Get WrestleMania 27 DVD Early, New Blu-ray & Raw 20th Anniversary DVD?

May 2, 2011 by Daniel Bee

The WrestleMania 27 Collector’s Edition DVD was added to WWEShop today momentarily but since taken down. All editions should be on there any time now. Order yours by clicking below!

Can’t wait until May 10th? An eBay seller already has the 2-Disc WrestleMania 27 DVD in an auction with the official event program, and it ends in in less than 2 days. Place your bids if you want WM27 early!

Latest word is the Blu-ray release of WWE Capitol Punishment 2011 (formerly Fatal 4-Way) in North America will be a double disc Blu-ray set. That being two BD discs, not a combo pack with the DVD. Before that, Extreme Rules and Over the Limit 2011 will also be released on Blu-ray but these are planned to be single disc releases. View the release dates in the sidebar. reports that WWE have already begun working on a Raw 20th Anniversary DVD set due out in late 2012. We’re unable to verify that as it’s beyond the 2011 schedule but it’s feasible that such a release would be planned to commemorate twenty years of the show.

Best Buy’s $12.99 WWE DVD sale continues, which includes The True Story of WrestleMania. Take a look over here for the best deals.

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  1. Daniel Bee says:

    The wrestling news sites have to be speculating only at this point.

  2. Bryan says: said the anniversary set might be a 5 disc DVD set or 3 disc Blu Ray would this mean they would actually upgrade older footage to Blu Ray? Like full 1:78:1 aspect ratio or in other words full screen and not 1:33:1 cropped with the bars on both sides.

  3. Daniel Bee says:

    @DeadFan Heard nothing at all on it.

    @Shaun Besides Extreme Rules, all these PPVs will probably end up released on Blu by Silvervision anyway. It’s shocking to me that USA doesn’t have even one exclusive BD so far :p

    @Vincenzzzzzo Not sure what you meant. Just delivering DVD news.

  4. Tim says:

    I think the only way that a Raw XX set will work is with a documentary feature. You could also instead of just throwing a load of matches and moments on disc 2 and 3; you could get members of the current roster and legends each to pick and introduce & comment on a Raw moment then show that moment/match. Or you do a feature like “The Forgotten Raw” and do classic forgotten moments and matches.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Bit of a rubbish idea considering 2009-2012 will likley have been released with their own 3 disc sets anyway.

  6. richie says:

    I think they should just release a 2008-12 3 disc set.

  7. DeadFan37 says:

    @Daniel Bee, this is WAY off topic but, have you heard any rumblings of a new legends of wrestling set coming?
    I loved the first set and want more.

  8. thomas says:

    nooooo i beg wwe to continue with the dvd/ blu ray combo pack btw good to know about the raw dvd

  9. Shaun Blackford says:

    ive got a guy buying blus in usa for me. silvervision can suck my nuts on this one

  10. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I’ll go on record and state WWE will eventually release a wrestlemania 28 DVD sometime in the future….. (sarcasm).

  11. Anonymous says:

    Releasing Raw by season was such a better idea in the long run than firing out less meaningful compilations. I think most fans will have a favourite era and it just makes sense. BUT they obviously realised they were onto something their fans would actually want so thought they better stop.

  12. Rob L says:

    Good idea Alan.

  13. Alan says:

    For the Raw 20th Anniversary, they should just make one more disc (covering 2008-2012) and re-package it with the previous 15th Anniversary DVD set. The one disc could also be sold as a standalone for those who own the existing 15th Anniversary set.

  14. Bryan says:

    Hey WWE how about you keep releasing the old Seasons of Raw 95/96, 97/98 and so on and stop pumping out these cheap anniversary DVD sets!

  15. Dave says:

    Maybe the 2nd disc of Capitol Punishment Blu-ray will finally include the RAW and SD shows leading to the PPV.

  16. Austin says:

    I hope that if the 20th anniversary dvd is true, hopefully its not a rehash of the 15th anniversary

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