Review: WWE “The Ladder Match” DVD

January 15, 2012 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “The Ladder Match” DVD – 3 Disc Review:









“Don’t try this at Home…”







-This DVD was hosted by Todd Grishsam and featured tons of Classic Ladder matches in their complete form.

-This was 3 discs and the first of two of these Ladder DVD’s, a new one five years later in late 2011 would be released.








Disc 1 Matches:





1) Jake Roberts vs Big Daddy Ritter  -Stampede Wrestling North American Title 7/79



Big Daddy Ritter who would late be known as The WWF’s Junkyard Dog who is now deceased and rightfully so in the Hall of Fame as of 2004, in that class.

Here is a younger Jake Roberts and Ritter going at it in the first of its kind that they have on tape I believe, so that must be why it is notorious and shown here as there is NOTHING remotely classic about this one.

You can just tell.

Ritter climbs the Ladder and Jake Roberts hits him in the what they then referred often as a bread basket.

Roberts in great shape, before the permanent beer gut in black trunks climbs the ladder.

I usually don’t review matches clipped but this is the only one as we miss four and a half minutes so I figure what the hell…lets start this DVD off with a bang!

Jake Roberts gets sent by Ritter into the Laddder head-first and and now the future Snake man holds on by one leg.

Ritter begins to climb but his leg is caught in-between the ladder and Jake Roberts on his back holds on until he gets up and lays a right to his skull knocking him off the Ladder, then he dros a blow into his mid-section.

Jake Roberts is bouncng around on the chest of the future JYD.

Roberts is hooked by Ritter and taken down.

Hilarious how there’s guys in the ring holding the Ladder for safety to make sure nothng horrible happens to these Pro’s.

Jake is down and Ritter gets near the top. Jake takes a boot and whacks the back of Big Daddy Ritter who falls to his knees. Jake with a side head-lock at close range, off the ropes and a double collision as they both go down.

Roberts slammed Ritter’s head and Jake got tied up in the ropes.

Ritter climbs fast now at 9:04 Ritter got the 1,000 dollar bag to barely a crowd reaction.








2) Bret Hart (c) vs Shawn Michaels (With Sensational Sherri)  in a Ladder Match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship -Portland, Oregon-WWF 21st July, 1992

The first ever WWF Ladder Encounter.

Hart is a Babyface now and Michaels is the heel.


The “forgotten” Ladder match of course since Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon pretty much get all the credit for their innovative Mania X match and rightfully so.
While this bout didn’t incorporate the Ladder as a weapon quite as good, it’s still a nice little gem.

Hart was the IC Champion coming in and that’s the object, grab the belt and you’re the winner. Just like in Cage matches, escape and you win. Now in wrestling usually to suspend disbelief you have to throw logic right out the window.

But in gimmick matches like Cage and Ladder matches (ESPECIALLY back in these days) you REAAAALLLY have to do this. So not going to nit-pick here.

The two late broadcasters Gorilla Monsoon and “Lord” Alfred Hayes call the action.

HBK took it to the Hitman early but Bret responds with forearm shots and a back body-drop then more hard forearms and a vicious irish-whip to Shawn Michaels into the turnbuckle.
Bret lifts the legs of Michaels and stomps on his lower abdominal legion. Bret went to go get the Ladder apparently but Shawn stops him tryng to wear the Hitman down with right’s.

Monsoon calls her Scary Sherri, lets thank Bruti for that. I remember as a kid thinking that was her REAL NAME. Anyway Michaels slams Bret and here we go.

It’s LADDER time. Bret though takes it to Shawn before he can do any damage at all. Bret slams him down and drops the elbow. Bret gets the small (compared to most) Ladder that is Red.

Sherri distracts Bret and Shawn starts to climb but Bret pulls the pants down only slightly (for once, thank god) on Michaels. Shawn Michaels rakes Bret’s face.

I find it humerous Monsoon is talking about how dangerous this match is yet they are not using the Ladder as a weapon unlike Mania X with Ramon and Michaels.

Bret in the corner and Shawn Michaels rams it into the gut of Hart. Six minutes into the match and the Ladder is being used slightly. This time Shawn Michaels fails by ramming the Ladder into the buckle as Bret wisely moved. Shawn Michaels kicked at Bret and then Shawn Michaels dropped an elbow to the face of Bret. Shawn set the Ladder up diagnol in the corner with a bend.

Hart gaining momentum but is reverse irish-whipped into the Ladder.

Shawn Michaels with Bret Hart down sets up the Ladder and stomps on Hart. Bret climbs as he re-gains momentum but couldn’t reach in time and Shawn Michaels knocks hm off the Ladder by pushing it.

Shawn Michaels kicks at the head of Hart to make sure he couldn’t interupt HBK if he elected to climb the Ladder.

Shawn Michaels lays out Hart and sets the ladder up in the opposite corner diagnol this time. Hart crashed like only he could hard into the buckle spine-first.

The Hitman comes out of the corner strong with a beautiful clothesline nailing Shawn Michaels in the face. Sherri rooting on Shawn Michaels but Bret flips him down and catapolts Michels into the Ladder.

A super thrust kick by Michaels and then a side suplex. Can Shawn Michaels take advantage and take his IC title? Shawn Michaels with a bit of strength grabs the Ladder as the fans scream here during the climax of the bout.

Shawn Michaels climbs but Bret pushed the Ladder and HBK fell to the outside.

In the end at aroung fourteen minutes Bret retained the title by grabbing his IC title belt after getting rid of Shawn Michaels.

This match was quite good for its time. Nothing amazing but fun considering there weren’t really matches like this back then.











3) HBK Shawn Michaels vs “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon (c) for the WWF InterContinental Championship -WWF Summerslam 1995


Razor and Shawn get things going quickly from the get go and the feeling out process is even entertaining and we`re in for a good one!

Razor went for the Razor`s edge early and when Shawn went for The Bad Guy`s arm he reversed the tide and went for Shawn`s, until HBK countered that and went to throw Razor into the turnbuckle after a few blows, but then Razor countered THAT and threw him hard into the buckle and he flipped over to the floor.

The Counters made these matches fun to watch. Not just the counters but the rivalry, the chemistry and how they blended off each other was so wonderful.

Razor beat on Shawn some more with a suplex to the outside and Shawn hit his leg on the steel barricade as well as falling to the floor. Just before that Shawn attacked Razor in the entrance way, after a bit of time more ducks and reversals and Razor ducked a Shawn Superkick. Razor irish-whipped HBK hard into the buckle twice more.
Ramon kicked Michaels in the stomach as he was on the top and then hit a samoan drop from the top turnbuckle! Amazing move.
Both men look beaten down early especially HBK which I felt helped this ladder match`s credibility more then the orignal. The pacing was more brutal, more enthralling overall here it felt.

Sid is watching from the back.



Razor levelled Shawn with a big right hand on the outside while he threw a Ladder in the ring. Razor set it up and then climbed to the top but Shawn pushed it over and Razor fell off for the first false spot of the Ladder Match. HBK then picked up the Ladder and set the sides together so it is one piece and swung it into Razor`s stomach as a weapon! He set the ladder back up and began to climb until Ramon grabbed HBK`s leg and then pulled his tights down a little and the ladies screamed. Razor then grabbed Shawn and his leg twisted inside the ladder in a cool looking spot as him and the ladder both fell down. For Razor, by taking out the leg-knee area it would also make it harder for HBK to not only perform his finishing super kick but it would not let him be able to win the Ladder match as the object is to climb the ladder using those parts of your body obviously.

That`s why it was all so smart.

Razor dropped the ladder on HBK`s bad leg again then with Shawn on the outside Razor climbed the ladder, out of desperation Shawn from the outside managed to make it to the top turnbuckle as he is a flyer and dropkicked Razor off the ladder. Bought himself some time. Shawn pushed Ramon into the ladder once Hall made it to his feet to buy himself some more time as he continued to sell the bad left leg.

Razor Ramon then to his feet first obvioussly began climbing but HBK was underneath him so it was very believable he could catch up. With HBK climbing right behind Razor he delivered a suplex off the top of the ladder to Razor Ramon.

I love it when a guy gets back in control after he`s been worked on and it`s realistic. That`s exactly what this was.

Shawn then hammered Razor with rights once Razor got to his feet and Razor this time went face first into the ladder that was standing vertical by the ring post. Michaels in control now and he threw Razor`s back into the ladder yet again! Shawn scooped Hall up and slammed him! What a match this is from every point of view so far. HBK set up the ladder in the corner of the ring and hit a moonsault onto Razor in the corner to keep him down. With Razor down, Michaels climbed up high and in a familiar spot from Wrestlemania X he climbed to the top to hit a splash but Razor had that move well scouted and moved out of the way.

Both men now down for a longer period of time and the fans are going crazy as we`ve seen a war, a well fought battle between two warriors with great psychology, bumps, moves and pace. Everything you could ask for pretty much.

Razor began to set the ladder up and Shawn tried to get back to his feet at the very same time. Both men climbed each side ever so slowly to make it all the more dramatic as Razor hit Shawn with some right hands as did Shawn to Razor Ramon at the very top of the ladder as both men were in reach of the Ladder. Both men then fell to the side and landed crotch first onto the top rope, only Razor fell to the outside while Shawn was down inside the ring and both men sell this and catch a breather yet again.

Michaels then dove out of the ring with the ladder trying to attack Razor who at the very same time was getting INSIDE the ring but he moved and caught a bit of him and now both men were OUTSIDE the ring with the ladder. Razor got to his feet first and then grabbed another ladder that was underneath the ring. Michaels set up a ladder in the ring and Razor grabbed another. Michaels climbed the ladder in the middle of the ring and Razor went for the Razor`s Edge and hit it! The fans cheered as Shawn just felt the Razor`s Edge from the top of the ladder!

Great stuff.

Razor Ramon of course the first to his feet this time around as it`d be plain ridiculous for him not to be. Razor Ramon nursing some other injuries took his time to set up the 2nd ladder in the middle of the ring. Shawn then began turning over and Razor watched for that. Timing is so important in ladder matches in paticular. Shawn climbed one ladder while Razor climbed the other and Shawn kicked Razor over but then missed himself when going for it. Vince says he thought he had seen it all in the first ladder match but obviously hadn`t.

Shawn then threw Razor to the outside.

Shawn then missed the belt and threw a tantrum when missing it the first time.

Shawn made up for it I guess by getting it the 2nd time. That didn`t effect the match in my eyes.

IT HAPPENS….get over it.

Michaels won this time around at 25:03 when he captured the Intercontinental Championship.

Razor shook hands with Shawn after the 3rd best Ladder Match ever to Benoit-Jericho for me and the WM X match.

A Historic match.





**** 3/4






4) Triple H vs The Rock (c) For the WWF Intercontinental Championship -WWF Summerslam 1998


The Rock HAD his fans in this match. He was just getting way to entertaining to BOO now after some hillarious promo’s in 1998 and despite him being cheered against Dan the beast at KOTR 98 his cheers were most notable here in this match, especially during certain moves as I’ll ellude to in this matches review.

Even still with those fans for Rock, the leader of D-X, Triple H had most of his fans still with him and that was just a testament to how popular these two individuals were and how well the feud was recieved between the two Faction leaders who were ready to step into superstardom.

This match is brilliant as a lot of ladder matches are, and takes place from the same venue the first big ladder match did with Michaels and Ramon.

Rocky stares at his IC title as it goes up to the top of MSG and Rock and Hunter look eye to eye.

What a Fantastic rivalry this had been to this point and this is the showdown everyone was waiting for.

Triple H’s brother and his band sang DX’s entrance theme when Trips came out just like at WM 14.

Rock got great heat and even some cheers as said.

Like most big battles the two sqaure off in the center of the ring to start the match and it begins with a fist fight!

Rocky and Hunter slug it out in the middle of the ring and the crowd gets into it!

Hunter got the better of that exchange and wanted retribution from Rock for humiliating Chyna on Raw which was quite simply nothing short of hillarious. Hunter hit Rock with a face buster on his knee but not long after that The Rock got some shots in on Hunter in the corner. Hunter went to pedigree Rock but he back dropped Triple H to the outside.

The story here was Helmsley’s knee and on Sunday Night Heat The Rock hit him a bunch of times with the IC Title to further target that knee which should come in to play during a ladder match.

Trips threw Rock into the unforgiving steel on both sides of the entrance way when Rock went to grab the ladder. Trips continued to throw The Great One into the gaurd rail and barricade. Helmsley then threw Rock back in the ring but back in Rock got pissed and threw Helmsley a right hand and then off the ropes Helmsley hit a high knee to The Rock. Trips then goes to the outside and goes to get the ladder but as he gets there The Rock hit him from behind and he went down with it and then The Rock stomped on Hunter on the outside.

Rocky then picked up the ladder and folded it together so he could carry it. Rock had the ladder in hand and set it by the ring till Triple H grabbed Rock’s head and slammed it into the top of the barricade. Triple H went to throw Rock into the Ladder standing vertical against the ring apron but Rocky reviersed the irish whip and sent Hunter in hard towards the ladder as he bounced off and then caught a HARD Clothesline from Rock and he fell to the floor on the outside.

Rock then all alone with the ladder set it up in the middle of the ring. Rock took his time as Trips then climbed to the top of the turnbuckle from the outside and then dove off and hit Rock off but the ladder fell on top of Triple H.

Rock was 26 during this time and Triple H was 29. The days when these two were young.

Helmsley then picked up the ladder and hit it right into Rock. Helmsley then smacked Rock’s chest with the yellow ladder hard. Ross calls it an innovative way to use the Ladder, and it SORT of was at the time anyway. Triple H began to climb one side of the ladder until Rock dragged one leg of Triple H and his right knee might of buckled as he fell off rather easy.

The Rock then took advantage of Trips’s knee troubles and picked up one leg and kicked him in the groin. Rock drove an elbow into the Quad of Trips attempting to Charlie Horse the leg of Triple H. A Small “Let’s Go Rocky” chant broke out followed by “Rocky Sucks” but it’s not acknowledged by the commentators and Rock looks to MSG and is sort of surprised I think.
Helmsley was caught in the ladder with his bad knee and Rock used good psychology.

With aggression The Rock stomped on the ladder busting Trips’s knee and then The Rock grabbed a chair on the outside of the ring area and Smacked the ladder with Helmsley’s knee inside and he screamed in pain.

The Rock then grabbed Hunter’s legs that were wrapped around the steel post and smacked them hard against the pole. Rock then in a very innovative spot set up The Ladder from the barricade to the top of the steps and lifted up Hunter and dropped him knee first into the Ladder. Rock then stomped on Hunter’s knee.

Jim Ross said it was rather academic now as Rock slowly climbed an unstable ladder that looked a little busted itself from all the shots The Rock gave Hunter. Triple H JUST made it to take Rock off and then the ladder got pushed out of the ring.
After a pause, Helmsley made it to his feet and then sent Rock to the outside by throwing him threw the ropes. Helmsley in an attempt to get back in the match propped the ladder vertical against the barricade but Rock fought back and Rock sent Helmsley face first into the Ladder and on his way down he bouned his head off the Spanish Announce Table!

Triple H crawling because of his bad knee and Rock chased him up the MSG entrance way with the ladder but Triple H out of desperation on the floor with his good leg hit Rock with a gut shot to protect himself from a potential Ladder shot! Both men back up and Triple H threw Rock into the side and then hit a clothesline as the fans cheered but Trips remembered to sell the pain!

Helmsley then set up Rock for a PEDIGREE on the ladder but The Rock back dropped him spine first on The Ladder!


That was a brilliant spot as Helmsley went high in the air and Rock just back dropped him and he FELL HARD on top of the Ladder.

Mark Henry threw another Ladder into the ring.

Rock went to climb the Ladder and Triple H pushed it over and Rock flew to the outside JUST after Rock had his fingertips on the IC Title that he had carred for so long.

There is 2 ladders in the ring for these two athletes who had battered each other to this point.

Helmsley with an innovative baseball slide to the face of The Rock with one of the ladder’s and Rock was on the outside. Helmsley then went to the outside to get himself some more of The Rock and he sent him into the wall and Rock bladed and became busted open after he took the ladder full force into the face.

Triple H set the Ladder up in the middle of the ring with no one around but he went incredibally slow due to his bad leg and Rock got back in and pushed Triple H over and he fell as the crowd “Oooooohhh’d” as Rocky is all bloody.

Rock hammered Hunter with some right hands and he got tied up in the ropes. Rock then set the Ladder horrizontal on top of the turnbuckle and with the other Ladder set it right on the ground. Rock hit HHH with a huge DDT as the crowd became more vocal for Rocky at this point in the match.

Both Rocky and Hunter then battled it out on top of the ladder in front of Madison Sqaure Garden where Michaels and Razor did 4 years before them.


The tension grew in the building with both of them going at it up there near the IC Title!

Rock pushed Trips over and he fell face first into the horizontal ladder on top of the turnbuckle and JR screamed “CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS” as Hunter pushed Rock off on his way down.

Helmsley then beat the hell out of the ladder that was on top of The Rock with a steel chair as MSG was going nuts.

The buzz was in the air as they rumbled and cheered as the Climax was upon us. Rock then scooped up Hunter and slammed him hard AGAIN with his back on the ladder.

Rock then went for the people’s elbow and that got a huge POP!

Rock delivered it to Hunter right on top of the Ladder. Huge Rocky chant after that. Helmsley then got a Rock Bottom from the Intercontinental Champion! The Rock then climbed the ladder slowly and Triple H was on the canvas floor in pain as well as him and with Rock almost at the top Triple H came from behind and grabbed at Rock. Jim Ross continued to do a fantastic job calling this match. Triple H hit The Rock with a Pedigree and the fans popped just as loud as they did for the People’s elbow as they both were popular as hell. Both guys down and Henry then threw powder from the outside into Hunter’s eyes. Rock slapped at Triple H as both guys climbed the ladder.

HHH fell off the ladder but Chyna came in and hit a LOW BLOW! MSG exploded in the end when Hunter grabbed the belt and we have a new champion at 26:01 of the Ladder Match! This put an end to an already TERRIFIC title reign by The Rock who had the title the entire year of 1998 after many close calls, mostly from Ken Shamrock.

Triple H’s reign would be cut short due to injury but the place went crazy when the leader of DX won the strap!

I could go lower on the match by about 1/4* but I’ll keep it at an even 4 just because of the significance for both men.

A Classic in its own right! Still talked about today as it elevated both these guys into Main Event level!








5) Edge & Christian vs New Brood (Hardy Boyz) In the finals of the T.I.T. Series -WWF No Mercy 1999


Now this is an all-time classic for how innovative and revolutionairy it was.

Remember when Terri was hot….

She was one of the man ingredients the winner would get, Lawler had hilarious commentary throughout the match but that’s to be expected as it was the late 90?s.

These two teams before getting fully over with the audience were involved in a ton of matches before this final match in the mini-series here. It was Fifth and Deciding match in THE FINALS of the Terri Invitational Tournament or simply TIT.

Matt looks insanely young.

I watched this one live (or the day after) and it was epic.

Both teams begin the match by pushing each other down and then brawl on the outside as Edge and Christian went for the ladders in the first tag team ladder match in history.

No one expected this match to steal the show and I think that’s the main reason it did.

Edge and Christian with great double team moves into both Hardyz who were placed in the corner and then The Hardyz stomped on both Edge and Christian. Tons of tandem moves by Matt and Jeff in the ring since you didn’t need to tag in a match like this obvioussly, just like you wouldn’t need to in a TLC.

Gangrel went to grab a ladder but he was thrown out of the match.

Edge flipped Jeff over the top rope and then Matt Clotheslined Edge to the outside and hit him with a lot of impact on the outside, then Christian with hang time from the top onto Matt.

The first time the Ladder was set up in the middle of the ring by Christian, but both teams knocked each other off. Edge went to climb the ladder but Matt Hardy pushed him down and he fell back with the ladder on top of him. Christian used the Ladder as a weapon on Matt and then cornered Jeff with it after they fought for it. Christian hit Jeff with a drop kick into the Ladder and the “Oooh’s and Ahhh’s” were out in Cleveland.

Edge went diving for Matt and he moved and he went head first into the Ladder.

Jeff then went to climb for the bag in mid-rin but Christian came up and hit his reverse DDT from the top of the ladder and that got a standing ovation. See, before TLC’s high risk moves were appreciated much more. Matt then climbed up behind Christian and hit a back body drop from the top of the ladder to the mat which must of hurt. Edge then cauvght Matt from the top of the ladder and hit a powerbomb, which must of hurt even more. Edge then climbed the Ladder and Jeff from the top rope caught him with a missile dropkick that took HIM OFF!


Hardyz stomped on Edge and Christian while Jeff layed the ladder flat on the mat, then Matt slammed Edge on the ladder and Jeff hit the Senton Bomb onto Edge. Matt then set up the Ladder in the corner and both Hardyz sent Christian to the turnbuckle and against the Ladder! Matt then held the ladder on one side with Jeff on the other and the two rammed it into the head of Christian as some of the fans were clearly going for The Hardyz. Big impact with every move.

A Ladder set up in the corner and Jeff with a leap drog over the top of the ladder and hit a leg drop onto Christian and the fans rose to there feet. This is getting really good.


Just goes to show you how much this was appreciated even more at the time. Matt with a slam from the top rope onto Christian which also hurt him. Edge then hit Matt with a Ladder and then he took Jeff off the top with a 2nd Ladder. Edge then just threw a Ladder into Matt’s face.

Edge catapolted Jeff into Matt who was behind a Ladder in the corner so they both hit one.

Nice spot.

Edge climbed but Matt threw a Ladder right into Edge’s Kidney’s. Matt and Jeff with both of one side of the Ladder went for Edge, he ducked, then Christian with a cross-body hitting the Hardyz down with a ladder but at the same time it hurt him. Edge then hitting Matt in the corner in the groin section with a Ladder, before both of them baseball slid into the ladder into his Groin!

Then a Sandwich to Jeff by Edge and Christian.


Jeff now placed back first on one edge of the Ladder while Edge and Christian slammed him 6 times and then sacrificed Christian to land on top of him on top of the ladder.

All four men hurting and Matt sent to the outside by Edge.

What a match.

Jeff hurt some more by some double team offense by both E and C.

Edge with a huge slam to the mat to Jeff Hardy.

The crowd appreciating this stuff as Jeff landed head first to the canvas.

Edge then climbed to the top and Matt caught him and both guys were both at he top and Matt hit a neck braker from the top of a ladder to Edge. The fans in the front rows were applauding after every big spot and the thing that makes this match better then some is the fact it wasn’t just spots, the wrestling and creativity was unbelievable. Completely enthralling and brilliantly creative!

Christian and Jeff then climbed to the top and Christian with a hip toss from the top of a ladder down to the canvas and the crowd is going nuts while Edge throws Matt out of the ring with a Ladder shot to the head and Christian then set Jeff up high in the corner while Edge grabbed a ladder set it horizontal on top of another Ladder. Christian and Edge went for an amazing double team move but Jeff flew off the tope and used the Ladder as a See Saw which caught both Matt and Christian RIGHT in the heads.

The fans are giving this a standing ovation. You really need to appreciate the creativity rather then the SHOCK and OMG factors of most TLC matches. That’s why this was so innovative and creative. King says he’s sore from watching this.

Lawler hilarious saying he doesen’t know if either team can capitalize on Terri’s services tonight, or for a week.

BOTH TEAMS then on top of the Ladder’s and they both go flying to the sides of the ring to the outside and the fans continue to give this wreck/magnificent match a standing ovation.

Edge and Jeff set both Ladder’s in the middle of the ring.

Edge in arms reach of the money as both teams on two ladders, all four up there again and brawling on the top of the ladder, Matt falls off and pushes them all off. Jeff then at the top of the Ladder all on his own goes for it and grabs it to win the match. The Hardyz have done it.

In the end The Hardyz won the match at 16:30.

To compare this to TLC matches just isn’t fair. Those rely on SPOTS where this is just flat out creative wrestling, creative double team moves, spot after spot and not in a huge way but in a way where every move consits of great, great stuff.

The match that not only built a reputation for four men but perhaps built a reputation in these types of matches.

I knew watching it live it was something very special.

The true definition of a breakthrough performance, and an incredibally innovative Classic.



**** 1/4





6) The Dudleys vs Edge & Christian (c) vs Hardy Boyz: TLC “1” Match for the WWF Tag Teamm Championship – WWF Summerslam 2000




Here we go!

Commisioner Foley couldn`t stop saying `Tables, Ladders and Chairs, OH MY!` in his best Wizard of Oz impression.

Everyone was looking forward to this original TLC match here for the tag team titles between the three best teams on the roster at Summerslam!

Jeff with a springboard over top of the ladder from the top turnbuckle with a leapfrog onto Edge. Matt worked on Edge as he was in the middle of a LADDER and Matt threw Christian on top of Edge as he crushed him through a ladder!

Great spot.

Jeff Hardy then from the top of a 20 foot ladder his a Swanton Bomb and went straight through a table but Bubba moved just in time. That should take Jeff out of the match or at least for awhile.

Matt with the huge ladder sets it up in the ring while Christian battles Bubba on the outside. Edge hits Bubba with a chair shot on the outside and four men begin to climb the ladder as they get back in the ring. Christian flies off with Matt with a DDT from the ladder, while D-Von throws Edge off and they hit the top of the ropes. Bubba Ray then begins to climb the 20 foot ladder and Edge then pushed Bubba over all the way to the side outside the ring through the 4 tables! Holy sh*! Edge and Christian then climb the ladder as Lita runs to the ring and pushes them both off and they both hit the top rope groin region first as Lita screams for Matt to climb. Matt then sets the ladder up in mid-ring and beins to climb. D-Von then pushed Matt Hardy backwards towards the tables on the outside of the ring and Edge just speared LITA! Edge would Spear Lita a little harder a half decade later. Complete carnage all over the place as D-Von is climbing the ladder. Jeff Hardy amazingly got back up and is clinmbing the ladder with D-Von.

Awesome spot with D-Von and Jeff both hanging onto the straps in mid-air.




The crowd was going insane and then Edge hits them both off with a ladder. What a match! In the end Edge and Christian retained the titles by climbing the ladder and grabbing them at 18:51. Truly shocking.

With The Hardyz being insanely over for the entire year without tag straps this was the perfect time to win the belts in there home state at Summerslam in a TLC match and it was a huge swerve that gained the Tag Champs even more credibility. The Hardyz would win the cage match the next month at Unforgiven but still it was a dissapointment at the time that they didn`t win. The match, it was the furthest thing from a dissapointment. This match is legendary and it`s the reason TLC matches are among people`s favourite Gimmick Matches.









7) 3 Count vs Jung Dragons vs Jamie Knoble & Evan Karagias for the WCW Tag Team Champonship -WCW Starrcade 2000




It’s nice to see forgotten gem with no big names get some love here, and the reason it’s forgotten is because next to nobody was watching WCW by the time this match happened.

This match opened Starrcade 2000. (The last one)


We get Chavo Guerrero on commentary.

3 Count sucks is chanted.

Some good back and forth material to begin with Shannon Moore. Some boring chants are undeservingly chanted. But hey, this is WCW 2000 and take it from someone who actually went to a WCW broadcast in 2000 live (facepalm) most of the time boring is deserved. Want to to know what my Nitro main event was? Kevin Nash talking to a cardboard cut-out of Scott Hall, then Goldberg on the screen spearing Steiner’s “freak” through a table although it doesen’t show it….(facepalm)….eesh.

Helms comes in and goes to work with one of the Jung Dragons. All the teams go runnng for the ladders. 3 Count set up a Ladder as they swerved both teams but the Jung Dragon’s broke it up sending them off the ladder and clotheslining them over the rope. Jamie Knoble comes back in and the Dragons dropkick the Ladder into him. A Dragon lands a moonsault to the top of the ladder.

Moore is levelled on the announcers table. Jamie Knoble sends Helms into a Ladder set up in the corner with a droptoe hold. Karagias and Jamie Knoble drop one of the Jung Dragon’s on the Ladder, Jamie Knoble sets up another Ladder.

Jamie Knoble goes up but Karagias pulls him off like a moron as he wants to take all the glory. The two take each other off the Ladder until the Jung Dragon’s come from behind and land a dropkick from the top. Yang sends Jamie Knoble into the Ladder and he bumps backfirst. Shannon Moore is pushed off and he lands a boot to the face followed by a gutbuster.

Yang then with a corkscrew moonsault to Shannon Moore.

Helms pushed Yang off and landed a suicide dive off the top.

Non-stop springboards off the top to the floor on everybody, until Shannon Moore lands a springboard moonsault to the rest. Jamie Knoble climbs the Ladder meanwhile in the middle of the ring. He is pushed off the Ladder onto everyone on the floor by one of the Dragon’s standing alone in the ring. Evan was alone until one of the Dragon’s springboarded off the top rope onto him and he lands a powerslam off the Ladder in mid-air.

Another springboard by Moore hitting Karagian with a showstopper from the top of the Ladder set up Horizontal on the top rope between that and Another Ladder set up vertical in the ring. Now Helms had Noble on top of the horizontal ladder and Sugar Shane hit the world’s highest neckbreaker to Jamie Knoble.

Nice bumping, the match really has picked up after a slower start.

Some slow climbing up to the top of the Ladder and 3 Count is the only two members of a team up. A sunset flip from Noble to Helms off the top. Moore and Yang chop at one another at the top. Yang goes on the other side off the Ladder so Moore can take him off with a modified side effect.

A back breaker by Karagias and now some sloppy moments with a ton of Ladders set up. A criss-cross powerbomb by the Dragons to Evan Karagias this time. All three Ladders are set up and 3 Count comes back in to attack the dragons with a few shots sending one of them headfirst into the Ladder. Yang sent headfirst into the Ladder. Jamie Knoble hits a piledriver on Moore.

A unique headscissors takeover by Shannon Moore from below a Ladder. Jamie Knoble is sent off by Helms from a hiptoss. 3 Count then both go up and take the contract at one time.

Fans boo as it wasn’t just one person who took a contract to meet Chavo on Nitro. Fans in WCW 2000 booed anything though.

The end came at 13:29.

This match is quite fun at times, but pretty sloppy everywhere else.




** 3/4






8 ) “The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit (c) vs Y2J Chris Jericho for the InterContinental Championship -WWF Royal Rumble 2001



This one is a CLASSIC in every sense of the word.

Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit wasted absolutely no time getting things going as both men gave each other shots in the middle of the ring, the brawl had begun!

Both men met each other with hard right hands and then Jericho irishwhipped Benoit to the other side of the ring.

Chris Jericho met Benoit in the middle with a reverse elbow. Benoit was chopped in the corner by Jericho and then kicked at him and he irishwhipped Benoit to the other side but he reversed it and then Jericho caught Benoit with a boot, and then Benoit attempted to expose the injured arm with a Crossface attempt.

Jericho though rolled out and tried to slap on a Walls of Jericho but Benoit got out.

Chris Benoit threw Jericho hard shoulder first into the corner. Benoit with a hard chop to Jericho and then he scooped him up and hit a shoulder breaker, following up on the shoulder to the corner, nice strategic wrestling by the best ever in the squared circle.

Benoit sent Jericho to the ropes but he came off with a flying forearm! Benoit rolled to the ring apron and then stood there, Jericho leaped up to the top turnbuckle and leaped off trying to knock Benoit off the apron but he caught nobody as Benoit resourcefully ducked RIGHT in time and Jericho landed hard on the floor after jumping from the top turnbuckle!

Chris Jericho was hurt as Benoit had that well scouted, Jericho used the ropes to springboard and he looked to dropkick but couldn`t. Benoit then like a machine knew where to go and walked towards the ladder but Jericho followed him up with a shot, but Benoit irishwhipped Jericho into the solid steel exposing Jericho`s hurt shoulder some more.

Benoit is the king of psychology, for real. He can adapt to any environment.

Jericho ran up to Benoit to try and stop him from putting the Ladder in the ring, but Benoit was a step ahead. Benoit threw Jericho hard into the steel steps, shoulder first! He still followed up on the shoulder, amazing!

Benoit climbed the ladder but Jericho scooped him on his shoulders and landed back first. Jericho chopped Benoit in the corner and sent him in there and delivered a clothesline. Jericho picked up the ladder, put it together and then nailed Benoit in the head with it. Jericho`s shoulder still hurting him but he caught Benoit right in the head. It`s tough watching Benoit take head shots given what we now know, but this isn`t the best match if you don`t like that type of thing. Chris Jericho rammed the ladder into Benoit`s gut twice hard in the corner while New Orleans chanted for Y2J! Benoit holding his gut on the canvas and Jericho kicked at the hurt stomach region of Benoit and then he got irishwhipped hard by Benoit hard and he was catapolted hard face first into the ladder set up in the corner and he went to the outside! Amazing!

Benoit then with a suicide dive and Jericho caught him with a chair shot as he flew between the ropes, UNBELIEVABLE.

Jericho hit head first into the ladder, then Benoit dove out and met a chair in mid-air to break his fall. That would be unpleasent.

Jericho on the outside set Benoit up and dropped him abdomen first onto the security wall, the gut that had been hurt earlier. Jericho then off the apron glided with the Ladder and Benoit moved just in time and he avoided the contact of the Steel Ladder and Jericho just fell. Benoit charged towards Jericho and hit him head first with the Ladder.

Benoit then with a couple of shots to the face and back with a Steel Chair to Chris Jericho.

One of the most violent matches I`ve ever seen here.

Benoit with an irish whip followed by a knee to the gut of Jericho. Benoit gets the ladder back in the ring and Jericho is down. Chris benoit set up the Ladder in the corner of the ring, and King brought up a good point. How long could this match last at this pace. No LADDER match EVER has had this pace, EVER. Period. It`s not even debatable.

Benoit sent the ladder right into Jericho`s face. Benoit placed the Ladder in the corner and sat it up there and went to ram Chris Jericho into the Ladder, but Jericho dropped to his feet and pushed Benoit into it and hit a dropkick. Jericho now placed the Ladder in the corner and gave Benoit a shot to the head and then Jericho placed one leg of Benoit over the rung of the middle ladder. Jericho then fell backwards as both guys put there body on the line!


Benoit landed with his leg inside the ladder, and Jericho landed back as well. Chris Jericho then picked up the Ladder and Benoit dropkicked it right back in his face! Benoit to his feet first and then picked up Jericho and gave him a nice back suplex. Benoit then put the ladder up top of the corner of the ring and Jericho reversed an irishwhip and sent Benoit head first into the corner of the Ladder. JR said it was rattling there brains, well in Benoit`s case it was for real and Benoit`s head had hit the ladder directly on multiple times.

Jim Ross suggested that this ladder match was taking Ladder matches to another level, I`d fully agree.

If this wasn`t amazing enough, Jericho hung off the apron and caught Benoit under the chin with the Ladder as he sprung it up when Chris Benoit got to his feet.

Jericho with a missile dropkick to Benoit with the ladder and it might of hurt his knee!

Jericho placed the Ladder in the middle of the ring with Benoit down!

Jericho began to climb but Benoit slowly got to his feet and levelled his kidneys with hard forearms!

Benoit then with a suplex to Jericho over the top rope, and Y2J landed pretty much on his head right in front of JR and King! Amazing, it just didn`t stop. Ever.

Benoit climbed the ladder slowly and Jericho just got back in the ring but Benoit kicked him off. Chris Jericho tried to reach Benoit up there and then he got him and pulled back with a ton of tork! A version of the Walls of Jericho to Benoit on top of the Ladder! Awesome and new, the fans loved it! It looked even better when Jericho`s legs were grabbed by Benoit so both men were hanging over the Ladder with the submission hold locked on!

Jericho shoved Chris Benoit off the ladder and Benoit fell on his already damaged head.


Benoit still somehow had the strength to kick Jericho off the Ladder!

Chris Jericho kicked the ladder and made it flat again and then he rammed into Benoit again up high. Beyond amazing says Ross. Jericho kicked at Benoit`s bruised head and Jericho climbed up high and Benoit caught him with a crossface when Y2J jumped from the top. Jericho tapped out but it didn`t mean anything because you have to grab the belt.

Benoit then sent Jericho left shoulder first into the post following up on his bruised shoulders. Jericho followed up on Benoit`s bruised cranium and sent him face first into the ladder and he tried to block it realizing he couldn`t afford another shot to the head.

Y2J still gave him one though. He rammed the ladder hard into Benoit.

Benoit though with the ladder set up knocked Jericho off and Benoit leaped from the top and Jericho avoided the headbutt, and Benoit headbutted the Canvas.

Okay this is incredible.

Benoit must have recieved a dozen concussions in this match alone. You saw that Benoit dive clip likely on the news during the Benoit tragedy, it`s a good thing this match made the Ladder DVD before that tragedy.

Benoit knocked Jericho off the ladder while he climbed, JR says this is the damndest match he has ever seen!

Benoit climbed the ladder but Jericho caught him with shots to the spine with a chair. Benoit kicked Jericho off the ladder and he bounced off the side ropes and he knocked Benoit off the ladder to the outside of the ring.

Benoit had just recieved one too many shots.

This bought Jericho the break he needed to capture the title.

Jericho after the match said Benoit was the toughest bastard he had ever faced.

Words don`t do this match justice, it`s one to be watched and studied and enjoyed, I`ve seen this so many times and I respect it more with each viewing.

In the end Jericho captured the IC title to become the New Intercontinental Champion to end the brutal war at 18:44.

Nothing but QUALITY and the BEST.

Chris Jericho`s 2nd best match ever to Y2J-HHH LMS from Fully Loaded 2000 and a top 5 for Benoit.

Some of the best innovative offense you`ll ever see with the ladder mixed with the best bumping in my opinion. This is not only my favourite ladder match but I consider it to be the very best just ahead of the famous Hall-Michaels series in 94 and 95.

Top 25 material.




**** 3/4










Disc 2 Matches:





9) Dudleys (c) vs Edge & Christian vs Hardy Boyz for the Tag Team Championship – TLC “2” -WWF WrestleMania X7




Bubba and D-Von were the reigning champs going in…

With so many successful matches like this, this one was a no-brainer from a booking perspective.

This is a bit quicker then the others like it but there is a ton of quality to enjoy, plus there’s always the fact that it happened at a Wrestlemania.

All three teams with a rich history in this environment.

And now we have TLC #2 tonight here with these three teams. As you will be able to see at the end I loved it perhaps the very most, not just from the big spots but from every little other aspect needed for this type of environment.

You can overuse this idea or do it just right and that’s what the WWE had been doing RIGHT during these days.

Off to this one.

Action will be early and everywhere with six men, three teams and objects flying everywhere at Wrestlemania.

Makes it hard on the guy reviewing it to keep up with all the action, but then again I’d rather look into something deep then try and scratch the surface on something I wouldn’t remotely be interested in.

All three teams begin brawling with on another and Dudleyz drop Christian with a flapjack off the ropes. Righthands hitting hard and often by all three teams inside and out of the ring to begin the match. Jeff and Matt throw themselves into one another using good tandem tag team offense. Matt took down Bubba Ray Dudley but Edge and Chris dropped Matt with a ladder they picked up already.

Christian hammers away on Matt in a corner. Edge sets up a basic chair in the middle of the ring. Edge and Christian both stretch Jeff’s groin. A drop toehold face-first into the chair sat up goes Matt Hardy flying in. Edge begins to climb but Matt stops him and throws him in the corner.

Matt climbng up is stopped by Edge. Both Hardy Boyz do a double dropkick/baseball slide out of the ring to Edge and Christian.

Matt slams Christian down between both Ladders Matt and Jeff get up high on.

Hardyz do there Wrestlemania 2000 move dropping off with the leg from each ladder onto there opposition.

Dudleys back in isolating Edge dropping him to the mat. D-Von Dudley from the corner is ready and drops the What’s Up on Edge.

D-Von Dudley and Bubba are feeling it, Tables are of course asked for them now. Bubba powerbombed Jeff Hardy through Edge and through a table inside the ring! Matt clearing house around the ring with Ladder in hand and everybody has set up the big spots with four tables set by the ring.

Several other ladders and tables with chairs are around ringside.

Three ladders set up in the center of the ring, all teams begin the climb, the race is on for the titles. Christian’s ladder flies and he goes over the top rope to the floor. Everyone else is pushed off but no one took a more violent fall then Christian who dropped over the ropes to the floor off the top of the Ladder.

Christian from the floor slid in a table. Bubba took out a Ladder to set up beside the ring.

Spike Dudley ran to the ring and did his move but took Christian out with him through a table.

rhYno out and speared Bubba! Rhyno speared Matt through a table in the corner and then set up a Ladder in the center again for Edge to climb.

All of the sudden a third party, Lita showing her black thong and all getting a good pop.

Classic line “Lita Jerkin Edge OFF” the Ladder.

Lita hit a hurricanrana to Rhyno and hen Spike drops Rhyno with a DDT. Edge gets pushed off the Ladder to the ropes dropping groin first. Dudleyz have Rhyno up for the Doomsday Device by the Duds.

Lita drops Spike with a chair and undresses, she turns into a 3D from the Dudley Boyz. Edge tosses Bubba a chair and Christian takes him out because of it. Action everywhere.

Awesome booking.

Now Jeff Hardy drags a Ladder to where he wants it.

Jeff Hardy from the outside, just like the year before put his body on the line as he performed a painful looking Swanton Bomb from the top of the ladder!

Jeff Hardy poses and then drops off a twenty foot ladder hitting a Swanton onto the bodies of Spike and Rhyno.

Christian and Edge seemed to be at an advantage placed the Ladders where they wanted them inside the ring.

Christian hung on with D-Von Dudley by one arm and then dropped.

What happened now was Jeff who had already had a lot taken out of him thus far tried to walk the Ladders but couldn’t hold his balance. Jeff then gets to the seperate title belt as he hangs in the air.

Jeff was hanging by the belts at the top with no Ladder, Edge then goes to the top of the other Ladder and somehow, amazingly dives off, hitting Jeff extremely high in mid-air with a Spear taking them both down.

AMAZING. Probably one of the best bumps of all time.

Crowd ate it up, but the brutality wasn’t over just yet.

Unbelievable spot to a great match.

Bubba and Matt arguing over the title’s but Rhyno pushed them now!

Matt and Bubba on top of the big Ladder both went for a ride and both fell over the top rope, way to the outside through four tables thanks to Rhyno.

Unbelievable bump, and more “Holy Shi*” chants.

Rhyno helps Edge and Christian Climb, can they make it!?

They climb the Ladder!

Edge and Christian get the title’s and win!

In the end at 15:53, RhYno helped Edge and Christian become tag team champions once again in a TLC Match as they both climbed to the top to grab the title’s.

Perhaps the fastest fifteen minutes in Wrestling History since Savage vs Steamboat from Wrestlemania 3.

This match deserves praise, because it was a spotfest done to absolute perfection.

From Lita, Spike Dudley, and Rhyno interfering to these three teams awesome chemistry, they continued to find ways to shock the hell out of people and deliver an entertaining war.

Nothing, but pure Gold here to add just a little bit of everything to a fantastic show.



**** 1/2









10) Dudleyz vs Edge & Christian vs Hardy Boyz vs Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit (c) in TLC “3” for the WWF Tag Team Championship- Smackdown!, 5/24/01

Benoit gives us an intro into this match, and I don’t ever find it tough to watch a Benoit match but when he talks to us or talks out of character, I find that stuff kind of tough to watch.

But I will never forget meeting him with a smile on his face shaking my hand back in 2002.

Onto this Classic!

This barbaric war here is Smackdown!’s 2nd best match in history from where I sit only to Austin and Benoit.

This fight it just as good as any other out there.

All four teams go at it right from the opening bell in a slug-fest and everybody is lucky.

The viewers are lucky they get a quality match for free on teleision, the fans in attendance our lucky they get a match of this caliber not on PPV, but on a Smackdown! card.

Here we go!

Bubba and Christian corner Benoit and stomp on him, D-Von Dudley joins.

Edge the first one to go for a Ladder. Dudleyz and Hardyz brawl in the ring.

The Champs Benoit and Jericho didn’t even have to be involved in the decision.

Matt bangs it off the skull on Bubba in the corner, Jeff with poetry in motion to D-Von Dudley, then they use the ladder doing that to Bubba.

Jericho rams it off D-Von Dudley’s head. Benoit then Snap Suplexed Bubba Dudley ont a Ladder.

Un-Real and this is just beginning.

So much fun!.

Jericho irish-whipped D-Von head-first into a ladder. Fans asking for tables, un-real, I agree with Tazz, greedyy fans. Benoit hit with a ladder to the floor.

Two Ladders are set up horizontal in the corner and no they set them up in the middle of the ring, Matt with a powerbomb to Christian.

I will try and keep up.
Some foreshadowing as Matt and Edge climb to the top to showcase a slugfest.

Benoit pushes the Ladder and they fall to the Matt.

Bubba for earlier revenge from that suplex on the ladder from Benoit goes for chops on Chris.

Benoit then spots Matt placed on a table outside the ring.

Benoit goes for a diving headbutt from the top of the ring to the table on the outside. Hard to watch now certainly, but Benoit with a flying headbutt to to Matt he moves and he scrashes through the table.

Jericho takes Bubba off the top with a running bulldog, both slam hard to the canas.

Tazz then asks help from the back.

Mr. McMahon and the heel Stone Cold wanted Benoit and Jericho hurt which is why they are getting roughed up before their June King of the Ring triple threat encounter.

Dudleyz and Hardyz climb to the top of the ladders and a hip-toss from D-Von Dudley to Matt, then Bubba Dudley with a huge Suplex 20 feet in the air to Jeff.

Well the Dudleyz and Hardyz should be done for awhile.

Edge, Christian, and perhaps Jericho….maybe Benoit if he can re-gain some sort of life after that suicide dive (no pun intended) through that table!

It’s more then carnage!

Benoit with brave courage walking to the ring, holding his injured ribs. Benoit selling like a pro crawling in the ring, fans chanting his name. Benoit now begins to clmb the ladder.

Edge pulls Benoit but the Wolverine battles back with everything he has, chop after chop after chop. Edge and Christian both grab chairs and Benoit covered his head and now they exploit Benoit’s injury and hit Benoit with two smacks to the ribs by the chair.

The Dudleyz through Christian out of the ring, then a “What’s UUUPPP!?” to Edge. Now D-Von Dudley testifies and Bubba says D-VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON, Get the table’s with the crowd, now D-Von Dudley grabs some tables setting the up while the crowd chants for the some more.

Jericho in the ring with a chair knocking down Bubba, then D-Von Dudley, Christian then comes in and knocks out Y2J with a chair.


Christian now puts Bubba on the table, Bubba gets off, D-Von Dudley gets up lifts Christian, Bubba is up and the Dudleyz 3-D Christian through the table’s! Awesome spot.

Carnage and battered bodes absolutely everywhere.

Matt Hardy and Bubba on the outside battling, Matt hits Bubba in the head with a tv monitor. Jeff sets up a huge ladder by the announce table.

Bubba is laying on the table.

Matt and Jeff are brawling.

Jeff with a Swanton Bomb off the Ladder, 20 feet in the air going through Bubba on the table, taking the booth presumably out of the match for sure.


D-Von and Matt climb and D-Von Dudley gets the twist of fate from Matt. Matt trying to make it to his feet and he falls.

Jericho uses the Ladder to clear Matt Hardy. Y2J clmbs the Ladder and Edge spots another free one in the corner, so Edge remembers Mania X7 and goes for the Spear on Jericho and he gets it.

Even if there are some re-cycled spots, who cares? This is unbelievable.

Benoit selling his ribs like the tremendous pro he was. This stuff makes me miss him so much.

Benoit’s almost there.

Benoit grabs the title’s at 18:37 of tv time, no commercials.
Absolutely epic.

The punishmment Benoit took to his ribs was further elluded too as he went through many hardcore matches around this time, Benoit would need surgery and was out for a year because of all of this.
This match is one of Smackdown!’s greatest. Unfortunately Smackdown!’s best match also features Chris Benoit versus Steve Austin as well so these are two matches you’ll never get to see likely again. (From Edmonton for the WWF title in May of 2001)

Oh but they’re making Crossface, the Chris Benoit movie apparently so maybe that will show Chris in a different light and the WWE will change their policy on Chris when it comes to main-stream coverage or DVD’s. One can hope anyway.
As for the match, a breath-taking classic, one of the best on the DVD and one of the best Ladder matches in history.





**** 1/2











11) Christian (c) vs Edge for the InterContinenal Championship (c) -WWF No Mercy 2001



Christian defeated his “brother” Edge at Unforgiven 2001 for the IC title and now here is the re-match in Edge’s speciality, A ladder match.

Would Edge defeat Christian to become the new IC Champion?

Christian and Edge began battling on the ramp and since there are no rules the bell rang there. Christian took it to Edge in the ring.

Christian grabbed a Ladder then Edge hit a base-ball slide to Christian and the fans OHHH and now Edge throws his younger “brother” over the barricade and now both guys battle near the barricade.

Christian comes back clobbering him on the back with right’s, Christian charged to Edge and he back-dropped himm onto the floor.

This match had a bit of a slower pace for a Ladder match.

Edge catapolts Christian into the Ladder from the floor on the outside.


Christian, innoatively set-up the Ladder horizontal-like on the Steps and Barricade then back-dropped his Brother Edge on the Ladder. Now both stand on the Ladder and Edge with a slugfest drops Christian as he drops and straddles the rung, groin-first.


Christian hurtins his own peeps.

Edge then sets up a Ladde horizontal but diagnol in the midde of the turnbuckle, but Christian then reverse irish-whipped Edge into the Ladder ribs first.

Both men hurt and now Christian catapolts Edge from the bottom of the turnbuckle head-first right into the Ladder with some more innovative work with the Ladder. Methodically picking apart Edge piece by piece, Heyman says he’s gotta now climb the Ladder and get the hell out of St Louis now.

Christian the newest member of the Alliance sets up a Ladder while Edge is on the Canvas. Edge sets up his slower. Edge slowly gets up to Christian grabbing him with a rear choke, and the lower-back of Edge ould get hurt more from the impact to the mat but Edge with a drop to Christian as both men crash and burn to the canvas.

Both men hurt.

So this means the pace of the match is slow and Edge is gong to grab the ladder but this is Pro-Wrestling so of course it’s taking him 30 minutes to climb, and Christian stops him and then hits the impaler to Edge.
Christian slowly grabs a Chair so there are signs he’s still hurt goes to smack Edge but Edge from the position of laying down shoves it back in Christian’s face as the fans cheer.

Edge grabs a Ladder from under the ring and puts Christian on top of a Ladder seperated on two chairs.

Edge from the top splashed Christian. Ouch.

It may of hurt Edge just as much as it hurt Christian.

Edge begins to Climb but Christian knocks Edge off with a bigger Ladder and he goes flying. Big singular yellow bold E D G E sign to the bottom right on the main camera angle in the crowd.

Christian from his knees sets up three ladders.

Christian going up and Edge spears him from the top rope to the ladder and the Champion and Challenger are both down.


Now a slug-fest on the Ladder and as the Ladder falls to the ropes on the outside both guys fall to the floor and there is nothing there to break their fall.

Big spot.

Christian then climbs slowly and Edge uses a chair just as Christian did at Unforgien and places Chairs below the Ladder and now Edge is looking to pancake Christian’s head on the top of the ladder in-between two chair’s!

The ultimate revenge.

Christian falls.

Great ending to a pretty under-whelming match


In the end at 22:16 and became the NEW IC Champ to a loud pop by grabbing the gold after a memorable ending.









12) Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Rob Van Dam for the Intercontinental Championship -WWE Raw, 5/27/02



RVD wrestled in some incredible Hardcore and Ladder matches in the WWE during this time period against say Jericho, Christian, Jeff Hardya and finally Eddie Guerrero.

Most of them underrated.

Now we go to May of 2002 in a time when the likes of Benoit and Eddie were set to feud with Austin, but he had walked out.

So Eddie now is in the IC divison as the holder defending it against the very popular and very over RVD.

Any time you put two legendary performers like Eddie and RVD in the same ring, with a Ladder, you’re going to get magic.

And this is on free television from Canada with Jim Ross on commentary.

All the signs of a Classic Ladder match.

In the home of the Oilers.

A fan actually runs in this match but they edit that out of this match on the DVD of course. He was a drunk idiot wearing an Oilers Jersey he pushed Eddie off the Ladder and Eddie got a couple kicks but he was taken away.

I just remember Van Dam on his stomach looking at him like “What in god’s name is going on!?”

Both these men can do it all, mat-wrestle, chain-wrestle with amateur like take-down’s, show off their athletic abilities, fly high with aerial assault, and both are masters of the frog splash.

They had a **** 1/4 classic from Kemper Arena at Backlash 2002 the month before this so I am no doubt looking forward to reviewing this IC title Ladder match from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. (My birth-city)


The bell rings and these two tie-up and always try and one-up the other man of course so they exchange quick waist-lock’s, Eddie Guererro had one on RVD then Van Dam has one on Eddie and he elbows or attempts to out of it but RVD is a step ahead and shifts his head to the right so Eddie misses his projected back elbow shot to the head of RVD.

Eddie Guererro then connects with a reverse elbow and then off the ropes RVD with a pinning heel kick. RVD springboards out of the ring onto Eddie’s back with a leg-drop after ramming him into the post.

These two are literally lightening quick so I’ll try to keep up.

I won’t list every move but I’ll make note of every major spot and why the psychology works the way it does for example, it’s what I do.

Eddie reversed an irish-whip sending RVD into the ladder and then Eddie Guererro dropped the ladder on RVD outside the ring.

Eddie Guererro rolls RVD into the ring landing right’s and stiff European Uppercut. Eddie Guererro hammering Van Dam and off the ropes runs directly into a hard reverse elbow. Eddie Guererro positioned Van Dam’s legs around the ring post intelligently.

Take the aerial, high flying RVD off his vertical base and limit his leg work, he can’t kick back or climb a ladder.

Smart psychology there.

Good strategic wrestling there by Eddie Guererro, he smacked the legs of RVD with a chair on RVD both shots to the leg.

Now Eddie Guererro gets RVD back in the ring and is extremely aggressive but out of the corner out of no where Rob Van Dam comes back and monkey flips Eddie Guererro and then Eddie Guererro regains control with a standing powerbomb with a bridge hooking the legs, not letting go, would of been a pinning attempt if pin-falls counted.

Eddie Guererro went to the outside to grab a Ladder and Latino Heat then stood there and RVD leaped over the ropes on RVD after a baseball slide into Eddie Guererro.

RVD bought himself some tme.

Benoit is seen coming to the ring and now he’s standing in the front row in his home-town getting Benoit chants. His best friend is Eddie and he was about to work a Summer program with RVD so he showed interest in this match. I was lucky enough to see a Benoit vs RVD House Show match in 2002 and met the Crippler after the match.

Eddie Guererro climbs the Ladder in the center of the ring and RVD with a spin-kick to the ladder makes Eddie Guererro fall to the canvas.

RVD with a back-breaker to Eddie Guererro on the ladder then the rolling thunder, hurting no doubt both of them. Eddie Guererro then slides out of the ring, and is dropkicked or baseball slid out as RVD climbs. Eddie Guererro runs back and both men slug it out at the top of the ladder. Eddie Guererro then with a massive sun-set flip to RVD off the top of the Ladder to Van Dam sashing the canvas after both men were about fifteen feet in the air.


Eddie climbs the Ladder and this is the spot where the fan was kicked out and they zoom in on Benoit. Now if they ever showed this match they’d have to zoom in on the fans because they can’t even show Benoit, how ironic.

Eddie Guererro now goes up top and performs a summersault onto Rob Van Dam and both men are down.

Eddie grabbed a chair and did work on the spine of RVD but I love how he goes back to the legs utilizing the strategy of taking RVD’s aerial offense away with his infamous educated feet. Now RVD turns the tide in the corner and sends Eddie to the ground on the mat.

RVD with a Van Daminator to Guerrero dropkicking the chair into Eddie and rolling and hitting a summersault on Eddie onto the chair.

RVD climbs the ladder and is back-dropped right into the Ladder and then Eddie Guererro sets up the ladder vertically.

RVD reversed an irish-whip and sent Eddie Guererro hard nto the ladder. Eddie Guererro has an Dam up top and went for a side kick, Eddie Guererro missed and then RVD monkey flipped Eddie Guererro after he dodged RVD initially which actually looked like a botch but it might not of been and Eddie was sent directly into the ladder.

RVD then hits a rolling thunder on top of the Ladder on top of Eddie again. Edde is in the corner and RVD sets it up and RVD and Eddie both kick at each other if they try and climb. Eddie Guererro had the chair and then RVD with a high spin-kick to Eddie in the head and he falls. Eddie Guererro is down and RVD climbs to the top looking to perform the 5 star frog splash and Eddie moved the ladder and RVD crashed and burned.

Wow, what a match.

PPV Quality.

Just unbelievable in every regard.

RVD bounced Eddie Guererro off the apron into the security barricade and RVD them climbs the Ladder while Eddie Guererro slowly crawls back in and he gets the title!
In the end at 17:56 of tv time (It went over 20 minutes in full time) we have a NEW IC Champion. RVD would then feud with a heel Benoit for that prize in the Summer of 2002 on the Raw Brand.
This match was so much better then Edge vs Christian from No Mercy, it’s not even close. This was a Classic Raw match, one of RVD’s best ever matches.










13) The Undertaker (c) vs Jeff Hardy for the WWE Undisputed Championship -WWE Raw, 7/1/02




I remember this main evented Raw and no one thought Jeff could win the match but as the match went on the story it told sort of made you believe the impossible, that along with JR’s brilliant commentary.

It all added to the spectacle of this television match.
The Undertaker surprisingly to many had it taken to him as Jeff knew he was the major under-dog here and threw the chair at Big Evil to begin.

They brawled on the outside of the ring until The Undertaker had Jeff on his shoulder, Jeff slipped off and pushed Booger Red into the Ladder and then jumped off the steel steps and dropped both of his legs on top of the ladder on top of the American Bad Ass.

I’m not even Jeff Hardy but I’d be scared of the Old Deadan right about now.

Jeff was bringing the Ladder back into the ring and The Undertaker sprung it up into Jeff’s face.
The Undertaker then had a chance to climb the Ladder and get the title but he said to hell with it and then on the outside of the ring he dropped Jeff rght onto the announce table.

The Undertaker then drove Jeff’s head right into the tabel right after once more.

The Undertaker for 3-5 minutes just plays with Hardy like he is a toy smashng him inside his yard and inside the ladder.

All of the sudden Taker s on the outide and Hardy gets up and uses the ladder on the canvas as a springboard and hits a senton to The Undertaker.

Jeff then grabs a Giant Ladder in the center of the ring and begins to climb.
Undertaker goes for a last ride.
The Undertaker then hit with a hurricanrana at the last second and JR says go for it kid.

The Undertaker then with a hard chair-shot to the spine from The Undertaker.

The Undertaker then drove the chair into Jeff not once but twice.

The Undertaker went to Last Ride Jeff again but he had a chair in hand and knocked down the Old Deadman.

Then one more for good measure.
Jeff climb and everybody is marking out including Jim Ross.


Not one but two shots to the spine of the kid by The Undertaker.

Undertaker and Jeff both climb each side.

Jeff grabs the belt but The Undertaker chokeslams Jeff and at 14:09 of Raw time The Undertaker retains the title.


In the end Undertaker retained his title and gave Jeff his props even as a Heel did “Booger Red” whatever the hell that means.

You legit thought Jeff had a chance here which made the match that much more enojoyable, Jim Ross deserves credit showing this Raw Main Event with the right kind of passion it needed.
This match was delivered better then anyone would of thought due to the booking of the match between both men and the contrast of their styles.

Undertaker gives Jeff one last, Last Ride, rides off on his bike off the ramp and then Jeff said on the mic to The Undertaker you haven’t broken me.

Taker walks back and he means business.

This time instead of a punch…he raises his arm and gives him props as the crowd cheer.












14) Kane & The Hurricane vs RVD & Jeff Hardy vs Bubba Ray & Spike Dudley vs Chris Jericho & Christian (c) for the WWE Tag Team Championship -WWE Raw Roulette, 10/7/02



No Hurricane but Kane is on his own.
We saw a four tag team TLC match on this Disc already from the SD brand the year before.

This was on the first ever Raw Roulette from Vegas. This was 13 days before No Mercy 2002. Kane with a double clothesline to Jeff and RVD.

I’ll try and keep up with the action, but eight men, no rules, it kind of goes fast.

You have to really appreciate how many of these classic’s were delivered live on Raw and what-not.

Bubba Ray Dudley using the Ladder as a helicopter knocking down Jericho and Christian then Kane with a boot to Bubba Ray Dudley knocking him down.

RVD launched onto Kane.

Jericho clotheslines Spike. Jericho with a side suplex and him and Christian set up a Ladder in the corner of the ring.

Bubba Ray Dudley recieved a legit major concussion unfortunately by the end of this one but here in the middle portion of the match he’s dishing out the right’s and lefts.

Kane slams Spike after he slams Bubba. Kane then tossed Spike out the opposition. Jericho takes out Kane with a Ladder and Kane is set on the Ladder as Van Dam takes out Christian and Jericho. Jeff takes out RVD and smacks Kane with a chair.

Jeff Hardy has Kane on the table.

Jeff hits Kane with a Swanton Bomb off the top of the Ladder! Amazing.

Bubba Ray Dudley then throws the Ladder down at Jericho.

Carnage everywhere.

This is the last commercial break they take. Christian with a powerbomb to Bubba.

Bubba Ray Dudley with chops to RVD.

RVD and Bubba climb and EC Dub is chanted. Jericho with a running bulldog. Christian with an impaler to Van Dam off the ladder. Ross even makes mistakes as he said RVD with a neck-breaker.

It’s tough to keep up with all the action, see….

Two ladders in the middle of the ring Christian is slammed down by Kane. Jeff jumps into the mix and Kane tosses him out. Kane all by himself throws the Ladder right into Spike’s face and then baseball slides it int the body of Spike.

Jericho with a shot to Kane’s head. Jericho with a chair-shot to Bubba twce. RVD with a chair-shot to Jericho.

Jeff with a whisper in the window to Kane after he jumps off Bubba Ray Dudley with un-suspected team-work from those two.

RVD with a Van Daminator coast to coast to Kane into the steel chair to Kane!

One of the spots of one of the best Raw matches ever!


Jericho goes to suplex Jeff but he reversed the two’s spots and Jericho hts hs spine on the Ladder, kidneys first.

Jef Hardy begins to climb the Ladder and Bubba begins to eet him fro the top and now Bubba Ray Dudley hits a superplex from the top to the canvas.

Bubba Ray Dudley is out.


You can tell.

Even though he was on the offense he is in LA LA Land.

RVD then climbs to the top and before he can get there Bubba Dudley comes back up from a rush of adrenaline and that’s about it and then they both knock each other off.

Jericho climbs the Ladder and then little Spike climbs up and Jericho kicks him off and then a bot to the face. Spike pushed Jericho off the Ladder and head no where to fall but out to the floor.
Un-real spots all over the place. Spike sets up a ladder and goes to do the dudley dog and Christian sends him flying threw a table on the outside.

Christian crawls to the Ladder.

Christian knocks Bubba off the top and hee’s out again.

RVD with a five star frog slash to Christian.

Jeff Hardy from the top misses a swanton and then is back-dropped by Bubba through a table. RVD back-dropped Bubba.

RVD climbs the Ladder and and Jericho goes up and locks the walls on him. RVD falls off.. Jericho all the way to to.

Kane brawls with Jericho.

Both guys fight and fall, Kane sits up.
Kane grabbed the the ttles by himself at a tv time of 22:15. Amazing. Kane and Hurricane are new champ’s.

This still holds up very well.
In the end KANE took it at all!


THANKFULLY they remove the ridiculous Katie Vick part after where Hunter and Flair come out and call Kane a murderer. Even after Kane is finally treated good and as aa legit monster they remote him to those standards thus burying him further.

But hey, this isn’t about that this is about the un-believable tag match we got here.
This match won Best in Raw history at the Raw X awards in early 03, I think they just wanted to give as many people credit as they could since so many were involved and they were biased to recent events, as I personally believe Owen and Bulldog from Germany in 1997 in the European title finals is STILL the best match in Raw history. However in 2003 both by that point were dead and nobody would of been there to accept.



**** 1/4








15) Y2J Chris Jericho vs Christian for the Vacant WWE InterContinental Championship -WWE Unforgiven 2004


The IC title was vacant here. Edge was ouT due to injury.

Both guys brawl to the floor, former friends and tag partners.

So both men got  Ladder, Christian climbed ever so slowly and Y2j had a chance to win it of course. Jercho then shoved Christian head in on tne Ladder.

The Lddder set up and Jericho crashed and  burned.
Chris Jericho elevated by Chrstian up.

After that Y2J ran out of gas but still had enougn mmmph to send christian into the Ladder.

Chris Jercho his body into the Ladder and Christian moved so he hung upsiide down. Christian held a Ladder and Jericho went to dropkck him with the Laddder.

Jericho went for a Lionsault despitre Christin holding the Ladder. Now Christian with it in the ring sets up ever so slowly.

This certainly has a different feel from most Ladder matches.
Christian cliimbs ever so slowly gain up the Ladder but Jericho used the ladder as a weapon, Chris Jercho used the ladder as a weapon as a battered and bruised as a weapon.

Jericho climbs the ladder and Christian pushed him off, Christian in not much better shape, onlty difference is he is climbing the Ladder.

Y2J met him and Chrstian tried to kick Christian of the Ladder, now a familiar spot, Jericho wit h a for of the walls of Jericho to Christian and now Jericho wrenched tht lower-back as Christian took the ladder off

Good back and forth climax here.

Both men hungry for the title as it goes back and forth keeping you guessing who is ahead momentum wise….

Jericho takes Christian off face-first off the top.

Chris Jercho climbs to the top rung and gets it!

In the end Jericho grabbed the belt at 22:29 to become IC Champion.

Jericho is the 2nd best IC Champ ever next to Savage but he has won the title the most.
His run here would be short-lived as Shelton Benjamin defeated him a month later at Taboo Tuesday 04 and held that title until Carlito beat him on his first night on Raw in June of 2005. That was a good reign.


As for this match it was pretty good but nothing more. It could of been so much more given the length.



** 3/4









Disc 3 Matches:




16) Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho vs Edge vs Shelton Benjamin vs Christian vs Kane: MITB 1 – WWE Wrestlemania 21



Through Kayfabe this was the creation of one Chris Jericho, to put all these deserving wrestler’s in a Ladder match together with the winner getting a title shot any time, at any show for up to one year.
Everyone’s entrance in this match felt important.

Jericho gets a good pop, Benoit gets a Monster Pop, must be because not long before this he ws World Champion. Christian has some peeps in attendance, Kane is Kane and Shelton the star of the match gets a good ovation.

Edge perhaps was the ultimate favourite and he came out to good heat. The look on his face just reads “I’m winning!”

Brawling began in the entrance way but when the bell rings Jericho gives Shelton a running bulldog. A springboard dropkick by Jericho to Benoit and Edge off the apron. Jericho with a high crossbody way off the top. Christian then flies on top of everyone.

Now Shelton Benjamin with tremendous elevation springboards over with a moonsault on everyone. Kane then took out everybody from the top with a clothesline.

One flaw in this match is how more action should of taken place and not JUST between the two shown. Kane used the Weapon as a Ladder dropping the likes of Christian. All of the sudden Jericho hurt himself with a missile dropkick on Kane.

Y2J then got up and used the ladder on the likes of Edge and Shelton Benjamin as a weapon and he smiles.

Awesome spot by Benoit releasing a German on Jericho with Ladder in hand, it went flying.

Benoit climbed the Ladder, Kane grabbed him by the throat but down on the mat Benoit slaps on the crossface to a huge pop. Edge gets Benoit off of Kane, but then Benoit puts Edge in the crossface, LA loves it.

Kane drops the top of the Ladder onto Benoit’s shoulder. Kane then put Benoit’s arm inbetween the Ladder endings and slammed them shut showing no remorse.

Unreal selling by Benoit.

Edge speared Kane. Kane then gets hit by a chair between Christian and Edge for old time sakes. Shelton Benjamin springboards back in with a double clothesline to Edge and Christian both.

Shelton Benjamin went for a thrust kick on Edge, Edge ducked and it hit Christian holding the Ladder.

Insane spots, even better wrestling. Shelton Benjamin got sent spine first into a Ladder set up at a 45 degree angle and then Edge tried a spear, Shelton lifted Edge up and he slammed head first into the ladder. Shelton chants out in LA, and no Benjamin works him over on the Ladder. Shelton hits the Stinger Splash.

It’s all about the Benjamin’s as he’s all on his own until Jericho, Christian try as well, Edge sets up one as does Benoit, all guys up there but Kane.
Jericho crashes, Benoit lands off on his bad shoulder continuing to sell it.

From the top of the ladder Shelton with a T-Bone Suplex to Edge, Unbelievable stuff right there. Crazy.

Jericho a bit groggy went to climb but Christian stopped him temporarily, and he gave him a boot to the jaw. Jericho almost at the very top all of the sudden Shelton Benjamin with the spot of the match ran up the ladder and clotheslined Jericho off the top of another Ladder.

All this after Shelton hit Edge with a T-Bone Suplex off the top of a Ladder. Awesome material. Shelton climbed to the top and tried to grab but Christian poked him off the Ladder with another one.

Kane chokeslams Shelton and he gets tied up in the ropes. Tomko comes in and gives Kane a boot while he sets up a Ladder. Lawler claims he’s just solving a problem. Kane chokeslams Tomko out of the ring. Christian beats Kane off of him, Kane then sends Christian flying off the Ladder over the top and onto Tomko outside on the floor.

Back in Kane up high and Jericho roughed him up as both guys fell off the Ladder.

Absolute human carnage here. Benoit sells the arm but still manages to set up a Ladder in the corner, somehow he dives off the Ladder with a headbutt to Kane.

He lands it, LA applauds.

Benoit the sympathetic favourite climbs the Ladder and Kane met him up high. Benoit used his head over and over and it eventually dropped Kane with headbutts.

Edge came back in and smacked Benoit’s injured arm and Edge went to the top and got the case!

Fans booed, Benoit’s arm selling was that of magic.
In the end at 15:17 Edge won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match by grabbing the Case after knocking Benoit off the Ladder, injuring his injured shoulder smacking him with a chair in the process.

A Wrestlemania Classic here, this is a match for the ages.

Not only were the spots great and innovative, the wrestling was top notch and who could forget the selling from one Chris Benoit.

This match like most original gimmick matches, is either the very best or a runner-up.

It was the Shelton Benjamin show




**** 1/4







17) Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio for custody of Dominick -WWE Summerslam 2005



Not many liked this storyline but the matches between these two are always great.

Eddie SUCKS chants and he hit Rey with a cheap shot with a knee to the gut. Eddie kneeded to Cheat early to get the upperhand on Rey in typical Guerrero fashion. Eddie Guerrero hit a nice suplex to Rey, then Rey countered in the next sequence with a monkey flip that sent Rey to the outside.

Eddie still got the upperhand after that as he sent Rey steps first. Eddie then threw Rey up the ramp into the Ladder.

Oh and by the way this is Rey`s first ever Ladder match.

Eddie set the ladder up in the ring while Mysterio limped into the ring and Eddie went for the briefcase but Rey hit a springboard off the top to Eddie and he fell off the ladder after the low drop kick to Eddie`s knees.

Then with Eddie on the outside he brings a 2nd ladder into the ring. Eddie then gave Rey a big right hand after Rey`s desperation springboard dropkick, Rey then threw Eddie out of the ring in an attempt to build some momentum. Rey then with a baseball slide that hit Eddie in the face with the ladder that was in front of him. Great spot. Another great spot would follow as Rey flew again with a Senton over the top rope and he landed on Eddie`s head who was carrying a ladder by the way on the outside as both men go down.

Mysterio climbed towards the ladder in the center of the ring as there`s just the one ladder now but Eddie climbs the other side.

Tazz says it`s a RACE! As the two exchange right hands.

Both Eddie and Rey fighting it out on the top of the ladder, who’s going to get custody in that case? I’m intrigued even though I already know.


Eddie grabbed the case but couldn`t unlock it as Rey hit Eddie downstairs on the top of the ladder. Eddie then went for a sunset flip over the top of the ladder but he couldn`t reach him and it was botched. Can`t blame them as it was high risk and it was great till that happened. Both chants from smart @ss fans.

Eddie with rib shots by the ladder to Rey then he smacked Rey in the corner and this is all completely legal of course as Cole points out. Cole pointing out the obvious is nothing knew. This is the most biased match ever for commentary BTW.

Eddie grabbed the 2nd ladder. Rey Mysterio was attacked by both ladder`s now. Eddie then scoop slammed Rey onto one of the ladders as Eddie Guerrero was beginning to dominate. Despite being a heel he got a big pop as he placed one ladder on top of Rey who was already laying on the other. Eddie flies over the rope from the apron with a flip and landed his back on the top of the ladder to sandwhich Rey inbetween both. Sick spot again, which got some Eddie chants.

Eddie then set up a ladder in the middle of the ring selling his back brilliantly as he just landed on top of a ladder so it explains his slow climbing. Rey then set a ladder diagonal onto the other and climbed up slowly to make sure Eddie didn`t get the case. Rey THEN with a beyond sick back drop to Eddie who flew onto the other ladder BACK FIRST.

Eddie Guerrero inured his back even more now!


Eddie HAS beaten Rey before in there careers despite what Cole and Tazz say to hype the feud. Eddie then launched Rey into the ladder ribs first as it was set on a top turnbuckle and it was another good smash. What a counter.

Some amazing bumps in this one as Eddie`s back, and Rey`s ribs were targetted most and Eddie dominated the majority of the match.

Didn`t flow perhaps as well as some other Classic Ladder matches but it has its spots.

EVERYONE IN ATTENDANCE then stood up as Dominic went into the ring and shook the Ladder as Eddie was at the top. Eddie climbed down then yelled at Dominic in the corner which was hilarious. Eddie`s “What`s the matter with you! I`m your new Daddy now ESSAY you`re gonna love me now!……..“ priceless.
Rey then took control of a ladder with Dom out clearly, and Eddie in the other corner. Rey had a Ladder set up on the side ropes. Eddie with a right hand of his owen and then threw Rey into the ladder but he blocked it. Eddie smashed Face first by Rey Mysterio hard into the ladder hung up on the side ropes. Eddie then got hit by a 619 ladder first into the face.

Great stuff.

Then a springboard moonsault onto Eddie. Guerrero took quite the shit kicking in this match as did Rey, quite a bit of back and forth work here with a ton of bumps.

Rey had the case but Eddie followed up behind him and picked him up in the air until Rey hit a SUCCESSFUL sunsetflip.

Realistically while in the air he could of just grabbed the case while on top of Eddie`s shoulders but this is WRESTLING, we can`t take it overly serious but I guess strategic wrestling was to hurt Eddie some more, and that would make sense.

With Eddie down Rey then hangs onto the case while Eddie kicked the Ladder and Rey hung on and Eddie caught Rey with a Spinebuster from the top of hanging onto the case. Eddie chants all over the building here.

Mysterio then got caught underneath a ladder in the middle of the ring while Eddie waved goodbye to Mysterio from the top. Eddie grabbed the case but hung onto the case and Rey kicked the ladder off and then grabbed a free leg and he slammed hard to the mat. Both men down. Eddie frustated slamming his palm into the mat as he thought he should of been able to climb the ladder and win the match, he could of had it won.
Rey slowly sets but Eddie stops him and hits the Textbook 3 Amigo`s to Rey with the last of the three hitting Rey`s back on the top of a STEEL Ladder.

Eddie sets up a Ladder now in the center of the ring with Rey down. Vickie then ran down to a mixed-reaction and pushed Eddie off the top of the ladder to the ring floor.


UM okay…


Rey then sets up a Ladder in the middle of the ring and begins to climb.

Vickie then stops Eddie from getting to the Rey.

Rey beat Eddie at 20:19 in the ending by getting the briefcase.

Kind of a tough match to rate overall. Mostly spots without proper story telling but these two are awesome together, some botches and a shit storyline bring it down as well as it distracts the flow. Some unrealistic, A LOT of unrealistic spots as well.

Still, both guys put there body on the line a ton of times and entertained which is why it gets a high rating.

Great match with that considered.



*** 1/2







18 ) Edge vs Matt Hardy – For the MITB Case: WWE Raw Homecoming… Loser Leaves WWE Raw, 10/3/05



Matt Hardy didn’t waste any time and the match got it on wth Edge on the ramp.

Edge irish-whipped hard into the Ladder.

Coach and Ross explaining the relationship, the personal issues on commentary between the three.

Matt charged into the Ladder, Edge moved and Matt crashed and burned.

Edge who is in familiar territory with Ladders set one up in the corner and suplexed Matt on one.

Matt is down and Edge sets up a Ladder on the top rope with the top sticking out, you’d have to know what Edge’s intentions were. Edge was about to be hit with the twist of fate, he counters and irish-whipped Matt Hardy head-first into the top of the Ladder in the corner.

With Matt Hardy down Edge then grabs another Ladder and sets one up in the middle of the ring and climbs. Matt Hardy stops the climbing, hamering Edge and then Mat drivess it into the abdoen of Edge.

Matt Hardy tried to suplex (snap-shot vertical) on Edge but he countered and offensively sent Matt crashiing sternum first onto the Ladder.

Now Edge goes once again to the set-up Ladder and climbs slowly and juuuust barely catches Edge. Matt Hardy sent Edge off the Ladder and he crashed head-first into the Ladder which sprung Matt Hardy off his.

Crowd with Holy Sh*t chants as they go to a commercial break.

Back from the break the rough stuff continues as Matt irish-whips Edge into the barricade then uses the ladder as a weapon to drive into Edge.

Matt Hardy then leaps off the Ladder on to Edge outside the barricade.
Matt Hardy and Edge continue to brawl back into the ring and Edge with a twist of fate to Edge off the top of the Ladder, Matt climbs Lita hits Matt then takes the Ladder away from Matt.

Edge ties up Matt in the ropes.

Lita ties u Matt int he ropes while Edge grabs the case and waves goodbye.


In the end Creative decides to continue to push Edge and force Matt to leave Raw (probably for the best) as Edge wins at a tv time of 12 and a half minutes.
This match hit close to home and it felt like kayfabe existed once more, which is one of the reasons it worked.








19) Edge (c) vs “Nature Boy” Ric Flair in a TLC Match for the WWE Championship – WWE Raw, 1/16/06



Flair has wrestled since Christ was in Moose Jaw but has never been in a Ladder match.

Flair chopped at Edge for awhile but it did not take any time at all for Edge to get vicious and he drove the head of the Ladder right int the head of Flair.

Now Flair is in the iddle of the Ladder and he shut it as Slick Ric fell to the outside.

Flair met Edge with hard chops over the barricade and now the brawled for a second into the crowd until Edge back-dropped Naitch to the floor.

A vertical suplex to Flair on the ground outside the ring.

Fans chant Nature Boy as Edge lets go a right after a left after a right.

Flair is busted wide open with a chair shot from Edge, one week removed frm a Concussion.

Naitch just a tough old brawler hanging in there with a young gun in his absolute prime you had to give him props!

Flair back-droped by Edge and Naitch full of blood smacks the mat as the fns WOOO and Flair has his daughter in tears.

Edge smacks Flair again with a chair.

Flair pushed Edge off a Ladder he goes flying through a table, wow.


Flair almost at the title and Lita grabs him and Flair slaps on the Figure Four.
Flair puts on an amazing performance for his age and lack of experience in the match-type.
Edge beats Flair at 14:24 to retain his title.
This match considering all factors I am being generous with the rating for sure, but in its own little way it’s a classic for Raw and for Flair! I’ve gotta be fair to Flair!







20) John Cena vs Edge (c) : TLC for the WWE Championship- WWE Unforgiven, 2006


The ovation Edge gets as a heel in his home-town of Toronto from all the smarks gives me goosebumps as a fellow Canadian and seeing how emotional Edge got.

Remember he was booed in this same venue as a Babyface at Summerslam 2004 so this had to feel extra good for him.

They like me, they really like me!

Cena had X-Pac heat here and what’s interesting is Cena goes over Edge in his home-town but at Summerslam 06 the month before Edge went over Cena in his.

The match is on.
If Cena loses he has signed a three year contract with Theodore Long’s Smackdown! Which pretty much means, you’re royally screwed.


A road game for Cena. JR couldn’t of put it any better.

Edge ties up with Cena and the second Cena has a side headlock on Edge the fans boo, a shoulder block by John Cena takes Edge down twice.

Cena’s never been in a TLC match, the Champion Edge had not lost one.

A third shoulder-block and a bitch slap to John Cena and the fans roar. Cena furiously takes down Edge and throws right’s and lefts to John Cena, Edge gets up and takes him down.

Edge gets out of the ring and grabs a chair to the abs of Cena.

Edge swings the chair into the ring-post and John Cena moved.

A fisherman’s suplex by John Cena to Edge in the corner. Cena charged into the corner and he got ddt’d by an impaler by Edge.

Ross wisely points out it’d be a good time to go for a pinfall if you could, but in this match type you can’t.

Edge sets up two chairs facing one another and tried to vertcal suplex John Cena through them, he counters and lifts Edge in the air.

Edge lands on his feet and with a rear choke he hit an impaler to Cena through two steel chair. Great pop.

Lawler was getting overly-annoying justifying how Canada was cheering for Edge.

Fans chant Can-A-Da the same say Owen did right after he broke Austin’s neck.

Edge sets up a Ladder into the face of Cena on the ropes and Edge jumps off the barricade and dropkicks in mid-air the Ladder into Cena’s face. Nice.

Lets go Edge is chanted.

Edge picks up another Ladder and Cena comes from behind him trying to FU him outside the ring through the tables, both exchange shots on the apron.

Cena runs into a flying elbow. Cena wanted to desperately put Edge through a table. Edge goes up to the very top and Cena drops him on his groin up top, not a smooth landing. Amy Dumas might be upset.

Cena throws a table in the ring. Cena sets up a table in the middle of the ring.

Sort of a botched powerbomb off the top rope from Edge to Cena.

Not everything can be perfect.

Edge irishwhips Cena to the corner and he hits a powerslam through the table. Fans pop and the fans chant how much he sucks as if we didn’t know earlier in the match.

Edge climbs the ladder Spider-Man like (BOOOOONESAAAAW RIP RANDY) and then flies off the top Shelton-like and clotheslines Cena to the outside.

The Champ, Edge in the driver’s seat this entire match thus far.

How both men are moving around is amazing Jim Ross says and it’s very true.

Edge then hits John Cena in the back with a steel chair. Cena’s head is placed on a steel chair and Cena leg-sweeps Edge’s leg.

Some Cena chants and then off the ropes a neck-breaker but driving Edge face-first into the steel chair buying himself some time.

See this was when he was a 2 time Champion, not like 12…today. Ugh.

You can’t wrestle chants while Cena placed Edge in-betweenn a Ladder and shut it.

Cena puts Edge in the STFU and Edge taps out. It doesen’t matter as you have to grab the gold to win. Or as Bret Hart and Macho said (still on youtube) you have to be gold to wear the gold.

Cena drives a Ladder into the head of Edge and now he puts the Ladder on his own shoulders. Cena drops the Ladder right on top of Edge as they boo the hell out of Cena.

John Cena with a suplex, a modified powerbomb slam and now John Cena goes for the five-knuckle shuffle and insted Cena stops and climbs to the top of the ldder and hit it from the top.

Cena places a table inside the ring. Edge grabbed a chair from behind him and lays out John Cena with a chair.

Edge does his hilarious head-taunt where he shakes his head and hair. Edge picks up John Cena slowly and sets him up on the table.

Edge goes under the ring for another table.

Cena is in-between two table’s and Edge is up top. Cena gets out of the way and knocks Edge off the top as Edge goes flying to the floor.

But what’s key is that there are two tables still set-up in the ring and they are on top of one another, this will come back in the finish of the match.

John Cena grabs a huge Ladder from the other side of the ring and now this is also key to the finish of this match and he puts him in the middle of the ring. Cena and Edge both on a ladder.

With both men on the ladder Edge has memories of Mania X7 where he speared Jeff Hardy off of a ladder and he spears Cena off of one.

Enough time passes and Cena gets up and lifts Edge up but he begins to climb. Cena powerbombs Edge into a another Ladder set up in the ring.

JR says the strength of Cena is frightening. Edge rolls out of the ring and has a chair in-hand outside of the ring waiting for Edge to turn around he hits him pretty softly given the graphic violence we’ve seen thus far in the match-up.

Cena now alone in the ring begins to climb the Ladder.

Cena at the top of the Ladder and Lita pushed Cena off the top of the Ladder and Cena crashed through a table on the floor.

King calls Lita a bitch! Ahhh to be a WWE Diva, what a life. You’re either a talent-less whore or a bitch. Fun. Oh well they probably get payed a lot more then we do combined.

Edge pulls himself on the Ladder and Lita hit Cena with a chair and Edge knocked off the Ladder to the outside falling through a table.

Now JR calls her an evil bitch.

Cena picks up Lita and FU’s her. Cena sets the table back on another.

Cena knows he can win the match if he just climbs the Ladder.

Edge climbs back in the ring knowing his title is on the line.

Cena picks up Edge and FU’s him through two table’s from the top of the Ladder.
So in the end Cena FU’d (Attitude Adjustment) Edge over the Ladder through two stacks of tables and grabbed the WWE title at 25:28 to a mixed-reaction.

Amazing finish.





Cena would then go on to hold the title for a year making his haters hate him that much more.

This TLC match was booked perfectly.

This match is a borderline classic for sure. I’m usually not a fan of spotty matches but this one told a pretty nice story to say the least.










21) Jeff Hardy (c) vs Johnny Nitro (with Melina) for the WWE InterContinental Championship – WWE Raw, 11/20/06



A re-match from their Great Unforgiven 2006 opener.


A tie-up between Nitro and Hardy and Johnny Nitro is the former IC Champion looking to regain t here. A European upercut by Johnny Nitro to Hardy.

I didn’t like how many times the IC title switched between these two in the weeks they feuded. That’s my my only complaint.
Johnny Nitro to Jeff irish-whipped Hardy to the turnbuckle where he LANDS wth his feet with nice agility coming off with a corkscrew moonsault which he calls a whisper in the wind that takes just as much out of Jeff Hardy that it does Johnny Nitro.

Nitro pounds on Hardy.

Johnny Nitro grabs a Ladder and a baseball side to Johnny Nitro on the outside.

Jeff went for the title after a commercial break and Johnny Nitro knocked Hardy off the camera.

The baseball slide seemed vicious enough.

There have been a number of violent Raw Ladder matches.

Rock-Mankind, Raw Roulette, RVD-Edde, Jeff-Taker, Flair-Edge to name a few.

Johnny Nitro drops Jeff so he straddles the top buckle then he came of out no where from just adrenaline off the top buckle with a missile dropkick into the Ladder being held by Johnny Nitro into his face!

Jeff with the Ladder sets it up in mid-ring and Johnny Nitro is stalking him.

Nitro catapolted Jeff into th Ladder and with great agility he began to climb but Nitro out of desperation climbed with him.

Nitro took Jeff rght down.

Nitro sent the Ladder right into Jeff Hardy. Johnny Nitro climbs the Ladder and Hardy by the hair drops him down by the hair. A scoop-slam by Jeff onto the ladder.

Jeff goes for a Swanton Bomb and crashed and burned. Ouch.

Nitro then tossed a Ladder into Jeff’s head and he wore it like a Helicopter, Nitro then with innovative offense dropkicked Jeff Hardy.

Nitro following up on the missed Swanton Bomb dropping power on the spine of Jeff.

Another hard irish-whip by Nitro to Hardy into the corner hitting spine-first into a Ladder.

Both men going all out for the IC gold, I love it.

Nitro brings in another Ladder and hit a neck-breaker to Jeff. Hardy down and Nitro drove the Ladder right into Jeff Hardy.

Johnny Nitro sets it up in the ring. Johnny Nitro and Jeff were both on the Ladder, instead of a sun-set flip Jeff counters it into a Powerbomb and Melina looks legitimately worrried.

Jeff leaps over one Ladder and hits a leg-drop onto Johnny Nitro.

This is absolutely amazing.

Jeff put the Ladder over Ntro and trapped him and then at 14:53 Jeff retained the IC title.

This one here blew me right away.

The biggest surprise to me on the DVD, wasn’t expecting this much of a Classic and that’s what it was.

A Ladder match performed in terrific fashion.





**** 1/4






22) Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs MNM (With Melina) vs William Regal & Dave Taylor vs The Hardys – WWE Armageddon 2006



Last bout of the original Classic Ladder DVD.
Here now, we had a fast, four-team Ladder match to follow an Inferno match.
It was originally not that though, only until Theodore Long came out and made this match what it now was.
Long added two more teams and a Ladder, the fans loved it. First MNM came out with Melina.
Back when John Morrison went under the Johnny Nitro name. If I was a betting man, I’d be willing to bet Mercury regretted this decision on coming out on this night.

Fans chanted for the Hardyz and they were indeed out next.

This match begins Tornado style with action everywhere. Everyone brawling with everyone, Londrick double toss out Taylor over the top to the floor.
Both Londrick and the Hardyz eye the prize at the top and then begin battling with one another. Hardyz irish-whipped Londrick and then off the ropes London got a hurricanrana on Jeff.
A good fast pace to start this match.

Both Hardyz send Kendrick flat on his back with a modified double leg hook suplex slamming him back first. MNM come back in the ring and clear house on the Hardyz sending them to the outside. Regal with a side suplex to London inside the ring while Taylor hit an uppercut on Kendrick.
MNM went to the entrance way and grabbed a Ladder each bringing it towards the ringside area. Hardyz met them there and the Ladders layed flat on the rampway until Jeff and Matt both brought them into the ring. Regal and Taylor kicked thenm out until Matt tossed it over the top rope into the ring. Matt dropped Nitro with a big righthand.
Matt began to use the Ladder as a weapon with sound strategy on all of the opponents inside the ring. Jeff and Matt apply a double team poetry in motion on taylor, then MNM apply the snapshot directly after as he was dominated by two sets of teams. Regal face planted into the corner and while Kendrick came after him he put the boot up to both, on the rebound Regal was then hit by a double thrust kick from Londrick to make up for it.

Kendrick dropkicked Nitro outside the ring. Inside the middle Matt sent Kendrick directly into a Ladder Jeff had planted. Jeff Hardy hit an Inziguri on Nitro and the fans applaud the non-stop action everywhere.
Great stuff. The innovative offense only gets better with time with matches like this it seems. London climbed the Ladder, Nitro springboarded off the top rope and London jumped off the Ladder as he got nobody home attempting to knock him off. Mercury using the Ladder as a weapon began clearing house.
Joey Mercury set up a Ladder in mid-ring and at the top Londrick and the Hardyz sent him forward on the Ladder over the top rope to the outside landing on his partner Nitro. Matt springboarded over the top onto both with a crossbody. London then flew over the top to the outside onto Taylor. Matt took Brian Kendrick off the top of the Ladder when he climbed.
Hardyz in good shape decided to set up a Ladder in the corner of the ring and they double-irishwhipped Brian Kendrick into the Ladder then London. They attempted a poetry in motion and Jeff splashed into the Ladder as London moved at the last second.
Brian Kendrick dropped Matt soon after, then Londrick hit a snapshot double vertical suplex to Matt Hardy as the Champion’s were in control.
London set up a Ladder in mid-ring and Matt pushed him off and dropped him with a clothesline. Kendrick climbed to the top and Matt hung onto his tights and slammed him back first on the mat. Matt then hit a twist of fate to London across the ring, right after Brian Kendrick went flying back first to the mat.
Fans chanting for the Hardyz watched on as Matt hardy picked up Paul London and went for a suplex onto the Ladder set up on the middle rope. London countered and dropkicked Matt Hardy onto the Ladder. Brian Kendrick off the top rope stomped on Matt`s chest as his back snapped of the Steel Ladder, all this while London held Matt there. Great move.
Matt then elevated shoulder first into the post seemingly eliminating him.

Finally MNM come back in the ring and they take apart Londrick. Mercury drove his knee into Matt`s chest by the bottom ring rope. Mercury and Nitro put Jeff on the top rope and attempt a double superplex until Matt gets up and saves him.


Here is the spot, Jeff Hardy drove off the top rope and if you don`t get goosebumps watching this, I don`t know what to tell you.


Jeff dropped his legs on the Ladder and it shattered the face of Joey Mercury.

Blood absolutely drips everywhere.


The match continued but the focus and replays were all obviously on Joey Mercury.
You just had to respect him after that. Taylor set up a Ladder in the corner and layed it horizontal, as did Regal his partner on the opposite end of the ring. Brian Kendrick elevated up by Dave Taylor onto the Ladder in vicious fashion.
Regal sent London face first into the Ladder in the corner with a side suplex.

The bumps and action here are amazing, this is flat out violent material.
Regal went to climb but he opted not to as he wasn`t a fan of heights, Londrick back in the ring went to climb themselves but were met by the fists of Regal and Taylor.
Brian Kendrick tossed to the outside viciously by Regal through the ropes hitting the floor. Matt in the ring unloaded on Regal and Taylor and hit a neckbreaker to Taylor. Regal was then double teamed by Jeff and Matt who dropped a number of shots levelling him down. Jeff Hardy grabbed another Ladder and set it up outside the ring while Matt hit two twist of fate`s to Taylor in the ring.
Jeff Hardy climbed to the top of the Ladder outside the ring until Johnny Nitro dropkicked the Ladder over the ropes and Jeff fell of the Ladder clotheslining the top rope sternum first sending him backwards. Nitro without a partner improvising I`m sure levelled out his competition with the Ladder who stayed in front of him. Nitro with the Ladder off the top rope drove it into Regal and hitting a thrust kick to Taylor.
Nitro up high on the Ladder and Brian Kendrick attempted to get him off, he couldn`t. London dropkicked Nitro off from the corner off the top rope and Nitro fell off the Ladder.
Matt and Brian Kendrick climb to the top and engage in a slugfest, Matt pushes off Brian Kendrick. London grabbed ahold of Matt up high and slowed him down for the moment.  London slammed rights to his head and with both men up high, Paul London went for a sunset flip off the Ladder and instead Matt Hardy countered it into a backbody drop off the top of the Ladder sending London crashing back first into the mat over the Ladder.
Matt was pushed off and Jeff climbs the Ladder. Nitro and Hardy who were feuding at the time battled at the top of the Ladder until Jeff Hardy hit a sunset flip to Nitro off the top!

Amazing action all throughout the contest.
Matt set up two Ladder`s and climbed both and then Taylor and Regal split the Ladders up sending Matt crashing to the bottom. Matt went after both Regal and Taylor despite then taking him off the Ladder. Taylor with revenge on Matt finally lifts him up so Regal could charge off the side ropes and hit Matt with a boot to the face.
Taylor and Regal set up both Ladders with no one there to get them off as the fans boo. All of the sudden Brian Kendrick springs up and takes of Taylor, then he meets Regal with hard right`s.
Brian Kendrick took off finally by Taylor and then he lands a clothesline. London with a running clothesline to Taylor taking him over the top to the outside.
Regal and Brian Kendrick both up high and Kendrick off the top of the Ladder hit a spinning heel kick of sorts to Regal knocking them both off the top of the Ladder crashing back first.
JBL uses on commentary the famous “I`ve never seen anything like this in all my years…“ It`s great for sure, but you seems to push things a little far at times.
London with Brian Kendrick`s assistance on the outside was then able to grab the straps.
In the end at 20:13, Londrick retained the tag title`s.
While it`s most remembered for the Mercury bump, the match was bloody entertaining and a lot of fun. It`s a classic Ladder match that made everyone respect these teams even more then they already were.
Just tremendous stuff all around.


“Don’t try this at home.”














Final Rating for WWE “The Ladder Match” DVD = 9/10



This first 3 Disc Set on the Ladder match, definitely set the standard and should ultimately be better then the latter one that is set to be released later this year in 2011 due to it being the first 3 disc set. It does not include the highly notorious Razor-Shawn WM X match that the 2nd one will because it was already released multiple times most likely but does include their re-match a year and a half later at Summerslam which is arguably better or just as good. Since this was released before the Benoit tragedy he is included on the set therefore what I consider the best Ladder match of all time is on the set in his match for the IC title with Jericho at the 2001 Royal Rumble PPV event. This set overall has the goods, you never get tired of it and you get a tremendous variety of performers, some familiar to the aerial dare-devil type, some not so much which makes it a good contrast. 22 Quality Ladder Matches = Tremendous entertainment, a winner and an essential addition to any Wrestling-DVD collecton.

One of the best sets out there, especially for the fans of this style.

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  1. James says:

    I think this is going to be a great set. It’s good that they included Chris Benoit.

  2. Jay Karia says:

    I bought this DVD a few months ago and I think that this is an awesome set of matches.

  3. thejmp187 says:

    Of all the raw matches in history. YOU say YOU think owen vs bulldog from germany in 97 was the best. Seriously. I wont judge you but umm just NO

  4. Desean Jackson Phan 10 says:

    For all the little kids out there (If your moms will let you) get this DVD….From start to finish awesome DVD

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Starracade Match was better then 3 stars!

  6. Tebow15 says:

    Ladder Matches and TLC matches so great and epic. Cena vs Edge one of the best TLC matches ever. A one on one match I’m not including the tag team TLC matches, 1vs1.

  7. Brad Attitude says:

    i dont get why wwe added the wrestlemania x ladder match for historical purposes when they avoided doing that on the first ladder match dvd. wwe could have added more old school ladder matches from stampede wrestling instead of repeating a match thats already on so many dvds

  8. DX1 says:

    Syxx should’ve won at NWO Souled Out and maybe one day he will be in the Hall of Fame, Ladder Match 1 had a good set of matches but I like Ladder match 2 set of matches better.

  9. Fer says:

    at Safguy? you being sarcastic right the second set is also good but the first one is clearly the bedst of the two

  10. SafGuy says:

    This is an amazing set and one of the best of all time done by WWE but the follow up Ladder Match 2 on Blu-ray is even better some of the matches on that set are fantastic and gives you a better taste of what ladder matches are all about so many good matches on that, Guerrero vs Syxx Souled Out 97, Mankind vs Boss man Raw 98, Rock vs Mankind Raw 99, Edge and christian vs Hardy Boyz Raw 2000, Guerrero Tajiri vs The Worlds Greatest Tag Team Judgement day 03, Christian vs RVD Raw 03, Undertaker vs Edge TLC One Night Stand 2008, HBK vs Y2J No Mercy 08, Edge vs Hardy Extreme Rules 09, Sheamus vs Morrison TLC 2010, Christian vs Del Rio Extreme Rules 2011 these are all 5 star matches.
    Ladder Match 2 Smashed it:)

  11. Jesse says:

    “Eddie frustated slamming his palm into the mat as he thought he should of been able to climb the ladder and win the match, he could of had it won”

    He was actually angry that vickie missed her cue. she was suppose to come out and shove eddie off the ladder. you can hear him shouting at the referee “where the fuck is vickie. fuck her”. lol

    benoit vs jericho is the best ladder match imo. full of new spots.
    benoit vs jericho > shawn vs razor

  12. Anonymous says:

    I think michaels ramon 2 is better than the first one, the first one was historical but doesn’t hold that well, michaels ramon 2 just have more of a feel of a modern ladder match, I know some people dump the rating because of the botched finish but still I think is the best 1 on 1 ladder match ever

  13. Brett Mix says:

    Bryan-, Yes I will be going into No Mercy next. Brad- As for Benoit-Y2J, different strokes. The pacing and brutality and everything in-between was even better then both Ramon-HBK matches.

  14. Anonymous says:

    This set is 9.5 out of 10 for me the only reason is not 10 is because the silly in-character vignettes between the matches… my second favorite WWE set after Mick Foley Greatest Hits and Misses Hardcore Edition

  15. Brad Attitude says:

    I believe Kane helped himself and Hurricane retain the tag team titles in that RAW Roulette Ladder Match, not becoming new tag team champs as you mentioned. Kane walked into that match as a double champion with the IC and Tag titles.

    As for Benoit vs. Jericho, I’ve watched that match several times but I still don’t get why people regard it as one of the best ladder matches. To me, it’s usually 3 stars at best.

  16. Bryan says:

    Brett will you be going through the Armageddon or No Mercy DVDs next or are there other compilation and Superstar DVDs you have planned

  17. Tebow15 says:

    Bulldog Owen not the best match in Raw’s history it’s Shawn Michaels John Cena Raw match from 2007.

  18. Nelson7 says:

    I think this first Ladder match DVD set was good but Ladder match 2 had a better set of matches on it.

  19. Bryan says:

    totally agree Brett that Bulldog/Owen is the best Raw match ever that match never gets old for me

  20. Ben says:

    The match “Kane & Hurricane vs. RVD & Jeff Hardy vs. Bubba & Spike Dudley vs Jericho & Christian” on RAW in 2002 is probably my favorite match on the whole set. One huge reason that it is.

    Bubba-Ray does a spot where he is faceplanted off a ladder. He lands head first. Seriously… he face hits at least 1 second before his body does. The funniest/brutal thing I’ve seen in a while.

  21. Craig says:

    I take it the Ladder Match 2 is the next review?

  22. John31 says:

    That No Mercy 1999 between Edge & Christian vs New Brood (Hardy Boyz)was Amazing. The crowd were on their feet. This whole DVD is just Awesome!

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