Blog: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of WWE DVDs

July 9, 2010 by Evan McFarlane

This is my first blog here at I’m very excited about writing it, so I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks for giving me the opportunity as a trial blogger here.

Well this blog is basically about the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of WWE DVDs. You could say by ‘ugly’ I mean ones that should never have even been thought up to begin with. If you agree or disagree with some of my picks then please feel free to comment below the article.

Thankfully there have been lots more good WWE DVDs than bad ones and hopefully that’s the way it will stay. These are usually documentaries style presentations and 3 disc sets which usually fail to dissapoint. Some examples? Heartbreak and triumph, The Greatest stars of the 90’s, My Journey, Raw 15th anniversary etc are all good for one reason – people actually want to see them, and their content excites and captivates the viewer.

A DVD set like My Journey is brilliant because HBK has had hundreds of awesome matches over the years and you want to see the collection on there and hear what he has to say along the way. However, when WWE released the John Morrison Rock Star DVD no one gave a damn because he had been in the company only a few years and had near zero main-event worthy matches.

I feel the WWE should listen to their fans more on what they actually want to see profiled on WWE DVDs to improve the market. To be honest I am actually worried about the WWE releasing a Big Show 3 DVD set. He has not had that many great matches throughout his career and the PG audience that WWE is trying to reach out to these days may not be all that interested it. Sure the long time wrestling fans who actually know the business might be but that’s where it endsl.

Documentaries on the other hand are different. They are great for educating people on the wrestling buisness and give you a different perspective. Two of the best I have watched were The Monday Night War and Hard Knocks – The Chris Benoit Story plainly because the wrestlers and those involved were free to speak and give their own opinions rather than reading from scripts like is evident on some DVDs.

They don’t make documentaries like they did a few years ago, with a few exceptions. It sometimes seems like the WWE don’t want people knowing what goes on backstage and try to mask their life outside of the company!

I would say all in all the WWE DVD franchise is average at the moment, but in my view as a younger fan the WWE is at risk of losing the fans interest with such rumored releases as a Big Show set or anything as disastrous as the recent John Morrison DVD. What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading

– Evan

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  1. D-generation-X says:

    well, I completly agree with you that “WWE should listen to their fans more on what they actually want to see profiled on WWE DVDs to improve the market” but i disagree, with the john morrison dvd set, (which i got) although it was definately nowhere near as good it could have been, it was still a pretty good wrestler’s documentary/dvd,despite being from only 2007 onwards and having no PPV matches, but all other things aside, i was surprised at how good it was of having a decent enough amount of matches for a 3 disc set, and also having a decent documentary, considering it was only 1 disc – only 3 hours.
    and as for the Big Show dvd, i can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but im actually excited/looking forward to it, by what other people have said, it actually has potential to be good.. so yeah, awesome blog though.

  2. Nick Arndt says:

    The Ultimate Warior disc was a major disappointment beacause it featured like 4 matches & his legacy was pretty much buried in the documentary.Also the Divas are long overdue for some DVD love.They used to get a DVD release every year.WWE released 3 disc sets of the WWE Championship, the Intercontinental, & the World Heavyweight Championship, so the next logical steps would be for the Womens & U.S. championships

  3. Actually guys you have changed my mind on the big show set, it would actually be a not bad set if they pick the right mqtches atleast.

  4. Bob says:

    I’d buy the Big Show DVD when/if it comes out. Just in WWE alone he has had great matches with Undertaker (their 2008 series is v.good), Eddie G on Smackdown in 2004, Rock at No Way Out 2000, the tag team buried alive match on Smackdown in 1999, his ECW title run in 2006 (Flair match was tremendous, Undertaker match was good), and he even had the best Celebrity wrestling match with Floyd Mayweather at Wrestlemania 24. Those matches, plus a documentary and maybe something from WCW, and you have a pretty killer set in my opinion.

  5. Daniel Bee says:

    Evan I added that you’re a younger fan at the end because you are, which is one reason you wouldn’t enjoy a Big Show set. I didn’t specify your age or suggest your views are wrong because of it! Your blog, your views.

  6. SRB says:

    The only issues I have with the blog are the Morrison comments and the Big Show comments. Big Show was a world champion in WWE and WCW and has been with the company for over 10 years. His feuds have been with top names in WWE and WCW and there is no reason for im not to have a DVD. If Kane gets a 3-dsic set, then give one to Big Show. 2nd, as far as Morrison goes he is a top talent no matter what anyone thinks. If WWE marketed him correctly he could be the next HBK. A three disc set could have easily been released on Morrison. They could have done 1 disc with MNM, another as Nitro and the final disc as Morrison. I agree the DVD came out and no one cared and that is only because the days of 1 disc sets are over. I personally want the 9 hour sets or I pass. It wasn’t necessairly too early to release a disc on Morrison, but it was incorrect not to release a 3 disc. Morrison has a great catalog of matches and has held tag gold as well as IC gold and has had great programs with CM Punk, Hardy and his tag matches with MNM were great. Again, it isn’t Morrison’s fault that he only got 1 disc. If it were 3 discs it would’ve been like Christmas morning for me.

  7. matt says:

    to be honest if they made a big show set i would get it the first day i came out because he is the best big man in the ring of all time!

  8. Wow, why did u put as a younger fan at the bottom, Just because im younger dosent mean that i myself dont enjoy it i mean the so-called modern wrestling fans today, maybe i didnt get that point across too well

  9. Ha ha its awesome to see it on the site! 😉

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