Blog: Before The WWE DVD There Was The VHS Tape – Where It Began

August 30, 2010 by Danny Gowen

We all remember the VHS tape before the DVD came along. Well here in the USA there are still some original WWF VHS tapes that demand top dollar cause the events were never released on DVD.

Some countries have been lucky enough to get these events released on DVD, such as the United Kingdom who got the Tagged Classics. To make things even better about these DVDs is the fact that they come with no edits. All the original WWF logos and the mention of WWF is all there. If the USA is ever lucky enough to even get these events released on DVD at all you can bet there well be edits.

Im gonna talk about some of these VHS tapes that still bring in big bucks to this day on sites like EBAY. These are VHS tapes that if found in great condition are very collectable. When I say great condition I’m talking about videos that were not former rentals, the cases have not been cut to fit a clamshell case, and don’t have rental and “please rewind” stickers on them.

Some of these VHS tapes will never be released on DVD because they are a compilation of matches. Some were released in very small numbers or only available to order via WWF magazine. All of them are very expensive if found still factory sealed with the Coliseum water mark on the shrink wrap. 

Keep in mind also that these are original releases and thats why they are expensive. Like sports cards and comic books have an original press or release, the original is always more collectable and expensive then the repress or second release.  So lets get this list started!

Mega Matches ’96: This video has the In Your House event titled Good Friends, Better Enemies. This was released in small numbers and only available via mail order in WWF magazine. This video usually sells for $100-$175.

In Your House 2 Terminators / Lumberjacks: This video was released with 2 different names (terminators and lumberjacks) but its the same thing on both videos. The title lumberjacks was released in the USA and terminators was released in Canada. The terminators title is the harder of the 2 to find. Either version usually sells for $150-$200.

In Your House 10 Mind Games: Everyone that collects VHS tapes knows about this video. Its one of the rarest and most sought after VHS tapes out there. Released in small numbers and also only available via WWF magazine mail order. This usually sells for $175-$225.

In Your House 12, Its Time: Another video only available via WWF magazine mail order and also released in small numbers. A very rare video that usually sells for $125-$175

In Your House 15, Cold Day In Hell: This is a rare video that hardly pops up for sale. Released in small numbers and highly sought after. It usually sells for $150-$250

Survivor Series 1997, Gang Rulz: We all know why this event is so popular cause of the famous screw job. This is a video that a lot of collectors want in there collection. This video usually sells for $70-$115.

WWF Terminators: This video is a compilation of matches, this is one that well never see a DVD release. This video is really hard to come by and if you are lucky enough to find it you can plan on spending some cash to get it. This video usually sells for $175-$250

WWF Wrestling Grudge Matches 1993: Another compilation video release that is tricky to find. It has a great WWF championship match between The Undertaker and Ric Flair. This video usually sells for $65-$100

Wrestlefest 1988, 1993, and 1995: These videos are part of the early releases of the wrestlefest series. These are the 3 rarest ones of the series and are tough to find. I have to admit the matches on these videos are not the best. 1995  has a steel cage match between Razor Ramon and Jeff Jarrett for the intercontinental title advertiased on the cover, but thats not what is on the video. Instead you get a match between them with the Roadie (Road Dogg) in a small cage suspended above the ring, and to top it off the match stinks! The 1988 video usually sells for $75-$125, 1993 usually sells for $80-$125, and 1995 usually sells for $80-$130

Best Of Raw Volumes 1 and 2 (1996): These 2 videos are great, every collector that likes old school should get these. These were released in the USA but under the Silvervision title. They didnt come in regualr Coliseum covers, instead they came in black clamshell cases kinda like a rental case. Volume 1 is very rare and very hard to find, most collectors actually have not seen this video. Volume 1 usually sells for $125-$175 and volume 2 usually sells for $75-$100

Shawn Michaels – Hits From The Heartbreak Kid (1995): This is another video that was released via Silvervision. It also came in a clamshell case instead of a slide cover. Its a tough find and very rare, it usually sells for $75-$100

1996 Year In Review: Another video released via Silvervision and only available to order in WWF magazine. This is a great video that has some of the best matches from 1996 pay per views. This video usually sells for $70-$115

The Macho Man Randy Savage and Elizabeth: This is a tough video to find, its the first video Release of the Macho Man. Its the 26th home video released from Coliseum for the WWF and comes in the big clamshell case. It usually sells for $75-$100

The Hart Foundation: This is the first video release featuring the hitman Bret Hart. Its the 37th WWF home video release and also comes in the big clamshell case. This video usually sells for $65-$95

The British Bulldogs: This is the 30th home video for the WWF and is a real tough find. Especially with the case and not a former rental. It usually sells for $75-$100

The History Of The Intercontinental Belt: This is a awsome video with some classic matches. Its the WWF”S 36th home video and also comes in the big clamshell case. It usually sells for $50-$75

The History Of The WWF Heavyweight Championship: This is another great video like the intercontinental title video. This video has some classic championship matches from the 80’s. This video usually sells for $90-$125

Survivor Series 1990: This video is very collectable for the obvious reason, its The Undertakers debut! To find this video in great shape and one thats not a former renatl is tough. It well usually sell for $45-$65

WCW Bash At The Beach 2000: Now I know this is about WWF VHS videos but since im talking about rare high dollar VHS tapes I have to talk about this video. This is considered by most the rarest and hardest to find wrestling video out there. This has the Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett, Vince russo incident on it that had real life drama play out on national tv. It was also Hogans last WCW tv appearance and Booker T’s first world title win. The video had a very short shelf life because of all this, to find this video with original uncut cover and one thats not a former rental is a major challange. I have personally seen this video sell for $600 in perfect condition. On average this video in the condition of a former rental to one thats perfect usually sells for $250-$600!

Countdown To Summerslam 94: This is a pretty tough video to find, another that was only available via WWF magazine order. The video is only 30 minutes long and its just the countdown show (free for all) before the pay per view aired. It usually sells for $125-$175

Well I hope you enjoyed this blog about the original tapes and where it all began. While VHS tapes are out-dated, they are still collectable, especially if they are cared for. While some of the prices seem high, they are what they are. Remember this also, if you find these still factory sealed you can expect the prices to be 3 – 5 times the prices than opened ones. There is still a big market of collectors out there that collect VHS tapes, and I’m one of them.

Enjoy this and I hope it helps the VHS collectors out there, and as always happy hunting!!

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  1. Justin Morton says:


    • Sam says:

      Hi I have loads of tapes to sell in PAL format. Doesn’t seem to be an option to email you about it so hoping you see this, maybe I have what you need? I got over 100 tapes. wcw, wwf, ecw

  2. louis says:

    my dads got them all and he thinking of getting rid of them i told him not to if any one wants them name a price i think all together he got over 1500 dollars worth tho

  3. wendy says:

    I have three VHS WWF tapes, two of which are the undertaker, the other is WWF Superheroes. that one has the ultimate warrior on the front of it, holding up whom i think is macho man, but not too sure on that.
    Is there any way at all i can sell these as i do not collect things anymore since my last collection was destroyed on me. I live in Australia

  4. Donogh says:

    I have in your house 10 who wants it?

  5. jason says:

    Of all listed I’ve got best of raw volume 2. I have tons of other rarews though like in your house 2 4 5 and 12.

  6. neverAcquiesce says:

    Good read. The only one here I have is the Shawn Michaels tape, but mine, purchased from Suncoast Video (!), came in a standard slipcase.

  7. Mike Abitabile says:

    Great post! I’m glad you mentioned the discrepancy between the Wrestlefest 95 cover and the actual match. Also, I never quite figured out why they released Countdown to Summerslam 94 as a VHS tape. Maybe it was to try to get casual customers to rent or buy Summerslam 94 if they rented or bought the Countdown tape first. Terminators 96 was one of the final compilation tapes and you could tell they weren’t putting in much effort by then. Most of the matches were from the 1/22/96 Raw taping with a few others thrown in. Keep up the great work!

  8. mike b says:

    There is a great twitter feed you should follow. @coliseumvideo (believe). It shows great pic if old VHS with random facts.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I currently have WWF Terminators 96 and WWF Mega Matches 96 up for sale on Ebay right now starting at the low price of $50.

  10. kathy says:

    hello wwe fans,got a load of wwe v.h.s videos for sale,i might be sending this message a bit early as i havent really gone thru them tidy yet,but any body interested in them,bare with me,and will sort them out,please leave comment here and,or a contact number,will sell for a bargain,must get shot of them

  11. Dave says:

    Women of the WWF is a very rare one too!

  12. Gareth Thyer says:

    Hey guys

    i have all of the above on proper vhs videos, but im from the uk, are they still rare or not?

  13. Videogameswrestlingandmore says:

    Hi everyone, just want to let everyone know that right now on Ebay I have some of these rare tapes for sale and other rarities not even listed here. If anyones interested use Videogameswrestlingandmore as the seller name. Heres what I currently have listed: Countdown To Summerslam 94, Year In Review 1994, Mega Matches 95, IYH 2 Lumberjacks, Terminators 96, Greatest Matches/Moments Ever!, Canadian Fan Favorites, Wrestlefest 93, Grudge Matches 93, Stone Cold Demoltion, Wrestlefest 88, and WCW Best Of The 1990s. Thanks for your time.

  14. anthony says:

    shawn michael best hits from the heartbreak kid (trib) 07

  15. anthony says:

    i have nearly all the vhs wrestling vids above. i have in your house 1,2,5,6,7,10,14,15 and 16.also best of raw 1,3,8,11,raw hits,raw prime cut
    also the third and fifth and survivor series and best of survivor series.royal rumble 1990,94 and 96.king of the ring 94 and 95.wrestlemania 11 and best of wrestlmania.wwf year in review 94 and 95,summerslam 90,hottest matches(92)most amazing matches (96)bret hart 2,off the rope (96),all undertaker trib 03,trib02,ws911battle of the superstars 2 nd annual,uk fan favourites,wrestling grudge matches battle of the superstars 92,us rampage 91,world tour 1992,supertape 92 and 111 and shawn michaels best hits from the heartbreak kis trib 07.

    hope there worth what u say….

  16. Scott says:

    I have the IC title tape, and Wrestlefest 88. I also have Villians of the Squared Circle which I’ve heard is pretty rare as well.

  17. Danny Gowen says:

    to MARK, no problem at all to answer your question. im glad i could help you out with the info. when the vhs tapes are converted they are done by a professional. the labels are legit and the converted ones well be on a sticker with black lettering, i have actually seen 3 different labels that they make for them. out of the in your house series there were 3 that were not released in the usa officially by coliseum. they are in your house 3, 4, and 19 (d-x). to get them you have to get the pals. now i know the wwf winter combat 96 has matches from iyh 3 and 4 but the video only has 1 hour of each event and the pals have the full 2 hours of both. out of the iyh released via coliseum in the usa the one thats the hardest to find is 15 cold day in hell. why mind games has been known as the rarest it pops up on ebay alot more then cold day in hell, actually i have never seen cold day in hell on there yet. it has been on there for sale but it sells very quickly cause its so rare. im also really glad to hear you like the blog, i try to provide good blogs with a lot of details. i also enjoy the comments they get and i enjoy answering your questions. you also got a hell of a deal on the videos you mentioned, great score! its nice to be lucky and find deals like that, some times people dont know what they have or its not worth to them what it is to some one else. either way its a great score when you find them cause to some one like you and i they can be priceless!

  18. Mark says:

    Hey thanks a lot for answering my question!!! Really great blog you have!

    I do have few more questions now about the vhs, lol. So iyh 19 dx was never released in the US? When you say converted, would that be the owner of the vhs converting it or would it have been done professionally? The label on the vhs looked legit and the same as the other labels ive seen off the silvervision vhs’s. Sorry I don’t know much about the whole converting thing lol.

    Thanks again for answering my questions! I really enjoyed reading your blog. I’m a huge collector myself. I have all the iyh vhs except for the ones you listed lol except for iyh 2 the terminators which I was able to get for $98! A deal i know because like you posted Its rarely listed and when it is it’s always $150+. I do also have Survivor Series 97 in mint condition which I bought in a lot with Spring Explosion 96, World Tour 96, and Super Slams, all for $35 I was stunned at the steal but the guy had it listed weird and I was just lucky enough to stumble across it.

  19. Danny Gowen says:

    to MISTER, that year in review tape you have is a goodie! i have never seen one for sale, not a lot of people have it, and not a lot of people know about it. its one that i have not even been able to find! i cant put a price on it based on others sold cause i have not seen another for sale. my personal opinion about value, i would have to say $75-$125 cause its a really rare tape. i would not sell it if i had it but if i was thats the price i would be looking for, good score bro!
    to MARK, the iyh d-x you have is a pal convert. its the uk version converted over to play on region1 vcrs. the good thing about it is the fact that it was never released on the regular coliseum label. so to get it you have to buy the pal, and there is nothing wrong with that. i have owned 7 of them including the one thats in my personal collection. every one i sold on ebay i got between $50-$80 for it and i always had no problem selling it, it sold really quick! good score for you to bro, its a real good ppv with the rock vs. stone cold for the IC title plus all the other good matches. hope this helps guys, thanks for reading!

  20. Mark says:

    I just bought, In your house 19 De Generation X, off ebay. How rare is it and how much do you think it’s worth?

  21. Mister says:

    I have a copy of WWF Year In Review 1994, its not a UK release, although it has the Silvervision stamp on it and it comes in a regular cardboard USA style box. Tape has the yellow Coliseum Home Video print. Does anybody know the value of this one?? I got it off ebay years ago and never seen another one since.

  22. dmoney says:

    thanx danny i apreciate it very much man

  23. dmoney says:

    thanx how much u think its worth

  24. Mike says:

    I have been collecting Coliseum Video for about 10 years now and most of them that I purchased were factory sealed and I got them for alot less then what some others are selling them for. I have 820 wrestling videos and 320 of them are from Coliseum Video and I am always looking on Ebay and because there are alot of videos on both sites.

  25. Danny Gowen says:

    to DMONEY – im always glad to answer your questions bro! the bas war games video is your most valuable vhs on the list. there are 2 of them on ebay right now with a buy it now of $35. the other vhs tapes are pretty common with a value of $5-$15. if you have any more questions man just let us know!

  26. John says:

    dmoney: Your only video with really any value is the Great American Bash War Games 1987. The others are extremely common, worth maybe a couple of bucks.

  27. Jesse says:

    I actually still have the Shawn Michaels Hits from the Heartbreak Kid VHS in almost perfect condition WITH the shell

  28. Jesse says:

    I actually still have the Shawn Michaels Hits from the Heartbreak Kid DVD in almost perfect condition WITH the shell

  29. d money says:

    here is a list of some old vhs i have please tell me if any r worth anything
    wrestlings fan favorite matches wwf coliseum home video 1992
    hulk hogans rockn wrestling cartoonthe wrong stuff and 3 little hulksters 1985
    best of raw vol 1 1999
    wcw war games bash 87 with wargames 1 and 2
    awa larry zbyszko official awa collectable series 8
    st valentines masacre in your house 1999 big shows debut
    its our time chyna and hhh 1999
    hell yeah stone cold 1999
    the rock the peoples champ 2000the rock know your role 1999
    and summerslam and armagedon 2003
    plus i have in dvds
    hardcore homecoming extreme reunion2005
    andre the giant remade into dvd from old coliseum home video and
    history of wrestlemania 1985-1993
    no its a lot but would love some feedback plz

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