Exclusive: Updated 2011 WWE DVD Schedule & Planned Release Dates

January 28, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Here’s the most up-to-date 2011 WWE DVD schedule as of now, along with the planned North American release dates. Brought to you exclusively by WWEDVDNews.com!

The Big Show: A Giant’s World – February 22

Royal Rumble 2011 – March 1
The Chaperone (Triple H movie) – March 8
The True Story of WrestleMania – March 15
Elimination Chamber 2011 – March 22

D-Generation X: One Last Stand – April 5
WrestleMania XXVII – May 10
That’s What I Am (Randy Orton movie) – May 10
The Best of Nitro – May 24
Extreme Rules 2011 – May 31

DVD TBD – June 7
Over the Limit 2011 – June 21
Ted DiBiase: The Million Dollar Man – June 28

Best Cage Matches – July 12
Fatal Four Way 2011 – July 19

Bending The Rules (Edge movie) – August 9
Money in the Bank 2011 – August 16
Raw: The Best of Seasons 3 & 4 – August 23
SummerSlam 2011 – September 13
The Randy Orton Experience – September 20
Inside Out (Triple H movie) – September (date TBD)

Smackdown: The Best of 2010/11 – October 11
Night of Champions 2011 – October 18

Hell in a Cell 2011 – November 1
Triple H (Title TBD) – November 8
Bragging Rights 2011 – November 22
The 50 Biggest Matches in WWE History – November 29
Blood Brothers (John Cena movie) – November (date TBD)

Austin/Rock: The Rivalry – December 13
Survivor Series 2011 (New Name/Concept TBD) – December 20
The Best PPV Matches of 2011 – December 27

What’s planned for Blu-ray? True Story of WrestleMania, DX: One Last Stand, Randy Orton Experience, Smackdown 2010-2011, Triple H, Austin/Rock: The Rivalry, Best PPV Matches 2011, all of the movies and most (if not all) of the PPV titles.

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  1. Bryan says:

    Seasons 3 & 4 got canceled http://www.wwedvdnews.com/news-wwe-dvds-cancelled-2011/10206/ it sucks 95 and 96 was when I started watching WWE

  2. James says:

    raw seasons 3 & 4


  3. Supersonic says:

    DX: One Last Stand. This HAS to include Shawn’s farewell in non-highlight form.

  4. James says:

    Can’t wait to get the Triple H DVD

  5. Jacob says:

    Wow, so many movies this year. Really excited for The Rock/Austin DVD

  6. SRB says:

    Thanks for the update. Many of these sets have high potential. Cant wait.

  7. Daniel Bee says:

    Fer4ever: I think it’s only the US Playstation Store. Pretty sure, I haven’t checked though. You can just make a new profile with a US based address to access it.

    Jonathan: Should be soon yeah. Rest assured if I get to know the listing or the DVD itself the info and pics will be on this site the same day 🙂

  8. Jonathan says:

    Hey Daniel
    The DVD I can’t wait to see is “The true story of WrestleMania”, and do you know when the listing will be available ?? Since the DVD will be released in less than 2 months i’m sure the listing will be available really soon.

  9. dustin swift says:

    there are 5 i wanna get for sure with 4 of em being 4 months in a row

    1. story of wrestlemania – should be really cool if it is like the starcade collection. hopefully a tight doc and then 20-25 matches or like maybe the best match from each mania

    2.nitro – love anything wcw. wish they would do like a halloween havoc set

    3. ted dibiease – liked him as a kid and i really wanna see the doc

    4 – cage match – love all the specialty matches 3 disc just cause of the variety

    5 raw 3 and 4 – love my 1 and 2 set and really watched a bunch as a kid during 95 and 96 when bret was on top and shawn was getting the push of his life.

    should be a good mellow year with only 5 i really want it will allow me to get some previously released. wish i had a region 2 dvd player to get the tagged classics what the fuck is wrong with america

  10. Fer4ever says:

    Hey Daniel, can i download wwe ppvs on playstation Europe or only on psn US?

  11. Daniel Bee says:

    I can’t see them caring too much about those matches. After all they are already on the PPV DVDs or Blu-rays, and available to download officially on the Playstation Store and iTunes.

    I agree with you though, and for the likes of TLC 2010 the only way to own it in HD is digital downloads which isn’t for me. Thanks for continuing to visit WWEDVDNews, I appreciate it.

  12. bryan says:

    Thanks Daniel that kinda sucks though wonder what will happen with all those matches from last year after WM 26. Daniel Bryan vs Ziggler from Bragging Rights, Morrison vs Sheamus from TLC, the Nexus vs Team WWE from SummerSlam

  13. Daniel Bee says:

    Hi Bryan, according to this schedule (WWE produced) they are going with Best PPV Matches of 2011 in December, rather than mid way through the year. It does seem odd to change it now but perhaps they plan on doing it once annually now for the complete year of PPVs.

    I guess if you look at it that way it makes it less confusing to the buyer by covering one calendar year.

  14. bryan says:

    Hey Daniel are they going to have a Best PPV Matches 2010? We only got up to WM 26 on the 2009-2010 release, if they just do the best of 2011 at the end of this year we will have missed April-December 2010. That seems odd.

  15. Daniel Bee says:

    Yeah, could change but I’m not hopeful 🙁

  16. Platt says:

    So the Goldberg set is definitly gone? that sucks was one of the ones I was looking forward to most.

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