BREAKING: WWE – The Attitude Era DVD Released Later This Year!

July 12, 2012 by Mark D

Just last week we broke news of the nWo WWE DVD, yesterday WWE Brock Lesnar DVD and today we can reveal that another title planned for release this year is… WWE The Attitude Era!

The set is scheduled for release in late November or early December and will be available on DVD and Blu-ray, just in time for Christmas. 😉

This one has been rumoured for most of this year with Mick Foley and Booker T revealing they have been interviewed for the release.

At the moment we don’t have details on the number of discs, but we hope to have much more information; including its confirmed release date in the coming weeks.

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  1. Babysham says:

    I want to see Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Kane and The Undertaker for all the titles!

    Classic Battle

  2. Mongoose Wizard says:

    I was looking at some matches that people were talking about and I love the great ideas everyone has put in for this set, Idk if anyone has put this match but i’d like 2 see Mankind Vs. Big Show in a Boiler Room Brawl at Backlash 1999 even though it was short it was a very good match

  3. scsa says:

    I’m not sure if whether the Attitude era had started at this point, though I would like to see the match between the WWF Champion Bret Hart & The Undertaker at the Royal Rumble in 1996. This match had outside interference from Diesel too!

  4. T says:

    I’d also love to see a D’Lo Brown vs Val Venis match included. They had really cool matches.
    The suggestions such as Mark D’s are awesome – hopefully WWE brings what we crave. 🙂

  5. Scsa says:

    Any1 have ne more good matches in mind for this ser?

    • Steven says:

      What about Rock and Sock connection vs Undertaker and Big Show for the tag team titles it was on a Smackdown in 1999. I always want X-Pac vs Owen Hart king of the ring 1998.

    • Mark D says:

      I think to tell the true story of the Attitude Era they should include a range of different matches, such as:

      Montreal (start of the Era)
      Bossman/Road Dogg, Hardcore Title Jan 99
      Sable/Jaqueline, Bikini Contest
      Nation/DX Street Fight
      Austin/Taker Fully Loaded 99
      Cactus vs Chainsaw Feb 98
      Brawl for All Final
      Vince McMahon Hunantiarian of Year
      Rock vs X-Pac Jul 98 (where the woman exposes herself in crowd)
      Jerry Lawler Interviews Val Venis & John Wayne-Bobbit
      Tag Title 4 Corners Match – Taker/Austin vs Mankind/Kane vs Outlaws vs Rock/Owen
      Edge & Gangrel vs Animal & Droz (where Hawk falls from Titantron)
      DX Impersonates The Corporation
      Corporate Rumble
      Foley/Rock, Empty Arena Match,
      Patterson & Brisco vs Mean Street Posse
      Taker/Shane/HHH vs Vince/Rock/Austin, Special ref HBK
      CEO Steve Austin at Titan Tower
      Ivory vs. Torri, Hardcore Match
      Evening Gown in Pool, Armageddon (unedited!)
      Mark Henry vs. Crash Holly (Mae gives birth)
      Rock vs. Triple H, Iron Man
      Rock vs. Austin, WMX7 (the end of the era)

      • Scsa says:

        Yeah, the Hardcore title match between Road Dogg n Boss Man was a great match in 99. So was the Corporate Rumble.

  6. Scsa says:

    Agree! I was actually gonna include that match in my next wishlist beleive it or not!

    RAW 1997: Owen Vs Bulldog
    Austin Vs Bret = Street Fight

    RAW 1999: Rock Vs Mankind = WWF Title (Corporation/D-X at ringside, return of Austin)

    SMACKDOWN 1999: Rock Vs Triple H w/HBK as S.ref = WWF Title

    Y2J’s COUNTDOWN in to the WWF

    Survivor Series: Y2J Vs Chyna = IC Title

    SMACKDOWN: Rock ‘n’ Sock Vs Outlaws = WWF Tag Titles

  7. Mark D says:

    I know this probably won’t happen but I’d like to see the Radicalz & DX vs. Rock, Cactus, Too Cool & Rikishi match from Raw in early Feb 2000. To me that match summed up ‘the Attitude Era’ with the feeling that anyone can beat anyone at anytime (something which is sadly missing nowadays!). I know it includes Benoit, but they could remove all references to him and also that match was included on the recent article about Raw’s 50 Greatest Matches. *fingers crossed*

    • Steven says:

      It’s a longshot if they even mention Chris Benoit’s name. I seriously doubt his name will ever be heard again in a DVD or video game or anything.

  8. Scsa says:

    Yes, it would be great to show a few of Benoitx matches 🙂 Especially the match at Wrestlemania 2000 (16): Benoit Vs Angle Vs Y2J in a two falls triple threat match = IC/European title.. That was my favourite matche that night.

  9. Brad Attitude says:

    WWE better show the Radicalz and Chris Benoit.

  10. Anonymous says:

    also can’t leave out the rock vs triple h i quit match and the rock vs triple h ironman match.

  11. Scsa says:

    Yes, as well as these matches;

    D-X PPV: Austin Vs Rocky Maivia = IC Title
    Shamrock Vs Michaels = WWF Title

    RR 1998: Shamrock Vs Rock = IC Title
    Shawn Vs Taker = WWF Title in Casket match

    WM14: HHH Vs Owen Hart = European Title

    Unforgiven 1998: Taker Vs Kane = Inferno

    St.Val: Owen & Jeff Vs D-Lo & Mark = Tag Titles
    (Corp) Kane & Chyna Vs (D-X) HHH & X-Pac

    Wrestlemania 15: Kane w/Chyna Vs Triple H
    Shane McMahon Vs X-Pac = European Title

    Backlash 99: Ministry Vs Brood = 6 Man-Tag
    Triple H w/Chyna Vs X-Pac

  12. Anonymous says:

    Please WWE Put Stone Cold vs Mankind vs Triple H From Summerslam On This DVD.

  13. Abel Gutierrez says:

    An important piece of wrestling history. Hopefully it has everything that I remember seeing of that era.

  14. Scsa says:

    Id like to c the match between shamrock n billy gunn too for the ic title

    • Scsa says:

      This was the 1 from the Royal Rumble in 1999.

      • Anonymous says:

        There was a match from Raw where Billy Gunn get screwed out of the Ic titles against Shamrock beacuase of the Commissionner Michaels, if you do remember 😛

  15. Anonymous says:

    hope wwe finally puts on stone cold vs undertaker from judgement day. and team wwe vs team alliance from invasion on this set.

  16. JFR_WWfE79 says:

    I hope WWE will get this one right. Can’t wait until it is released. This year is a very darn good year TNG S1 BD in 9 days and this one by Christmas.

    To the person who watches classic RAW’s on WWE Classics, I watch them too. Once in awhile I still hear WWF during the show.

  17. Scsa says:

    I hope they also show;

    -More things relating to the KLIQ from start to finish,
    -Full D-X visits to WCW via the Army Jeep
    -Attitude era actually lasted up to 2001 so this would also include the Triple H/Austin fued which wasnt all that after Austin gettin run over but they had a good match later Upon Austins return.
    Last Attitude Era matches had to of hav been at WM17 – Austin Vs Rock / HHH Vs Taker! As you may have noticed in the Undertaker streak DVD set, there are xtras of ‘match packages’ – Well I’d love to c the one at WM17 of ROCK n AUSTIN with the real ‘My Way’ music! Thats my favorite build up of all time!!!

  18. Sweet Chin Music says:

    This might give the now 3rd place of the most commented posts of the nWo a run for its money. I will pre-order this and the nWo glad to see stuff from the glory days of wrestling into DVD’s.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait for this set even though there will be a lot of blurring and ww… I still wouldn’t mind it I just hope the set will have a TV 14 or higher lable cuz if it’s any lower like the current TV PG stuff it just wouldn’t be the Attitude era we grew up with

  20. Vintage Michael Cole haha says:

    I hated the Attitude Era because DX, Stone Cold, Rock, and whoever else would make fun of me. I’m Michael Cole damnit, I’m the voice of WWE and don’t you forget that JR. Thanks to all the Vintage fans out there, oh wait it’s only 12 other people that are fans of myself.

    • HumanTorch18 says:

      Nobody likes you Vintage jackass and I would rather have Don West as an announcer than you pal.

      • Get the tables! says:

        You are so right HumanTorch18 and I can’t even standing his announcing it’s so bad and awful makes my ears bleed. Bring back JR or Don West.

        • Vintage Michael Cole says:

          Look at this jerk saying my commentating is bad who do you think you are mister, I’m the voice of the WWE and who is Don West some second rate announcer that lost his job because of Mike Tenay come on Get the Tables, I’m a hall of famer 2013 Cole Cole Cole!

          • Daniel Bee says:

            Stop using multiple nicknames to talk to yourself here. It’s embarrassing. Next time it’s a ban because you’re making useless comments on the board.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Don’t be too happy..It will be full of blurring and ww..beep

    • IronMan17 says:

      You don’t know of it will be blurring and beeps but I hope not because the Attitude Era was balls to wall wild.

  22. Anonymous says:

    can’t forget stone cold getting the wwe title back on raw vs undertaker.

  23. Hawkeye22 says:

    I want the Raw where DX were searching for the Undertaker, Sable binki contest and evening gown match, any Stone Cold/Vince moment, plus ton of DX moments.

  24. Scsa says:

    Matches/moments I want to see in this set;

    Royal Rumble 1997
    HBK Vs HHH = Funny match 4 European title
    Shawn michaels Vs Stone cold = WM14
    The Deadly Game tournament = Rock wins

    Maybe you don’t agree with all the above, but tell me what other matches/moments are you hoping to see in there?

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would WWE put a 1 hour royal rumble match on their?They already released the anthology
      The HHH/HBK European title match is in like 5 other DVD’s
      Tyson/Austin already on other DVD’s
      Tyson joins DX already on the DX 06 dvd
      Already on like 3 other DVD’s
      X-pac already on another DVD
      EVERY single thing u listed is on another DVD

      Yet u marks will whine about repeats

      • Scsa says:

        Im not whining about repeats… Im only mentioning some of my favorite matches & moments which would look good together on 1 set.

        + I dont remember seeing X-Pac or the Outlaws joining D-X on a Blu-Ray which are the only sets I buy.
        The 1997 rumble match – reffering to the final four-Austin screwing Bret Hart.
        Who cares if the HBK/HHH match only lasted like 5mins? It was still a match I’d like to see! + they could add it as an extra.

        It looks like ur the 1that whines! U didnt say ne thing about the other matches/moments I mentioned?
        – Nation/Dx fued, Austin/Mcmahon fued, The Deadly Game tournament…?

        • Redneck Baller 39 says:

          The HBK/HHH match is only on Best of Raw 15th Anniversy, scsa does have a point on the Deadly Games Survivor Series 1998 because that Survivor Series set only went to 1995 or 1996.

          • Scsa says:

            True, since that was The Rocks night to his first WWF Championship! + it was great how Austin came running in later after the match beating the rock up n throwin the belt at him!

  25. Hawkeye22 says:

    This will be great, might beat out nWo as the DVD of the year but I love the nWo also so it will be close.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Best news i heard from this site all year

  27. Steven says:

    They got to put the Evening Gown match of Sable vs Luna because that helped the Era so much.

    • Human Torch36 says:

      Sable not only was extremely hot and sexy but she had class. Attitude Era Sable beats out Kelly Kelly or Eve right now.

  28. Scsa says:

    Even if its an xtra, I hope they put on the match 4 the European title where HBK lost it to HHH – that match was funny!

    • Captain America says:

      I remember watching this, the Coverated European title lol, Triple H told Sarge I did it lol.

  29. Sledge Jones says:

    I bet WWE will have a TLC match on it, probably TLC 2.

  30. Zack Passon says:

    They should do the documentary if they do one like they did Greatest Star’s of the 90’s. First people they talk about should be DX and end with Stone Cold, the two biggest stars of this era.

    • Tom Van Horn says:

      That is how they should do this DVD because everyone knows DX and Stone Cold were the 2 reasons WWE exploded during the Attitude Era, huge credit to them. If it wasn’t for them Cena never would be as big as he is.

  31. DJ Baller40 says:

    I grew up during the Attitude Era and what an Degerante I was copying DX’s moves and their attitude lol. I will get this and it should be great.

  32. john peterson says:

    Some matches I hope will be on the set.
    DX vs The Nation street fight from the raw before Summerslam 98
    Six pack challenge from Unforgiven 99
    Triple H vs The Rock Ironman match,even if its on Blu Ray
    Rock Vs Austin steel cage match from the night after Wrestlemania 17

    The Attitude era has plenty of good hope they bulk it with good matches.Plus a decent amount of 01 stuff since 2001 is technically still part of the attitude era

  33. Scsa says:

    Well i hope they also add more from the Austin/McMahon fued 😉

  34. Deadpool12 says:

    I noticed this during the casket match of HBK vs Taker if you pause it early when HBK is coming out with DX, this woman in the nose bleed seats flashes the camera, when Brett Mix was still the reviewer here he didn’t even acknowledge that or mention it.

  35. Deadpool12 says:

    I was referring to My Jounrey because it has the Royal Rumble 1998 match of Shawn vs Undertaker and Shawn vs Bulldog One Night Only, Heartbreak and Trumiph talks some about DX. I saw on the Superstar collection that it will have matches from his final run in WWE.

  36. scsa says:

    Agree, though it was quite fun watching D-X facing the Nation & the Corporation too!

    As for the D-X times on HBK’s DVD, are you reffering to Shawn Michael: Heartbreak and Triumph DVD or the New Superstars DVD for HBK? Its really annoying that, that new Superstars DVD for Shawn wont b coming out in the UK 🙁

  37. Deadpool12 says:

    That would be awesome in WWE 13 a reformed DX, hopefully it will have all of them. The DX of the 1997 till Shawn’s back injury was my favorite but when Triple H took over it was good but not the same for me. When they got back together in 2006 some moments were funny some wasn’t. At least for now we have HBK’s DVD of some of classic DX and YouTube.

  38. scsa says:

    I agree with Deadpool12, and I’ve always been hoping that D-X would form back together someday like they were in the 90’s 🙂 n since they’re all said to be in WWE13, hell I would love it if they re-formed D-Generation X once again! It would sure as hell put me back in to watching wrestling again! I only look for the 90’s time Blu-Rays now!

  39. Steve Wade says:

    I was a huge fan of DX during the Attitude Era and hoping they including the DX split and where Shawn was trying to find Undertaker lol.

  40. Deadpool12 says:

    Glad to see there is still DX fans out there and Scsa is one of them and myself. DX was amazing big credit to Shawn, Triple H, and Chyna. Hell even Rick Rude for a short time.

  41. scsa says:

    I hope they include all the things HHH & HBK did whilst in D-X with Chyna n Rick Rude by their side + 1 thing I’ve never seen on Blu-Ray which is when D-X impersonated not only just the Nation of Domination, but also the Corporation!

    Also all the Monday night wars of RAW and Nitro 🙂

  42. Lendus1985 says:

    I cannot wait for this one!! This will be amazing and could be an easy contender for DVD of the year!!

  43. Peter O'Shea says:

    Thankfully I have pretty much every show the WWE produced during that time, converted from VHS to DVD. This is going to be nothing more than a blur and edit fest, knowing how the WWE does their DVD’s.
    Besides, they probably won’t show too much more besides Austin, Rock, Mankind, DX, Kane and The Undertaker anyways, and they’ve released that stuff a million times over already.

  44. MillerTime136 says:

    This will be good folks, I think it will be done right no blurred stuff on boobs, or middle fingers or other shit.

  45. nightmare says:

    Yea this one I will wait and see what the reviews are here before I get it thanks .I have The best of raw and the other raws as well

  46. Scott says:

    Yeah this will be a blurred nightmare. I really wish this wasn’t coming out on Blu Ray because that means I have to buy it. You’re much better off sticking with the Best of Raw 1 & 2, and importing Tagged Classics. Until they can start showing this stuff without the blurs and edits, there is no point in releasing something thats just gonna piss people off.

  47. Anonymous says:

    I say this truthfully: I shall be picking up this set 100% because I didn’t live through that era, and I’ve never had enough enthusiasm to find the resources on Youtube individually. A DVD for this era is right up my street.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I might get this just because… I technically don’t need it seeing as I have all episodes of RAW IS WAR from 97-99 and the entire 99 season of Smackdown and Sunday Night Heat. Not to mention all of the PPV’s I have recorded on VHS that dates back from the late 80’s to late 2002. I’m pretty much set no blurs on anything classic WWF logo and all.

  49. Anonymous says:

    I’ve already got all of the attitude era PPV’s on the tagged classics DVD’s, plus most of the major Raw moments too (nearly all unblurred). This DVD will probably be a watered down version with blurring all over the place and annoying sidebars, so I’ll give this a miss.

  50. NickP says:

    The most entertaining era in WWE by far.. hopefully this dvd will help some of this PG era “Universe” realize just how good WWE was when they went balls to the wall and weren’t afraid to push the envelope.

    With the nWo, CM Punk, Brock Lesnar and The Attitude Era, this year is shaping up to be one of the best

  51. MillerTime136 says:

    The only good things that ecw ever did was RVD amazing wrestler and show off Elektra’s hot ass, she was banging sexy but not a Chyna or Sable or Trish sexy.

  52. Deadpool26 says:

    At GhostRider4 I can’t wait for this DVD/Blu-Ray should be amazing. I’m sure guys like Austin, HBK, Triple H, Rock, and others didn’t think how big the Attitude Era was, it was huge so much better than that ecw crap. Ecw was just for shock value and holy shit moments where the Attirude Era was well thought out and it worked.

  53. GhostRider4 says:

    Like this if you are pumped for this Attitude Era DVD/Blu-ray.

  54. Paul Zimo says:

    Christmas going to be great with nWo set and now the Attitude Era set. I be watching classic nWo and DX moments.

  55. Yeah Buddy says:

    Even this Jersey dude was an Attitude Era fan, I can’t even watch WWE now of days,miss the glory days of the Attitude Era.

  56. I don't give a bigen says:

    If you didn’t like the Attitude Era get the fuck out then pal. Best time to be a wrestling fan and a great family show for all the fans.

  57. Norm Doug says:

    This will be the second best DVD of the year behind the nWo one but still will be good.

  58. indyfan says:

    YES repeat o mania!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. IronMan22 says:

    I hope everything is not blurred out, it was part of the era pal, I sound like Shawn Michaels right there Yes! Yes! Yes! The Attitude Era was the right thing to do Vince good call and this DVD should be tv-14 or rated R not for Edge but restricted, hide the Little Jimmy’s Cena, I don’t think he would’ve survived during this Era.

  60. Captain America says:

    I hope this will be done great, start with the innovators of the Attitude Era, Shawn Michaels. Austin, DX, Rock, Jericho, and others but I hope they won’t add any dumb/stupid moments from the Attitude Era most of the memories/moments for me are DX, Austin/Vince, Rock, Y2J, Test vs Shane, Sable and the Divas, hell in the cell, and other good moments unlike Mae Young giving birth to a hand like what the fuck is that.

    • Bill Jones says:

      I 200% agree with you Captain America, DX and nWo both were my favorites and now were getting a DVD on them from the best Era to be a wrestling fan. One person who hated the Attitude Era was Brett Mix, he hated that Shawn Michaels and DX was owing Bret Hart on the mic and in the ring.

  61. Human Torch36 says:

    They could do a full chapter on DX, start with the formation of DX and included all their wild moments like the time Shawn triple H and Chyna were searching for Taker and they find a hurse and those girls popped out, jr said well obviously that’s not the Undertaker lol. Add the DX split too.

  62. Redneck Baller says:

    I hope it will have many DX moments on it and this is great first nWo and now this.

  63. t says:

    Hope we get Austin’s End of an Era, KOR Ladder Match and Over the Edge 1998 matches as well as Halftime Heat and the Raw Inferno Match. And some Goldust stuff incl. promos and the new years
    ‘s baby skit with Austin. And dozens of The Rock’s promos incl. the Armageddon 2000 enemies promo – that would be a must buy.

  64. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I watch the old Monday Night RAW shows on WWE Classics On Demand, and they actually do a very good job with blurring things. It’s hardly noticable, actually. Hopefully the blurring won’t be an issue with this release either.

  65. jgreeds says:

    Now THIS is going to be full of repeats.

  66. KarlKayfabian says:

    I hope this set doesn’t focus on RAW only, as many posts seem to assume. There are plenty of great, unreleased ppv matches from this era as well, such as the Final Four match, 6-pack challenge, and the Rock/Triple H Ironman match.

  67. UKWWEFan says:

    Its guna be good, i just hope they make a deal with the WWF pandas in court where they can request to not have the dvd blurred out etc, they can sort of make a agreement where they can mute out WWF when any says WWF and just have the big WWE block logo present at the bottom left screen instead of the scratch logo and leave everything else untouched no blurring on the turnbuckles, shirts, camera men etc,
    I would happily buy it like that but i am guna hold for a while when its released.
    I think the court should have done that in the first place when they made the agreement instead of having everything blurred and runining archive footage they should have made a agreement with wwe to have all wwf mentions muted out and the big wwe logo present at the bottom left sreen like for the old footage from the 80’s and early 90’s, then dvds would have not have been half ruined with blurring all over the place, imagine what the wrestlemania anthology would have been like from wrestlemania 14-18 hey?
    I just hope they make a agreement somehow,
    but i just highly doubt and wwe wont bother knowing what they are like and will just blur everything but if that is the case they better do a good job on the blurring, how horrendous was the wrestlemania 17 anthology blurring dreadful but i have the original version luckily.
    If everything is good then this will sell loads!!

  68. Joe Israel says:

    I’m VERY curious as to what a documentary about this era would be like. Should be an interesting doc. However, I am somewhat concerned that this DVD about the quality of the matches on the set. As I’ve gone back and watched old Attitude Era shows, I’ve discovered that outside of the 6 guys that were main eventing in this time period, the undercard matches usually were not very good. There could end up being a lot of stinkers on the set, even if they are fun to go back and revisit.

    • SRB says:

      Good points Joe. Looks like this could be another pass/fail situation. Hopefully this set is not filled to the brim with The Headbangers Vs. Hardcore Holly and Al Snow.

  69. Dave says:

    How are they going to do this when half of the video is blurred out due to the WWF scratch logo ban??? This would have been awesome prior to the ban!

  70. Steve says:

    Great concept but the blurring will be ridiculous.

  71. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Things just keep getting better and better…

    I absolutely cannot wait for this release. Especially on blu-ray.

  72. matt says:

    @srb WHAT! So the Bret vs. Shawn DVD and the Austin documentary werent good DVDs? Why?

    • SRB says:

      Bret/HBK was the DVD of last year without question. The in-depth, real life aspects of that DVD probably will never again be replicated on a set. As far as Austin, I think I’m the only one on this set who wasn’t too impressed with that DVD. But, I personally was never as big of an Austin fan as others are/were. The documentary on that DVD was great, but the matches were pretty poor in my view.

  73. SRB says:

    Last year I was pretty disapointed with WWE and their choice of releases. I felt like we really didnt get anything great. This year I have been very satasfied and very surprised. This year we are suppossed to get NWO, Rock/Cena, Attitude, Lesnar, 50 Finishers, and Punk and have already gotten Clash of the Champs, ECW, Falls Count Anywhere and The Rock. WWE is digging much deeper than they did last year and they deserve some credit. I always try to speak the truth and this year WWE has done an excellent job. And with the Attitude Era, it could easily be 4 discs.

  74. Anonymous says:


    Before anyone starts saying “But they released many attitude sets in the past” that is true but the content in the releases were pretty much the same thing but with this new set they can add lots of unreleased classics only the other day did I know that The Rock/Austin had a RAW match in 99!! The attitude era has only had a partial release this one needs to dig into the 00 content more because 15th anniversary DVD was shocking for 00/01/02 (02 not attitude era but still shocking)

  75. Scsa says:

    Finally! … Good news of a Great DVD/BLU-RAY set to my ears!!! I can’t wait!!! I hope its a 3/4 BLU-RAY SET!!! 😉

  76. DrFever says:

    25% of the screen will be blurred at at any given time, why they never just offered the panda a chunk of money is beyond me

    • Dave says:

      Because it doesn’t work like that in the real world. WWE can’t just pay Pandas money to use the initials. WWE lost in court and the right to use the WWF logo and initials. If anything they would have to go back to court with the Pandas to appeal.

      WWE and Vince were the ones that broke their original agreement back in 1994. Also in 2002 when the judge gave Vince two options – 1) continue using the logo but pay the pandas royalties or 2) change the logo and name.

  77. nick says:

    It will be the most blurred dvd of all time.

  78. Anonymous says:

    I’m so glad, I was starting to worry that the Attitude concept had morphed into the Falls Count Anywhere set as a finished product!

  79. Mark D says:

    I recall someone on this site way back in January boldly predicted Attitude as the WWE DVD release for before Christmas 2012…. 😉

  80. James Kitchenside says:

    Finally… I have been waiting for this. Even though I didnt watch wrestling during the attitude era, I just caught the end of it and from what I saw and have seen so far, I want more

  81. X-23 says:

    It should be like the Best of RAW sets. 1993 and 1994 got its own four disc set. 1997 and 1998 totally warrant the same. That could be Vol. 1, and 1999-2001 could be Vol. 2!

  82. nightmare says:

    Yea if it’s TV-14 and more than 3 disc your right just have to wait and see .

  83. Derick says:

    Oh Hell Yeah!

  84. Dan Mader says:

    If done correctly, and at least being a TV-14 rating, it could be one of the best ever.

    • Mark D says:

      I think given the number of TV-14 releases over the past year or two it’s a given that this will also be rated TV-14.

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