2022 UPDATE: WWE Day 1 DVD Now Has US Release Date, Cover Artwork (Front & Back) And Trailer

January 19, 2022 by Daniel Bee

WWE Home Video 2022 - Logo

In another head-scratching development, and one that’s now tough to ignore, not only has the WWE Day 1 2022 DVD been given a US release date, it’s now got official cover artwork and a trailer!

The Warner Bros.-branded box artwork was first spotted at the end of this trailer, but as of today full resolution versions of this artwork (front and back) have been uploaded to an internal schedule we access, and should soon follow to US and Canadian retail sites where Day 1 is already listed for release on February 15th.

Essentially, everything that would usually happen prior to a WWE DVD hitting the domestic market is proceeding as normal.

WWE Day 1 2022 DVD - Official Box Artwork In The US

There has been no official word of a turnaround on the December announcement; everything is still hush-hush, but the presence of this DVD in the internal schedule, now with all the US artwork assets, feels like a strong signal it could actually see the light of day.

Royal Rumble 2022 is following just the same, with a Home Video release date listed as March 8th.

Nonetheless, we are not going to confirm the go-ahead of these titles yet, since we haven’t received any real verbal update since their cancellation.

WWE Day 1 2022 DVD - Front Cover Artwork, US Release
WWE Day 1 2022 DVD - Back Cover Artwork, US Release

All that’s left to do, if you’re in North America, is to pre-order and hope for the best. If we get official word in the run-up to the release of Day 1 we will of course update everyone.

No word on any change in the Australian market; Madman.com.au‘s upcoming release schedule still follows as we reported – Crown Jewel is coming in February and Survivor Series (the DVD we were informed would be the final title in both North America and Australia) is coming in March.

In the UK, it’s 100% confirmed WWE’s Day 1 Pay-Per-View will make it to DVD on February 21st. Royal Rumble will be produced on DVD and Blu-ray and hit the region on March 21st.

Fremantle’s box art for Day 1 will look as below — the two latest cover shots we now have show that Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan will be featured on the spine of the DVD.

WWE Day 1 2022 DVD - UK Box Artwork

The WWE Day 1 DVD (whether the UK version or the US, if it happens) will be a single-disc offering that features the full PPV event and the Kickoff Show tag match as an extra.

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  1. Shane C. Montgomery says:

    I have been visiting this site since 2012 and I have never known them to be wrong.

  2. Bill says:

    Great news, I preordered

  3. WrestlingJesus says:

    Which sources are you referring to?? Sounds made up to me for clout. No other websites claims this but their sources was YOU.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      We’re not in the business of making up news after 12 years of being a reliable source for this news. Of all things, the end of the topic the site is based on. Longtime readers of the site will know.

      My lengthy comment below addressed the situation in detail, so I’ll leave it there. 🙂

      • StunnerStunnerStunner says:

        That’s fair Daniel. However can you confirm where you got the story from that they were stopping. You say close source… but who were the sources? Because it’s kind of dodgy. You should be able to tell us where you heard the initial news from?

        • Daniel Bee says:

          There’s nothing dodgy or unusual – when did we name our source on any of the exclusive news over the years? Online wise, we then become the source, which is why you find other sites reporting our news and citing us as said source.

          What’s with the changing of nicknames to comment? That’s looking a bit dodgy. Ha.

  4. Daniel Bee says:

    Hey all. I get the concern or confusion a couple of commenters are expressing here, since we posted the US DVDs were cancelled, and now it looks like they may continue at the moment. All I can really say is we’ve used the same reliable sources throughout our near 12 year tenure and I would hope you agree we’ve been pretty successful on nailing the correct information to this point (a few mistakes along the way, eclipsed by everything that did go down as we reported).

    Things have gone, let’s say quiet, on this subject and feel uncertain now, so maybe the powers that be changed their plans, maybe they were never 100% certain – maybe we got wind of a plan A and they went plan B, but what we’ve reported has been true at the time we’ve reported it, based on what was known — when that cancellation announcement hit, we posted it because two reliable sources were both saying that was the case; Survivor Series 2021 is the final release. I wrote the post but can assure you I didn’t jump on it immediately, I weighed it up for a few weeks before going public.

    Survivor Series 2021 may not be the final release after all… well, that’s going off what’s been developing online (scheduling, artwork, etc – see above article and recent posts) but not anything I’ve been told directly. For Australia, I’ve been in talks with that distributor and Survivor Series is the final one for them.

    I can only apologise if what we announced first proves to be inaccurate. After 12 years, I most definitely take pride in what we report being true, so that does feel like a failing from us.

    I’m not saying what WWE should or shouldn’t have done, totally not my call, but could we have seen a situation where WWE have addressed the topic and let us know for sure, maybe – the news spread far and wide and had the fans talking – but they don’t have to address it. WWE could have plausibly said “that’s not correct” if the report was inaccurate. I bring this up this because I see WWE public relations do respond to online reports on business matters, quite frequently as far as I know.

    Hopefully we can all see something has obviously been going down, or frankly we wouldn’t have had that news to report. We’re still trying to work out where things stand, but time will tell. Hopefully when there is that final verdict we can see what WDN was saying had some truth to it.

    “small website” – yes as a ‘brand’, we probably could be described as one, but we have been an authority on this topic for quite some time.

    The most positive thing for us all though is if the WWE DVDs actually continue on.

    • Patrick McNamara says:

      Respect you for being honest. Just reporting off reliable sources. Nothing wrong with that. Keep up the good work man. Bless you and yours brother, I mean that.

  5. Ricky says:

    Well considering that only this website claims that US wwe dvds are being cancelled, exactly where are you getting your sources? I need proof before I believe! I’ve collected every dvd/blu-ray since day one, I personally don’t see WWE ending dvds in the US. I truly believe that these preorders are legit.

  6. BAS says:

    Like I’ve been saying, this is probably the final year of home video releases rather than none going forward, making ’23 technically the first year of no home video releases. Another possibility I thought is maybe there’s a few more releases before they call it quits later this year, or maybe they’re testing the waters on some releases before making up their minds.

    Assuming none of this is an error, of course.

  7. LP1 says:

    If they continue releasing DVDs in the US, that’s cool, but if not, I at least hope they continue to make the digital versions available to buy. Don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t.

  8. TheBrockSays says:

    Did any other website claim they were ending but this one?

    • RabidHeat says:

      It was probably reported here first then other sites quoted it.

      Why are we being jerked around like this though? WWE clearly don’t have the decency to provide any sort of update. Very frustrating.

      • Ricky says:

        Why would Wwe need to update us when I’m certain that dvds in the US are not cancelled and probably are not aware that a small website as this is going around saying otherwise. I like to know what “sources” are claiming that dvds are being cancelled!

        • RabidHeat says:

          Whoa, I wasn’t attacking the site. It’s clearly WWE who are flip-flopping on this. I’ve been visiting WDN for over 10 years; if you had you’d realise they don’t make sh*t up out of nowhere.

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