New ‘Best of WWE Main Event’ DVD Coming, Tomorrow’s Release, Batista Extra

June 2, 2014 by Daniel Bee

WWE Main Event Logo

The Best of WWE Main Event” looks to be planned as an upcoming DVD!

As of now this one will be a single-disc title exclusive to the United Kingdom, most likely to be released as a UK WWE Magazine bonus item this summer.

Should it go ahead, there will be approximately 2 hours and 47 minutes of content on the DVD. The following matches are possibilities for selections but are currently unconfirmed.

Champion vs. Champion Match
CM Punk vs. Sheamus
October 3, 2012

Intercontinental Championship Match
Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz
October 17, 2012

John Cena vs. Damien Sandow
November 28, 2012

Ryback vs. Alberto Del Rio
December 12, 2012

Kane & Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow
December 19, 2012

Randy Orton vs. Antonio Cesaro
May 8, 2013

The Shield vs. Mark Henry & The Uso’s
August 7, 2013

The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler
November 21, 2012

Chris Jericho vs. Cody Rhodes
June 23, 2013

10-Man Battle Royal
Justin Gabriel vs. Primo vs. Epico vs. Jimmy Uso vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Yoshi Tatsu vs. The Great Khali vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Alex Riley vs. Santino Marella
April 17, 2013

Intercontinental Championship Match
Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel
April 17, 2013

WWE Main Event Stage & Pyro

The latest WWE DVD/Blu-ray available in stores was “Greatest Wrestling Factions“. An updated trailer for that has recently been airing, which you can watch below.

There’s even more confusion over the official title of this DVD as the first trailer stated it to be “Wrestling’s Greatest Factions”, while this new one says “Greatest Wrestling Factions”.

The next WWE DVD to be released is Extreme Rules 2014. That hits US stores tomorrow and you can get your copy on order for only $10.99 by clicking here to

The Extreme Rules DVD hits Australia this Wednesday, then follows on to the UK and Europe (also with an exclusive Blu-ray edition) via on July 21st.

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 DVD Photos


WeeLC Match
El Torito vs. Hornswoggle
Extreme Rules Kickoff

– The Shield Discuss Their Match with Renee Young

– Daniel Bryan Post-Match Press Conference
Extreme Rules Fallout

– Bray Wyatt Post-Match Press Conference
Extreme Rules Fallout

WWF DVD Releases

WWF WrestleMania 17 DVD

Linked to below are over 15 rare and out-of-print WWF/WWE DVDs, all of which are ending on eBay TODAY. The current bids on almost all of these are steal prices worth keeping an eye on!

$0.99 – WWE nWo Back in Black DVD
$2.29 – WWF SummerSlam 1999 DVD
$2.29 – WWF SummerSlam 2001 DVD
$2.30 – WWF Unforgiven 2001 DVD
$2.56 – WWF King of the Ring 2000 DVD
$2.99 – WWF Hardcore DVD
$3.99 – WWE Triple H The Game DVD
$4.55 – WWF SummerSlam 2000 DVD
$6.50 – WWF Vengeance 2001 DVD
$6.50 – WWF Royal Rumble 2002 DVD
$8.00 – WWF No Mercy 2001 DVD
$9.99 – WWF Invasion 2001 DVD
$12.00 – WWF WrestleMania 16 DVD
$12.50 – WWF Royal Rumble 2000 DVD
$13.01 – WWF No Way Out 2002 DVD
$39.00 – WWF WrestleMania 17 DVD

You may recall the Batista – Animal Unleashed DVD content having a segment listed as “Titus O’Neil Package”. For the final product this has been renamed to “A Brotherly Bond”. This short piece is essentially an extra to the documentary, in which Titus O’Neil discusses Batista helping him break into the wrestling business and their friendship that followed.

Below are a selection of new screenshots from the “Animal Unleashed” documentary, showing off the behind-the-scenes and backstage footage featured within.

WWE Batista Animal Unleashed DVD - Backstage Footage

Get it on Amazon
Get it on Amazon

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. LP1 says:

    So first North America loses out on getting every PPV on blu-ray and now we can’t even get certain DVD’s either. I don’t understand the logic. I’m guessing they really want people in North America to get the Network so much so that they’re willing to cannibalize their PPV business(which they’ve pretty much already done) and now it seems they won’t mind doing the same for their home videos. I really wouldn’t be surprised if the reason the majority of PPV’s aren’t sold on Blu-ray in the US is so people can order the Network to see them in HD.

    • ekkoes4life says:

      Although I live outside USA, I can totally follow you are confused;
      so was I, when The RAW 20’th box first was announced to be avaliable in Europe, and even on Bluray too…and then suddenly without explaniation it was not released after all in region 2.

      Its like all the years when Silvervision UK were the only supplier for all WWF material other than the big 4. Now at least, you in the US can see all via Network.

      But, why the hell WWE won’t release Bluray on all, when UK do, is beyond my understanding too.

      F**k different regions and cutted editions..liberate the Ultimate collections!

      • Mark D says:

        There was a reason why the RAW 20 box set wasn’t released in the UK:

        • ekkoes4life says:

          I remember that reason..I would have wish that Freemantle along with WWE had thought of surveys like WWE doing now, where they could figure out if there would be a market for the box…which I believe at heart there is.

          And if they still are uncertain, then produce a certain numbers to see how well it goes with sale.

          Oh well.. maybe in the future they will bring out a box..for the 30th anniversary maybe.. 🙂

          • Mark D says:

            A large percentage of the costs associated with it’s production would be the same wether 50 units were produced or a million units.

            • ekkoes4life says:

              I figure that, sure.. but, at my limited knowledge of the balance between producing and selling, I would assume, that as a producer you need to take some risks sometimes, if you want to keep up with competition…and in the case of Freemantle, you want to establish your name.

              Now, if you first advertise that you plan to bring out a huge set, that is regarded as a clear number one sell, and then you suddenly find out, it cost too much to produce, in these days that could actually kill your brand, at least if you do that too often.

              • Vintage Simon says:

                Competition isn’t really an issue, because Fremantle are the only producer of WWE DVDs in this region. It’s not as if disgruntled customers could go and buy their WWE DVDs from somebody else if they’re unhappy with them.

    • David says:

      Yeah, not a fan of DVDs and Blu-rays being exclusives to different countries. Don’t really see the point.

      Few years back when looking at all the Tagged Classics and Silver Vision exclusive Blu-rays i decided to get a region-free Blu-ray/DVD player. I think it was the best decision I made, no need to worry about region locks and country exclusives. I just imported them from Amazon UK.

      Only thing that is PAL DVDs don’t look great at all on NTSC Blu-ray/DVD players no matter how great it handles PAL video. Its like lag in famerate which looks weird.

      The Blu-rays look great though and just as good as the ones in North America.

      • ekkoes4life says:

        yeaah.. with all the so called free trade politics that EU and USA supposely are working for, it is actually BS that dvd’s and Blurays and tv systems are not being produced in a way that makes it easier to collect.

        Call me hippie, but One world, One region.. lol

        And had they years ago decided for One region only, my bet is that piracy would have been less attractive.

  2. Andy Ace R says:

    WWE are always dropping the ball with these releases..Who the hell wants to see most recent stuff like this Best Of WWE Main Event… If they had any sense they’d go way back into the vault and release The Best Of Saturday Night Main Event Volume 2 which would feature a ton of unreleased matches and footage that a lot of ppl have been waiting on for a long long time.. I’m sorry but I’m gonna pass on this DVD.

  3. I picked my dvd orders on monday afternoon,I got Extream Rulez 2014 & Greatest Wrestling Factions 3 disc set,Plus i found at da loan shop No Mercy 2004 ppv 1 disc & John Cena Word Life 1 disc set,Now i can add them to my massive dvd collection,I waz happy that i could find & bring home to own,But i need No Mercy 2007 ppv & Hell in a Cell 3 disc set dvd’s for my collection,Madd I’m gonna watch them now 1 dvd at a time,I’ll be takeing my time it’ll take me a few dayz Cheers Fellas… .

  4. John Marston says:

    This is completely random, but what are the extras for the WM 25 and 24 blu-rays? I’m looking at getting both, although I already have the WM 25 DVD, and I’m just wondering what the extras are, if there’s any. Also, does anybody know why WM 24 went out of print so fast. Some DVDs go out of print very fast (like RR 09 and WM 24) while others like No Mercy and SummerSlam 02 hung around forever before being deleted. Why is this? Thanks.

    • Timothy Thorpe says:

      To the best of my knowledge, the WM 24 and 25 blu rays have no bonus features. As far as why 24 is hard to find, it’s because of some problems with Floyd Mayweather’s entrance music rights. The WWE and Mayweather were sued in 2010 over the use of his music that night. Hope this helps.

  5. Richard W says:

    I saw the Extreme Rules 2014 DVD already available at local Kmarts in my area for $9.99 so if you have a chance, get one while they last at that price. The one by me only had one copy left.

  6. Wonderllama says:

    I love WWE Main Event. It’s always great when two guys get to have a match for 15 minutes or more. It started becoming important again since it starting airing live on WWE Network.

    There are my favorite matches:

    Sheamus vs. CM Punk
    Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett
    Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler
    Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler
    Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston
    AJ Lee vs. Natalya
    The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family
    Sheamus vs. Bray Wyatt

  7. SRB says:

    Off topic: I remember a Rhodes Family set announced. I thought it was for July or something? Anyone know about that? That set seemed like it had potential and I remember tweets from Dusty saying they used him for it already.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      By memory, it was Dusty tweeting about being involved with a new WWE DVD project, speculated to be on the Rhodes Family (that title had appeared on a survey not long before). Turns out the tweet probably meant he was hosting the Great American Bash set. Possible both are coming but not sure.

  8. Justin F says:

    That first Batista screencap should be titlted: “Batista eating a banana”.

  9. captainplanet says:

    Cesaro/Kofi for the US title HAS to be on this. It was one of the best matches of 2013.

  10. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Kofi Kingston vs Antonio Cesaro from I forgot when, and Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler from November 2013 should be on there.

  11. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I was really excited until I saw “exclusive to the UK”. Unbelieveable. A show that is only seen on WWE Network in the US, is exclusive to the UK.


    If ever there was a time to get a region free player.

    In reply to EKKOES4LIFE,
    WWE Main Event is FAR from a pointless show. Maybe if you watched more of it you would see the awesome matches they have on there on a weekly basis.

    • ekkoes4life says:

      all matter of taste.. I think the Superstar was/is..and in particular Total Divas is, overkill, with no nerve.

      Do we really need more than Smackdown to bridge btw RAW and ppvs?

      I do not think so.. too much will be over the top. When you are bombed with the same kind of stuff over and over again, the fun is killed. Bring back quality, back of with the large quantity.

      • Vincenzzzzzo says:

        I understand what you mean, but even if there are shows every night of the week, which there almost is now, doesn’t mean you have to watch them all. Some people like RAW and never watch SmackDown and vise versa.


        Yes, every show has at least one good match. Even before it was a Network exclusive they had good stuff on there. I’d like to see a nice 3 disc set on Main Event eventually.

        • ekkoes4life says:

          I agree.. and it is nice to have a forum like this, where you can exchange opinions, no matter if those opinions are pro or con this and that..

          As I live in Denmark, I do not have access to The Network…and therefor I can only build my opinion on the Main Event show…and other shows from today on streams I find here and there on net.

          I do find some angles and feuds to be very interesting the recent years, mainly Punk/Jericho, Punk/Bryan, everything involved Brock and The Wyat Family concept..

          but.. WWE as a whole, is getting too family- and reality-tv based.. well,, thank god for the late and great Silvervision. 🙂

    • Mark D says:

      I have to agree, more often than not Main Event has at least one really good match. Ever since the Network launched there’s been quite a few: Bryan/Kane, IC #1 Contenders 4-Way, Shield/Wyatt’s and a few Goldust/Cody tag matches.

  12. Michael Marzullo says:

    I’m kind of disappointed that the Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus match from 2012 isn’t on there.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Consider the match listing shown above just as possibilities, it isn’t confirmed yet as stated in the article.

  13. ekkoes4life says:

    – WWE releasing a DVD highlighting non-sensing fillers from a pointless show.

    – WWE producing ppv shows, that are suitable to be aired as segments on Sesamestreet, Teletubbies or The young moms and other reality-tv trash…(last nights advertise for the upcomming Money in the Bank ppv / Steph and Brie’s and DB’s loooooooong boooooooring segment!)

    – WWE not even sure bout them self what the title is for a DVD/Bluray release….


    all ads up to one catchphrase, from a time, where WWE was relevant, interesting and excited:


    • David says:

      You make it seem like WWE never released pointless DVDs or VHS ever. Have you ever watched WWE in the 80s and early to mid-90s? when those were the peak of cheesy gimmicks and again catered to the kids and families.

      Take a look at the some of the ridiculous Coliseum Video tapes they released with a $50-$60 price tag. The Main Event DVD as Daniel said will likely be a magazine exclusive bonus in the UK.

      Fans these days really need to move on and if WWE is really that bad, just stop watching and get another hobby. Why watch something you detest and just sucks.

      I don’t like Basketball, but i don’t go on NBA forums and bitch about it. I just don’t watch it, simple.

      • ekkoes4life says:

        okay.. first and foremost, I like to know, if to come with a statement on this site, you need to be 100 % pro on everything that WWE is putting out? cos that is what I read, when I read what you write, David. I really hope I misunderstand though.

        Second: I love the WWF / WWE, and yes, I own every Silvervision tagged classics DVD, and everything else on DVD. I do NOT own the expensive VHS tape releases, but I checked them out, and I agree..they are cheasy and stupid…

        but.. having a bundle of money to advertise for a money in the bank ppv…come on!

        I hope, that because you do not like part..large or small..of the product, that you then are doomed to be a non-fan.. I like the WWE..but, as it seems, it gets less and less for every day.. and, I do not believe I’m the only one.. and, I do not believe it only are fans that are slowly loosing faith..

  14. Book says:

    Tbh, I wanted a DVD like this from the Start of the show. Love the show and a DVD for it is just awesome. <3

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