WCW Nitro DVD: WWE Stars Watch It, Benoit Included, FYE Exclusive

May 26, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Chris Benoit is briefly shown a few times in the new Nitro DVD, and eerily even in the same segments as Woman (Nancy Benoit). However there are no full matches of his and for those segments where he is shown any commentary referring to Benoit is muted.

A few WWE superstars have had the chance to watch the DVD and have took to Twitter to give their thoughts on it.

CM Punk: Watching some of the new Nitro DVD. The Russo stuff is unwatchable. Rick Fuller is in the ring though, so that’s cool.

WadeBarrett: Long flight home today gave me a chance to watch some of the new Best of WCW Nitro DVD. Very enjoyable so far.

According to FYE’s website there will be a version of Very Best of WCW Nitro DVD that is exclusive to them. No word yet on what that is, but the product page says 3-Disc set so it’s unlikely to be a bonus disc. Check that out.

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  1. Joe says:

    Time passing doesnt make it okay that Benoit killed his family. Time makes it okay to remember that for the 20 years prior, he played a big role in Wrestlings history. What if Hogan killed his family? You cant erase him fom history. You cant sit there and associate their personal life, with their career. They will always be two separate worlds, literally. Wrestling is a fantasy world. Benoit shouldnt be praised (yet), but he shouldnt be forgotten. Most of the people who knew Benoit better than anyone consider them two different men, and pretty much believe that that wasnt the man they knew who committed that crime. I trust their judgment and see it the same way pretty much.

  2. jason says:

    Does anyone know what the FYE exclusive consist of?

  3. Anonymous says:

    At the end of the day what Chris Benoit did in the Wrestling Ring has nothing to do with his personal life… Ric Flair is a prime example of having a hard personal life… Scott Hall… Hell Lex Lugar killed Liz… they still show his shit… bottom line Chris Benoit the man was sick in the end… he was not himself… and if Eddie was still alive Benoit would be too… I say show his matches… who will be hurt by watching great matches… people in this world are far too critical of others… God had a plan for the Benoits that’s it and that’s all…

  4. I think its such a personal issue with Chris Benoit, some people think he should be included while others don’t. I was/am a big Chris Benoit fan, I think WWE is doing anything it can not to bring bad publicity to their doors and maybe in 20 years things might be different.

  5. Anyone know a store in the UK That offers DVD Exclusives? I remember Woolworth’s used to but obviously that is no more.

  6. RazorwireReviews says:

    Every match shown of him should be of him losing? Get real. That doesn’t effect the moral issue at all. I understand why he’s been edited out of things and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. The fact he murdered his family bothers me. Sure, it’s a shame so many classic matches won’t be talked about/shown again, but really, if you love his stuff so much, you can check out the DVDs released before the whole incident that feature him, or just get Tagged Classics. I really don’t think it’s a problem, personally

  7. Anonymous says:

    If the world’s greatest electrician did this would people say, “well the important thing is that he was bloody good at his job”. I doubt it.

    If the wwe ever compiled an honest DVD set most of them would be very mediocre. Not everything is DVD worthy. They go with what they consider the prime cuts. To pick out Benoit then is putting him on show, rather than leaving history alone. And as said, that’s a serious moral issue. They rarely release events in their entirety, but when they have he has been included.

    I don’t know that his matches will be forgotten just because they are not released by WWE on compilations anyway. His legacy will not get the ‘Legend’ treatment, but a lot of wreslers don’t. Every pay per view he did is on tagged classics or the anthologies. The only thing that’s truly been erased is his reputation and he did that himself.

  8. m.blier says:

    the wwe can`t rewrite wrestling timelines.let time continue and leave wrestling history alone.

  9. Greg says:

    I certainly dont think he should ever be honored, but not showing some of his matches hurts other wrestlers that had great matches with him. Perhaps any match of his ever shown should be of him losing a match. I still think the WM20 match with him HBK and HHH was a classic. Even though he won, that was a huge match for HHH and HBK, that will now be forgotton, and thats kinda a blow to HHH and HBK. I remember Benoit and The Rock had a killer match some years ago on a PPV. That match is now forgotton and hurts the Rock. Oh well, it is what it is I guess.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the post below. Chris Benoit should never be honored, what he did in the last days of his life completely ruined his legacy. He should be treated as though he never existed nor mattered because in the end, that is the way he treated his family.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Do people have no values whatsoever?! He was an amazing wrestler. I was a huge fan of his. BUT how on earth does 4 years passing make it ok that he killed his family? He may have been insane when he did it but there is absolutely no way they should sell anything with him on it. The suggestion that he goes into the Hall of Fame is absolutely outrageous. Time will not alter what happened and its not what his legacy should have been. But I think the wrestling fans are the ones that need to ‘get over it’ and let go of how things used to be. You shouldn’t honour him as a hero anymore. It scares me how many people don’t seem to mind what he did. Everyone is entitled to their own view of course, but maybe some should think a little deeper about what they are saying.

  12. Anonymous says:

    wwe is gonna not mention benoit for another 5-10 years maybe more (depending if HHH and Steph have wwe by then) but by then you wont hear bout him on WWE TV but his matches we’ll be in dvds if it needs to be but IF ever goes into hall of fame you gotta wait “a long time”

  13. Supersonic says:

    If newer fans, esp children, hear praise about Benoit, they’ll wanna look him up.

  14. CJ says:

    WWE and Vince don’t want to make a profit off of a murderer.

  15. Anonymous says:

    When will Vince get over it already? Okay, its been 4 years he killed himself and his family okay get over it already. Vince confuses he sometimes.. SMH.

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