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January 19, 2019 by Daniel Bee

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The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment (3 Discs)


Samoan Royalty

Intercontinental Championship Match
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Rocky Maivia
RAW • February 13, 1997

Rock the Ruler

Intercontinental Championship Match
Owen Hart vs. The Rock
RAW • April 6, 1998

Nation vs. DX

King of the Ring Quarterfinal Match
Triple H vs. The Rock
RAW • June 22, 1998

Rock’s Big Chance

Tournament Final Match for the WWE Championship
Mankind vs. The Rock
Survivor Series • November 15, 1998

Rivalry with Mankind

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship
Mankind vs. The Rock
St. Valentine’s Day Massacre • February 14, 1999

So it continues…

Ladder Match for the WWE Championship
Mankind vs. The Rock
RAW • February 15, 1999

Two of the Most Charismatic Superstars Ever

WWE Championship Match
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock
WrestleMania XV • March 28, 1999


People’s Champion

Steel Cage Match
The Rock vs. Triple H
RAW • July 5, 1999

Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection

Tag Team Championship Match
The Rock & Mankind vs. The Undertaker & The Big Show
RAW • August 30, 1999

The Verbal SmackDown

No Holds Barred Match
The Rock vs. Kane
SmackDown • December 12, 1999

McMahon – Helmsley Regime vs. The Rock

WWE Championship Match
Triple H vs. The Rock
Backlash • April 30, 2000

The Following Night…

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship
The Rock vs. Shane McMahon
RAW • May 1, 2000

The Great One vs. The Olympic Medalist

WWE Championship Match
Kurt Angle vs. The Rock
No Way Out • February 25, 2001

The New Title

WCW Championship Match
Booker T vs. The Rock
SummerSlam • August 19, 2001

The Undisputed Champion

Undisputed WWE Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. The Rock
Royal Rumble • January 20, 2002


Icon vs. Icon

The Rock vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan
WrestleMania X8 • March 17, 2002

Triple Threat

Triple Threat Match for the Undisputed WWE Championship
Kurt Angle vs. Undertaker vs. The Rock
Vengeance • July 21, 2002

Just Bring It

The Rock vs. Eddie Guerrero
RAW • July 22, 2002

Third Time’s A Charm?

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock
WrestleMania XIX • March 30, 2003

Transcending Sports Entertainment

The Rock: The Most Electrifying in Sports Entertainment


Billy’s Prayer to God
Sunday Night Heat • July 11, 1999

The Big Slow
RAW • August 9, 1999

My Name is Kane
RAW • September 6, 1999

RAW • November 15, 1999

SmackDown • August 10, 2000

Armageddon Opponents
RAW • December 4, 2000

Thomas Jefferson Sucka
RAW • August 13, 2001

The People’s Strudel
RAW • September 10, 2001

Great Balls of Fire
SmackDown • September 20, 2001

SmackDown • January 3, 2002

Camera Man
SmackDown • January 17, 2002

The Charleston
SmackDown • January 24, 2002

No Way Out • February 17, 2002

Busta Rhymes
SmackDown • July 11, 2002

The Superhero
RAW • March 10, 2003

Miami Dolphins
RAW • June 21, 2004

The One-Liners

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