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August 4, 2010 by Danny Gowen

I just wanted to drop a little info to everyone about this great deal FYE is having on there WWE DVD’S!

As some you have probably figured out, I have a real good connection and get inside updates from FYE stores. I have a good friend that is a manager there and I just found out today that they are having a buy one get one free sale on there WWE DVD’S.

Its called a going back to school sale and from what he told me all the stores are having it. Now I dont think this includes the brand new releases like the Fatal 4 Way or Raw The Begining Best Of Seasons 1 And 2 (when its released next tuesday the 10th) but its for sure on the older releases. The sale is supposed to run for 1 month and they well probably have signs up in there wrestling section soon. But I do know that the sale started today cause I was able to pick up the Summerslam 2008 and Survivor Series 2008 FYE exclusive tins for less the $30 for both!

The only real downfall of the sale is all the DVD’S well go back to there original sticker price. Like the Undetaker Deadlliest Matches that usually has a sale sticker for around $22.99 well be back to its regular price of $34.99. But if you buy it for the $34.99 then you get another DVD with a price of $34.99 or cheaper for free. Also if you get 2 DVD’S that are different prices you will pay for the greater one of the 2 and get the cheaper one for free.

Another thing that comes handy if you get your WWE DVD’S from fye (like I do) you might want to get a FYE Backstage Pass Card. This card saves you 10% off your purchase and can be used in this sale to save a little extra.

This is a good time to get some of those FYE exclusive WWE DVD’S that I have been posting about for a great price.

Also please comment on this if the sale is not in your area or if it is. I live in Florida and this guy has been with the company for years now and has been great on helping me with information. I was told this was a sale all the stores were doing, so check it out and let us know what great deals you find out there!

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  1. AJ says:

    Does not include USED dvds, but the one lady let me get a used one (SummerSlam 1988-1992). I got the Undertaker DVD and Best of RAW Season 1 & 2 for 22.99 and then got Survivor Series 92-96 and Royal Rumble 98-02 for $60.

  2. rvdshow420 says:

    Yes this includes used and new dvds. Sometimes the prices on used dvds are actually lower than whats on the sticker. Always check the price before you buy any used dvds at fye. I just picked up The Ricky The Dragon and Heart and Soul/with brett hart dvd for 22.50 great deal. Too bad I already own 2 other copies of the original Brett Hart dvd

  3. Marcelo says:

    Does this sale include used dvds?

  4. Danny Gowen says:

    im not sure if the sale is happening in canada. as for the comment about finding a wrestlemania 25 steel book all i can say is wow! this thing is selling for such a high price on ebay and to get it in a buy one get one free sale is great! that is great the a few of those steel books are out there, its all about the hunt. as for me, i have baught every single good dvd or exclusive in my area so theres nothing more i can get from the sale. so if you live in or around bradenton or sarasota florida, the fye’s at those malls are out of goodies cause i got them all! 😉

  5. Anonymous says:

    Does this sale work in Montreal Quebec, Canada

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yes, this is a great sale. I picked up the Wrestlemania 25 steelbook and Summerslam 2008 exclusive tin. If you are a WWE fan and live near an FYE, I would suggest going there soon before everything is picked over.

  7. Wow, You All American Americans better take advantage of this awesome offer!

  8. SRB says:

    I’m Japanese, but I live in Texas. Do you still think I can get it? Or will they turn me away because I am Japanese? The sale is only for Americans?

  9. gids says:

    im australian so i have no chance finding one of those here

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