CM Punk WWE DVD 2012 Documentary Runtime & Photos

July 28, 2012 by Mark D has revealed some details about October’s WWE DVD release – CM Punk: Best in the World. The documentary will have a runtime of 1 hour and 50 minutes, in which we’ll “learn all the secrets behind the sensation”, including what “CM” really stands for!

This is not just a DVD, it’s a pipe-bomb! For the first-time ever, experience the rise of CM Punk from his free-spirited beginnings to his explosive transformation into the most unabashed, outspoken and revolutionary champion in WWE history. Fellow Superstars, close friends and the Voice of the Voiceless himself give you unprecedented access to his life in this 3-disc set. From his home, backstage and even his own tour bus, nothing is off-limits as his harrowing story is told. Through this 2-hour documentary and mind-blowing wealth of exclusive, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN special features, learn all the secrets behind the sensation. What is CM Punk like outside the ring? Why does he choose to be Straight-Edge? What does “CM” really stand for? What is the most insulting thing you can say to him? And what inspires his blistering rants on the mic that have endeared him to a world-wide audience? These questions and so much more are answered in “CM Punk: Best in the World”!

CM Punk: Best in the World will be released in October 2012 to all regions. The street date for the United States is October 9th, and Shock Australia is releasing on the same date.

Fans in the UK and Europe can pre-order a copy now over at has also released these behind the scenes photos of CM Punk on location filming for the DVD. Here is a collection of them – to view the full gallery click here.

So what are your thoughts on CM Punk: Best in the World in the run up to the release? Sound off in our all-new comments section below!

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  1. Cbgb says:

    Check out Lars from rancid sitting next to him! Punk rock royalty

  2. Faheem says:

    CM = Chick Magnet

  3. Marco says:

    This guy just can’t dress like a champion….

  4. Dakota Terry says:

    No “CM” stands for Cookie Monster if you watch the CM Punk Flex Force movie you will learn this


    CM Stands for – Cookie Master, Thats what his mum would called him when he was kid cause he was chubby awwww, Documentary is looking out of this world this will truly let the viewers in and what it feels like to be a WWE Wrestler and the time you spend on the road and the amount of pressure you have when your the main guy and the main champion in the company,
    Wonderful Stuff Cant wait, You need to get the DVD for the Doc and the Justin Credible match from ECW in 2006 what a Match that is.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Cm stands for chick magnet, cos h used to hook up with valets on the indys, plus he’s been with lita, Beth and mickie James since he’s been in wwe

  7. Bill says:

    I thought CM meant Chicago Made

  8. Brad Attitude says:

    CM = Creamy Men

  9. Supersonic says:

    CM = chill molester

  10. NickP says:

    Can’t wait for this one!

  11. nightmare says:

    I have no interested in this one at all I am not a CM Punk fan so I will PASS

  12. Tommy D says:

    Blah….Only 2 matches never released before?? I’m gonna wait until I can get it cheap. I really want the Greatest Finishers BluRay. Awesome match listing.

  13. captain planet says:

    You can tell this is going to be a genuinely awesome DVD, if just for the fact that they’re more or less extracting Punk’s personality in his own home turf with all his personal friends, in WWE or out.

  14. it does look the fecking bees wax