Big Updates on New Batista DVD, Details on WWE Network ‘Rivalries’ Show

April 30, 2014 by Daniel Bee

WWE Batista The Animal Unleashed DVD Logo

We can now confirm new details on the upcoming Batista WWE DVD and Blu-ray!

First up, there will definitely be a documentary portion as the main feature. We estimate that this will have a runtime of no more than 50 minutes. The remainder of the set will be made up of Batista matches and promos, beginning with OVW through to present day WWE.

In total the DVD will feature approximately 6 hours and 50 minutes of content, while the Blu-ray version will be 8 hours and 13 minutes long including extras.


Batista – The Animal Unleashed” hits the UK & Europe on June 23rd and will be available to pre-order on DVD/Blu-ray from in the coming weeks.

WWE Batista Return Interview 2014

We can also today reveal the following 3 matches confirmed for the release:

World Tag Team Title Match
Evolution (Batista & Ric Flair) vs. Rob Van Dam & Booker T
Raw • March 22, 2004

Bull Rope Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Batista vs. John “Bradshaw” Layfield
Smackdown! • September 9, 2005

Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio
Elimination Chamber • February 23, 2014

WWE Batista The Animal Unleashed DVD Blu-ray

Click here to pre-order yours. The new Batista DVD/Blu-ray hits stores first on June 10th, following to UK/Europe on June 23rd, and finally to Australia on July 2nd.

Get it on Amazon
Get it on Amazon

You may have heard that one of the next shows planned for the WWE Network is “Rivalries“. As WWE prepares to launch that show, below is an official synopsis which details the concept behind it and reveals a 1 hour runtime for each episode.

Rivalries is a one-hour series documenting epic rivalries between two or more Superstars. This series will dive deep into the full history of a classic clash through matches, promos and any other elements involved in the story. Different rivalries include Austin vs. McMahon, Undertaker vs. Kane, Hogan vs. Sting, and Triple H vs. Rock – to name just a few.

A new fan survey has also been issued this week which hints at some of the rivalries being considered for the series. Check out the screenshot shown below.

WWE Network Rivalries Survey

Here’s the complete list of 16 rivalries that were mentioned in the survey:

– Dusty Rhodes vs. Ric Flair
– Edge and Christian vs. Matt and Jeff Hardy
– Hulk Hogan vs Roddy Piper
– Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage
– Hulk Hogan vs. Sting
– John Cena vs. Edge
– Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero
– Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat
– Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart
– Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker
– Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H
– Steve Austin vs. The Rock
– Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon
– The Rock vs. Triple H
– The Undertaker vs. Kane
– The Undertaker vs. Mankind

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  1. Spritz1999 says:

    Well, Batista’s dvd still seems like a bust……. can’t wait to watch Rivalries though, some others I’d like to see:

    Triple H vs. Randy Orton
    Triple H vs. KANE (just for laughs!)
    Triple H vs. Stone Cold
    Triple H vs. Vince McMahon
    Triple H vs. Mick Foley/Dude Love/Mankind/Cactus Jack
    Triple H vs. Chris Jericho
    Triple H vs. Kurt Angle

    Really good rivalries honestly… good story-telling, drama, matches.

  2. Erik G. says:

    I wasn’t very interested in this but after seeing those matches, I think I might get this. There should be some good unreleased content. Batista’s return on SNME in July 2006 would be another good choice.

  3. Wonderllama says:

    I love Batista but do they really need that match vs. Alberto Del Rio? All it does is show him failing at being cheered and the crowd taunting him!

    For something recent, I’d rather have Batista’s time winning this year’s Royal Rumble. Just for the laughs!

  4. Hell NO!… I’m sick of the rivalries ideas because my #1 ULTIMATE WARRIOR never gets added.
    These surveys are stupid!
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick Rude
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Undertaker
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Papa Shango
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Andre The Giant

    There are plenty of Ultimate Warrior rivalries that never are included.
    It’s always Triple H, Taker, Hogan, and others.
    Quit being selfish and choosing your picks and choose ours!
    Our money depends on it. We are the fans.

    • LP1 says:

      A Warrior collection DVD/BR, a fantastic documentary on his life, a WrestleMania Rewind focusing on Warrior vs Hogan and a Legends roundtable discussion entirely on Warrior all happened in the last month and you’re complaining about lack of Warrior. Ok then.

    • Kenny says:

      “ULTIMATE WARRIOR never gets added”?!?! Yeah, buddy, where in the world have you been? Every single one of the things you listed has been given to us over the course of the last month. What more are you expecting?

  5. SRB says:

    Great selections for Big Dave so far!

  6. Lachlan Murdoch says:

    The Hogan vs Savage & The Rock vs Triple H feuds are the only rivalries that interest me because of the onscreen and offscreen rivalry behind it!

  7. Tommy D says:

    Daniel, when do you think you’ll be able to release the entire match listing?

  8. Scott says:

    I wonder if they’ll get to ECW eventually? Sabu/Taz. Raven/Tommy. Etc.

  9. Daniel Bee says:

    Well, WWE apparently not considering doing an ep on the Jericho/Michaels feud saddens me. 😥

    • Wonderllama says:

      They already showcased them on WrestleMania Rewind!

      • Kenny says:

        They did, but that was for their feud from 2003. I think Daniel is referring to their awesome 2008 feud that included Jericho punching Shawn’s wife in the face at SummerSlam.

  10. Mike says:

    When will rivalries debut?

    • Mark D says:

      An official air date hasn’t published yet. However they do have Monday Night War listed as the summer 2014 so maybe fall/winter (at a guess?).

  11. Vintage Simon says:

    Good selections thus far. And it’s a real novelty to finally see some 2004 TV matches make it to DVD.

    • Tommy D says:

      I agree. The lack of 2004 RAW matches is depressing and it is great to finally get at least one more.

    • Erik G. says:

      Time has moved enough for us to finally get some good 2000’s content. This, the Heyman doc, and GAB(although it is already all released) should have more. We’re already almost halfway through the 2010’s, hard to believe.

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