Change to ‘Signature Sounds: The Music of WWE’, Batista DVD In The Works?

February 11, 2014 by Daniel Bee

Signature Sounds: The Music of WWE DVD

Signature Sounds: The Music of the WWE releases on March 18th (pre-order). As you’ve heard, early information on it revealed an approximate runtime of 2 hours. However, according to the BBFC the runtime of the DVD will be 1 hour and 12 minutes.

The DVD being classified by the BBFC is also significant because it indicates a planned UK release, all but confirming that will soon be selling it.

An extra on the DVD looks to be the Shawn Michaels “Tell Me A Lie” tribute video. The only other details currently known are that up to 25 tracks will be profiled in the feature, in addition to new interviews with composer Jim Johnston.

WWE Ramped Up Videos & Jimmy Hart Keep on Rockin' DVDs

The winner of our recent “Music of WWE” themed giveaway was Chris Frum.

Kayfabe Commentaries Wrestling's Most Crappy Gimmick

In 2 weeks will release another “Wrestling’s Most…” countdown which, in conjunction with WrestleCrap, looks at the worst gimmicks in wrestling history.

A synopsis for the DVD has been revealed which reads as follows:

On Feb 25 we will close out the season 2 cast with “Wrestling’s Most … Crappy Gimmick” brought to you by KC and our friends at Wrestlecrap! We gave you Wrestlecrap’s carefully selected list of 20 of the worst gimmicks ever to see the light of day, and you voted in droves.

We had the stars count down the top 5 and now you’ll get to see what happens when Nash, Russo, Finlay, New Jack, Meanie, and the rest of the season 2 gang reveal “Wrestling’s Most … Crappy Gimmick!”

Tommy Dreamer has revealed that he was interviewed for WWE’s new Paul Heyman documentary, which is slated for a DVD and Blu-ray release in August.

Recently Joey Styles, Jim Ross and Bill Apter confirmed their involvement also.

ECW Originals - Paul Heyman, Joey Styles & Tommy Dreamer

There are hints of WWE possibly producing a new Batista DVD this year. Dave Bautista posted up photos on his official Facebook page (like the one shown below), with the hashtag “#WWEHomeVideo”. This would be the second Batista DVD put out by the company to date, following “I Walk Alone” in 2009. We’ll confirm the release when details are known.

WWE included “Batista – Best Matches” as a new DVD idea on a survey last September.

WWE Filming New Batista DVD

WDN reader Kevindeep sends word that have now sold out of the RAW 20th Anniversary DVD box set. Amazon Canada was one of the last places still selling the limited edition DVD at its regular price, now offered only by third party sellers on the site.

WWE Raw 20th Anniversary Collection DVD Box Set

Two copies of the “RAW20” DVD box set are ending today on eBay:

RAW 20th Anniversary Collection – $76.00

RAW 20th Anniversary Collection – $81.00


Speaking of eBay, this seller has several rare WWF DVDs listed as 1 day auctions.

Rare WWF Survivor Series 2001 DVD

Below are new release dates for upcoming WWE DVD/Blu-ray titles in the United Kingdom, according to Amazon and passed along by Steven Watson.

In some cases the UK release is just 1 week or less before the street date for the United States. For “Wrestling’s Greatest Factions” the UK release may come first as it is currently down for 1 day before the US. Keep an eye on for official details soon.

Ultimate Warrior – The Ultimate Collection – April 7 (US: April 1)
Royal Rumble 2014 – April 14 (US: February 25)
Best Of RAW – After The Show – April 28 (US: April 22)
WCW Greatest PPV Matches – Volume 1 – May 5 (US: March 11)
Elimination Chamber 2014 – May 12 (US: March 25)
Wrestling’s Greatest Factions – May 26 (US: May 27)
Wrestlemania 30 – June 9 (US: May 13)

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. Spritz1999 says:

    Batista left in 2010… what else can they possibly put in to a new Batista dvd they didn’t put in to the 2009 one?

  2. alva says:

    Why Kane vs Bryan ant wm30. Fans are gonna be mad when they find

  3. ekkoes4life says:

    wh*oring pro wrestling.. sounds something that could have cum from the attitude era.. if ya know what I mean.. 😉

  4. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I’m glad to see Bill Apter being more involved with WWE recently, especially writing columns on the WWE website. If anyone has a chance to check out the article, I highly reccomend it. Paul Heyman’s DVD set should be very informative to say the least. Looking forward to it.

    I starting to think Tommy Dreamer is the wh*re of pro wrestling. He pops up everywhere. TNA one week, WWE the next, Independent show the next. Lol.

  5. ALK says:

    So I guess Vince thinks we all say BOOTISTA at events then…

  6. Simon Felx says:

    Ahhh goddd damnn ittt do we really need an other set on batista

  7. ekkoes4life says:

    at least Brock Lesnar can wrestle and perform..and his re-release was loaded with great matches and OMG moments…(Hardy’s smashing chair shots on Brock’s head..and the Beast keep being on his feet is soooo amazing)

    Batista had some great matches, especially Hell in a Cell against The Game and The Undertaker.. but he will never remain more than a mediocore character in my book.

  8. SRB says:

    “I Walk Alone” was more than enough of Batista. He does not deserve another DVD set due to his inability to actually wrestle. Plus, his career really was covered in the set. You had a documentary and plenty of matches showcasing his in-ring worth. If he is in many high profile matches, then release something on him at the end of the year. But, make it more about it his current run. Don’t start over with OVW and Evolution.

  9. Mr. Hesse says:

    Blue Meanie talking about the worst gimmicks is pretty laughable.

  10. David says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Batista DVD is just a re-release of “I Walk Alone” with extra footage and new matches – similar to Brock Lesnar Collector’s Edition.

    • isrs4life says:

      I like your idea there that was well put in. Hes had a few after 2008 but I wouldnt
      include him vs. randy orton from extreme rules in a steel cage match now that was
      awful and I saw that on youtube.

    • ALK says:

      True, and it was also not released on Blu Ray so it would p[probably be easy to up the old interview footage to full HD….

    • Jeff Copeland says:

      yea i see that with just some new stuff his heel turn leaving hollywood blah then his return in 2014 like u said but really was there anything match wise they left off maybe one of matches from 2010 vs cena or another edge and taker match vs punk from gab 08 was not to bad but thats it really

  11. ekkoes4life says:

    “…WWE included “Batista – Best Matches” as a new DVD idea on a survey last September.” – well, was’nt his best matches already on “I walk alone”? Unless, yet another compilation release with repeats from another releases!?

    I know.. his late 2009, early 2010 time with WWE isn’t covered on “I walk alone”…and the Backlash 2005 match against HHH was missed..but still.. not that great. Think, that will be a pass, but, I been surprised before, so let’s see. 🙂

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