Chris Benoit’s Inclusion in WWE Satans Prison DVD – Commentary Edits

July 14, 2010 by Daniel Bee

As reported, the newly released WWE “Satan’s Prison” DVD includes the full New Year’s Revolution 2005 Elimination Chamber match featuring Chris Benoit. However there are some edits in the commentary involving him whereby anything praising Benoit has been removed, replaced by gaps in the voice over audio.

Strangely, other bits of commentary such as Jerry Lawler proclaiming “Benoit landed right on his head” at one point in the match have been left in, which is quite surprising given head trauma and brain damage have often been linked as a contributing factor to Chris Benoit’s actions in the double murder suicide of 2007. Also, it was this match which saw Benoit performing a diving headbutt from the top of the Elimination Chamber structure, which remains in the DVD.

As expected Chris Benoit isn’t being promoted as being on the DVD in terms of cover art images or references on the back of the DVD (only in the match listing insert) and the edited commentary further pushes him away from focus. However, the inclusion of an entire match featuring him on a WWE DVD is a first since the tragedy.

Aside from these edits and to those who asked us, blood is not censored in the presentation and the DVD is rated TV-14.

On a lighter note, whilst there are no reported store exclusives for the new DVD set, is selling an exclusive DVD/T-Shirt package similar to others they have offered for recent DVDs. You can view details and order by clicking the image below.

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  1. JJH says:

    apologies – didn’t know survivor series anthology ended at 96. thats odd. anyone know why? they busy editing out the f’s? i meant him being on the jericho dvd ‘really would be newsworthy’ just forgot to type really. wasnt saying your post wasn’t newsworthy just meant if he’s on a match on jericho dvd that really would be big news (in wwe dvd land). fair points made, even though Daniel Gowen’s post was a little angry. good site.

  2. Ray says:

    I like the widescreen formatting

  3. Daniel Bee says:

    Sorry but I don’t consider a 3 Disc release the same as full Anthology of PPVs, whatever the name might be. I think a smaller set with a select number of matches and the decision to include one with Benoit in it’s entirety is quite signficant. How many matches is a Benoit match in between in the PPV anthology sets? That doesn’t mean I expect any of his singles matches on Jericho’s DVD.

    For Satan’s Prison they could easily have decided to make the 2005 match comprised of highlights. They did edit around Benoit on the Smackdown DVD to remove him from focus.

    Benoit being on the DVD has been a talking point in the community so I stand by it being newsworthy.

  4. Danny Gowen says:

    hay JJH, how was benoit on the survivor series anthology when they stopped at 1996, he didnt get there until 2000. how about doing your research before leaving a a comment TRYING to make yourself look smart. and how about you let us decide whats newsworthy, every one else liked the update. your the only one that seems to have a problem with it, how about this, DONT READ IT!!

  5. JJH says:

    “However, the inclusion of an entire match featuring him on a WWE DVD is a first since the tragedy.”

    He was on the SummerSlam and Survivor Series anthologies. This is just another anthology. If he’s on the Chris Jericho DVD then that would be newsworthy.

  6. WWEfan says:

    That’s what I expected. I figured they’d edit the audio. Unlike you, I didn’t expect something like falling on his head to be removed. I did imagine anything like “future Hall of Famer” would be removed.

    Sad, but at least it’s a step in the right direction that is years overdue by WWE.

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