Major Updates to 2011 WWE DVD Schedule – Nitro Change & New Additions

January 20, 2011 by Daniel Bee

WWE has kindly provided us with a updated Home Video schedule for 2011, last amended this month. Here’s a summary of modifications and new additions.

The WCW Nitro themed DVD release remains on the schedule. However it was previously down as “Best of Seasons 1 & 2” but now is simply titled
The Best of Nitro“.

This is planned as of now for release on May 25th and that update seems to indicate it will not cover individual seasons after all but instead all years in one set. Once again things may change before May but this is the latest update we have.

It looks like two releases have been renamed. The WrestleMania Story is now down on the list as “The True Story of WrestleMania” (March) and the new DX DVD; Final Conflict is now planned to be entitled “D-Generation X: One Last Stand” (April).

Two additional WWE produced movies have shown up for DVD release between September and November 2011. These are “Inside Out” starring Triple H and a new John Cena movie entitled “Blood Brothers“.

Everything else on the planned 2011 WWE DVD schedule (view here) appears to be the same.

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. bryan says:

    Thanks Daniel (sigh) so we probably won’t get a lot of Ultimo Dragon, Malenko, or any Benoit matches that is a bummer. Maybe we’ll get Glaciers debut or some Wraith and Mortis fingers crossed but probably not.

  3. Daniel Bee says:

    We’re assuming it will now be 3-disc Bryan. When we know we’ll certainly tell you about it in the news on this site.

  4. bryan says:

    Is the Nirto set going to be 3 disc like most of the WWE releases or 4 disc like the Best of Raw Seasons 1 and 2 was?

  5. Isrs4life says:

    hhh has never starred in a movie before acually it’s due timimg
    and that side of wwe has nothing to do with wrestling.

  6. DeadFan37 says:

    Why the hell can’t they give somebody else a chance to star in a movie other than cena or hunter?

    I was shocked when big show’s movie was announced.

  7. Dave says:

    Word has it DDP will be hosting the Best of Nitro DVD set according to his Twitter.

  8. Isrs4life says:

    To the Makers of this site, I really think you guys should
    put up the monthly schedule for WWE Classics on Demand even
    if’s it’s a month a head, I would really like to know because
    I have the Channel and some times i can’t wait til I see whats on
    for next month and nobody seems to have it on there sites and I just
    can’t seem to find a good site for that pacific reason.

  9. chris says:

    do you guys ever wonder why wwe doesn’t release a whole lot of wcw matches on the superstars dvd? and we end up getting some matches over and over again; like hitman vs bulldog which is on 4 or 5 sets.

  10. Erik Raether says:

    I will still buy this Nitro set, but I’m so extremely disappointed about this news. WWE has made a truly atrocious decision by not making a WCW Nitro: Best Of Seasons 1 and 2 set. Now, because of this truly absurd decision by WWE, tons of great WCW Nitro matches and segments will never be released on dvd. Tons of great WCW Nitro matches and segments will obviously be left off of a Best Of Nitro set. I’m no longer enthusiastic or excited about this dvd release even though I’ll still purchase it.

  11. Dillkid says:

    What aload of crap! I wanted all the seasons of Nitro! Ioffer bootlegs it is!

  12. richie says:

    I knew it wouldn’t be about every season of Nitro.

  13. chris says:

    well as long as we get some wcw im happy, hopefully sales do well so we can get some more later on

  14. bryan says:

    maybe they can just pretend mid 99 through 01 never happened lol that would be awesome, and there better be no David Arquette anywhere on this DVD set

  15. Mark says:

    Bad news about the Nitro set. Fingers crossed they go with “The Best of Nitro Vol. 1” and we get a few volumes. But they’ll probably just load up the one set (even tho they could have a few marquee matches and plenty of quality filler matches from the mid-cards. Lord only knows why WWE keep burning through these sets, they did the same with: SNME and Rise and Fall of WCW (they could have done it as 2 sets: rise and fall of Jim Crockett Promotions and then a rise and fall of WCW set, each 3 discs with a feature and matches).

  16. Daniel says:

    I was really looking forward to the nitro season 1&2 DVD, but now that it’s just a best of nitro we will see the same stuff on other DVDs. Ie Dean Malenko vs Rey Mysterio, Goldberg vs Hogan. They would of made money bringing out nitro DVDs every year.

  17. Daniel Bee says:

    If all goes to plan Triple H has two movies on DVD and two “feature” sets (DX and his own) in 2011.

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