Big WWE DVD Sale This Weekend at WWEShop – Including Blu-Ray for $0.99!!

January 19, 2013 by Daniel Bee have a big WWE DVD sale going on right now for the weekend and there’s unmissable deals to be had!


Click here to go to the WWE DVD & Blu-ray sale.

The FULL list of titles included follows below – almost every price on here is worth a look – and there’s even a WWE Blu-ray for just $0.99!

MORE SAVINGS: Use promo code “DVDWWE5” at checkout for $5 off orders of $30+


$0.99 Deals
Knucklehead (Blu-ray)

$4.99 Deals
No Way Out 2009
Over the Limit 2011

$5.99 Deals
Rise and Fall of ECW
Superstar Collection: Kofi Kingston
Superstar Collection: Shawn Michaels
Superstar Collection: Rey Mysterio
Superstar Collection: Sheamus
Superstar Collection: John Cena
Superstar Collection: Zack Ryder
Superstar Collection: Daniel Bryan
Greatest Superstars of the 90s
ECW Blood Sport
Starrcade: The Essential Collection
Best of Raw 2009
Andre the Giant
Best of Raw 2010
Best of Raw 15th Anniversary
Hell in a Cell Anthology
Hardy Boys: Twist of Fate
Legends of Wrestling Boxset
Randy Savage Collection
Click to get them at

$6.99 Deals
The Bash 2009
Survivor Series 2009
SummerSlam 2009
Backlash 2009
Triumph & Tragedy of World Class
Life and Times of Mr. Perfect
Judgment Day 2009
Hulk Hogan Unreleased
Extreme Rules 2009
TLC 2009

$7.99 Deals
Royal Rumble 2011 (DVD & Blu-ray Combo)
Best of Smackdown 2010
DX: One Last Stand
Blood Bath Steel Cage Matches
Saturday Night’s Main Event
SummerSlam 2010
The Rock Most Electrifying Man
Night of Champions 2010
Ricky Steamboat Life Story of a Dragon
Royal Rumble 2010
Extreme Rules 2011
The John Cena Experience
Shawn Michaels My Journey
Fatal Four Way 2010
Extreme Rules 2010
John Morrison Rock Star
TLC 2010
Randy Orton Evolution of a Predator
Bragging Rights 2010
Hell in a Cell 2010
WrestleMania 27 (2-Disc)
Born to Controversy
Cause Stone Cold Said So
Mick Foley Hits & Misses
Best of Smackdown 10th Anniversary
The Ladder Match
Monday Night War
Most Powerful Families
Edge Decade of Decadence
Greatest Stars of the 80s
Elimination Chamber 2010
Money in the Bank 2010
Stone Cold Truth
Twisted Disturbed Life of Kane
Survivor Series 2010
Click to get them at

$8.99 Deals
Best of Raw 2010

$9.99 Deals
Extreme Rules 2011 (Blu-ray)
Over the Limit 2011 (Blu-ray)
Elimination Chamber 2011 (DVD & Blu-ray Combo)
Best of Raw & Smackdown 2011 (Blu-ray)
Shawn vs. Bret
Wrestling’s Highest Flyers
Elimination Chamber 2011
True Story of WrestleMania
Big Show Giant’s World
WCW Clash of the Champions
WrestleMania 25
Night of Champions 2011
Superstars of the 21st Century
Hart & Soul Family Anthology
WrestleMania 27
WrestleMania 26 (2-Disc)
WrestleMania 23
SummerSlam 2011
Capitol Punishment 2011
Bret Hart Best There Is
Epic Journey of The Rock
Armageddon 2008
Allied Powers Tag Teams
Hell in a Cell 2011
Jeff Hardy My Life My Rules
History of the World Title
Night of Champions 2009
Bragging Rights 2009
Backlash 2008
Money in the Bank 2011
Survivor Series 2011
Vengeance 2011
Shawn Michaels Heartbreak & Triumph
Royal Rumble 2011
Tombstone History of Undertaker
History of WWE Championship
Greatest Wrestling Managers
WrestleMania 28
Best of Raw & Smackdown 2011
OMG! Top 50 Incidents
Ladder Match 2
Batista I Walk Alone
Royal Rumble 2009
Breaking Point 2009
Stone Cold The Bottom Line
Best of the King of the Ring
Brian Pillman Loose Cannon
Ric Flair & Four Horsemen
TLC 2011
Hell in a Cell 2009
Click to get them at

$10.99 Deals
Triple H King of Kings

$11.99 Deals
Royal Rumble 2012
SummerSlam 2012
No Way Out 2012
Chris Jericho Breaking The Code
Best PPV Matches 09-10
Bobby Heenan
Elimination Chamber 2012
Over the Limit 2012
Rock vs Cena Once in a Lifetime
Best of WCW Nitro
Elimination Chamber Anthology
Night of Champions 2012
Undertaker Deadliest Matches
Top 50 Superstars of All Time
Falls Count Anywhere
Road Warriors
50 Greatest Finishing Moves
Survivor Series 2012
Raw The Beginning
Greatest Cage Matches
Rey Mysterio Life of a Masked Man
Undertaker The Streak
ECW Unreleased Vol. 1
The Story of Edge
Eddie Guerrero Viva La Raza
Click to get them at

$12.99 Deals
WrestleMania 27 (Blu-ray)
Randy Orton Evolution of a Predator (Blu-ray)
WrestleMania 28 (Blu-ray)
DX One Last Stand (Blu-ray)
WrestleMania 26

$14.99 Deals
OMG! Top 50 Incidents (Blu-ray)
WrestleMania 24 (Blu-ray)
Best of King of the Ring (Blu-ray)
True Story of WrestleMania (Blu-ray)
Superstars of 21st Century (Blu-ray)
Ladder Match 2 (Blu-ray)
Royal Rumble 2012 (Blu-ray)
Stone Cold The Bottom Line (Blu-ray)
Epic Journey of The Rock (Blu-ray)
Rock vs. Cena Once in a Lifetime (Blu-ray)
Extreme Rules 2012
Brock Lesnar Here Comes The Pain
Legacy of Stone Cold
CM Punk Best in the World
WrestleMania 24
Money in the Bank 2012
Best PPV Matches 2011
Click to get them at

$15.99 Deals
TLC 2012

$16.99 Deals
Falls Count Anywhere (Blu-ray)
Survivor Series 2012 (Blu-ray)
SummerSlam 2012 (Blu-ray)
The Story of Edge (Blu-ray)
ECW Unreleased Vol. 1 (Blu-ray)
Undertaker The Streak (Blu-ray)
50 Greatest Finishing Moves
Hell in a Cell 2012

$17.99 Deals
Rise an Fall of WCW

$19.99 Deals
Best PPV Matches 2011 (Blu-ray)
CM Punk Best in the World (Blu-ray)
Brock Lesnar Here Comes The Pain (Blu-ray)
Shawn vs Bret (Blu-ray)
WCW Clash of the Champions (Blu-ray)
Click to get them at

$29.99 Deals
WrestleMania Anthology Vol. 1, 2, 3
Royal Rumble Anthology Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4
Survivor Series Anthology Vol. 1, 2
SummerSlam Anthology Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4

The sale will run for a limited time only! Head over to WWEShop now.

Don’t forget code “DVDWWE5” at checkout gets you $5 off orders of $30+

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  1. ALK says:

    Wish they’d stop wasting money making those films hardly anyone wants to see.

  2. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I just bought the WrestleMania 24 Blu-ray at They are selling it for $19.99, while dummies on amazon are still trying to sell theirs for over $100, lol. I guess it was originally taken off shelves because of copyright issues, but it seems to be resolved now. In case anyone wanted the WM24 Blu-ray, its available again real cheap.

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      Great… I just saw they dropped the price to $14.99. If only I waited a couple of more days.

      • David says:

        Also from what i read Royal Rumble 2010 2-Disc Blu-ray with RAW and SD has been out of print for about a year, you should also pick that up if haven’t done so.

        Surprised WM24 held its value for so long. In Canada it still retails for $50, and i haven’t seen it stores in ages, same with WM25.

        • Vincenzzzzzo says:

          Royal Rumble 2010 2-disc is the last Blu-ray I need. There seems to be plenty available, so I should have it soon enough.

  3. wrestlingfan says:

    The superstar collection dvd prices are not a sale they are regular price…

  4. nightmare says:

    Kind of funny the only one that is 99 cents is Big show flop of a movie Knucklehead you can even give that movie away let alone sell it for 99 cents

    • Tony Kegger says:

      Knucklehead is not a bad movie, but it’s value has dropped so much because Showtime is showing it for free. I finished watching it yesterday. They are also showing Legendary for free.