Clash Cancellation, $7.99 WWE Blu-Rays, WM28 Released, More Blurring

May 8, 2012 by Daniel Bee

As of today WWE WrestleMania 28 is officially available on DVD and Blu-ray across the United States (buy yours).

Extras: Pre-show match, Hall of Fame, Press conference, HHH/Taker history.

Blu-ray exclusives: Best in the World, Undertaker seeks revenge, Rock comes back to Portland, John Cena returns home, Rock/Cena final confrontation.

UK release plans for WM28 remain unknown. An email response from to one customer suggests WWE pulled it from sale, and reads as follows.

“The last 3 pre-order titles have been temporarily removed from sale by the WWE. We have no information as to when they will be reinstated”.

Several of our readers have emailed to say their orders for the exclusive version of the Clash of the Champions DVD at have been cancelled, with no specific reason given. Perhaps it will now be available in store only, but we have no further details right now. has updated with a shot of the box art for the Blu-ray edition of The Best of WCW Clash of the Champions, as shown below.

It’s released on DVD and Blu-ray formats on May 22nd (buy it for $19.99).

WWEShop are also now taking pre-orders for the Clash set over here.

WWEDVDNews reader David Diaz passed along the following as relates to more censoring of the WWF ‘block logo’. This time present in the Hall of Fame ceremony on the WM28 DVD.

Another note regarding the block logo which I noticed watching the Mil Mascaras induction video on the WrestleMania XXVIII DVD. It shows Vince sitting in a studio talking about him and originally it had the WWF logo in the background, but it’s now been replaced with the block logo Cena used in his merchandise. And also while highlighting Mil Mascaras’ involvement in the 1997 Royal Rumble it shows the opening logo but this has also been changed.

Best Buy has several WWE Blu-rays are on sale for $7.99, with free shipping (go see). The titles included are WrestleMania 26, WrestleMania 25, Royal Rumble 2012, John Cena Experience, and Best of Smackdown 09-10.

WWE: Wrestlemania XXVI – Fullscreen Collector’s AC3 Dolby
– $7.99
WWE: Wrestlemania XXVI - Fullscreen Collector's AC3 Dolby

WWE: Wrestlemania XXV – 25th Anniversary – Fullscreen
– $7.99
WWE: Wrestlemania XXV - 25th Anniversary - Fullscreen

New WWE DVDs on

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  1. jason says:

    Hate cocky site owners

  2. Paul Rush says: still has my order for The Clash Blu-ray. Will let you know if it gets cancelled

  3. Joe says:

    I have noticed that WWE has blurred the old block logo in the past in magazines and in some pics on In regards to footage, they do blurr it sometimes if their showing a highlight package with various clips. Its blurred during the Mascaras HOF video, but during Yokozunas HOF video it’s not blurred. I don’t think there should be any issues with it as it relates to full length matches though. If there is than that is really gonna be terrible. Imagine if that happend though, the only footage that wouldn’t be blurred would be footage from other companies like WCW, ECW, NWA etc. That would suck.

  4. Legend_Killer says:

    If Silver Vision’s license expires at the end of this month, maybe WWE is just waiting until then to decide whether or not they will renew their contract with them. In the meantime, they might hope to get some better (more profitable) offers from other possible candidates to distribute their releases in Europe. That could explain the utter silence from both parties. Anyway, whatever is going on and whoever is responsible for it, it’s just disrespectful towards the clients. WWE is just too big to take their (according to them “burdensome”) fans into account …

  5. Lendus1985 says:

    Does anyone here think Silvervision are going under? All the signs are there. When I phoned them about the Clash, the women I spoke to sounded suicidal and had no info what so ever on what was going on regarding pre-orders and couldn’t wait to get me off the phone. All sounds well suspect….

  6. Thomas Goodearl says:

    I have a theory on the Block Logo editing. The company changed it’s name to WWE May 2002, that’s 10 years ago ( I know, where does the time go) so maybe the court ruled that as the WWE still owned the legal use of the block logo they could continue using it for another 10 years, & that 10 years has expired, again just a theory.

  7. Hitman316 says:

    Buy why would the block logo need to be blurred?

    There’s never been any problems before and I thought the blurring only applied to the scratch logo.

  8. WWEDVDNEWSGUY#1 says:

    Daniel Bee editing my comment! -_-

  9. AJ says:

    Last night it was listed as Royal Rumble 2010 Blue Ray for $7.99 and even put it in my cart. I stopped by Best Buy today and noticed they had Rumble 12 for $7.99 and RR10 went back to normal price.

  10. ian says:

    In regard to the blurring,I guess we’ll have to see in future on dvds or blu-rays if they blur the old block logo,they do it in magazine specials i.e. Wrestlemania

  11. WWEDVDNEWSGUY#1 says:

    Make sure to follow WWEDVDNEWS on Twitter by clicking that follow button up there. And speaking of WrestleMania DVD’s for low prices, you can click on the links belo to get WrestleMania 28 for unbeatable prices!

    WrestleMania 28 DVD

  12. Roaster says:

    Went to Best Buy and picked up the WM 28 bluray and also ended up getting wrestlemania 25 and 26, best ppv matches 09-10 and best of smackdown 09-10 all on bluray for 7.99 each. WM 28 was 19.99 and they also have royal rumble 2012 and the John cena experience blus for 7.99 too.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I checked and you can pre-order Wrestlemania there.

    • Dave says:

      Wrestlemania from is from Silver Vision…if WWE and Silver Vision are having issues it affects WWE DVDs/Blu-ray distributions all over Europe.

      If not cleared up by then, the pre-orders will eventually get cancelled.

  14. Dave says:

    The Clash Blu-ray looks to have a glossy slip cover…nice!

  15. StingaLing says:

    The listing for the Clash set at WalMart doesn’t say anything about exclusive anything. Maybe it was changed?

  16. Legend_Killer says:

    This situation at Silver Vision gets stranger by the day. Besides, it does not only apply to those last 3 pre-order titles (being Wrestlemania 28, Clash of the Champions and the best of ECW), but to all new releases following Elimination Chamber 2012 (including Extreme Rules, Falls Count Anywhere, etc). Why would WWE deprive its European fanbase of new releases? A matter of savings? But still then, why is Australia not being affected by this? Thanks for keeping us up to date anyhow 🙂

    • Daniel Bee says:

      One thing is for sure and that is neither WWE or Silver Vision will be happy pre-order revenue is not coming and no future titles scheduled. Something’s got to give.

      • tickc317 says:

        Comon DB find out whats going on at silvervision…i thot they were ur friends??? They must know something…

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