First Black Friday DVD Offers, More on The History of WWE, Latest $5 Deal

November 8, 2013 by Daniel Bee

The Black Friday deals are starting early at! Today only they are offering you a “sneak peek” into upcoming promotions with a new mini-sale.

WWEShop Black Friday Preview

Several different lines of merchandise are on sale at this link. The WWE DVDs are The 50 Greatest Finishing Moves, Stone Cold: The Bottom Line, and Bret Hart: Best There Is which are all priced at $5.99 each! The Sheamus “Superstar Collection” DVD is priced at $4.99.

Free shipping also kicks in when your order reaches $100 or more in value.

WWEShop Black Friday Preview

WWE issued the below press release yesterday hyping up the releases of their “History of WWE” and “Raw 20th Anniversary Collection” DVD sets, both of which will be released in time for Christmas. Two takeaways are that it refers to the History documentary as containing over 45 interviews with wrestling personalities, and that for the Raw box set only a DVD version is mentioned, which further confirms the cancellation of the Blu-ray edition.

The press release refers to three episodes of Raw that didn’t actually make it to the final content of 20th Anniversary set. The first ever Raw, the “original DX invasion”, and the 2010 episode featuring Bret Hart’s return were most likely intended to be Blu-ray exclusives.

WWE(R) Releases History of WWE and RAW(R) 20th Anniversary Collections on DVD and Blu-ray

STAMFORD, Conn., Nov 07, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) — WWE today announced two new home entertainment titles for release, The History of WWE: 50 Years of Sports Entertainment, a three-disc DVD and double Blu-ray set, and Raw 20th Anniversary Collection: The 20 Greatest Episodes Uncut & Unedited, a 12 disc DVD set. Each commemorative compilation set will be available at and through major retailers on Tuesday, November, 19, 2013 and Tuesday, December 3, 2013, respectively.

The History of WWE chronicles the evolution of WWE from a small, regional promotion into the global phenomenon it is today. The DVD includes more than 45 interviews with WWE Superstars past and present, including The Rock(R), “Stone Cold” Steve Austin(R), Triple H(R), John Cena(R), Undertaker(R), Big Show(R), Shawn Michaels(R), Bruno Sammartino, Mick Foley and many more. This exclusive collection gives fans an inside look at each era of WWE as well as the launch of WrestleMania(R) and Monday Night Raw(R).

A must-own for any WWE fan, the Raw 20th Anniversary celebrates the longest-running, weekly episodic television program in history. The collector’s set features 20 years of Monday Night Raw’s greatest moments including the first telecast, the original DX(R) invasion, the 15th Anniversary special and Bret Hart’s return in 2010.

The History of WWE: 50 Years of Sports Entertainment is the next incoming release to the United States. The DVD and Blu-ray hit stores on November 19th [pre-order yours].

This ad is found in the December issue of WWE Magazine. It reveals an FYE exclusive version of the set which includes a History of WWE poster! Thanks to Cesar Albino.

The History of WWE DVD & Blu-Ray

Recently the cover artwork for the UK and Europe’s Hell in a Cell 2013 DVD/Blu-ray was shown here on the site. Below is the same now for the US version. This hits stores one week after The History of WWE. Get it for $12.98 here on

WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 DVD Cover

Ryan Kay let us know that the Survivor Series 2012 DVD has been spotted in the $5 bin at Walmart stores. We’ve now heard of 15 different WWE DVD titles found on sale for only $5 in-store, all of which are listed together below.

– No Way Out 2012, Hell in a Cell 2012, Night of Champions 2012, Over the Limit 2012, SummerSlam 2012, Money in the Bank 2012, Survivor Series 2012.

– Royal Rumble 2011, Capitol Punishment 2011.

– Greatest Superstars of WrestleMania, Greatest Stars of the 90s, “Double Feature” Attitude Era/Triple H: King of Kings (YMMV).

– The Rock Most Electrifying Man, Superstar Collection: Daniel Bryan, WrestleMania 13 (re-release)

Walmart $5 DVD Bin

LOTS of rare WWF DVDs are up for grabs on eBay today!

Rare WWF DVDs Collection

1) This lot of WWF DVDs is the complete 2001 PPV collection and contains rarities like WrestleMania X-Seven and Survivor Series 2001!

2) This lot of 4 WrestleMania DVDs has the out-of-print WM16 and WM18 DVDs.

3) This lot of 7 WWF DVDs contains both WrestleMania 15 and WrestleMania 16!

Rare WWF DVDs Collection

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Shawn Phelan says:

    Disagree all you want, but experts like wade keller and Dave Meltzer have wrote about this extensively.

    • LP1 says:

      You pretty much hit all the points on the head. But understand that some people are just incapable of using logic and when you bring up valid points that discount what they believe then all they can bring out is the tired and clichéd responses like “Quit complaining and just enjoy it” or “If you don’t like it then stop watching it” or “There go the smart marks again” or (and this is my favorite)”Don’t take it so seriously. It’s just a show”. That last one usually comes from the same people that complain about DVD covers and match listings which is ironic and hilarious when you think about it.

      • LP1 says:

        Also bringing up Keller and Meltzer won’t mean much to most people here. They probably think those are two guys “sitting in their parents basement with no girlfriends” who only bitch and complain about wrestling. Not realizing that Meltzer in particular has been writing about professional wrestling as far back as the early 1970s!

        • Simon says:

          Actually, sitting in his parents’ basement with no girlfriend would probably be a step up for Keller.

          • LP1 says:

            I’ll be honest, I haven’t read the Torch in over a decade. I only read the Observer and PWInsider. Those are the only ones I find respectable.

  2. Shawn Phelan says:

    Also, vincenzo,.where do you saying bryans win at noc showed wwes faith in him? He won because of a fast count and.the decision was overturned night. They even.gave refunds for the ppv. If you have been watching since bryan was given the summerslam title shot and.don’t think they tried to make him an afterthought then you don’t.know jack about wrestling. Yes he beat john cena but would he have if cena werent leaving for surgery? No, and he lost the belt moments later anyways. They only had him win because having orton cash in on cena would have been pointless cuz cena was leaving. Bryan got so.over with the fans this year that WWE had to give him a main event run but it was clear from the beginning that they never thought he had the look and size to be the guy. They booked him to look like a guy who got lucky with a fluke win.over cena and then put the blame on him for low ppv buys when the real blame should go to them for booking four consecutive ppvs without a clean finish. Triple h thinks people would rather see him and big show because they are big and size not some “b plus” little Indy guy like bryan.

  3. Shawn Phelan says:

    And as far as the cover showing how WWE feelsabout bryan….when they put the ref and a guy who wasnt even.inside the cell on the.cover.and.not someone who actually wrestled in.the match….it says a lot. If it was orton vs cena you bet your ass cena would be on the.cover..they didn’t leave bryan off by accident.

  4. Shawn Phelan says:

    I stand corrected on the spoiler issue, forgot thettitle was vacant coming in. My remark about bryan being made an afterthought isnt just about the cover,.its about the way he’s been presented on tv since summerslam,.has the story.not.become.more about triple h ans big show than about bryan.or even orton??? To vincenzos comment about having patience, you do realizethat bryan has been taken out of the WWE title.picture, right? Which means all lf the physical ans verbal beatdowns he got for two months led to no.payoff. WWE set him up tp failso they could tell us that they tried to make him a top guy but it.just didn’t work. If you don’t.agree must.nkt have watched WWE the last few months. What other guy has been repeatedly referred to as not main event material on the air like bryan? Even the way he got his summweslam title shot made him seem like someone that won a popularity contest,.not a legit number one contender.

  5. LP1 says:

    @Shawn, not sure how you can say the HIAC cover isn’t a spoiler. You do see the big picture of Orton wearing the belt, don’t you?

    @David, I’m not going to argue about whether or not Punk and Bryan are overrated. I’ll just say you’re wrong. But you contradict yourself in your very own argument. You say Cena and Brock afe proven draws, yet SummerSlam(with them in both main events) did a low buyrate. It takes two to tango in a match. If you’re gonna blame Punk & Bryan(which I don’t) then you also have to blame their opponents.

    The truth about Bryan is he was booked terribly all summer and right up until Hell In A Cell. It started with him being given a Title shot without earning it(Cena granted him the shot instead of him earning it in a match). Then all the way up until SummerSlam all we heard is how he doesn’t deserve the shot because he’s too small, looks like a troll, B+ player, blah blah blah. Then when they added HHH as the ref at the last minute you just knew there was going to be a screwjob. So all of that(amongst other factors) plays into the SummerSlam buyrate being low. I’m not even going to get into how they booked Bryan over the next 3 ppv’s after SummerSlam. Just terrible. They booked their own self-fulfilling prophecy. “The guy isn’t good enough to be a top guy and we’re gonna prove it to you.”

  6. Shane says:

    @David, you think Daniel Bryan is overrated? That’s quite hilarious considering you have a CM Punk avatar. Daniel Bryan is the best WRESTLER that the WWE had seen since Benoit. Daniel Bryan, is popular because he’s great.. He didn’t need a ‘Pipebomb’ to get over.. And I’m a CM Punk fan. But seriously though. It’s quite hypocritical of you to say such a thing. Considering who’s in your avatar.

  7. Brian Kraemer says:

    how isn’t it a spoiler when Orton is wearing the wwe title?

  8. Shawn Phelan says:

    At least therr wont be anyone whining about spoilers on the hiac cover. Looks very good except for the obvious omission of Bryan. Not a shock though, considering the way WWE htried to make him an afterthought in the storyline.

    • David says:

      So just because Bryan is not on the cover means WWE don’t like him? Maybe Bryan is just not cut out to be a main eventer. Summerslam was headlined by two indy darlings (Punk/Lesnar and Bryan/Cena)…the buyrates tanked and guess what, blame will be on Punk and Bryan…Cena and Lesnar are proven draws.

      I believe Bryan is one of the most overrated wrestlers in WWE today…the guy is nothing more than a catchphrase. Whats getting him over is his stupid YES chant.

      • Daniel Bee says:

        Did you just turn heel? 😉 Gotta say I really like Bryan and I think he, Punk and Heyman have been the best things about WWE TV for quite some time. I can’t say what draws the crowds, ratings and PPV buys but I can say what I personally enjoy. It’s more than the “YES!” chant though, that simply enhances D-Bry.

      • Tony Kegger says:

        I became a Daniel Bryan fan in 2010…long before the Yes chant. He’s been consistently the best worker on the entire roster. The wrestling observer has named him the best technical wrestler 8 years in a row and he could easily win that award for another 8 years.

    • Vincenzzzzzo says:

      @Shawn, how is WWE trying to make Daniel Bryan an afterthought in any storyline? I’m so tired of people not having patience with anything in wrestling anymore. The only thing that ruins pro wrestling for me these days aren’t the product itself. It’s the online fans that ruin the fun of wrestling for me now.

      I’ve tried not reading the comment section on the dirt sheets lately, and I’ve enjoyed wrestling a lot more recently because of it. If WWE didn’t have faith in Daniel Bryan they would NOT have had him defeat the companies biggest star in John Cena @ SummerSlam. They would NOT have had him defeat Randy Orton @ Night of Champions. Because he’s not on the cover of a DVD? Give me a break.

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