. HHH with another one, as Hunter focused on that and he had to use his already damaged left arm.

Brilliant pacing to this one given the booking of each fall and the psychology that would incorprate into each one. The fans reacted accordingly and it’s just another reason this is such a classic match!

Hunter cornered Austin and kicked away until Austin fired back with shots and went for an armbar, until HHH intelligently went from upstairs to downstairs and tried to take out the knee of Austin. HHH showing his mastered technician skills as he slammed Austin’s injured knee into the ring post. That knee brace has been focused on by Hunter in matches previous but it was clearly being the focus point of Hunter here in this match. Austin had injured that leg from a match a few years back when Steve got his knee caught in the turnbuckle padding. Austin then with his one good leg dragged HHH into the ring post.

Stone Cold Steve Austin had boughten himself some time as HHH got sent into the ring post but HHH got right back in the ring and took out the knee of Austin. Triple H expertly dropped the elbow right into the knee of Austin on the ropes. So little time, in this “Wrestling” fall has so many body parts from both guys been targetted which is a brilliant quality of this classic.

Austin fought back a little but it wasn’t enough and Triple H slapped on a figure four leglock to Steve Austin.

Stone Cold in pain due to the figure four being slapped on Austin’s already injured legs. Steve doing a good job at selling, and Triple H doing a great job with his facial expressions to further illustrate what a psychotic SOB he is as well. Hunter used the top rope for more leverage to drop the pain on Austin’s knees. By taking a brawling figure like Steve off the time, off his vertical base it would then make it easier for Hunter to craft an intelligent disection with his scientific skills on the mat game.

Austin though would not quit and turned HHH over and Trips managed to reach the ropes. Las Vegas had not left this match for one minute. More damage done to Austin’s knee as HHH went charging towards it and then grabbed it to the side and dropped the elbow to Austin’s knee. Hebner knew this one had a gruelling pace to it. Austin though grabbed HHH and took his head to the side and used his one good right leg to drop the knee brace to HHH’s head. This bought Stone Cold time to come back into the match.

Austin limped up and sent HHH’s head into the top turnbuckle in successioin many times by Steve Austin as the crowd counted along, Steve irish whipped him. HHH ducked, and then he caught him again with the Lou Thesz Press and then dropped the elbow to the heart of Helmsley and then HHH kicked out. Austin went for a Stunner attempt, HHH turned him around and then Austin hit a charging clothesline. Austin signalled for yet another stunner if HHH could turn around and he did but he pushed Austin into the ring post and hit a neck breaker! What a counter, and great logic as well! Austin had been in control in a predicament where he could slap on a Stone Cold Stunner, but intelligently Triple H being the ring general he is not only countered it but followed up with good psychology buy hurting Austin’s neck as he pushed him neck first into the corner.

The two men rolled back with near falls after cradle attempts. Austin cornered the Game and as he jumped off Stone Cold hit the stunner and got the three count! King’s “WHAAAT!?|” when Austin beat HHH in the first fall was priceless.

Despite Triple H doing well in this first fall, Austin eventually won it with a Stone Cold Stunner at 12:20 and the place pops.
Barely no rest time inbetween falls.

The Second Fall was about to begin and both men had already put on a fast paced, intense wrestling match so the “Street Fight” should only be better and it was.

They used the steel steps, chairs, barbedwire bat (Which got “Foley Chants” and he’d return a few weeks after this) among other things in the Street Fight. Extremely violent and the blood came out at every direction.

The intensity level went up and from this point on they just went ALL Out.

Steve tossed HHH out through the ring ropes and then suplexed him on the solid steel not once, but twice on the bottom of the entrance ramp.

Both men had gone all out and Austin viciously with two back suplexes onto the ramp showed how Austin was willing to turn up the pace to this match. Austin sent HHH head first into the steps. Austin grabbed him by the hair and then slammed him onto the announce table with the crowd cheering.

In a play to there match at Survivor Series 2000, Austin grabbed a TV monitor and busted it over HHH’s face! Austin then grabbed a steel chair and threw it in the ring. Austin was going all out here and grabbed a couple more chairs right under staff and threw them in the ring.

Helmsley had tried to escape up the crowd but Austin in this street fight tackled him in the crowd. HHH was layed out on the steps and Austin grabbed him up and hit him with hard righ hands back towards the ringside area. Austin grabbed him by the long hair and catapolted him over the barricade and then threw him in the ring.

This is the street fight portion and Austin hit the Game right across the spine with steel chair shots over and over to HHH and he got to about eight. Austin then continued at the knees and got to twelve and the fans went insane for Austin!

Stone Cold had absolutely disected HHH with a chair, 13 times! it wore him down and drove the air right out of him. Austin though went for the cover and somehow the Game managed to kick out.

Austin rolled out of the ring and went for the ring bell. Perhaps a possible play to the WM 13 Submission Match. Austin grabbed the ringbell and then put it nearby as he continued his brawl with The Game outside the ring. Austin sent HHH head first into the boxes by the timekeeper! Austin then grabbed a barbedwire 2 X 4 and then avoided disaster as he kicked Austin to the mid-secton. Foley chants in the crowd as I elluded to previously and HHH hit Austin with the 2 X 4 with barbedwire which cut Austin open as Lawler checked on him on the outside. The fans cheered for Austin but he was a bloody mess as his blood was going all over the announce table.

Austin had gone to hell and back.



Steve got pushed over the announce table to the back and the fans booed because they legitimately felt bad for Austin.
A bloodied Steve Austin was on the recieving end of a series of right hands by Triple H.

Triple H had Austin set up for a Pedgiree in this street fight on the announce table but Austin was able to backdrop HHH onto the other announce table (Espanol) right beside JR and King’s.

Jim Ross did his usual “for the love of god!” line because of the carnage and what both men were doing to there bodies at the time. This was absolutely incredible.

Has there ever been a full throttle match like this with this type of violence from start to finish? I don’t know.

Austin opened up a beer, took a sip and then smashed it to his head. Both men bloodied and Austin hit him with a series of right hands on the outside of the ring!

JR said this is beyond anything he has ever witnessed and I might have to agree. HHH with the ring bell in the ring turned the tide of the match and slammed Austin right in the head with it!s Austin somehow kicked out! Amazing!

Steve would not stay down!
Austin was battered and bloodied but still managed to kick out from guts and heart. Both men had been to beyond hell and back! Triple H with yet another neck breaker in this match, a swinging neck breaker to a chair in the middle of the ring! Beyond amazing that Steve COULD even kick out at this point.

Austin down, and HHH went for another cover but still only got a two as Steve refused to stay down.

This is magical story telling in an epic confrontation, so far everything in this match has been absolutely perfect. Austin irish whipped HHH but he caught a suplex from HHH onto the side of the chair but still Austin kicked out! HHH can’t believe it. The look of frustration on the face of the Game was evident and he had, HAD ENOUGH.

HHH then went for a pedgiree onto a steel chair in the ring but Stone Cold had elevated the game with a backdrop yet again, this time not crashing through a table but to the outside which still hurts. It bought Austin time regardless. Austin then tattooed Triple H with a shot right between the eyes. What a war. What a war!
Beyond amazing!

This is just the 2nd fall! Austin hit Trips in the side of the head with the steel steps. Both men literally had nothing or no breathing breaks, just brutality after brutality. Steel on skull, Trips tried to avoid the chair shot with his hands but Austin caught him! Both men bloodied right in front of the booth!

It was a warzone!
HHH went behind Ross and grabbed a Sledgehammer! King hilariously accused JR of planting it there for Austin!


Triple H went to take apart Austin with it but he caught him with a gut shot to avoid his skull being cracked open by The Game’s favourite weapon of choice.

Austin threw HHH back in the ring and grabbed a Sledgehammer. Austin then cornered Hunter and stomped on him many times, and how either men could literally move is beyond me. It’s a wrestling cliche to speculate that, or say that but I actually mean it. I’ve never seen a pace like this EVER.

Austin right a stunner attempt while Helmsley had the Sledgehammer in hands. HHH pushed to the ropes and caught him in the head. That had to be it! Austin got hit with the pedigree!

And Finally!

HHH pinned Austin in a Street Fight after a Pedigree at 27:11. Some of the place cheers and it’s all tied up at 1-1.

FINALLY! HHH tied the falls up finally, Austin was done. After all that, Steve managed to kick out after move after move, after move and it was exhausting to even try and keep up with, but HHH finally tied the score.

The suspensful music hit and the cage lowered!
The Final Fall is about to begin and both men are tired after going through hell for a half an hour and the cage is lowering! A truely unbelievable match.

I am reviewing it and even now this match is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. This is probably the biggest war I’ve ever seen. The best way to finish the Stone Cold-Triple H saga was this way and what a way to go out in style.
The bell rang!
Both men had been to beyond hell and back as mentioned and HHH got Austin up and both men slugged it out inside the Cage!

Both men beyond fatigued, beyond exhausted.

HHH threw Austin into the side of the cage!

The Game punishing Stone Cold Steve Austin with a series of right hands. Stone Cold’s head violently, viciously crushed into the side of the steel cage by the Game.
HHH then picked up the 2 X 4 wrapped in barbedwire and then began to grate the Face of Austin. Steve Austin who was already bloodied was then grated as JR called it sadistic.

The feud was so emotional and the match was viciously intesnse. Vegas chanted for Austin and then he relied on a chair shot to buy himself some time. Austin dripping blood everywhere.

Stone Cold was able to toss Hunter’s head into the side of the cage and then he himself came back with the 2X4 wrapped in wire and he talked trash while he did it. HHH ducked a clothesline attempt by Austin with the bat the 2X4 and then he eventually got him as he got up and continued to tear flesh.

Austin got a nearfall inside the cage and continued to choke him out with the barbedwire bat, punishing the game. The crowd is stunned silent. They had seen it all.

The whole match had such a furious pace that the whole thing literally felt like one giant climax. Austin then in the real climax cornered HHH hit him with right hands. HHH tried to escape the Cage and then Austin caught him up there.

Stone Cold then back and forth with Hunter on the top of the ropes sending the other guy’s face into the side of the cage at the top of the cage!

HHH had an oppurtunity to pin the rattlesnake and stop the carnage. Austin flipped the Game off the top rope in desperation and he got a nearfall out of it! HHH kicked out of Austin’s desperation moves. Austin slowly climbed on top of Hunter and hit him with everything he had left.

HHH got to his feet and then when Austin went for a Stunner HHH reversed it and hit a Pedigree in the middle of the ring, in the middle of the cage but Austin kicked out! Wow.

HHH with a shot to the side of Austin and went for another pedigree attempt, but Steve Austin actually had enough left in the tank to catapolt him to the side of the cage. Austin hit a Stunner with everything he had left and King couldn’t believe it. Austin was down as well so he couldn’t pin him in time and HHH kicked out.

A marathon of brutality, HHH kicked out of the Stunner.
Beyond amazing here.

Austin picked up a 2X4 and HHH his sledgehammer, they both scored but HHH landed on Austin and got the three count!

One of my current fourteen North American matches at 5 Stars.



So in the end HHH pinned Austin in a Steel cage match after they both hit each other with a sledgehammer and a barbed wire 2×4 at the same time and HHH fell on top of Austin and ref counted the three at 39:27.


40 minutes of fast paced hell!
Classic ; The match of the Decade!









19) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock (c) in a NO DQ Match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -Wrestlemania X7



Easily one of the, if not the very greatest pre-match promo’s ever done by the company with the use of the song “My Way”.

We had the two biggest names, the industry has ever seen going one on one to headline a show like this, and after Austin’s year long injury this match was hugely anticipated to find out who “The man” was. It was a split crowd everywhere else but here in Texas the Rattlesnake likely has a 3:1 ratio with the crowd in his favor.


“I need to beat you Rock. I need it more then anything you could ever imagine. There can be only ONE…World Wrestling Federation Champion, and it will be Rock…Stone Cold Steve Austin…with all DUE RESPECT.”

We are told by the Fink that this match is now NO DQ, Ross wonders why and how this happened. We’d know at the end of the match, but even from the opening moments just there it created suspense, and when everyone was more then ready for the Main Event, after the video package, the build-up, this great Mania, the staredown’s, Rock walking to the ring, Austin looking in the mirror, you name it, the crowd was ready to explode when Austin’s glass hit in the Astrodome.

And they did. One of the biggest pops in Pro-Wrestling History.

This has got to be my favourite entrance in Wrestling history.

You might think, “But why? It’s pretty normal.” Sure, it’s very normal but not only is Austin my all time favourite, this is my favourite theme ever (The disturbed version) and his BMF Walk out in Texas in the main event of the best event ever was so bad ass from these eyes. Not only that but it seemed like he was foreshadowing his heel turn with the expressions on his face both in the ring and on the way down the long entrance way before the match in Houston. Just, excellent body/facial expressions by the Bionic Red Neck in this one! Even the numbers 101 on the back of his vest of course.

So as said the Texas crowd was for Austin at least 70-30 here, which is no surprise. The Rock had his share of fans as a heel at Wrestlemania 15 and 19 in the bouts with Steve. Any time you get two popular mega stars like this the crowd is bound to be split. But in this case it was very noteable when The Rock applied his first offensive maneuver of the match (A swinging neck braker) who the texas crowd was for.


The build up to this match was absolutely phenominal and it added to the matches rating overall, it’s absolutely academic here. The look of Austin into the mirror was unreal before the match and you just had to get butterflies for this one. A truely historical match if there was ever one.

The My Way Video package even added to the match more then any other match I’ve ever seen for any ppv.

The story where Austin needed to do everything in his power to get back on top of the WWF and surpass The Rock was so evident in the match. He did things like pulling out his HEEL Million Dollar Dream move in this match that he hadn’t used in years. His desperation to win became more and more clear each time he performed a big move. The Blade job by The Rock wasn’t very great but both men were busted open like crazy for most of the match.

I’ve never heard a crowd that loud from the beginning of the match to the end maybe to this day, perhaps only Canadian Stampede’s match can rival it from that perspective. I can’t even put into words how big of a match this was and how fun it is to go back and watch it, I do so every couple of months at least. This is about as fun as Pro-Wrestling gets, at least for me and many others I know.

Both men did a sharpshooter in this match which was pretty interestng. Good flashback spot when The Rock had it on and Austin’s face looked very similar to when he was suffering to Hart’s at Wrestlemania 13. Always good to see a nostalgia flash which added to the story telling of this match even more because Austin did not want to find himself in similar circumstances in this one.

I get a sick feeling when I see Vince walk to the ring as I know for me at that very moment the Attitude Era was over.

From Wrestlemania 13 to when I saw Vince walk down that long entrance way that it was all over. It had it’s positives and negatives in the long run, no doubt but I still wish something different had happened as Stone Cold was a mega hero to me for all those years but I guess that’s what it was meant to be. It was meant for Austin to turn his back on his fans (Which is basically what a heel turn is all about), it’s no lie but I was actually wearing a Austin 3:16 shirt while watching this event in my home.

After the match I felt betrayed and that was probably the last time in my life I was a mark, and treated the storylines like they actually were REAL. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a little kid but I was still hurt. I knew Wrestling and the storylines were “fake” since the late 80’s but in 2001 I was genuinely hurt because I just loved that 97-99 character so much. That just proves to me that they told a brilliant story. Whether the booking and storylines were great after that is irrelevant, on this night at Wrestlemania 17 the story they told was maginificent. An absolute classic both storyline wise and in the ring by two of the greatest to ever set foot in the ring, with the greatest wrestling promoter of all time involved in the whole act. All this in the MAIN EVENT of Wrestlemania, The Greatest Wrestlemania ever…, just wow. That’s all that can really be said.

Before I begin, I’ve got to give props to Heyman and JR who did a brilliant job in this match, especially without TV monitor’s halfway through. The commentary from the entrances to the ending make this so memorable and I’ve seen this over 50 times for sure by now. That’s how much I personally love it, I know that I’m not alone.

Stone Cold Steve Austin watched Rock pose and got the early advantage by attacking Rock from the get go. Heyman pointed out the challenger was in control, Austin needed to bring his A game, his best to get back on top of the WWF mountain. The Texas crowd was ready. There was no WM main event stare down, just beatings all around. The crowd from this point did not remain silent throughout the entire duration of the match and as mentioned it just helped it overall.

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s cold blue eyes stared into Rock posing as the top man in the company on the turnbuckle.

Austin attacked him with a series of right hands as he scored with a bunch, Austin ducked but Rock got few as well, Rock ducked a clothesline but Austin got the Lou Thesz press! Austin was hitting two elbow drops to Rock on his sternum as Texas loved it, but they didn’t love Rock’s reverse neck breaker. Austin sent Rock over the top after the two men reversed each others finishing moves.

Austin beat on Rock outside the ring after taking him to the outside and he had boughten himself a bit of time to fix his kneebrace of course.

“Rocky Sucks” was chanted by some of the crowd.

As a play to some of there previous matches Stone Cold went to the outside with Rock and the two had been very familar with brawling on the outside in matches, like IYH D-X, Wrestlemania 15, Backlash 99, among other Raw matches and the like. The Rock then adapting to his new environment as this was now a NO DQ match and slammed Austin’s head on the table. Austin reversed a clothesline attempt by Rock and hit him with one of his own. Austin viciously choked out Rock on the middle rope. Austin wanted the title badly and it was evident with every move. Austin rushed off the side ropes and dropped the leg onto Rock’s back. Austin then cornered Rock and speared him and then set him up top on the turnbuckle. Austin then got Rock up on the top and then locked on a vertical suplex and slammed his back to the mat.

Rock in pain as his lower back crashed to the canvas. Austin got a nearfall as he was in the driver’s seat so far in this match. Austin took off the top turnbuckle padding and then it evidentally became exposed. Austin and Rock slapping back and forth with hard right hands between the two of them as some of the crowd booed Rock’s offense. Rock then provided a hard forearm shot and then a hiptoss. A roman throw by Rock to Austin and he got a nearfall out of it, a desperate early attempt to retain the title.

Austin then got clotheslined over the top rope to the outside by The Rock.

I’ve seen this match, many times but each time I am blown away by how well everything was executed.

So much on the line here as these two were indeed the biggest stars of the era. Rock slammed Austin’s head into the table now and then Austin hit The Rock with a ring bell to retaliate! Austin then flipped off Hebner as Rock became bloodied. Austin scored with some righthands to the busted open Champion and drove his face head first into the top of the steel steps. Rock limping around with blood around his face was pacing around the table and somehow JR and Heyman’s table went out. Austin then got Rock in the ring and scouted him and he was poised to deliver pain to Rock, right hand after right hand sent Rock into the corner and Austin scored with a hard forearm shot and then ruthlessly threw rights to Rock. I really can’t stress how hot the crowd was for EVERYTHING in this match, just everything.

Austin choking him out with everything he had to beat the life out of him, again, it’s what he felt had HAD TO DO. Austin then grabbed Rock’s head and measured him up to his vertical base, but Rock fought back. The top turnbuckle pad had been exposed and then Austin scored with a neckbreaker as that pleases his home state!

Austin then hit an offensive move and the fans erupted. Austin was one second away from becoming Champion! Steve back on top of Rock and gave him a succession of hard right hand’s! This is intense, this is Wrestlemania was screamed by JR at an appropriate time! Defenseless was the champion according to JR as Austin was not letting up on the People`s Champion, and at this time the challenger delivered with kicks to the head and choking him out with his knee to the throat of a bloodied Champion. The Rock in a NO DQ match had been choked out by Austin.

Stone Cold then pushed Hebner away which bought Rock time and he exploded out of the corner with a big clothesline to Austin. Rock then with another clothesline and then grabbed on to the top rope and glared at the Texas fans booing him. Austin then kneed Rock in the abdomen until Rocky flipped Austin off and sent him face first into the turnbuckle. Rock outside the ring got the ring bell, this is what Rock got busted open with. Rock in the ring with the ring bell was stalking the challenger. Rock then hit Austin with the ring bell which busted Austin open as he retaliated from before as the fans booed. Rock went for a three count but Austin kicked out.

One of the reasons this match is so great is because there is absolutely no time, to stop and think about what you`ve seen, it`s just fast, fast, and more fast action at its absolute “enthralling” best.

Austin with everything he had got up but he sprung towards the side of the ropes after each hard shot by Rock (usually right hands). Rock then layed the Smackdown! on Austin as he limped towards the side of each ropes. The Rattlesnake would not quit, his journey ends here. Austin got beaten on to the corner until Austin`s head hung off the apron and Rock drove the elbow into Austin`s head. Steve Austin then outside the ring was about to get his head slammed face first into the barricade but Austin fougth back. A bloodied and battered challenger kept beating on Rock and by this point in his career, Ausin has been “ressurected“ due to the 3 SOH Match at NWO 01 with Triple H. Austin catapolted Rock head first into the ring post and the fans cheer.

This is beyond intense by this point. An all-out war between two all-time greats who bring the best out of one another, they really know how to brawl and it was nice to see some Wrestling involved as well, more-so then more of there other matches.

Austin had the TV monitor outside the ring and the chaos continues as Steve hit Rock with the TV screen right to The Rock.

Austin stalked Rock in the middle of the ring then flipped him off and went for the Stunner until Rock turned him over due to Austin waiting a lot of time and not capitalizing on everything, the Rock used this to his advantage and out of desperation The Rock was able to slap on a Sharpshooter. Austin in familiar territory with that move.

Austin all bloodied, Shades of Bret-Austin at WM 13 in the Classic Submission match with Austin bloodied screaming on in pain with blood rushing down his face. Rock bloodied himself screaming on in pain as he locked the Sharpshooter to Austin. Great Drama. Stone Cold tried to bridge out but he eventually made it to the ropes. Austin caught the ropes to break the hold. Heyman hilariously poked Fun at JR`s bias to Austin.

Rock then went for a Sharpshooter to Austin and Stone Cold then retaliated by swinging Rock down, stepping through and locking a Sharpshooter of his own!

Austin slapped on a Sharpshooter and a bloodied Rock was in pain!

The title hangs in the balance here! Rock bridging out, and make no mistake about it, the Champion was a bloody mess. The Challenger WAS ALSO one as well.

Classic story telling all throughout.

Rock with little strength he had left in his legs was able to free himself and kicked out of it and then Austin worked over Rock`s knees. Austin stomped on Rock`s sternum and then began to act more and more heel like in this match. Austin with yet another Sharpshooter locked onto Rock!

Austin with a sharp kick to the face and then got behind Rock and stalked him until he locked on the Million Dollar Dream to a decent pop, I know I marked. He presented a sadistic look on his face, he had classic facial expressions and body language throughout the entire duration.

Steve was smart here.

Again, it really can’t be stressed how great the story telling was here and again I just loved Steve’s bloodied facial expressions when slapping on vicious holds like the Millon Dollar Dream. Heyman brilliantly said what wont Austin do!? Foreshadowing he’d go to great lengths to win here, maybe even..selling his soul to Satan himself?

Rock was fading but he kicked off the turnbuckle and rolled Austin up but only got a two count, this was similar to Hart-Piper WM 8 and Hart-Austin Survivor Series 96. This was also playing with flashback’s in Austin’s career seeing as he lost that very same way in the all-time classic with Bret and Austin in the Garden at the 1996 Survivor Series.

Austin then got up and levelled Rock with a big time right hand. Another one, then another one, what’s it going to take? Austin scored with right hands but Rock scored all of the sudden OUT OF NO WHERE with a Stunner on Austin!

Some of the place popped as it was a big, unexpected move out of no where and then Rock went to follow up that with a pinfall, he went to cover Austin in Texas with the Stone Cold Stunner but Austin kicked out with everything he had at two, to keep this Classic going strong.

Intense action all over the place in this match.

All of the sudden Vince comes towards the ring and the fans boo. This was the moment. McMahon comes near ringside and JR points how he has no love loss for either men in the ring. Obviously referring to McMahon’s legendary, notorious feud with Steve Austin, and of course him screwing The Rock over at the Mania before and all of the problems those two have had.

Austin with a spinebuster to Rock but got a nearfall. Austin at this point in the match became frustrated and slammed his hands on the mat showing more and more that he was pissed off.

Here comes the swerve in one of the biggest matches of all time.

Austin irishwhipped by Rock and then he hit a spinebuster. Rock then kicked at Austin’s shoulder as he set up for the people’s elbow. Rock went from one side to the other and hit the People’s Elbow.

Rock covered Austin but McMahon broke up the count at two and some of the place cheered. Some thought Vince was turning babyface even as of right now it was unclear, but it wouldn’t be for long. The Rock then all of the sudden had the look to Vince like “You’re not going to screw me out of the title two years in a row at Mania.” Rock chased McMahon around the ringside area.

Right into a Rock Bottom by Austin! Stone Cold then covered Rock and was inches away from becoming Champion. Rock got to his feet and and then Austin went for a Stunner and Rock pushed Austin into Hebner. Hebner down.

Both Rock and Austin inside the ring again and now Steve Austin hit Rock with a lowblow.

Austin then ordered Vince to get him a chair as JR says “Wait a minute!?”

The fans were a bit choked and shocked as Austin was telling Vince to knock out The Rock. Vince hit The Rock down with a steel chair shot and Austin went for the cover. Austin then pinned Rock and Vince shoved Earl Hebner in the ring but he got a long two count and Austin was furious with the slow count and proceeded to pound his palms on the ring canvas. Austin was beyond frustrated. Why did Austin tell his biggest rival to help him!? Swerve 101.

Heyman said we’re witnessing something that will be talked about for years to come. How true was that.

The Rock scored with a Rock Bottom out of desperation now to stay alive, on Steve Austin! McMahon was maintaining the referee and Rock tried to bring himself up and then he dragged McMahon in the ring. Rock levelled him with right hands until turning around into a Stone Cold Stunner but he only got a two! Austin’s face looked like he saw a ghost. Vince handed a chair to Austin.

Austin then destroyed The Rock with a big time head shot. Vince signalled to his waist like we’d see a new champion but The Rock kicked out. Austin was pissed off as Rock wouldn’t stay down and Austin didn’t know what he had to do to become Champion. The look here between Austin and Vince was priceless, as Vince wanted Stone Cold to keep his cool.

Austin then went apeshit on Rock with the chair! No DQ match, Austin beat the living hell out of him in the chair! With McMahon’s blessing! Austin hit Rock ruthlessly about a dozen times with vicious chair shots, all sorts of ways, the crowd was electrifying throughout the whole match but during this Climax it felt beyond Euphoric to be watching something so entertaining.

JR: “What the hell is this!? What the hell is this!?”

Heyman: “It’s a NEW Champion!”

In the end Stone Cold Steve Austin pinned Rock after hitting him sixteen times with a steel chair at 28:06 to become the WWF Champion.

A Texas crowd still popped not seeming to care he turned heel. That and the fact they had to change Austin’s character around (A complete 180) in order for him to get booed was part of the reason business would do bad following this and that the Heel Turn was considered a failure from a business point of view. Steve though, would still go on perhaps the best run of his career as Champion in 2001, despite being in constant pain. On his DVD they released last year this is the last match on it, which is a shame as they show none if that legendary year.

Stone Cold is shaking hands with Satan himself!

Certainly an Epic moment in history at the end of arguably the greatest event ever.



Steve Austin himself even said though, if he could go back and change things (in his book) regarding this situation, then he probably would. But he also said that without the heel turn there would have been a lot of great moments that wouldn’t of been able to happen. And I’d agree.

So for that reason alone this heel turn is not only historic it is great to see two guys that absolutely hated each other shake hands after the main event of the biggest Mania ever. Hardly anyone saw it coming, and for it to happen with two significant people, at the most sigificant event, made it that much more historic. I also love how Vince teased there’d be a shock but no one knew it’d be like this.

Even on episodes from Raw and Smackdown! in early 01, they tease Austin and McMahon’s oncoming alliance, which is just brilliant writing.

But, What a match here!



Not only one of the biggest matches of all time, but also one of the greatest matches of all time, all around, no questions asked.




**** 3/4









Final Rating for Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Life and Legacy DVD = 8/10
This set on the surface perhaps deserves no higher then a 8/10 strictly for what it’s missing. For a superstar of Steve’s calibre and with them giving him 3 discs and calling it his “legacy” it definitely leaves a lot to be desired. As stated at the beginning of the review that there is no excuse for them to leave off so many matches from his historic 2001 run, infact from June 1998 to 2001 they only include five matches. Unacceptable. However they did a nice job at covering the early stuff from his career in WCW and ECW and even the WWF. The Extras are pathetic to be honest but the DVD did a nice job at including entrances and certain stories before or after a match. It’d be hard for me to give a 7/10 rating to a DVD set that included two 5 Star matches, one that could be another five star match with Rock at WM X7, then three **** 1/2 matches and plenty of more great material. Considering they include that and considering who it is then I need to bump it up to 7.5/10 overall but that’s at the very most. This could and SHOULD of been a lot better but it’s still a very good set with a lot of classic’s. No Benoit, Angle and a lot of other stuff missing with few extras is the negative, and the classic matches from the greatest of all time (for me) is the pro’s. Get the dvd though, it’s worth it…even if it isn’t his full legacy.

At least an 8. Lets hope his new DVD is even better. This set had too many **** 1/2 matches to ignore and for that it gets an 8, a good pick  up.

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