Exclusive: WWF Attitude Collection DVD Series Back In Print (Photos)

March 21, 2012 by Daniel Bee

Some rather unique news to break today as it appears Silver Vision in the UK have put the “WWF Attitude Collection” DVDs back into print after a ten year absence.

WWF Attitude Collection DVDs

As you may have been following lately, there has been an influx of Attitude Collection DVD sightings all over eBay UK, and Amazon too. All twelve of the titles that made up the series, and every one of them brand new and sealed.

Some of the Attitude DVDs have become very tricky to locate even in a pre-owned condition, so we thought this occurrence to be odd, but it wouldn’t be too far fetched to think old stock could have been found. It’s happened before. However, now the DVDs are beginning to arrive with buyers we can see exactly the reason they’re suddenly available in plentiful supply.

All signs point to the series being quietly put back into print by Silver Vision and the DVDs look to have been distributed to smaller retailers to stock. The artwork of the DVDs arriving with buyers look almost identical to the 2002 originals (even the same “WFA” catalog numbers), aside from WWF logos being replaced with WWE, in addition to references in text too. Look closer to find the copyright notice on the back indicates 2011 production.

Our own Shaun Blackford took some snaps of the re-printed Austin vs. McMahon DVD.

WWF WWE Attitude Collection DVDs

WWF WWE Attitude Collection DVDs

WWF WWE Attitude Collection DVDs

WWF WWE Attitude Collection DVDs

We can speculate that this is a similar situation to Silver Vision’s Tagged Classics range, whereby they are legally allowed to re-release any of their old catalog in full, so long as WWF logos aren’t present on any packaging. This is an interesting twist though since they have chosen to produce them as close to the originals in appearance as possible, and not yet make them available to buy on their own website.

Whilst it’s a blow to anybody expecting sealed copies of the original prints to turn up this week (a few of our readers even thought they must be bootlegged), this decision looks to be a smart way of bringing these videos back for both the casual buyer and collectors alike. They’re available right now for as little as £5.75 delivered .

Who knows, we might also see other out-of-print WWF Home Video titles brought back in the same manner, pending the success of these.

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  1. Scott says:

    WWE could put this whole collection on a single dual layered Blu Ray, and sell it at a discounted price.

  2. nightmare says:

    Yep I have the original Austin vs. McMahon DVD.plus more sale .

  3. Anonymous says:

    check ebay for my 3 for sale!

  4. Anonymous says:

    ive got 3 originals in anyones intrested!

  5. michael says:

    Well good for the UK that Silvervision is redoing these 2002 dvds. When is WWE going to do for the fans in the US. No slur intended to the UK but why is it Silvervision can do tagged classics of all the pay per views and do redo’s on things but the US fans can’t get the same. WWE is a US company with headquarters in the US but we don’t get a shot of getting ppv’s of old. Even they do 2 volumes of the Survivor Series in a anthology and then just cut it off. Offer us in the US tagged classics of all old Coliseum Videos like the fans in the UK get. I guarantee and know I would buy them.

    • Harry Faversham says:

      Silver Vision can re-issue the library that was wiped out when WWE was deemed to have breached their contract with the wildlife fund about the use of the initials ‘WWF’. WWE can no longer use the initials WWF but Silver Vision as an innocent 3rd party that suffered a loss from the breach of contract between the other 2 parties is allowed to continue as if the breach had not occured. Therefore the UK distributor is still allowed to distribute WWF in the UK, but they change the packaging (probably was a condition of them being permitted to continue to minimise any hardship to the aggrieved party, the wildlife fund). They can’t distribute them outside of the Europe because their licence is only covers Europe. Essentially it is not wwe releasing them, its Silvervision replacing their original catalogue to put them back in a position where they have not suffered loss. This is known as restitution in the legal world. It wasn’t silvervision’s fault that Vince McMahon got cocky and didnt respect his agreement with the wildlife fund. Ultimately silver vision suffered, the fans suffered and you can’t even hear the words WWF now.

      I personally believe the injunction against WWE using the initials was the wrong decision. Damages would have been better for 2 reasons. 1) Its a fucking charity and they can put money to good use. 2) Its not in the public interest to have granted an injunction because the fans suffer worldwide with the blurring and deleted material etc.

      It was a disproportionate decision in that sense in my opinion. It also doesn’t do much to enhance the reputation of the charity. WWE was totally in the wrong of course, but they have paid a heavy price for it. As far as wwe not reissuing their old events in their entirety, thats just them being selective with history, which is bullshit because history speaks for itself. There is only one good reason I can think of to pretend a wrestler never existed.

  6. Andy says:

    These re-releases are fantastic! I got the two Stone Cold ones, the Mick Foley one, The Rock, Undertaker and a best of Wrestlemania collection. Insanely cool, all taken from the original videos, I had never seen the two Stone Cold ones since I had them on video when I was a kid. I ended up picking them up from Grainger Games for £4, also not to mention the WWF references are still in tact and no blurring or silencing of it at all. Great to finally see Austin vs McMahon and Austin 3:16 Uncensored finally on DVD with WWF logos etc.

  7. Dustin says:



  8. Anonymous says:

    ye i added it up and u could have 10/12 for 40 posted lol

  9. RabidHeat says:

    What’s really annoying me is that these re-prints have already halved in price since I bought them all from a couple of Amaon sellers, I’m presuming because buyers might moan less about them being reprints. Annoying!!!

  10. celticelvis says:


    Got the best of raw DVDs in stock. Have sent you a free copy as promised, for buying the other 9 from me. Thanks.

  11. Anonymous says:

    the WWE attitude collections are not actually edited just the cover and disc, the 2 rare ones are the 2 1998 ppvs as they havent re release them, lucky i have both really, i bought tagged classics 2000, judgment day, my fave event BUT it was blurred, ruined the memorys man, is a guy who sells every PPV original copy though

  12. Daniel Bee says:

    Danny, I too prefer originals but d’ya know the actual footage in Tagged Classics and these Attitude re-prints is unedited? No blurs.

  13. Danny-S says:

    plus i hate wwe tagged classics and these re prints, blurred out stuff gets on my tits!

  14. Danny-S says:

    I ordered one off amazon on the 18th of march!!!! claiming it was a original! £6 i had to grab it, it came and it was a reprint! was angry, i ordered 3 more from ebay with the wwf sign as the pic and still got the reprint, so watch out guys, the originals are getting rarer, check CeX they always have them for £4-6, thats where i got my 3 originals from plus i made a video of the situation, and then another video with some for sale so if u want a few orignials or reprints then PM me on youtube heres the link to the vid plus, they have re printed the 10 bio ones they havent re release unforgiven 98 or rock bottom 98, so as i said in the vid there the 2 rarest no in my opinon, lucky i just got both from cex for £4 each 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvOGJqFo6qg&feature=plcp&context=C448e80eVDvjVQa1PpcFNtpFzN-SIvTJr7qryH6Jsb2N3KKcA8iQs%3D

  15. Stevie KAPFSZ says:

    I kinda still want the originals though hehe

  16. RabidHeat says:

    @Harry Faversham The menus are identical to the original releases, as is the old Silver Vision ident from 2002 and the old-school ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ video. The discs are complete represses of the same content released back then. Good job Benoit wasn’t seen in that particular safety video! Lol.

    • Harry Faversham says:

      OK thanks for the info. It seems odd that they haven’t re-done the menus when they have for every other re-release. Perhaps they don’t intend to officially release them and put them on the website? Maybe its just a favour for fans kind of thing? I think they make very nice little budget releases, but I would say that people shouldnt expect too much from them because they are quite outdated by today’s standards (no extras etc). But in a way its nice to have the history speak for itself being made back in the day.

      If they are not going to re-release these on tagged classics then and since a lot of the early ones have corrput master tapes and all the ‘live extravangazas’ have been done then I am wondering what we might see on tagged classics in the future. The only ones left that I think would be sure to come out are Hulk Still Rules and Stone Cold’s What DVD. Anything else, who knows. I really hope they keep them going becuase there’s a few I’d really like to see on DVD (British Bulldogs, Ultimate Warrior etc).

  17. Harry Faversham says:

    So are the DVD menus the same as the old WWF ones or are they like the new tagged classics menus?

    • celticelvis says:

      Hi Harry, not sure a bout this one. I’ve watched “the rock know your role” and the main menu says “Silver Vision Presents WWF Attitude Collection” so as it still says “WWF” I’d guess it’s the same main menu. Also, the footage still displays the wwf logo in the bottom left corner. The menu options are “play” and “chapters”. While viewing the dvd it still has the WWF logo in the bottom corner thoughout the dvd. I hope this helps.

      • Harry Faversham says:

        Thanks for the reply. I know the footage wont change, but with tagged classics they replaced the menus even when the original menu had music and everything (e.g. nWo). If it says WWF then they must be the old menus as you say. Thanks.

  18. RabidHeat says:

    I’d really love to know if this is the truth, but my theory is that Tagged Classics sales are low now that they are no longer PPVs, and instead of spending money investing in new package design for old releases and deciding which two events to link together in a double set, Silver Vision may have just thought let’s do a straight re-release of a past set, just to get some more of their old VHSes back out onto the market without any real packaging re-design. There has been a distinct lack of news regarding Tagged Classics since the Hardyz/Lita set!

  19. celticelvis says:

    @ jumbopikachu

    Good news! Have secured some stock of best of raw attitide dvd. Should be with me early-mid next week. When they arrive I’ll forward you on a free copy as a thank you for buying the other 9 from me.

  20. celticelvis says:

    Hi Alec and everyone else. The WWE Attitude dvds are now back up on ebay with new images. Sorry if they are not the clearest pics but at least they are the actual covers of the front and back of each wwe attitude dvd. Please use the link below that I previously provided. Any Q’s please ask.

  21. RabidHeat says:

    It makes sense for them to not re-release the two PPV DVDs actually, since thy’e been re-issued in the Tagged Classics.

  22. Daniel Bee says:

    Josh: Stock of plenty of out of print WWF DVDs titles have been ‘found’ over the years since they were deleted. I was referring to times like in 2006 (or around then) when the likes of The Classic Five of 2001 box set were found at one source, still brand new and sealed. Of course, they didn’t last long.

  23. Alec Clark says:

    @ celticelvis
    Due you ship to your attitude dvds to the U.S?

  24. celticelvis says:

    @ jumbopikachu

    Wow, small world this world wide web. Thanks for the order. I’ll get them sent out to you first thing in the morning. I’ll upgrade postage to 1st class for you 😉

    In regards to your earlier post, best of raw is available but i don’t have it in stock. There’s 10 titles which to my knowledge have been re-issued. the best of raw is the 10th one. I can try and pick up 1 for you and send it on for free if interested? (might take a week to source it) Sadly they didn’t do the 2 PPV DVDs.

  25. jumbopikachu says:

    @ celticelvis

  26. celticelvis says:

    @ jumbopikachu
    You may have bought this pack of 9 of me?
    Does your ebay id end in n62

  27. celticelvis says:

    Hi Folks, I’m new to this site but felt I should sign up tonight. I am a reseller of mainstream DVDs and also a reseller of these attitude DVDs and have had numerous customers contact me (probably one or two of you on here) hence why I am posting here. Silver Vision don’t currently have them on their site as they produced a one off re-run of limited numbers as a special deal for one of their wholesalers. I have to be honest and say I was not aware of any differences until I was contacted by some of you and would like to thank you for this. Although they could decide to produce more if they wanted as they are the license and rights holder. I just wanted to say I have removed all of my ebay listings, amazon and playtrade listings. I will be relisting them on ebay with my own photos showing the wwe logo cover. any questions you have and i’ll do my best to help. Any additional advice and comments from you folks would be appreciated. P.S. Please exscuse any typos and grammar..it’s been a long day and is very late now. Well past my bedtime lol

  28. X-23 says:

    I love the Austin vs. McMahon. It really makes you relive Stone Cold’s awesome run in 1998 like you were there

  29. jumbopikachu says:

    Just got a pack of 9, Have the Best Of Raw and the 2 ppv’s been rereleased?

  30. nightmare says:

    I have them already and there amazing

  31. tnawwejosh says:

    Just wanted to ask as well Danny which DVD was you talking about when you said “old stock was found before”

  32. tnawwejosh says:

    Bought 3 of these. I recommend anyone looking for these to buy them even people from the US very cheap and are pretty much the same as the originals except a few differences on the cover.

  33. RabidHeat says:

    @Dave, I’m not quite sure why you seem to think I wasn’t aware of what you’ve said. I was just providing useful information that I have found since receiving these new reprints, just in case any potential buyers wanted to know. I was just telling everybody that there is a Regional Coding difference between the two releases, regardless of whether they are PAL/NTSC. I’m well aware that a US TV/DVD player would still have to convert PAL to NTSC. I was just letting everybody know about a small different in the specs for the re-releases.

  34. Adam says:

    Damn. UK gets all the good stuff. Tagged classics, more blu-rays and now this.

    Does anyone know a reason why these things aren’t released in North America?

  35. Dave says:

    @ RabidHeat

    All UK WWE DVDs are region 2, the only ones that are region free are the Blu-ray ppvs from Summerslam 2011 onwards.

    Even if the DVDs were region 0, the format is still PAL, so your DVD player and/or TV would have to convert to NTSC.

  36. Harry Faversham says:

    Seems to me that if you don’t type your name in and post as anonymous (which I’ve done by accident a few times) then there is a delay before the comment shows up. But I remember posting once on a different computer using the name and went on to another computer shortly afetr and the comment hadnt showed up yet, so not sure what’s happening there. I’m not a computer ‘whizz-kid’ or anything.

  37. RabidHeat says:

    Never mind, just had a look, I must’ve dreamed Judgment Day was in it (similar covers, lol).

  38. RabidHeat says:

    Yeah, well very often it won’t have posted the coment even after refreshing, lol. It’s no big deal, I just always take the time to copy in case I need to post my comment again, lol.

    I am curious, why do all websites always say there were 12 titles in the Attitude Collection, when there were actually 13?

    Rock Bottom: In Your House
    Unforgiven: In Your House
    Judgment Day: In Your House
    Austin vs. McMahon
    The Rock – Know Your Role
    Three Faces of Foley
    Austin 3.16: Uncensored
    Best of Survivor Series 1987-1997
    Best of Raw Vol.
    Best of WrestleMania I-XIV
    Undertaker – The Phenom
    Eve of Destruction

    Was one of these only released in the US or something?

  39. Daniel Bee says:

    Didn’t hear about that, RabitHeat. I saw sometimes it says “Comment posted” at the top but doesn’t show the actual comment until refreshing the page. Is this what you mean? In theory it should show the comment instantly. I will try to look into what’s causing it. Thanks for visiting/commenting. 🙂

  40. RabidHeat says:

    If one of those comments could be removed that would be cool, by the way, sorry about that! Has anyone ever mentioned that this website is really temperamental with regard to showing you when a comment has/hasn’t been posted? Sometimes it doesn’ post at all, and I now have to make sure I copy a comment before ever clicking submit to have to avoid typing it all out again! Lol. Happens on any computer I use, so it must be a site issue. 🙁

  41. RabidHeat says:

    I have to say I felt a bit winded when I opened mine up and found they were not the WWF original pressings. However, on reflection I am simply happy to have found each and every other title I needed at such a low price. I can look past the fact that there are subtle colour and font differences between these and my WWF ‘Three Faces of Foley’/’The Rock – Know Your Role’ sets (that I already had), although I wish they’d written Wold Wrestling Entertainment on the spine (the old presings had World Wrestling Federation) rather than WWE! That looks odd when lined up by the old pressings – glaring difference.

    The discs have the same disc art but the textue of them is very smooth, whereas the originals felt bumpy to the touch. The discs are also Region 2 now, rather than 0 (ALL). The fonts for the blurbs on the back of lot of them look slightly more standard now, rather than having a shadow behind each letter (compare them and you’ll see what I mean). I’m glad the discs are straight re-presses though, with the 2002 ‘Don’t Try This at Home’ promo on (“Some call these men the greatest enterainers on earth…flying without wings”, etc.) No blurs/edits too. 🙂

    I think with the release of these sets, these programmes will now NOT be released in the Tagge Classics range, especially if these do get put on the SV website at some point. Come to think of it, why hasn’t WWEDVDNews heard about any upcoming Tagged Classics for a while? I’m sure we used to hear more regularly about upcoming TC sets. Seems like a while ago we heard about the Hardyz/Lita set. Are they being cancelled?

    I do think however that new listings should be created on Amazon and eBay that do not show the WWF packaging, because right now these sellers are actually selling the wrong item, without anything in their seller notes about them being WWE re-releases.

  42. Harry Faversham says:

    Why wouldn’t they put them on their website? That doesn’t make sense. None of those DVDs are particulalry good but they were a product of their time. I think they were re-issued in 2002 after previously being only VHS releases. So they were a bit like the first ‘classics’ releases if you like.

  43. RatedRpoed says:

    doesn’t matter to me cos i have all of the originals already

  44. Coliseum Video Fan says:

    Time to complete the Attitude Collection then. Quite an awesome thing to have been made reality 🙂

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