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  1. Ross says:

    I prefer the new reviewer anyway . Why would you read about everything in a match ? With Brett’s reviews I always skipped to the end to see how good the match was .

  2. Brad Attitude says:

    reading this is like reading something a ufc fighter did to piss dana white off.

  3. Harry Faversham says:

    Brett’s reasoning for this behaviour was so very odd. If he was such a big Macho fan then he should have known that the reason Randy wasn’t in the HOF was because he didn’t want to be unless the entire Poffo wrestling family were. Some may not feel the rest of the family deserve it but he obviously was proud of his family and wanted the Poffo’s to be on the same level as The Harts, Von Erichs, Maivias, Guerreros etc. Lanny Poffo had explained that right after Macho died, but Brett Mix obviously wasnt listening. So one more time….

    And to be honest with you, Macho doesn’t need to be in the Hall of Fame. If you were great people know it and you’ll never be forgotten ooooooooh yeaaaaaaaaah.

  4. SIEGE says:

    Wow Bret is a total moron. “WAHHHH WWE WON’T INDUCT SAVAGE”

  5. Dave says:

    LOL, wow that Brett guy is total loser and bitch. very, very creepy stuff. Probably better that the weirdo is gone.

  6. Shacmasta says:

    Wow…What can you really say after reading that.

  7. shame 🙁 cant we all just get along??

  8. Eric says:

    So he’s a ****ing idiot. Gotcha.

  9. Graham says:

    Typical Brett aka Austin101 from a forum I visit. Had a meltdown there (fake suicide) and now has another here. Legit retard. Savage will never enter the HOF and Brett will never be sane. Just the way it is.

  10. tom says:

    i never cared fro brett’s reviews. he couldn’t spell or structure a paragraph to save his life. his articles were like reading a grade 3’s attempt at a written review.

    but i do like that he has turned his back on the WWE for randy savage.
    WWE sucks. good on you, brett!

  11. William says:

    Brett can go suck it for all I care!

  12. ab says:

    this is a work

  13. NWO 4 Life says:

    I too was a Van Horn fan but, my team is the Lakers. I think what Chase36 was talking about is before Jason Kidd was traded to the Nets, Van Horn was the entire team during that time then he had help in Jason Kidd, Kerry Kities, Kenyon Martin. I thought him and Allen Iverson would work out in Philly but he was traded to the Bucks or Knicks.

  14. Evan says:

    Hold on a second… I just realized something. He kinda is right… Edge dosen’t deserve to shine the Macho Man’s boots. He’s just going about it in an absolutely ridiculous way. I liked the work he put into the reviews, although I thought some of his ratings (obvious bias towards Bret/Austin) were ridiculous, but HEY everybody’s entitled to their own opinion

    Not many may agree, but that’s how I feel.

  15. jasongoldsmith says:

    maybe wwe creative is reading this–great idea for a raw angle.
    oh wait–they had that and screwed it up lol

  16. tickc317 says:

    lol this is stupid. What the site got to do with the HOF? How old r u Brett? Have u got a screw loose?

  17. i love this site, and i love the drama! is this a work? lol. either way, peace out brett. daniel keep doing your thing. i wish somebody made this site years ago. its very informative.

    savage will be in the hall one day. i talked to lanny poffo 3 years ago at a wrestlemania party my buddy hired for him to host and he said the beef was bc savage had an issue with triple h….and was so upset with him he said some pretty bad disparaging things about stephanie mcmahon that peeved hunter and probably vince as well. but yo straight up….i think time will heal wounds and one of these years, savage will get his spot in the HOF.

  18. mikey says:

    lol what planet have you been on?? it’s a fact Vince is a prick, and i wasn’t judging him by his character because … that’s a character you weirdo, nice try babe x

  19. jgreeds says:


    You either be a) a die-hard Nets fan or b) related to Keith Van Horn. Keith Van Horn was a decent player and all, but Hall of Famer is a huge stretch. To say he is the reason the Nets weren’t the laughingstock make it sound like you aren’t even considering the fact the one of the best PGs in league history came in and was the reason the Nets went to the Finals that year. To say that MJ said the Nets were “no longer an easy win” because of him really doesn’t mean anything either. MJ was the best ever, but he has NO eye for talent whatsoever. Look at when he was running Washington and now Charlotte. Look at all the great talent MJ has found and drafted (heavy sarcasm there). MJ might be the worst athlete turned owner/GM ever. Seriously. Keith Van Horn finished his career averaging 16 points a game and less than 7 rebounds a game. He never made an All-Star team and never won any awards in the league. What about him makes him a Hall of Famer? Because a murderer and MJ said he was all right? Now if he was a great college baller and you could probably argue him into that Hall, but not the NBA. Come on, man.

  20. Chase36 says:

    Keith Van Horn was the reason the Nets were no longer the laughing stock of the NBA 1997-2002. Jason Williams the one who shot his limo driver said in his book that he (Van Horn) going to be a star he was somewhat and also in his book he said that MJ said the Nets are no longer an easy win got to play hard because of Van Horn.

  21. danzy678 says:

    wow this really sucks brett’s reviews were one of the main reason’s i came to the site, i will still come to the site though because i love it!

  22. Vincenzzzzzo says:


    You show how smart you are by judging a man off of his television character. You have absolutely ZERO facts to support your theory. Try again, thanks.

  23. jgreeds says:

    @Chase36 Really? Keith Van Horn? Yikes

  24. oldschool says:

    Just wish him his future endeavors (like john laurinaitis) and move on. I am sure you can find others who would be more than willing to take his place. Like the website bro….

  25. mikey says:

    Vince is a prick we all know that, look at all the guys who have died like Umaga,Lance Cade,Test ect ect, the wwe never cared, it’s good this guy has made his own little stand against Vince, Vince don’t give a shit about any of us, it makes me laugh when ppl defend wwe, fuck them, fuck Vince

  26. Anonymous says:

    To be fair db why don’t u just get another reviewer. Bretts reviews were sub par at best, all he did was review the actual ppv, no mention of DVD extras, quality, cover, Easter eggs. His reviews belong on a wrestling website that solely is for reviewing the matches not the DVDs

  27. Harry Faversham says:


    Where the fuck did you get that idea!? Shawn Michaels is one of my favourite wreslters. I just tell the truth as I see it. I wouldn’t say Brett Mix was my buddy either. We’ve never met and we’re not likely to. I thought he was insane to review Over The Edge 1999 and to be honest I let him know all about it. He also made some proper twat comments about the British Bulldog. Like I said I didnt agree with him all the time, but I liked reading the reviews all the same.

    Its nice of you to speak for me. You would put words in people’s mouths if you ever got the chance.

  28. Rory says:

    Unbelievable. If I were you Daniel, I would ignore him from now on. He seems to enjoy the attention.

    Keep the site going. It’s a fantastic resource. The reviews were ok, the news is what makes it. You can always get more reviewers.

  29. Daniel Bee says:

    Good to hear from you Throwback/Migs.

    Brett, it’s easy to say you told me you were not going to review but in reality what you said to me then was that you are not reviewing for the time being because of your feelings over Savage/HOF. That was no indication of never reviewing ever again and deleting the ones you did in the past.

    Regardless of it all, thanks for your contributions.

  30. Chase36 says:

    I’m not happy that Keith Van Horn is not in the Basketball Hall of Fame oh no I better quit watching NBA and basketball in general. Van Horn was a baller but he didn’t win a championship and unfourtally they judge by championships.

  31. jgreeds says:

    Wow. This Brett guy is a total fool. Get a grip on your life man

  32. Brad Attitude says:

    i can understand why brett is annoyed at savage not being in the HOF.

    i’m still waiting for wwe to lighten up on chris benoit and all he did for the company.

  33. Nate says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo but u cant brett i read ur reviews b4 i buy dvds will u do ur own website for reviews.

  34. Brett Mix says:

    70 responses and everyone knows me. I’ll take it. Say what you want about all of this, I could care less. I stick to my morals.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I’m pissed Pete Rose isn’t in the HoF I don’t go boycotting the MLB because of it I get over and Edge is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and deserving of a 1st ballot entry
    Sure there are certain people in there that probably shouldn’t and there are people like Randy Savage & Ultimate Warrior who should but this year has been a good year Edge, The Four Horseman, Mike Tyson, & Ron Simmons and who knows Macho Man might still get in this year

  36. Anonymous says:

    Fuck u Brett

  37. NWO 4 Life says:

    Brett Mix has left the building lol.

  38. Brett Mix says:

    I wasn’t going to post here because I don’t like Drama, that’s why me and Mr. Bee got along well for a couple of years.

    First of all I’d like to say thanks to everyone who enjoyed the reviews, and to Daniel. He does a great job here and everyone should continue to support him. I don’t really appreciate him putting our private convo public, but whatever, it’s HIS site. He does this, I don’t. My OWN work was my OWN and I felt I HAD MY OWN right to take it down. I told him I wasn’t going to review anymore but wasn’t clear to him about taking down my stuff. I have it saved anyway but I am trying to take a stand.

    To the people who say “Who’s Brett Mix anyway?” Well certainly if you clicked on this link and took the time to reply you know who I am. So you need to get out of denial. And yes, I know me not reviewing will not hurt Vince McMahon but if enough of our voices are heard, eventually it will.

    I’m not trying to hurt this site because of something the WWE does, I’m more-so doing it for selfish reasons and that’s it.


  39. Anonymous says:

    reminds me of the time I stopped washing my junk to protest the berlin wall..took about 4 years but what a glorious 1989 it was

  40. Anonymous says:

    that was awesome! I wouldn’t be too upset DBEE, you can do better..hell you have about 65 others right here who could do better

  41. Anonymous says:

    Someone just went full retard.

  42. Jeremy42 says:

    Seems like that Harry guy lost his buddy in Brett leaving. Harry and Brett would bury the legacy of Shawn Michaels ever chance they got.

  43. Jeffrey Evans says:

    Good to hear from throwbackchampion. I thought he dissapeared lol hope to see some new stuff on throwback’s site

  44. m.blier says:

    this wrestling dvd site is the best on the daniel bee keep up the good work.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Change your diaper Brett and warm up your bottle. This is taking the whole Savage/HOF thing to a whole new level. You’re pissed at Vince so you take it out on a site that has no direct affiliation with WWE??? That makes a whole lotta sense. Let’s keep in mind, WWE is strictly entertainment, it’s not real folks, and unfortunately Brett didn’t realize that, and took the Savage exclusion too much to heart. I’m going to shit my pants laughing if Savage is inducted into next year’s HOF.

  46. Isrs4life says:

    Randy Savage does not want into the hall of fame.
    Well thats what his wishes were for tell him Dan

  47. Harry Faversham says:

    Brett is probably on holiday in the Bahamas somehwere writing lots of reviews under a big umbrella, waiting to make his surprise return to wwedvdnews with a big review of Wrestlemania 28…on April fools day! Then he will cut a promo in review form saying it was all a work. Although if that did happen he’d look pretty silly because most of the comments on here have been very negative about him. Turns out a lot of people think his reviews suck (Not including myself). But the more I think about it, its too stupid not to be a joke. If Brett really is worried about being associated with Vince McMahon I don’t think Vince knows about it. If it isn’t a joke maybe one day Brett will unscrew Brett. If its not a joke then obviously he’s taking the Brett ‘barrage’ elsewhere.

  48. Hey d.bee i’m not leavin, I’m still here though. Like i said still no lack of exclusives from my hobby’s end. manage to sidestep from WWE BD’s & DVD’s but still maintaining. Anyways Promise will post something new in hopefully in weeks time. -throwbackchampion

  49. Hey d.bee i’m not leavin, I’m still here though. Like i said still no lack of exclusives from my hobby’s end. manage to sidestep from WWE BD’s & DVD’s but still maintaining. Anyways Promise will post something new in hopefully in weeks time. -throwbackchampion

  50. Anonymous says:

    lol i love how he freaks out cuz his choldhood idol isnt in the hall of fame yet, get over it dude! It’s just wrestling!

  51. Jon says:

    Anyone else wondering if this is a work?
    But seriously, how old is this guy? What an incredibly immature thing to do, and for such a silly reason! Just as is becoming an online bible for WWE DVD buyers, he does something stupid like that when he has the opportunity to become a well known reviewer. He’ll regret it, but too late now.

  52. Charisma says:

    I would rather have a reviewer that summarizes matches and discusses the psychology of the match. Those move for move summaries were boring to read and I often had to highlight longer reviews since they dragged past the website formatting.

  53. SRB says:

    @The Kliq 4 Life. WM25 against HBK was easily Undertaker’s greatest WM match. I’m with ya

  54. The Kliq 4 Life says:

    SRB and Steven40 knows that HBK vs Undertaker 1 from Mania 25 was a five star match and Brett buried it by saying the climax was who was going to kick out next and watching that match I really thought Shawn was going to end the streak. I think he gave the match 7/10 or 6/10.

  55. NWO 4 Life says:

    Totally unprofessional by Brett, he had an awesome job reviewing WrestleMania’s and DVD’s on great superstars but to take a stand just because one of the greatest wrestling talents is not in the Hall of Fame is crazy. Macho Man should’ve been inducted a long time ago but I know oneday he will go in and Brett wanted him to go in now.

  56. SRB says:

    @CM Vag… I dont even know where to start with you

  57. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    @CM Vag

    A big loss? All he did was word for word explain what happened in the matches. My 7 month old niece could do that. Better too.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Good riddance. He was awful anyways, he posted smarky shit for the sake of sounding like he had half a clue what he’s talking about. Cena/Rock isn’t bigger than Flair/Steamboat or Dynamite Kid/Tiger Mask? It most likely won’t be BETTER than those matches (not much is), but it’s certainly a much bigger match.

  59. CM Vag says:

    you all there just stop crying and talking trash!! his reviews were NOT awful!! Addmit it! it is a BIG lost but we can’t do anything… He is a big man and he has the mind to think what is right :$

  60. GSK says:

    Who’s going to do reviews now? I know I would like to! Brett’s reasons don’t make sense, why take it out on this site?

  61. chrono says:

    His reviews are nothing more than going chapter to chapter, typing a summary of what he watched, and then attaching a number rating to the end of it. Imagine a movie reviewer typing ten paragraphs describing the plot, and then wrapping it up by saying “Eh I’ll give it a 7”.

    Basically what I’m saying is that anyone can do what he did, and probably will. The site moves on with one less drama queen attached to it. Onward and upward.

  62. Mark D says:

    Ooh yeah… dig it!

    I am more concerned about those comments which are missing – I’m sure they were a better read than Brett’s reviews! LOL

  63. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Nevermind, I was thinking of another website and someone elses profile pic LOL.

  64. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    You know what? deleting reviews he did for WWE DVD’s because Randy Savage hasn’t YET been inducted into a hall of fame WWEDVDNews has nothing to do with?

    What are you Brett Mix…6 years old? I never liked seeing his fat head next to my favorite pay-per-view posters anyway. Dude looked like he rolled out of bed and took a profile pic.

    Daniel, great site my friend. Brett Mix never contributed anything great anyway. His lame sarcasm in his reviews, that I barely ever read anyway, I can do without.

    Someone else can now review stuff. The web site will be better than before. I think its cool if different people review different PPV and DVD’s. Keeps it fresh.

    Brett Mix. What a childish, cowardly excuse for backing out on one of your friends. What this site has to do with the Hall of Fame boggles my brain. Daniel, he’s better off gone. McMahon could care less about Brett Mix. Who the !@$ is Brett Mix, anyway?

  65. indyfan says:

    I really enjoyed Bretts reviews. That sucks!!

  66. Harry Faversham says:

    Bloody hell. I like this site a lot, but I didn’t realise this site was being run by a bunch of bloody kids. I thought Blackford was immature beyond belief, but come on. Daniel Bee has always come across as very professional and I’m surprised you took this measure Mr. Bee, but you obviosuly had your reasons.

    Frankly I’m shocked, mostly because the Hall of Fame IS a work. Its just another nice part of the show. And my understanding was that Savage didn’t want to be in without his father and Lanny anyway. So unless the Genius goes in there (which would be a bit silly), they would posthumously be going against Randy’s wishes. It would also be hyprocritcal if its true that Randy asked them to put his father in they declined when they will still alive. It would be hyprocritcal. Savage obviously deserves it, but for Brett to tear down all of his hard work is ‘madness’. Its also crazy to make a stand against wwe because without wwe this site wouldnt exist and Savage might not even be famous. He certainly wouldnt have been wwe champion without wwe.

    Regarding Brett though. His reviews were great, not that I agreed with him all the time and he wasnt always the expert he thought he was. But his efforts will be missed. But my advice too Daniel Bee is to be careful who he works with because its obvious there are a lot of crazed fans on the interent who are out of touch with reality. Blackford posts a few videos on youtube and thinks he’s a fucking movie star! But of course I dont know any of you personally and this private conversation wasnt intended for me to read. Just remember there is a real world out there that goes beyond wrestling and computers.

    That’s just my take on it, but I’m not god of internet bust ups and I know this is personal between the two of you.

    Daniel Bee, you should be proud of everything you’ve done on this site. Its cool. I hope everything will be ok.

    Brett Mix will be missed.

  67. Andrew says:

    I hardly ever comment here. But this really spoke to me.

    And Brett, way to show Vince that you dont approve…by screwing over all of your readers and your friends. Nice one mate!

    Im sure Vince is really kicking himself now about not inducting Savage!

  68. Leave it Ta Beaver says:

    I thought Shaun Blackford also runs this site?

  69. Paul Cava says:

    This Brett lad is a crackpot, with some serious issues. How can anyone get so worked up over a tv programme. It’s called a Hall of Fame but it doesn’t really mean anything to anyone outside of the WWE!! Brett, if you read this – Get a grip on reality, there’s people at war out there and your bitching and crying over a tv show, man up ffs.

  70. Evan says:

    Damn… This site belongs to all of us who love WWE DVDs and Wrestling in general, so it’s a shame when an individual’s ego causes them to react in such a childish way.

    I enjoyed Brett’s reviews, I really did. His format was great, but I thought that he let his biased opinions get in the way sometimes, mainly his love for Bret matches.

    I’m a huge fan of the star rating system, so I hope the next reviewer carries this as well. This is OUR site, so why don’t we have a review team ? We could have 4-5 people doing reviews every week.

    There are huge possibilities. We could have one PPV guy, one Individual set guy, and a person who reviews the latest DVDS when they are released. Sooner or later, this site could have the biggest WWE DVD review archive in the world, which would attract many fans to the site.

    I’m open to doing 1-2 reviews a week if you would like. My reviews aren’t play-by-play based as Brett’s, but I think they’re damn good.

    Keep doing what you love Daniel. Good luck.

  71. Kcaz says:

    You should have fans of the website submit a review of a latest DVD and you choose the next that way.

  72. Simon says:

    LOL. Good riddance – his reviews were fucking awful.

  73. Geolink says:

    Really liked Brett’s reviews. What a shame. What a way to end a business relationship… I understand Brett’s grief over Randy’s snub from the Hall of Fame but that’s no reason to quit a job.

    I applaud Daniel over the way he handled it because I would of also been pissed if a person that works with me just decides to take all his work from the formula and just quit.

  74. Geolink says:


  75. Party Hardy22 says:

    I saw what Steven40 during HBK’s My Journey and Brett Mix should’ve at least said something about it during his review.

  76. SRB says:

    @Steven40. He is one of the greatest of all time, without a doubt. I could care less about his drug use, he kept it in check and got over it. HBK’s usage turned him into a man and made him realize what he was missing, his life, his friends and his family, unlike my other favorites like Rick Rude, Davey Boy and Mr. Perfect. RIP.

  77. Steven40 says:

    @SRB, Shawn might’ve been doing all kinds of drugs but he was putting on a show everytime he would wrestle. The bump he took being back dropped on the casket probably made him mad because he was at the top of his game and had to retire. I was a huge DX fan of late 1997-till he left after Mania14.

  78. Jeff Copeland says:

    wow this is really stupid a internet arugment over a website wow and i thought wrestlezone youtube and 411 mainas trolls were worse but wow brett came off like a 5 year old kid who got this toy taken away o waaa waa waa so savage wont go in who cares a fake hall of fame is a joke anyway its a politcal game to see who will bow down to vince mcmahon and his crones seriously well fine let him go when 1 window closes another opens so o well god forbid he will come back in a few weeks or months saying i was wrong boo hoo and if he dont o well world moves on anyway daniel its no big deal theres other people who wanna do reviews dont let it get to ya

  79. SRB says:

    I’m on the fence with the posting of the conversation. I totally understand DB’s reasons. Who wants to receive 85 emails about “Why is Brett Mix no longer with WWE DVD News?” Perhaps a post could have stated, “Brett has decided to part ways with WWE DVD News.” But, what Brett did was wrong and with the possible loss of every review he has ever done, compromised the site and future reviews. Brett took a low blow and DB retaliated. No one should be getting on DB’s case, he’s only trying to defend himself and at least he respects us enough to tell and show the truth. Just my opinion but why would DB try and cover up the truth over someone who was a friend, contributed to the site for years and then left him/us and deleted his reviews. Was that professional? DB’s professionalism is the last thing I’m questioning here.

  80. NWO 4 Life says:

    Brett is taking this Hall of Fame for Macho Man a tad bit too serious, me being a Shawn Michaels fan, I knew he was going to get in the Hall of Fame oneday but I thought it was a little bit too early for him to go in but I’m glad he went in last year. His last year you could tell it was going to be his last.

  81. King Wakkus says:

    Bretts reviews were frustating, badly structured & gramatically poor. His personal opinions always got in the way of an unbiased review. His rating system was also flawed.
    I stopped reading his reviews based solely on his personality. Some of the stuff he said was ridiculous.
    And theres no excuse for the digs he took at Nora Greenwald.
    Good riddance.

  82. Daniel Bee says:

    Agreed it’s pretty unprofessional of me to post the above conversation. I was going for transparency for you readers because Brett’s been here since the beginning, and therefore there will be a lot of questions as to why he’s gone. Not to mention your most recent site comments are lost because of this. Posting the raw conversation was to help you make your own minds up. The news continues as normal and a new reviewer will be here eventually. Thanks for visiting as often as you all do.

  83. Anonymous says:

    The Hall of Fame is a WWE Show, and thus needs to sell tickets. That means all the big names can’t go in at once. One of the big mistakes they made was having Hogan and Piper in the same class. Also you can’t have to many dead wrestlers in one class. So guys like Rick Rude and Davey Boy Smith get pushed back while Koko B Ware and Hacksaw get it.

  84. Anonymous says:

    This is one of the lamest things I’ve ever seen.

  85. Chris says:

    Honestly doesn’t surprise me that he’d do this, he is the same person who pretended he was going to commit suicide to try and get attention on a forum. He also went off with the same bullshit on there about the reviews being his property and wanting them removed.

  86. Professionalism says:

    There’s a huge lack of professionalism on both parts here but it’s easy to understand why Dan is pissed. That said, you’d think he’d be grateful for the money he’s earned through the reviews so it’s swings and round-abouts. Either way, Brett shouldn’t have pulled the content and Dan shouldn’t have posted the above conversation.

    As for Savage. There was a story going around years ago that Savage had sex with Steph and given her age at the time and the relationship that Vince had with Savage – that’s not something people just forget. Even so, it’s a crazy reason to boycott the WWE and an even crazier reason to pull content from this site.

  87. SRB says:

    @Steven40 and @King. Well said, agree 100%

  88. Marty says:

    I’ve enjoyed Brett’s reviews, but count me in the group who feels Brett is taking the HOF thing way too seriously, or is not looking at it openly enough. People blame Vince and the WWE for not inducting certain guys, but how many times have we heard guys wanting certain conditions for their inductions, or just flat-out turning them down. Bruno’s turned them down. Backlund’s turned them down, feeling that he has one more run in him (according to Jim Ross). King Kong Bundy apparently turned them down, wanting more money than what they were offering to induct him. Honky Tonk Man has mentioned that going into the HOF will screw up his indy opportunities for contractual reasons. As far as Savage goes, the only thing we’ve heard is that he didn’t want to go in unless his father goes in along with him, according to Lanny Poffo. There’s always two sides. And that’s with a worked HOF, where first, before all that, Vince has to want you in to begin with.

    But even if it wasn’t worked, even if it was a “legit” HOF, well, look at a lot of other HOFs. I’m an old-school NFL fan, and I’m still waiting for guys like Jerry Kramer, Isiah Robertson, Alex Karras and Jim Marshall to still get in the HOF. Let’s switch to music: How the heck are bands like Iron Maiden, KISS and the Moody Blues STILL not in the RnR HOF? At the end of the day, as disappointing as those things are, it doesn’t make me stop enjoying those hobbies.

    I’ll miss Brett on this site, his reviews were very good and well-detailed, but I hope he winds up realizing all the factors that go into the WWE HOF, as well as other HOFs. Regardless, I wish him well.

  89. Bryan says:

    It’s very odd all of this I will truly miss Brett his reviews helped me grow my non Big 4 collection of DVDs anyways Daniel and the rest of the boys keep up the great work

  90. mike buzzard says:

    Daniel, in my opinion you should delete the conversation part of this article. It makes your site seem amateur. And may affect any profesdional relationship you hope to build or grow with the wwe. Just asuggestion because you have worked hard and grown and i would hate to se.e that stopped

  91. RabidHeat says:

    1) His obsession with Macho Man Randy Savage is a little childish.

    2) This site isn’t run by WWE, is it? So I don’t get his reasoning that taking DVD reviews off of this website could have anything to do with Savage being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Even if it did, he will be inducted ONE day, why does it matter that it’s not this year? How old is this guy, 12? Lol.

    3)Kind of equally unprofessional of Daniel Bee to copy and paste the private conversation to us all, particular since it’s basically a heated argument and slanging match that contains (in some cases uncensored) profanity, and should really be kept between the two of you if you want your website to appear smooth and professionally run. Did Brett agree to to the conversation being copied and posted punblicly on the website that he has stated he does no longer want to be a part of?

    In short, settle down children, and get a grip. We’ll get our DVD reviews on Amazon, lol. It’s all subject to opinion anyway!

  92. King says:

    @Steven40 I’m the biggest Shawn fan, but he was certainly on almost every drug in the planet in the 90s. He’s admitted many times, but still has some of the greatest matches in the history of the business

  93. Steven40 says:

    SRB speaks the truth, he did favor Stone Cold, The Harts, and whoever he liked all the damn time. One thing he did got me, Brett was a wrestling DVD reviewer on the Shawn Michaels My Journey set, it was the Royal Rumble casket match HBK vs Undertaker and when Shawn was coming out if you pause it at the right second or see it this hot chick in the nose-bleed seats was flashing the camera and he never even noticed it during his review of Shawn Michaels My Journey. Everytime me or someone else who bring up Shawn Michaels he would always say great worker but a drughead blah blah blah, Shawn never did that and if he did he had better matches like everyone saids.

  94. King says:

    How can anyone really be that affected by Macho Man not being the HOF. I love Savage and yeah he deserves it. The real reason Macho isn’t inducted has nothing to do with Vince. The Poffo family wanted to be inducted with Macho and his brother nor father have any business close to the Hall of Fame. I just don’t understand being this mad about the situation.

  95. SRB says:

    Ok, well it seems real based on the conversation and if it is indeed real and not a “work” here are my thoughts. Brett’s main role on the site, as far as I understand was to write in-depth reviews on pay per views and DVD releases. Let me say, that never once did I really agree with his views. His opinions were biased and harsh from the start and I felt like if a match didn’t have Austin in it then it was a complete dud to him. He favored Austin matches rather than classics and did not give credit to good storylines or wrestling talent. Frankly, I am glad he is no longer contributing to the site and I feel the crew can get someone better to discuss wrestling as a whole rather than throwing in Austin 3:16 at every chance. I was really getting sick of seeing “6.5/10” when the pay per views and the talent involved gave it their all. For someone who loved the business you would have expected less trash talk. He has argued and called people names on the site many times and told people to go get their news elsewhere, which is plain rude. People come to the site voluntarily and because you guys do a great job and because the site provides recent news and complete articles. People don’t come here for wrestling to be a mockery and for it to glorify Austin. And to leave and delete everything because Savage isn’t in the HOF??? Really?? Lot’s of guys deserve to be in the HOF that aren’t there. Funny enough just like Austin in 2002, it looks like Brett Mix took his ball and went home without notice. Way to take the unprofessional route and duck and run just like Austin did.

  96. Gambit36 says:

    He does deserve a spot on the Hall of Fame and he should’ve went in this year but like Nash14 said what can we do about Vince not liking him and Triple H write a letter to them saying he should or not watch WWE anymore even though it’s not exciting like the Attitude Era oh no the Little Jimmy’s be mad about that.

  97. Daniel Bee says:

    I didn’t disagree with Brett on his thoughts about Savage deserving a spot in the Hall of Fame though. Clearly my outrage was about his sudden actions as relates to the content of this site.

    This is real, SRB :). I’d rather get this out there than have people emailing weekly about why those reviews have stopped. Only person it’s protecting to keep this private is Brett.

    I’ll bring in a new reviewer once I find the right person. You can always contact me anytime using

  98. DX1 says:

    Brett Mix screwed WWEDVDNEWS worse than Bret Hart did himself in Montreal lol.

  99. Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t all that have been kept private?

  100. Joe says:

    The Hall of Fame is a work. Someone takes this stuff waaaaaaaaaay too serious. Savage has been in the actual Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame for years.

  101. Nash14 says:

    Me and Brett had our disagreements on Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart situation but I sorta of agree with him on this, Macho Man is way long overdue for Hall of Fame. But seriously what can we do to get him in, Vince doesn’t like him neither does Triple H because supposedly Macho Man was fucking Stephanie. I wish Brett the best in the future. Keep reviewing DVD’s your good at what you do.

  102. Felix says:

    That’s very unfortunate that he let his pride get in the way of something he helped and contributed to. What’s your plans? Look for a new reviewer?

  103. @TheMorrisMethod says:

    Wow that is terrible. It is your content after all. Especially if you paid Brett. I used to love reading his reviews. I suspect something else is going on here.

  104. SRB says:

    Come on! Is this real? I’ve gotta find out if this is real or fake then I’ll give my thoughts. Either way this site better keep moving. It’s one of my reasons for owning a computer