Closer Look at WWE Attitude Era Vol. 2 DVD & Blu-Ray Covers, Weekend Finds

September 27, 2014 by Daniel Bee

The WWE “Attitude Era Vol. 2” cover was revealed this week, and now here’s a closer look!

Your second dose of Attitude hits stores on November 4th in time for the holiday season. Get your copy pre-ordered on DVD or Blu-ray format with by clicking here.

The content packs in over 30 matches and segments from 1997 through to the year 2000.

WWE Attitude Era Volume 2 DVD Cover


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WWE Attitude Era Volume 2 Blu-ray Cover


Release Dates for the WWE “Attitude Era Vol. 2” DVD & Blu-ray where you are…


UK/Europe: November 3rd. Pre-order soon from

USA: November 4th. Pre-order now here on

Australia: November 5th. Pre-order now from


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  1. SCSA says:

    Well i know its small, but there is a little tiny 1 on the front left at the bottom above the ‘HOME VIDEO’ sign

  2. GEOLINK says:

    Seems a little weird to not see the WWE logo plastered anywhere on the title on the front cover. They’ve been doing this a lot lately with the upcoming documentary DVDs that are coming out.

    • Mark D says:

      The new logo would just look wrong with the word “Attitude” right by it. Ha

      • Philip says:

        True but so does Austin with the closed PG fists…

        • attitude.era.4life says:

          Touché 😉

          • Mark D says:

            Austin would often have closed fists while standing up on the ropes.

            • attitude.era.4life says:

              while you might be right about Austin’s closed fists, when having him solely on the cover of an Attitude Era release is in my point of view totally rubbish, when the Austin middlefinger is soooo Attitude.. really dropping the ball on that one, when we’re talking cover..

              but, all that matters in the end, is of course the content, and that can not be deemed as anything else than great, at least when looking on the content list.

  3. LOL can’t believe im gonna get this for $9.56

  4. SCSA says:

    What about the back of the cover⁉️

  5. Ben Clarke says:

    Is it deliberate that Austin has the word “Tit” above his head so predominantly when the rest of the lettering is faded behind him?

  6. Brian says:

    Is still going to charge 9 bucks for the bluray for those who order in time before they changed it to the normal price?

    • Mark D says:

      Yeah, they have a pre-order price promise. Whatever price you pre-order at you won’t be changed any more than that. Also if the price drops below your pre-order price after release, they’ll give you a refund.

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