EXCLUSIVE: The Best of WCW Clash of the Champions DVD Cover Revealed

March 22, 2012 by Daniel Bee

We can now reveal the cover artwork for WWE: The Best of WCW Clash of the Champions in this WWEDVDNews.com world exclusive.

The 3-Disc DVD and 2-Disc Blu-ray hit stores on May 22nd in the US!

They follow later the same month to UK/Europe when placing your order with Silvervision.co.uk!

For close to a decade, professional wrestling fans loved Clash of the Champions, a series of supercards that aired on TBS, featuring the biggest stars of first NWA and the WCW. Over the course of 35 events from 1988 through 1997, fans were treated to championship contests, grudge matches, and spectacular moments. Many of these matches have never been released on home video until now.

The Best of the Clash of the Champions, hosted by 3-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Hall of Famer, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, will highlight some of the greatest matches in the event’s ten-year history and features fan favorites Ric Flair, Sting, The Road Warriors, Lex Luger, the Four Horsemen, the nWo, and so many more.

WWE: WCW Clash of the Champions [3-Disc DVD]
– Catalog: WWE95048
– UPC: 651191950485
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WWE: WCW Clash of the Champions [2-Disc Blu-ray]
– Catalog: WWE95054
– UPC: 651191950546
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– Fans in the UK and Europe can pre-order now for May release by clicking here!

Sound off with your thoughts on the artwork in the comments section below!

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    If this does as well as the Nitro set they should seriously consider doing WCW Superstar sets.

    WCW presents Diamond Dallas Page

    WCW presents Goldberg

    WCW presents The Midnight Express

    WCW presents Scott Steiner

    etc. Clearly the name WCW moves units, they should use it as much as they can.

    I would buy all of those, day one, without batting an eye.

  3. NickP says:

    Thats an awesome cover that resembles the Best Of WCW ppv videos from the late 90’s.. It would be really cool if all Best of WCW dvds follow this type of look

  4. Dave says:

    As Daniel Bee said, WWE own the footage and photos. Just shows WWE don’t consider TNA as competition as they have two of their stars gracing a WWE DVD.

  5. nightmare says:

    I would just like to know how they can use Flair and Sting when there under contract for TNA

    • Daniel Bee says:

      They own the photo. They own the WCW footage.

      • Harry Faversham says:

        It somewhat pales in comparison to the fact that Flair will be appearing on WWE TV soon. They released a DVD on Hogan and Jeff Hardy after they had gone to TNA. The Rock mentioned Hogan and Flair on WWE TV this week. I don’t think they worry about TNA much and it certainly doesnt bother them that they have 2 TNA current TNA wrestlers on the cover. And I think it right to have them on the cover. History should be represented as it was, not skewed for today’s market. There is only one exception to that I can think of. You could also argue its not good business to promote them, but I think it goes to show how big the gulf betweeen the two companies really is.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Although the cover is a solid choice, i usually have problems with in-ring shots rather than collage photos or some sort of glossy poster. in this case i think it works, i think the main problem is that although sting and flair deserve the cover it really only shows 2 guys and 1 match, they could have done more with the cover, it pretty much looks like a trading card to me

    • Isrs4life says:

      I’ve already said that the cover is very classy.
      and old WCW vhs tapes were like that.

      WCW had from 2-4 wrestlers or what were the top 2 feature matches
      from the shows airing.

      I find it very extremly like and old WCW cover which was very well done
      and the colours couldnt be more perfect for it. Thats how it was like
      back in those days.

  7. RabidHeat says:

    I have to agree with MadMike on this one, lol. While I think the cover photo is lame as I think it would’ve been better if a move was being executed rather than Sting holding Flair’s hand, I have to say, I’m still happy we’re getting a Clash set as opposed to just an anthology of one of the PPVs!

  8. MadMike says:

    Fans will never be pleased…no matter what the WWE does! When Best of Nitro came out someone yelled FOUL and said why don’t they release a Best of CLASH…Then Best of CLASH comes out…and someone cries and says why don’t they release HALLOWEEN HAVOC?!!?!? Halloween Havoc comes out and the…well you get the picture!! LOL

  9. MadMike says:

    Awesome cover! It truly captures what kicked off CLASH…nuff said…

  10. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Has there been any more information regarding the DVD/blu-ray extras? I know the last posting said something about there being matches on DVD that wasn’t going to be available on blu-ray, and vise versa.

    Any other info? Or do I need to buy the damn DVD and Blu-ray, lol.

    • TNAJason says:

      The only way you will be able to buy BOTH the DVD & Blu-Ray is if you have the RUMORED store(FYE/Suncoast)that is gonna have the Exclusive DVD set that will have exclusive matches on it that will NOT be on the Blu-Ray set,or buy it from the UK from Silvervision,those are the only ways to get ALL the matches that are gonna be available on the Home Video Releases. Luckily I have a FYE,so IF the rumor is true and it is FYE(Like Nitro) I will pre-order both the DVD & Blu-Ray there because I usually get the WWE Blu-Rays there anyway because its usually the same price as Amazon,plus I get the FYE Member 10% Discount and the additional $2 off for pre-ordering the title.

      • Vincenzzzzzo says:

        Yeah, I have a couple FYE stores near me, so , it looks like I’ll be buying both versions. The only reason is because I want that Hollywood Hogan vs Ric Flair 1996 match. I wish it was on the blu-ray. Then, I would just say forget about the DVD version, but…

  11. Anonymous says:

    sweet cover, way better than the edge packaging, that sucks

  12. Anonymous says:

    Well it makes sense to place both sting and flair on the cover since they were the two main stars in wcw!

  13. nightmare says:

    I don’t see how WWE can use the image of Flair and Sting because there under contract from TNA and the cover I think is lame and garbage but that’s just my opinion on that .Yea it looks old school which is cool but they could have done so much better also why does not WWE make a Halloween Havoc video .

  14. Adam says:

    Awesome. Love simple and effective covers. And great picture choice.

    Thanks for posting.

  15. RabidHeat says:

    I’m glad they put Sting and Flair on it, but I do think it’s a poor choice for a photo. Kinda makes Flair look he’s in pain just from a handshake, lol. I personally would’ve preferred a collage of WCW/NWA legends (same layout as for the AWA DVD, etc.) as the history goes beyond just Flair and Sting (they also could have mixed it up by including the likes of Dusty Rhodes in his heyday AND Goldberg, etc.) but that’s just me.

  16. m.blier says:

    the good old days of wrestling will be remembered.a nice classic photo of wcw top 2 stars in promotion history.thank you wwe.

  17. charlie says:

    Looks awesome, I always want more though lol. I really wanna see more 90-93 matches.

  18. NWO 4 Life says:

    NWO was the best group ever, them and DX took the wrestling business to new heights, better than the Horsemen dare I say I believe I did. Not all NWO matches had run ins and gang beat downs.

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      95% of nWo matches ended with a run-in. Same old shit, different day. And, the Horsemen, Sir, did ALOT for the business back in the 80’s. WCW was the Horsemen. People watched WCW BECAUSE of the Horsemen. Thats why they’re going into the WWE Hall of Fame. The nWo was patterned after the Horsemen.

      I can tell you started watching pro wrestling during the Attitude Era. Nothing wrong with that, but you cannot dismiss what happened in the wrestling industry before that era.

      • NWO 4 Life says:

        I was a huge fan of the Attitude Era but I started watching WWE in 1995, when Shawn was getting big. I’m not taking anything away from The Horsemen but NWO was no way like the Horsemen, NWO was about taking over WCW, Horsemen never wanted to take over WCW.

        • Vincenzzzzzo says:

          Their motives were different, but the simularities are there if you look closely. You started watching during, in my opinion, one of the greatest times in wrestling, the Pre-Attitude Era. That was a great time in wrestling too, when Shawn was being built for the main events.

        • NWO 4 Life says:

          There might be but I don’t see it. For me Attitude Era was awesome.

  19. Dave says:

    @ Bill42

    Almost all NWO matches ended the same with shady finishes, run-ins and gang beatdowns. It got really old after a while. What is so special about NWO matches, really?! When it got to 75 members, it just old and stale quick.

  20. Bill42 says:

    I might get this just for one reason the Macho Man and Scott Hall vs DDP and Lex Lugar match. The rest of the match list is ok but doesn’t wow me. How come nobody wanted more NWO on this DVD like I do and NWO 4 Life does?

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      Because WCW was more than just the nWo angle. WCW, although I looked at it as the ‘enemy’ at the time, was a promotion with great history. WCW doesn’t revolve around the nWo. In my opinion.

  21. SRB says:

    Really? Talk about old school. Sting and Flair on the cover, so glad WWE was able to put current TNA contracts aside for a moment and give these guys their due. It shows a real maturity on WWE’s part to do this. They could have easily filled the cover with the regulars and made it one big collage. that’s the easy way out. Nice job WWE. Surprising to say the least.

  22. Jared DiGirolamo says:

    Will be fun to get this in my dvd stash

  23. Dave says:

    Looks nice! very classy. Makes sense it for Flair and Sting to grace the cover, these two set a benchmark for the first Clash.

    Its much better than the cluster shit of people on the cover like the Nitro DVD.

    Can’t wait to pick up the Blu-ray.

  24. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    lol@ Flair.

    Cool cover, I’m liking it. Can’t wait for the blu-ray.

  25. Marty says:

    I was at a local store the other day, and noticed how almost all of the WWE DVD/Bluray covers just kind of blend in with each other. For better or worse, this cover stands out. I like the simple action shot (look at that, it’s that crazy thing called “wrestling” going on) and the gold trim/lettering. As others have said, less is more, simple is good. Should be a great release!

  26. safguy says:

    Quite a Good Cover, Ilike the Gold Writing For Clash of Champions Makes it Stand Out, That Picture and The Match They had Flair And Sting in 94 is Underrated Match Not lot of People Give it Credit and Say its the Weakest between The 2 but the Story is Fantastic!! I wonder if they will have full entrances for the matches on the DVD/Bluray cause iv noticed tht in previous dvd matches tht feature WCW they always Cut out the entrances and go straight 2 the match, i reckon it cause of Michael Buffer and they dnt hav the rights 2 show his announcing the Wrestlers!! Does any 1 know the real reason!!

  27. Mark Markson says:

    The most anticipated release of 2012, along with the ECW one. I can’t wait! I hope it’ll sell well, so we’ll get some more old school releases.

  28. Harry Faversham says:

    I love that cover. It really is like an old style release and it features probably the two main players. Its better than all those covers where they put little pictures of everyone crammed on to the same picture. I often feel that less is more. I think this is one of the best covers in a long long time.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I love that cover. It really is like an old style release and it features probably the two main players. Its better than all those covers where they put little pictures of everyone crammed on to the same picture. I often feel that less is more. I think this is one of the best covers in a long long time.

  30. Anonymous says:

    i think it looks cool. reminds me of an old wwf coliseum video cover from the 80’s.

  31. Roger Palmer says:

    I like the cover, its simple and that works. montages are great but sometimes something simple stands out.

  32. NWO 4 Life says:

    Cover looks like crap and only one NwO match on the set come on man.

  33. bowers says:

    I really dig the cover w/ sting & flair, as opposed to what I thought for sure would have been a collage. It’s the match that put Clash of the Champions on the map.

  34. JamesS says:

    I’m glad they used the ‘proper’ clash type writing.

  35. Joe says:

    Great. Nowadays a picture from an event on the cover is stupid, like Summerslam and Extreme Rules, but its nice to see something like this instead of a collage like they normally are, but on a classic dvd.

  36. Tylor says:

    Cover looks sick!

  37. ElectrifyingStun says:

    Are you sure this isn’t the cover for Greatest Rivalries: Ric Flair vs Sting?
    This is supposed to be a DVD about Clash of the Champions as a whole, not just one one match!! Whoever made the cover was just being too lazy. I’m kind of dissapointed.

  38. Geolink says:

    Woah! That looks freaking sweet!

  39. Jerry says:

    It reminds me of the old WCW VHS tape covers.

  40. Daniel Bee says:

    Nightmare, I think the real question is, how could they NOT put Ric Flair and Sting on the cover? 🙂

  41. Paul says:

    Looking forward to getting this blu-ray. so i can have some of the clashes matches in HD. I thankfully have all 35 complete clashes on dvd from tv in very good quality…..but still looking forward to this release!

  42. nightmare says:

    This has to be one of the worst cover ever and how can WWE put Ric Flair and Sting on the cover when they are now officially under TNA contract

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