Blog: Opinion On New Steamboat & OTL DVD, USA Store Prices

June 21, 2010 by Danny Gowen

After watching both DVD’s I thought I would share my outlook on them and give the inside scoop about both.

The Over The Limit DVD was good, the Batista vs. John Cena match for the WWE title was for sure the highlight of the card. Nice back and forth action with a real nice finish. I would have liked to have seen a better finish on the Edge vs. Orton match, I personally dont care for a double count out. The main part of the DVD was just what you saw on Pay Per View, but one extra on the dvd made it worth it for me. That was the Bret Hart vs. Miz match from Raw for the U.S. title. It was nice to see a vet like The Hitman win the title.

The Steamboat DVD was great, very nice inside look at the Dragon. The documentry part was great telling how he came up and his runs in NWA, WWF, and WCW. The 12 matches are very nice, a great selection showing some great matches against great superstars. I dont want to spoil all of it but I will say you will not be disappointed with it in any way, definitely go out and get it cause it will be a nice DVD to add to your collection.

It looks like WalMart and K-Mart will be the cheapest place to pick both of them up. Expect Over The Limit to be between $15-$17 at both stores, and the Steamboat DVD to be $20-$25 at both stores.

FYE and Best Buy will be a little higher. Expect Over The Limit to be between $25-$30 at both stores, and the Steamboat DVD to be between $30-$35 at both stores.

So if you have a WalMart or K-Mart close to you check there first.

As it gets closer to the release date of the Steamboat DVD I will let every one know if FYE will have an exclusive release with something extra with it or if it will be just like the others.

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