Big $10 WWE DVD & Blu-ray Sale At Walmart; WrestleMania 1-15 Included

March 9, 2013 by Daniel Bee

Mike, a Walmart employee, let us know that most Walmart stores will be setting up a new permanent section of WWE DVDs in their video departments this month, and to kick it off there will be a promotion including many titles for less than $10 each!

It’s officially meant to begin in stores next Monday but we hear some have already started. The DVDs included are expected to rotate every few weeks. Below is a list of current titles, which includes the new WrestleMania 1-15 releases.

Walmart WWE DVD Sale WrestleMania

$9.96 DVD Deals

Wrestlemania 1-15
Wrestlmania 23
Wrestlemania 25
WrestleMania 26
Wrestlemania 27
True Story of Wrestlemania
Smackdown 10th Anniversary
Starrcade Essential Collection
Hart & Soul Anthology
History of the World Championship
History of the WWE Championship
Saturday Night’s Main Event
John Cena Experience
New & Improved DX
Triple H King of Kings
Undertaker Dead or Alive (Double Pack)
Undertaker’s Deadliest Matches
Rise and Fall of WCW
Satan’s Prison Elimination Chamber
Shawn Michaels My Journey
Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Ladder Match

$7.88 Blu-ray Deals
WrestleMania 25
WrestleMania 26
John Cena Experience

$12.96 Blu-ray Deals
WrestleMania 28
True Story of WrestleMania
Epic Journey of The Rock
CM Punk Best in the World
OMG! Top 50 Incidents
WCW Clash of the Champions

Walmart WWE DVD Sale WrestleMania

Walmart WWE DVD Sale WrestleMania

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  1. I’m not that much of a online reader to
    be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up!

    I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back down the
    road. All the best

  2. Brian Kraemer says:

    It sucks none of the 5 Walmarts within 10 miles of MD have a wrestling display/section. Maybe 2 or 3 DVDs at most!

  3. Matt says:

    I got 12-15 and I have to say, it’s pretty cool 12-14 actually seem to be the versions from the Anthology set but 15 is a new version. 15 has the WWF logos all in tact and all references to WWF in tact. Just a little FYI.

  4. Sam says:

    Are these available in Canada, or just the US?

  5. Johnny-B.-Badd says:

    Hey guys,anybody try redeeming their WrestleMania e-copy yet on VUDU? When you go on the website to redeem, it just leaves you with a jumbled list of WrestleMania events to choose from. They are not in order, and besides the obvious 27 and 28, you cannot tell which Mania you are getting when you select it! It tells you on the next page, but by then it is too late and the code is already redeemed! I wanted WrestleMania X, so naturally I chose the tenth item, but it turns out that was WrestleMania 11, which I already have on DVD! Any help or tips? Perhaps a listing of which is which for us with multiple codes?

  6. Jeff Copeland says:

    normaly last 2 years they started the sale back in feb and went until like mid march closer to wm this year started bit later but eh this is a good sale i mean u cant really compain but I KNOW PEOPLES WILL LOL anyway yea sucks wm 15 got hacked to death with edits but ehh i mean wm 15 really not that good ex for hardcore title wwf title and european title i mean i was lucky i got it on vhs back in 03 for 8 bucks 😀 so anyway yea i mean this is a good sale if u want just certin ones not a entire anthogigy set for 30 bucks or 20 watever so again good sale i got wms 4 5 10 and cm punk bluray so yea if u can find the walmarts that got the wwe sale get as many as u can

  7. Jay says:

    Are the sales for the whole month?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      More than a month is the way I took it, but we don’t have solid details. Just heard “permanent section” and titles will rotate every few weeks. May just end up being for WM season like is usually, but I don’t know yet.

  8. KC says:

    Sorry to break up the WM discussion (thanks for all the info!), but wanted to mention that it seems that some of the box sets may not include the usual match listing booklet. I picked up Ladder Match and Satan’s Prison at Walmart — no booklet.

    Not a huge deal, but I find them handy.

  9. Jeff Copeland says:

    took me few walmarts 3 but i found the sale all of them were there i got wm 4 cause i never saw it not bad for 10 bucks might go back get few more dont know yes wm dvds are just from the antholgy set so meh who cares wm 15 sucks its edited to hell but o well gotta find those right walmarts that have them and stock up soon as u can

  10. Ryan Williams says:

    Was able to get some dvds set I didn’t have but the only blu-ray I picked up was Clash of Champions, still considering going back for History of Wrestlemania, The Streak, and the two History of Championships sets but probably not till next week

  11. Joshua York says:

    I’m at my Walmart and the $10 DVDs were supposed to be out today and that they were starting it last night so I come out here and they don’t know if they’re doing it because nobody has told them nothing. On their website it was shown that the new WrestleMania DVDs were supposed to been released today and they only have 1 new dvd and its the $5 greatest stars of the 90s. My Walmart is always messed up

  12. DeskLaser says:

    Yes, the vudu code is for a digital copy of “any” Wrestlemania, but you can only select from 1-15 or 27 or 28.

  13. kilark says:

    I wonder if the vudu code is a digi copy cred for a wrestlemania like they did last missing 3 and wouldnt want to spend $30 just for the DC when i get a disc & DC.

  14. Paul says:

    Daniel, when are you guys going to give us an official word on the editing of the new WM DVDs?

    • Ryan Williams says:

      They already did in another post, all Wrestlemania are the same accept for 15 which is unblurred but has so many other stupid edits that it’s not worth it.

  15. Joel says:

    I just went to two different Walmarts in the Md area And I DID NOT find any sale. 🙁

  16. Duane says:

    I’m waiting for more information before I purchase any of these. I bought the old WM 15 DVD last month and I’m glad I did.

  17. Paul says:

    Still no details on WM XIV???

    • kidglov3s says:

      WMXIV is the Anthology disc. The VOB files are from 2005, and the don’t-try-this-at-home features Chris Benoit. What I believe, having only seen XV and XIV, is that 1-XIV are all straight ports of the Anthology discs and XV was updated because it’s a scratch logo show.

      • David says:

        *sigh* was hoping for an unedited WM XIV. I have the original VHS but its in pretty bad shape from wear and tear since it was taped in EP mode. Also have the Anthology version. Was hoping to avoid the Tagged Classics version, but hopefully WWE will have the WM Blu-ray boxset next year.

        I’m glad i have the original WM XV DVD from 1999, looks like they really edited the re-release.

        • LP1 says:

          At this point I don’t even know if a blu-ray box set will be even worth it if they’re gonna do things like edit out guys choking eachother and cutting out full segments like the post-match angle with Taker and Bossman. They’re still gonna be edited. Theme music is one thing. I can deal with those being edited, to an extent anyway, but unnecessary editing just ruins the whole thing.

      • Paul says:

        XIV actually was a scratch logo show. The scratch logo was in the bottom left corner (as seen in the image here ) and the photographers at ringside were wearing scratch logo t-shirts…

        • kidglov3s says:

          The scratch logo was there but it was a show in transition to it. It didn’t feature it to the complete extent that it would be in subsequent shows.

  18. kidglov3s says:

    I just wrote up this comparison of WMXV 2005 (Anthology) vs WMXV 2013,

    Total running time for 2005 XV: 2:46:23
    Total running time for 2013 XV: 2:39:03

    Edits as I find them (time based on more complete Anthology timecode):
    16:16: 2013 restores a 5 second shot of Holly walking away with the belt cut from the Anthology version.

    49:16: 2013 restores a half second shot of an audience member giving the finger.

    50:29: 2013 restores a half second of dead frame as Road Dogg ducks before a cut to the crowd.

    1:25:07: 2013 cuts a 10 second shot of Big Pun in the crowd.

    1:27:01-1:27:06: Alternate footage. The lead in on both cuts is Tori walking to the ring. 2005 cuts to 5 seconds of video package from Raw, 2013 cuts to Tori attempting to slide into the ring and being kneed by Sable. At 1:27:06 2005 and 2013 are in sync again, with 2005 not showing Sable kneeing Tori at all.

    1:30:57-1:31:06: Alternate angles. 2013 shows this attempt at a Sable Bomb in a single close profile shot. 2005 cuts to a wider shot and then to a reverse shot.

    1:33:04: 2013 restores an extra 1 second of Lawler before the X-Pac/Shane match graphic, and the graphic runs about 5 seconds longer as well. It’s interesting because in 2005 it flashes to the DX promo, while in 2013 in dissolves to the promo, so in 2005 you can like see everyone with their eyes down, which you don’t notice in 2013 because of the dissolve. By the time the dissolve finishes everyone’s eyes are up.

    1:48:18-1:50:50: 2013 removes the Undertaker video package in its entirety, though it does tack on a 3 second shot of the M&M blimp in its place.

    1:58:44-1:59:02: 2013 removes Boss Man choking Undertaker, replacing 18 seconds of violence with 3 seconds of Paul Bearer B roll.

    2:04:20-2:07:56: 2013 completely removes the hanging of Boss Man, cutting right to the Rage Party.

    2:07:59: 2013 is reversed here for some reason, and notice whatever kinda ghosting or overlay is goingon with the WWF logo.

    2:08:07: 2013 cuts 30 seconds of the Rage party vignette here.

    2:08:52: 2013 cuts a 4 second shot from the Rage party.

    2:25:53: 2013 cuts Austin choking Rock, replacing it with a three second crowd shot.

    2:45:34: 2013 completely cuts Undertaker/Boss Man from music video, and oddly also the Shawn/Vince stuff afterward, picking up with the shot of The Rock’s entrance.

    • LP1 says:

      They edited out any spots with choking? So its like the Saturday Morning Slam show. All 15 of them must be like that then. Wow. What a waste. If nothing else these would make great coasters.

  19. riggs says:

    Picked up Wrestlemania XV at Walmart, Here are the details:

    – No edits/blurring on the scratch logo or the wwF being stated (The Fink says WWF as soon as the first match starts for the Hardcore Championship and again when Holly becomes the new champion).

    – The disc is ONE sided with a 2 hour 39 minute runtime. There is NO artwork on the disc, it simply states Wrestlemania XV on the inside ring of the disc (Same as the Anthology discs).

    – The Bossman hanging is still removed from this release. After the match ends, Taker keeps looking up at the Cell, but it segues into the, “Wrestlemania Rage Party” at the 2:01:39 mark.

    – The menu and menu music are exactly the same as the Anthology release.

    – The spine art has an error – The picture should be the Rock Bottom from the cover, instead it’s the suplex from Hart to HBK as seen on the WM XII cover and spine.

    I’d provide pictures, but the contact link doesn’t give you the option to do so, and I’ll be honest, it’s too much work to upload them to a host site (4AM here) and link them. Hope this helps.

    • LP1 says:

      The spine art of Mania 15 has a picture of Bret vs Shawn from a completely different Mania. How do these people keep their jobs? Thanks for the review.

  20. Ronaldo says:

    Going to get cash on sunday going to buy wrestle mania 9 and 8

  21. Oz says:

    Are the dvd’s 2 sided flip discs or do they actually have disc artwork?

  22. ry says:

    My walmart had the display but not the dvds yet only WM 15 & on the spine it had a picture from WM 12 do they all have this?

    • riggs says:

      All of them at my Walmart had the wrong artwork also (4 copies there). I actually left a comment right above with the full details on the dvd.

  23. Jeff Copeland says:

    kick asss if i had money i get wms 4 5 6 10 and 11

  24. Patrick R says:

    So if I understand you guys correctly, the WrestleManias 1-15 don’t have any blurs. However some of the original entrance music has been replaced much like the Anthology sets? When will the WWE finally release unmolested WrestleManias?

  25. These are the sales where I buy alot of things at once!

  26. Callum says:

    Picked up cm punk best in the world blue ray for 3 pounds at grainger games this week bargain

  27. Phil says:

    Just picked up Manias 4,5,6,8. No edits. No blurs. Beautiful. Picked up some others too.

  28. justin says:

    I see the Wrestlemania 28 Blu-Ray in the first pic but do not see it listed. Is it part of the sale?

  29. robby gregg says:

    mania 27 is in the 7.88 bin at my walmart looks like trip to walmart is in store for me

  30. sodapop says:

    is wal mart canada going to do the same thing ?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Have no info on that. Did they in the past?

      • Jammer says:

        We just had a bunch of $5 dvd sets in the Canada Walmarts. I just picked up King Of The Ring 3 disc set for $5, and there was a bunch of ppvs, Superstars and 3 disc sets. But it happens like once a year for us Canadians. This is probably just for the USA. It would be nice if Canada got a WWE dvd section, but I doubt we will.

        • tim says:

          i agree i live in edmonton and all we had was 3- 2012 dvds 1 – 2011 bryan ryder orton and shamus in the 5 dollar bin

  31. If the footage is intact, we need those Mania’ re-releases over here.

  32. MadMike says:

    My questions is are the Wrestlemania release have the WWF edits blur on the logo? I have the Anthology set but I would purchase the Wrestlemanias wit the blurs…is it WM 15-18?

  33. Simon says:

    Wowww!! Only in the US I will have to guess???

  34. Paul says:

    We need to know specifics on the WrestleMania I-XV. Edits? Blurs?

  35. Duane says:

    Looks like I’ll be making some Wal-Mart trips next week.

  36. David says:

    Does anyone know if these are double sided? The only way I’d rebuy them is if they were single sided. I’m too lazy to flip the disc.

  37. Tony Kegger says:

    Wow…$13 for CM Punk blu-ray. Too bad it was a day one purchase for me.

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