All Elite Wrestling Make Their Home Video Debut, Cover Artwork for WWE’s Hell in a Cell 2020 DVD

October 28, 2020 by Daniel Bee

AEW DVDs Announced!

AEW arrives on DVD!

The first five All Elite Wrestling events that aired on Pay-Per-View domestically have, as of today, been officially released on Home Video via ShopAEW; each of the new DVDs are in stock now on the website, with a familiar special offer available: buy 3, get 10% off.

As things stand, these are DVD-only releases with no sign of Blu-ray editions.

AEW Double or Nothing 2019 DVD - Cover Artwork

AEW’s First DVD Releases:

  • Double or Nothing 2019
  • All Out 2019
  • Full Gear 2019
  • Revolution 2020
  • Double or Nothing 2020

UPDATE 1-1-22: We are now keeping a complete AEW DVD list up to date on the website.

All Elite Wrestling announced the news earlier today on their social media accounts.

AEW Double or Nothing 2020 DVD - Cover Artwork

Back to the WWE side, fans in the UK have been treated to an exclusive Home Video release this month — Payback 2020. Grab your copy here on

We also have a brand new cover artwork reveal for the Hell in a Cell 2020 DVD!

The front cover is set to feature Sasha Banks, Bayley, Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre, Roman Reigns and Jey Uso. The DVD is on the schedules as a single-disc offering. Check out the Hell in a Cell 2020 cover and the release date for your area, below.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 DVD - Cover Artwork

Get your copy of the WWE HELL IN A CELL 2020 DVD…

UK/Europe: December 7th. Pre-order your Hell in a Cell DVD now on

United States: December 8th. Pre-order your HIAC 2020 DVD soon via

Australia: TBA. Look for a pre-order announcement soon via

Fans in the United States, you can now add Clash of Champions 2020 to your WWE DVD collections!

Thanks goes out to WDN reader “TheDVDFreak” for the video peek above and the first look photos that follow. A free Seth Rollins trading card is included with this one.

WWE Clash of Champions 2020 DVD - Photos, Front Cover
WWE Clash of Champions 2020 DVD - Photos, Back Cover


Every match is a championship match on WWE’s most golden night of the year!

It’s family vs. family as Universal Champion Roman Reigns puts his newly won title on the line against Jey Uso. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton settle the score in an Ambulance Match. RAW Women’s Champion Asuka defends her gold against Zelina Vega. Bayley defends ths SmackDown Women’s Championship against a mystery opponent. And Bobby Lashley puts his United States Championship on the line against Apollo Crews.

It’s a gold rush at Clash of Champions!

WWE Clash of Champions 2020 DVD - Photos, Disc Artwork & Trading Card
WWE - Seth Rollins Topps Trading Card Inside Clash of Champions 2020 DVD!

Grab your copy of the WWE CLASH OF CHAMPIONS 2020 DVD…

United States: RIGHT NOW! Get your new Clash of Champs DVD from

UK/Europe: November 9th. Pre-order your Clash of Champs DVD now on

Australia: November 18th. Your pre-order opportunity is available now via

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. alan matt says:

    nice covers

  2. DDT says:

    they will be available in the uk at wrestlingstore uk. just give it a few months. the aew t-shirts are available in the uk that way. People may also wish to know you can get Ring oF Honor dvds from them to. I dont understand why AEW is the first company to be covered by this site that is not wwe? i hope though that this continues.

    • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras4Life says:

      DDT: AEW is definitely not the first company besides WWE.. TNA / IMPACT has also been well covered here…just not for several years, since there really has not been much to be covered on that ground, due to minimal releases from them: a ppv event occasionaly..same thing with the Essential Collection series, that started with a real gem, with the 4-discs Aj Styles release, but since has turned out to be just Blaaah..

      And I believe there was the Shoot-DVD’s that were covered too some years ago, but don’t know how well they are doing anymore from the various companies that produced those.

      In short: hard to cover anything that more or less is existing no more. 😉

      • RabidHeat says:

        But you must admit that ROH have never stopped putting great effort into their releases in terms of content and packaging, yet for some reason they get completely ignored by WDN.

        • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras4Life says:

          Rabidheat: Then you should see if there are others too that ‘s wanting more love given to ROH and give a loud shout out to the WDN-team about it. 😉

      • DDT says:

        thank yu for info Ruthless do you have any links.
        By way i dont agree with you that nothing worth covering i think ROH have realeased some good sets and they are not as expensive as the Impact ones.
        I would agree ROH have nt realeased a set with an interview for a bit but nor have wwe.
        ROH had a bit of a poor year in 2019 but still had a great tag team series with the Briscoes and Guerillas of Destiny that i recommend people check out if they like tag teams. The four volume 2019 series is the cheapest way i think. Impact have the problem that they expensive and sell out on eurostore very quickly.

      • Anonymous says:

        PWG is basically the DVD wrestling company. As in DVDs are how the company survived long enough to be a big deal, yet I can’t recall much if any coverage here. You’d think given the lack of content from WWE the natural idea would be to spotlight companies like that or ROH which habe tons of event and comp dvds that could be reviewed (as opposed to Impact’s oftentimes anemic dvd output) but it doesn’t seem to be of interest here.

        • RabidHeat says:

          Tbh I think it comes down to the fact that WWE seem to have always provided free sample copies to this site for review etc. That by default would kinda make WDN feel somewhat indebted to plug WWE over all else.

    • RabidHeat says:

      Have you ever seen WrestlingStore’s prices? Dude is greedy beyond belief. He’ll be selling these for £25 each. F*** that.

      He’s currently selling a used copy of the TNA Christian Cage DVD for 15 quid. Lol!

    • RabidHeat says:

      WrestlingStore have now listed the AEW DVDs (although currently saying ‘Sold Out’; presumably not in stock yet). As I predicted, scandalous price at £24.99 per PPV (£19.99 for the single discs)! WTF-ever, lol. Will stick with my custom made ones.

      • AJ King says:

        Agreed. I have not found them anywhere else here in Europe besides Wrestlestore. Guess we have to be a little more patient. Or has anyone here from Europe ordered all 5 DVDs at once at AEW Shop ? What is the additional amount fur customs fees ?

  3. RabidHeat says:

    So these basically aren’t available to UK buyers unless we want to pay $24.99, plus shipping, plus the inevitable customs charges and Royal Mail handling fees since they will be sent from the US and their value is over £18 GBP each. Great – thanks AEW!

    I’ll stick to my custom made two-disc event DVDs, all of which probably contain more extras than will be on these official DVDs anyway. I also have Fight for the Fallen and Fyter Fest 2019 (nothing appealed to me about this year’s Dynamite editions of those however). Plus … I have the Mike Tyson yawn! 🙂

  4. Maximiliano Meza says:

    Sucks that WWE never utilized the tube for new dvd n blu rays…. I wish they did this conceit if a RAW box set where a total of 50 hours of RAW chosen by us

  5. whut says:

    pretty cool that we’re getting some AEW dvds after all.

  6. Alex says:

    I have contacted the AEW Site for More Informations about the Region Code and in which shops the retail is. Here is the answer:

    Thanks for contacting us. The DVDs are region free, and are only being sold on ShopAEW. Please let me know if can answer any other questions,

  7. Alex says:

    Are AEW DVD´s on the Website Region Free? Or only for American…

  8. David says:

    Its cool AEW are releasing on home video, too bad not on Blu-ray as I remember there was a twitter poll conducted by the Young Bucks and AEW sometime last year asking fans if they prefer Blu-ray or DVD and I think Blu-ray was leading.

    $20-$25 for a DVD in 2020…no thanks.

    I wish they would rather offer their events on itunes and google play instead.

  9. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    Biggest question’s gonna be: Is the awkward Mike Tyson yawn shown in full lenght at DoN 2020!? 😉

    Nah, on a bit more serious note: Great news.. would however have been All Elite (punt intended) if it was on blu..just imagine for example that crazy unsanctioned match between Mox and Omega exploding in Full HD..

    Would have loved to see the Fyter Fest and Fight for the Fallen events from 2019 too, with the Bad Boy vs Mox unsactioned and the Rhodes brothers vs the Young Bucks matches.

    There might be some heavy deal of muting or cuts, cos occasionaly the crowd reactions tend to get ECW / XPW alike, shouting for example at Mox: “You sick f..k”!

    AEW test the waters of the physical market, if they can get over there too..hopefully, they eventually get on board on the blu brand too..cos then they have This Guy here start a new brand collection. 😉

  10. BAS says:

    I can understand not releasing this year’s Fyter Fest or Fight for the Fallen since they were episodes of Dynamite, but why not last year’s events? Is it because they were given away for free on Bleacher Report and are they not considered PPV events because of it? I could’ve sworn they were considered PPV events, as I know they aired through PPV satellite internationally. I’d still like to own those events regardless.

    • DDT says:

      BAS your getting five ppvs staight away… that is summit to be welcomed. i mean they prob should be being more conservative and just realeasing the best of AEW year one as a 3 disc set with just a selection of these matches/ as the first realeases are always just testing demand.

  11. SRB says:

    Love the HIAC artwork. Reminds me of the old Grindhouse posters.

  12. Zac Penrice says:

    Wrestlestore which is the main port of call for UK wrestling fans looking for anything that’s not WWE, have a tab with “AEW DVD” so hopefully we in the UK will get them too ?

  13. Stephen Maxwell says:

    Why are the AEW DVDs on two discs? Gotta be some great extras on them…

    • BAS says:

      I didn’t see this year’s Souble or Nothing so I can’t speak on that. Last year’s event however was about 4 hours. I’m sure there are still extras, but I’m sure the 2 discs are there to accommodate the 4 hour events.

    • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

      According to their own site, it looks like Full Gear 2019 is the only DVD that does not contain extras.. All the others have the Buy In’s, including Casino Battle Royal and other pre-show matches + some have the Road To-show included too.

  14. Andemoine Winrow says:

    All 3 ”HELL IN A CELL” matches rocked. Sasha and Bayley’s outfits were smashing. The d.v.d cover is nice. I’m picking up ”THE CLASH OF THE CHAMPIONS” on November 3rd.

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