Another 2013 WWE Blu-Ray Cancelled? Randy Savage DVD Leading In Poll

September 29, 2013 by Daniel Bee

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Earlier this week we reported that the Blu-ray edition of the Raw 20th Anniversary box set has been cancelled and will no longer see a release.

The same may now have happened to “Best Pay-Per-View Matches 2013”. As you can see here on the Blu-ray has been taken down and only the DVD version remains.

Other upcoming titles look to be unaffected as of now. For PPV releases, there are currently no indications that Night of Champions or Hell in a Cell will be released on Blu-ray in the US.

A new clip of the Goldberg “Ultimate Collection” DVD/Blu-ray has been released by This one previews Goldberg vs. Triple H from Survivor Series 2003, which is one of 10 matches from Goldberg’s WWE run that are featured on the set.

Click here to pre-order your copy of Goldberg: The Ultimate Collection.

Below are first look photos of the UK version of the Triple H “Thy Kingdom Come” Blu-ray. That is officially released to the UK and Europe in two week’s time on October 14th.

WWE Triple H Thy Kingdom Come Blu-ray

WWE Triple H Thy Kingdom Come Blu-ray

Auctions for two copies of the hard to find “Best of the WWF 2001 Viewers’ Choice” DVD are finishing up on today. In Region 1 format this DVD was only released to Canada. Check out the listings over here and here, or click the image below.

Best of WWF 2001 DVD Canada Rare

In the video below, YouTube personality Stevie Breech discusses the various titles that were mentioned in the 2014 WWE DVD Survey. The Randy Savage DVD is leading our poll.

Which ONE of the WWE DVD titles mentioned in the survey most interests you?

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  1. Kirbbdogg says:

    If they do a HBK or Austin set. Make them like Hogan’s last DVD set. A unrelested set. If they do the Austin one. Show more of his run in USWA and WCW. That never got showed in Austin’s last set. Same with HBK. Show more his AWA run. And Rocker’s matches other then the one’s him and Marty had with the Hart foundation or brain busters. They had good one’s with Demotion Power and glory. And one with the Road Warrors. And some rare ones like HBK’s frist match with Ric Flair Jimmy Snuka Roddy Piper And his MSG match with Bob Backlund.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed. An HBK and Austin unreleased are musts. As is a Flair UNRELEASED set. That one alone could be an outstanding 20 DVD set.

  2. Colin V says:

    Machoman should win! OHHH YEAHHH!! Don’t really want anymore Rey Mysterio or Shawn Michaels sets, could care less about Batista and Rock vs Austin. I hope 2014 isn’t gonna be a sucky year for dvds, but as long as they release Macho man and WCW PPVs, then were good! I think the only other dvd on this list that would interest me would be the Rhodes Family, I’d buy that one too.

    • josh says:

      I agree! I hope 2014 isn’t going to be a sucky year for dvd’s either! I want to see Demolition documentary/best of and Arn Anderson documentary/best of.

  3. kevin truax says:

    I hope macho man wins but they go way back to his ICW days till he left WCW

  4. Anan says:

    I’m all in for Savage!

  5. Dashing Dick says:

    Oh well. I’m a DVD guy myself anyway. Definitely going to be getting best ppv matches. Hope I win that invasion DVD. May get a couple grab bags too. Just started my TNA collection and this’d be a good way to expand v

  6. VICK says:

    I thought Survivor Series 2013 was listed for a Blu-Ray release as well for this December but I could be wrong? It is only listed in DVD format on Amazon now. Perhaps this is another Blu-Ray cancelled?

  7. Nick says:

    I hope they don’t cancel the History of WWE blu ray.

  8. Domenic says:

    It may happen sadly, however, this can still change.

  9. Richard says:

    It’s a shame if this indeed happens. This is shaping up to be an amazing collection:

    Rock vs Punk (RR)
    Undertaker vs Punk (WM)
    Sheild vs Cena, Ryback and Sheamus (EC)
    Cena vs Rock (WM) – like it or not, it’s gonna be included.
    Lesnar vs Triple H (ER)
    Cena vs Ryback (PB)
    ADR vs Ziggler (PB)
    WWE Title MITB match
    Punk vs Lesnar (SS)
    Bryan vs Cena (SS)

  10. Marty says:

    The ironic part of the Blu ray news is the 2009-10 PPV Matches set is the one where they were making a big deal about the HD transition, and now 2013 Blu ray version looks to be cancelled.

  11. Matt says:

    Hey, I was wondering how much I would get in the United States if I sold Wrestlemania 24 DVD (Tin case) and even if it was a good idea to sell it.

  12. Timothy Thorpe says:

    I just checked Best Buy’s site and they still have it up for sale.

  13. Thomas Goodearl says:

    It is a shame as Blu-Ray is a growing format & one that is getting more & more popular, so why aren’t WWE embracing it? SilverVision did, now Fremantle are knowing the UK & Euro fans love Blu-Ray, it is confusing me & whoever runs the Home Video department at WWE needs a reality slap! Can you imagine in 2002/03 if a PPV only came out on VHS and not DVD, people would have thought WWE had gone insane!

    Blu-Ray is still a limited market, I understand that but those who love it like me are willing to pay for the difference! So get with the program WWE, if the US Blu-Ray fans are willing to buy a multi region Blu-Ray player and import UK only Blu-Rays then the Market is there & you are letting them down!

    • Daniel Bee says:

      I do agree, but the VHS/DVD leap is not the same as DVD/Blu-ray if you think about it. It’s an upgrade but not to that same extent. And now we’re living in the digital age where physical media as a whole is taking a hit.

      • LP1 says:

        I wouldn’t say physical media as a whole is taking a hit. DVD is taking a hit. Blu-ray is on the rise.

        Here’s an article on it:

        It says Blu-ray sales for January-June 2013 were up 15% from the same period in 2012. While DVD sales in the same period dropped 13% from 2012.

        • Kenny says:

          I agree that Blu-Ray is on the rise in a lot of areas, but if it was a money-making venue for WWE, why are they cancelling them?

          • David says:

            Even though Blu-ray is on the rise, I think its just that Wrestling in general is a niche market – most casuals don’t even buy the PPV DVDs, don’t think those people will shell out an extra few bucks for the Blu-ray. Sadly, I think this is the main reason.

            UFC is similar, they don’t release any of their PPVs on Blu-ray except 1 which about 4 years ago – UFC 100. They put their Best of”s and the fighter profiles.

            I understand as a business, it doesn’t make sense to continue releasing something that is not making them returns. Thats why i feel they should make their non-big 4 PPVs and maybe select compilations WWEShop exclusive, cutting out the middleman. WWE gets the profits directly and the Blu-ray fans are happy.

            DVD fans are just stubborn, not wanting to let go even though there is a bigger and better format out there.

            • LP1 says:

              WWE at one point did sell DVD’s only on their website. There were a couple of PPV’s from 2002 that they only sold there. Not sure why they wouldn’t want to do it again. I would also think about combining PPV DVD’s and Blu-rays into the same packaging. A lot of movies come like that now. WWE tried this briefly in 2011 with Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber.

              • David says:

                Yeah, Blu-ray + DVD combo packs are popular with movie studios. Not sure why WWE stopped.

                Even if people still own DVD players for couple more bucks you get the Blu-ray as well instead of the standalone DVD for when people do decide to upgrade.

                For example with 3D Blu-ray, i bought the 3D versions which include the Blu-ray which was only about $2-$3 more compared to the standalone Blu-ray + DVD combo for when i decide to get a 3D TV and 3D Blu-ray player in the future. Last year i bought a 3D TV and have made great use of the 3D versions

  14. Wonderllama says:

    The difference in video quality between DVD and Blu-Ray honestly does not matter to me. The content and extra matches are the only reason I would pick the more expensive Blu-Ray. I have bought all the previous Best PPV Matches sets in DVD. The Blu-Ray extras never have good matches for some reason, or if they do it’s a repeat I already have

    • David says:

      I thought Best PPV Matches 2012 had great Blu-ray exclusives…it was will worth it for Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan 2/3 falls and the SD MITB ladder matches; both were just fantastic.

      2011 also had pretty good extras like the film cut version of Orton vs. Punk

  15. Nick says:

    Another Randy Savage DVD sounds great, maybe they could include that unreleased match with flair in 92 when flair wins the title back from savage. Im also wanting another Jericho dvd. But 90% of whats on that list dont interest me, wwe should instead have:

    The History of the US championship
    The Best of WCW Halloween Havoc
    The Best of WCW Superbrawl
    The Best of NWA/WCW Great American Bash

  16. NickP says:

    The Randy Savage set is a must but will only work if Lanny Poffo is involved and his thoughts on WWE aren’t too positive right now. Hopefully they can patch things up.

  17. David says:

    For people that say “well, SD content doesn’t matter on Blu-ray so DVD is fine”…actually it does matter because Blu-ray has much better compression and codecs that benefits with standard definition content. When you compress MPEG2 (which is only DVD) there is pixelation but with Blu-ray they use either MPEG2 or H.264 AVC – the later more common with Blu-ray releases which handles SD content much much better.

    • @IMDJLUIS says:

      Technically speaking, yes, Blu-Ray technology is still better for any type of video. But for me, I hate seeing countless SD releases put out on Blu-Ray, when that media could be saved for true HD content. I think about it like this… If they put out a Legends of Mid-South Wrestling 2-Disc Blu-Ray out, that means that is 2 less Blu-Ray discs they will put out. I would rather see those 2 discs go to content that is actually shot in 1080p. Now I’m sure that’s not how it works, but it almost seems like it could.

  18. Domenic says:

    It is only a rumor right now.

  19. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    This just can’t happen. I won’t even purchase that set if its not on Blu-ray.

  20. TheManInBlu says:

    Huge facepalm here. To me, this is always the best release of the year; you get the best matches all in one place. I held off on buying SummerSlam and Wrestlemania specifically because I knew the best matches would be on Best PPV 2013. If this is true, I sure as hell am not buying it on DVD. Blu-ray or nothing.

  21. Jeremy says:

    WWE should just cancel producing blu rays. Who wants more content and better picture quality anyways?

    • Steve says:

      They should release all unreleased material on Blu Ray & the constant repeats on DVD. WWE home video just behind the times as usual.

  22. They can take our inserts, and take our unedited swearing, but they will never take…our BLU RAYS!

  23. Roland says:

    I have all the Best Ppvs on Blu ray. This years on Dvd is gonna stick out like a sore thumb

  24. David says:

    That would seriously suck if Best PPV Matches is not releasing on Blu-ray.

    UK gets all the PPV releases and possibly even the RAW 20th Anniversary set on Blu-ray and yet NA don’t even the PPV releases unless they’re store exclusives and as LP1 said “micky mouse around” with releases by making them in-store exclusives only to carry 2 copies or so.

    WWE should just make their non-big 4 ppvs and maybe even select compilations WWEShop exclusive – at least they will cut out the middleman. They seem to always have a sale so i wouldn’t mind buying from there.

  25. LP1 says:

    The only reason to buy the Best PPV Matches release, for me anyway, was to have the matches from the PPV’s that weren’t released on Blu-ray. Now that it’s not being released in HD there’s no reason to buy it since every PPV was already released on DVD.

    It’s really amazing when you look at the decision-making here. They won’t release their current product(which is recorded in HD) on Blu-ray, but they’ll release Mid South, War Games, Nitro and other releases featuring all matches that were recorded in SD and serve no purpose to be released on Blu-ray since they can’t be upgraded to HD anyway. And I’m sure someone will say that WWE PPV Blu-rays don’t sell as well as the compilation sets, and to that I say maybe they will sell better if they didn’t Mickey Mouse around with the releases by having them be store-only and understock them and other issues.

    • Manny says:

      Amen brudda!

      • Kenny says:

        I buy the Best PPV Matches DVDs because I really have no interest in spending a ridiculous amount of money on every single PPV show they do. Personally, I’d rather have one DVD for $20 with the matches that were notable than 12-13 DVDs for (let’s say) $150-$200 that I will never watch all the way through.

        Since I have no interest in buying all of the other DVDs, I prefer having the option to buy the one set with the best stuff on there.

  26. Timothy Thorpe says:

    I hope the blu ray of Best of PPV isn’t cancelled. To me it would make no sense.

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