10 Rare WWE DVDs Every Collector Should Have

July 6, 2010 by Danny Gowen

As a collector and seller of WWE DVDs I have noticed over a period of time that some of these are a real challenge to find, and when you do find them they usually demand big bucks.

I have put together a list of 10 WWE DVDs proven to be the rarest to find. These are DVDs that have that rarity factor that make collectors want to keep them and sellers wanting top dollar to part with them. When these show up on sites like eBay, they usually don’t last long. Some of them people don’t even know about, some of them people see the high dollar price tag and wonder, why is this DVD so expensive?

Let’s go to the list and consider why each one is so collectable. Keep in mind that this list is in no particular order, but any way you look at them, they are rare and can be a challenge to find!

1. WWE RAW Homecoming

This DVD was sold at Wal-Mart in a exclusive double pack with WrestleMania 20. This DVD had a very short shelf life cause it was pulled after the Chris Benoit tragedy, since he was on the DVD. This DVD demands a value between $80-$150 used or still factory sealed.

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2. WWE Judgment Day 2002

This was the first official “WWE” release on DVD after the name change. It was only available on WWEShop.com for a limited time, so if you did not order it from WWE then you did not get it. The version I speak of is the USA release with a DVD release number on the spine of the case that is WWE59316. There is another release going around that’s from Canada; you can tell them apart ’cause the Canadian release has “KOCH” on the case and disc. The USA release usually demands $80-$175 depending on the condition. I have personally seen this DVD sell for $500 still sealed!

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3. Best Of The WWF 2001 Viewers Choice

This DVD was only released in Canada and is highly sought after in the USA. This DVD highlights the 10 best matches of 2001 and some great moments of 2001 as well. This was on TV at the end of 2001 as a new year’s special on RAW. This DVD usually demands $75-$125.

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4. Trish Stratus: 100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed (FYE Collector’s Edition)

Now this DVD is very tricky to find. It was released as an exclusive to FYE and came with a Trish bobblehead. This is one of those collectables that you read about or see pictures of it online but you can hardly ever find it for sale. If you are lucky enough to come across this beauty expect to pay between $100-$200, if you’re lucky that is!

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5. WWE Vengeance 2002

This is another DVD that was only available on WWEShop.com, so if you didn’t get it there then you didn’t get it at all. This was for sale for a very limited time and then it was pulled. This is also the last PPV we would see The Rock win the WWE Championship, as he lost it to Brock Lesnar just 1 month later at SummerSlam. This DVD demands $65-$110, and if you can find it still sealed it gets as high as $300!

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6. NWO: Back In Black

A popular DVD, in some circles. If you are a die hard WCW/NWO fan this DVD might not do it for you; the reviews people give it are usually not that great because it skips over a lot of there WCW days. Me personally though, it’s one of my favorites – the extra matches on here are why. It has a great tag match from RAW with The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Hogan, Hall, and Nash. This DVD is one of the deleted ones as it has WWE logos on the cover and the disc, yet all the content is WWF. This DVD has been known to demand $60-$85, and if you can find it sealed expect it to be $150 or higher.

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7. Undertaker: The Phenom

This DVD was released in 2002 as part of the WWF Attitude Collection. The titles in the collection were previously only available on VHS. Recently certain titles from the Attitude Collection have started demanding more and more money. Out of the 12 DVDs in the series, the Undertaker DVD seems to be the hardest to find. Other demanding titles from the collection are TLC, Best of WrestleMania 1-14, Best of Survivor Series 87-97, In Your House: Rock Bottom 1998, In Your House: Unforgiven 1998, and Austin vs. McMahon. While those DVDs demand $25-$45, the Undertaker DVD demands $65-$105 if you can find one.

8. WWF WrestleMania 17

Some people consider this to be the best WrestleMania ever. With all the great matches and the shocking end to the main event, it’s hard to argue that it’s not. The DVD had a very short shelf life cause of the high demand, and to this day its still on the top of collectors want list. This DVD usually demands $65-$100 depending on condition.

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9. The Best Of RAW 15th Anniversary (4 Disc Wal-Mart Exclusive)

This is a DVD that is just starting to come around as being hard to find. It was released with a bonus 4th disc that contains the entire first episode of RAW. The 4th disc version was exclusive to Wal-Mart for a very short period of time. It demands $30-$45 now, but as time goes on it may well demand more cause you hardly see it for sale. There is a sealed copy on eBay (at the time of this blog) selling for $75.

10. The Self Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior (FYE 2 Disc Collector’s Edition)

This was available at FYE and had a very short shelf life. As with any store exclusive, like FYE, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or K-Mart, you want to grab these as soon as you see them cause chances are they wont be coming around a second time. This DVD demands $35-$55 and still factory sealed $75-$95.

I hope you enjoyed this list of the rarest WWE DVDs. If you already have them in your collection, I suggest that you hold on to them ’cause if you let them go they’re gonna be tricky to find. If you don’t have them, then it’s gonna be a bit of a hunt with the need for cold hard cash to acquire them for your collection. Happy hunting!

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  1. Laurie Paiva says:

    Where do I go to sell wrestling DVDs?

  2. teresa madden says:

    is royal rumble 2002 or king of the ring 2002 on dvd rare

    • phil says:

      Rare. Not really. You can get KOTR for under $10. RR has gotten to be a bit more valuable as of late but it can be had as low as $10.

  3. gilles de mesmaecker says:

    hello,im from belgium and i have a 100 dvds to sell,from the 90’s to 2013 and there are dvd from this list and i have some ecw from the 90’s to.
    for contact add me on facebook mij name is Gilles De Mesmaecker

  4. Simon says:

    Got my WM X-Seven for 20$, Got Judgment Day and Vengeance 2002 for about 40-50$ for both, got a lot of these WWF UK version like Raw Homecoming, Attitude Collection whole set, Best of WWF 2001 really really cheap.. But I restarded my collection to get them in Region 1 since I’m from Canada, looking for cheap sale (Don’t way to spend like a 1000$ for 10 dvd’s)

  5. Regal Is Underrated says:

    Were any of these released in aus apart from judgment day 2002 and vengeance 2002? It seems I can’t find any wwf dvds in ebay au. I have Judgment day 2002, it was widely released in australia.

  6. TJ says:

    I just bought the WWF Attitude Collection Undertaker DVD for $2 USD at my local pawn shop. Awesome.

  7. Jack Mosley says:

    I just picked up Wrestlemania 17 for $5.50 AUD Including postage, very happy!

  8. Spritz1999 says:

    I can’t wait to get all of these… I just bought Ultimate Warrior 2-Disc off of Ebay for $20.00! 🙂

  9. Scott says:

    And I have them all!…. ::thinks:: What have I done with my life! ::sobs uncontrollably::

    All kidding aside, I guess we can eliminate the Warrior DVD from the list since its being sold again. Replace it (In my opinion) with the Circuit City Roddy Piper set with the bonus disc.

  10. ryc says:

    I have the raw 4 disc if anyone wants to buy it

  11. Anonymous says:

    lol just got a undertaket the phenom attitude collection edition for 3 pounds in the uk aprrox 5 dollars

  12. Zahid says:

    The Best of RAW 15th 4 Disc DVD set was available in the UK too. I bought my copy from HMV for £6…honestly! Even I couldn’t believe it, I had to ask twice at the checkout desk to make sure it was £6!

  13. mason says:

    i bought wm 17 on some website not a big one like amazon or ebay for 21 bucks

  14. Steve says:

    Most of these DVD’s can be found quite easily and cheap by comparison here in the UK.

    Judgement Day 2002 can be bought new and sealed for $22 from Silver Vison (the official supplier of WWE DVD’s here in the UK)

  15. Kevin says:

    i just went to F.Y.E today and bought the Trish Stratus FYE edition DVD used for $10, i was marking out when i found it!

  16. Brian says:

    I would say that the rarest, overall, are Trish Stratus FYE edition, Raw Homecoming, and Judgment Day 2002. I’ve only had the Stratus one time in my 8+ years of collecting wresting dvds. I pulled $40 for a Koch Judgment Day, which really surprised me. I come across other ones (except the 4-disc Best of Raw) here and there. Vengeance 2002 is not very rare at all, I see that one all the time. It would be fair to say that many of these prices are really inflated fwiw.

  17. Anonymous says:

    i found undertaker the phenom for £10 or £13

  18. Grant says:

    How much could I sell my brand new trish stratus special collectors edition for

  19. denise says:

    Nice site that’s has some good prices.

  20. wwe wallpaper says:

    this one nice site and have nice pic and article………

  21. Dave Strohmenger says:

    I have Judgment Day, Vengeance, The Phenom, WM 17 and Ultimate Warrior. I remember seeing the Trish DVD, but at the time, I thought the only difference was the bobblehead. I wish I had picked it up back then.

  22. Scott says:

    I just picked up 2 copies of Judgment Day 02 for a grand total of $137.99. One is the US version, the other is the KOCH version. I’m tempted to sell the KOCH version, but I’m afraid no one would want it since its not the “real deal” so to speak.

  23. Danny Gowen says:

    well as i wrote, the list is in no order. as for leaving tna dvds off, why would i put them on a list of WWE dvds? the site is called WWEDVDNEWS.COM, not TNADVDNEWS.COM! and while SOME of the dvds are available to buy on ebay and other sites, they are usually not cheap which is also what i talked about, high dollar dvds. maybe you should try to read the post again to get a better understanding about what im saying before you TRY to leave a smart comment!

  24. Terra Rzying says:

    I personally own all of these dvds, including the Trish Collector’s Edition, which in my honest opinion, should be #1 on the list, considering less than 5 have popped up on auction sites over the past 3+ years. Homecoming, JD2002, Best of 01, etc, while rare and deserving to be a top the list, are all usually readily available, it’s just a matter of forking over the cash to own them. Smart move leaving TNA dvds off the list-after years of being out of print and fetching hundreds of dollars as recently as a few months ago, TNA re-released THe Best of America’s Most Wanted for $15.99. Now The Best of 3LK is the rarest TNA dvd, that is, until they re-release it. AND THERE IS NO BEST OF AMAZING RED dvd released by TNA. Don’t believe the hype!

  25. WWE Fan says:

    Damn it I need the Trish DVD and Judgment Day 2002

  26. Danny Gowen says:

    it was probably the regular trish dvd, the collectors edition was exclusive to FYE.

  27. Brett Mix says:

    The Trish DVD I Saw for 5 dollars in a bargain bin at Wal Mart last week. I am not kidding.

    But they are definitely right about Judgment Day 2002

  28. Danny Gowen says:

    to answer marks question, the pipper 4 disc set is pretty rare also. there are currently 2 of them that are new on ebay for only $27. there is also a hulk hogan ultimate anthology 4 disc set out there also that not to many people know about. the hogan 4 disc set can be picked up for $10-$35. while both are rare and some what scarce, there is not a lot of people tracking them down at the moment and the demand for them is not there yet. but that can all change as soon as more people find out about them and the collectors that love the store exclusives have to get them. my addvise, if you have either of them i would hold on to them.

  29. Mark says:

    What about the 4 disc Rowdy Roddy Piper: Born to Controversy set (a Circus City exclusive)?

  30. CD says:

    I have the NWO Back in Black and the four disc RAW Walmart DVDs, the NWO one, my brother in law gave to me after he decide to not watch WWE anymore so I got all of his dvds and that was one of them. The RAW dvd, I bought myself, too bad, I opened and watched it but never been touched since.

  31. Danny Gowen says:

    the market from the usa to the uk is for sure different when it comes to wwe dvds and there price and availabilty.

  32. Daniel Bee says:

    True, but also the Trish Stratus collectors edition with additional content on it

  33. Bob says:

    Lol, funny to think that all of them but the 2 disc Warrior DVD set can all easily be found in the UK. Actually just picked up that Raw 01 DVD the other say, got it for the equivalent of $10. Shame the only full match on it is the lingerie match.

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