Co-Host Revealed for ECW Unreleased Vol. 2 DVD, Mid-South Matches

April 13, 2013 by Daniel Bee

ECW Unreleased Vol. 2 - Confirmed

Tommy Dreamer has revealed himself as the co-host of the ECW Unreleased Vol. 2 DVD. He joins Joey Styles who hosted the first volume last year. Dreamer shared the following comments and photos on his Facebook and Twitter accounts yesterday.

What a great time I had today at WWE Studios. Me and Joey Styles hosted ECW Unreleased Volume 2. some really good matches and a lot of behind the scenes of ECW. The Revolution continues to exist. Look forward to everyone’s comments once they have seen it. Happy to go down extreme memory lane.

Pre-order ECW Unreleased Vol.2

ECW Unreleased Vol. 2 DVD - Joey Styles & Tommy Dreamer Hosting

ECW Unreleased Vol. 2 DVD - WWE Studios

ECW Unreleased Vol. 2 will be produced on DVD and Blu-ray formats and hits stores in the United States on July 30th. You can pre-order a copy at Amazon by clicking here.

Jim Ross noted on Twitter that he was doing voice overs last Tuesday for “lost” Mid-South matches, many of which had never aired on TV. JR said it was a long day with WWE, during which he provided commentary to about 10 hours of footage. Some of these matches will be included on the planned Mid-South Wrestling DVD slated for September release.

Ross referred to five matches he voiced over, which we’ve listed below. We can’t confirm these are to be included on the Mid-South DVD but they remain possibilities.

  Mid-South Wrestling UWF Logo
Stagger Lee & Bill Watts vs. Midnight Express
April 22, 1984

Loser Leaves Town, Tuxedo Steel Cage, Coal Miner’s Glove on a Pole Match
Jim Duggan vs. Ted DiBiase
March 22, 1985

Jake Roberts vs. Snowman
June 1, 1985

Jim Duggan vs. Buzz Sawyer (Bloodbath)
Date not confirmed

Ric Flair vs. Terry Taylor
Date not confirmed

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  1. Kenny says:

    I’m SO excited to see the Mid South DVD. I’ve heard a lot about Mid South for years, but growing up, it wasn’t on TV in the Baltimore/Washington, DC market. This will be my first exposure to the promotion. I can’t wait to pick this one up!!

  2. Callan Jones says:

    Need a new writer?? I love WWE so much! You should email me:

  3. Friend of Booker T says:

    Already pre-ordered the ECW DVD set.

    I’m ready for some Summer ECW butt-kickin’.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is that multiple matches or one giant stipulation for the DiBiase vs. Duggan match? If it’s one, good lord that sounds convoluted.

  5. Corey Rice says:

    Mid south smh why did they cancel the divas one, we old get lout of trish, lita stuff, Trish’s hof induction

    • Bobby says:

      Please tell me you’re joking. You’d rather have an awful collection of terrible matches, than a collection of forgotten classics from one of the greatest companies in wrestling history?

      • SRB says:

        Mid-South won’t sell because kids don’t know what it is. I want WWE to only release blu-rays for small kids. I’m 39 years old.

        • Mike Poulin says:

          I don’t think a Divas DVD would sell as not enough people care about the division also you can’t really sell a Divas DVD to kids

    • Ryan says:

      What is this gibberish?

  6. miz4life says:

    Dreamer is great, already buying it for Sabu vs Jericho alone. Saw KIng Kong Bundy beat Dusty Rhodes in Taped Fist Match from Mid-South on youtube, would love to see that included.

  7. Shank Hill says:

    Already have pretty much everything from Mid South worth seeing, so this DVD is a very easy pass. ECW Unreleased 2 is another one I have no interest in, either. Should be fun for those who do, though!

    • Harry Faversham says:

      The article suggests there will be ‘lost’ matches included. Maybe some of those would be worth seeing and not such an easy pass?

      • Peter O'Shea says:

        It all depends on how far back they go and what shows they’re from. From what I can gather, a good majority of the masters converted to DVD are available online, already. They may or may not be official releases as the WWE themselves have acquired the Watts tape library in the last year.

  8. pmdmf says:

    Tommy Dreamer co hosting? A pleasant surprise!

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