Blue Briefcase for WWE MITB Anthology Blu-Ray, Get $20 Off RAW DVD Box Set

October 16, 2013 by Daniel Bee

We showed you pre-release photos of the Money in the Bank Anthology DVD, revealing a red slipcover designed to look like a MITB briefcase – complete with a handle!

As confirmed by this new photo from, the Blu-ray edition will also have one. This time the blue MITB briefcase. As you know, the different formats have different coloured cover artwork to match the slipcovers too.

WWE Money in the Bank Anthology Blu-ray Briefcase

Straight to the Top – Money in the Bank Anthology is released this month on October 29th. Click here to pre-order your copy, or head to for November’s UK release.

The price of December’s “Raw 20th Anniversary Collection” DVD box set has been reduced by over $20 – from $79.99 to $59.96 here on Now is the time to pre-order!

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Box Set

Here’s a rundown of WWE DVD titles found in Walmart’s $5 bins during the course of this year. The new photo below comes to us thanks to Francis R.

WWE DVDs in $5 Walmart Bins

— No Way Out 2012, Hell in a Cell 2012, Night of Champions 2012, Over the Limit 2012, SummerSlam 2012, Money in the Bank 2012.

— Royal Rumble 2011, Capitol Punishment 2011.

— Greatest Superstars of WrestleMania, Greatest Stars of the 90s, “Double Feature” Attitude Era/Triple H: King of Kings.

— Superstar Collection: Daniel Bryan.

Below is the trailer for WWE Night of Champions 2013, which confirms this is a DVD only release (US). It hit stores yesterday and you can get yours for $10.99 by clicking here.

[flv: 610 343]

More details on the content of The Best of RAW & SD 2013 DVD/Blu-ray in January.

Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho on WWE RAW

We’ve heard that the return of Rob Van Dam (likely his match against Chris Jericho from the July 15th episode of Raw), the debut of the Wyatt Family and a chapter named “Fandango’s song goes viral” are slated to be included on the set.

As reported last week, other content planned for it includes Brock Lesnar invading WWE Headquarters, CM Punk’s feud with Undertaker and Paul Bearer leading into WrestleMania 29, Mark Henry’s “retirement” speech, and Undertaker and Kane reuniting on Raw. Further details on this 2014 release as and when received.

You have until Friday to get any of the WWE DVDs and Blu-rays on this hidden page of for just $5.99 each! To do so use promo code “WWEDVDS” at checkout. Also, there is currently free shipping on orders $75+ on the site without use of another code.

WDN reader Taylor Burck picked up these 4 titles pictured in the sale. How about you?

WWE DVDs & Blu-rays WrestleMania 29

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Spritz1999 says:

    Excited to get the MITB blu-ray now! Excited RAW 20th went down!!! Especially since it is on dvd & not blu-ray! Apparently the set is not doing so well!!! :/

  2. ry says:

    K, I was just wondering cause bestbuy still has a blu-ray edition still up for pre-order

  3. rydiddy says:

    so there is no chance for the raw 20 set to come out on bluray?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Wrote in these articles on the site a lot that it was cancelled in the US and Australia. What remains to be seen is if UK/Europe will get it on Blu-ray, which would be Region B for reference.

  4. @DEVILSHOLIC says:

    I pre-ordered the WWE raw 20th anniversary collection set and money in the bank anthology today! im EXCITED!

    sub me
    Follow me on twitter

  5. Mr Disc says:

    Why does the NOC dvd have a TV14 rating when the event was pg.

  6. NWeber1998 says:

    Will the price go back up to $80 for the RAW set?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Nobody here can tell ya if Amazon will raise the price later. I can tell you if you order now at the lower price that’s all you’ll pay even if the listed price does go up between now and the release date.

      • ChadWWE says:

        But make sure that you get billed the price you pre-order it at (or lower) because Amazon has had a history of charging more when it comes out.

        • NWeber1998 says:

          I’ll end up getting it if it’s $80 or $60 for Christmas but, $60 is better so I could get more movies

  7. the Raw DVD LOOKS SIIICK!!! I still think they should make a Raw 2013 and have every raw from 2013 52 disc, yeah! haha $1000

  8. Corey says:

    We need to setup a petition and send it to WWE to swerve them back into making these Best of RAW/SD sets 4 disc again. 2013 NEEDS it.

  9. Shane says:

    The Best of Raw and SmackDown is looking great so far.. Hopefully they have CM Punk Vs. John Cena from February. The Street Fight between Daniel Bryan Vs. Randy Orton… Randy Orton Vs. Cody Rhodes. Randy Orton Vs. Goldust….. Cody Rhodes and Goldust Vs. The Shield for the tag team championships.

  10. Shawn Phelan says:

    I had meant to order it when it was 63.99 and was pissed that I didn’t place the order til it went up to 80 so I’m very happy to see this.

  11. Mike says: has had it listed at 59.99 for weeks. Preordered my set from there

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Had been told about that but since Amazon seems to be where the masses order from this price drop is newsworthy.

  12. VICK says:

    Wow.. what a great price for that Raw set. No wonder Amazon is the best at what they do.

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