Coliseum Corner: A Tribute to Silver Vision – UK Exclusive WWF Videos

November 25, 2012 by Dan Duffy

Welcome to a special edition of Coliseum Corner. This week we pay tribute to Silver Vision, the company who have provided wrestling fans in Europe with Coliseum Video and WWF/E Home Video releases for the past 22 years.

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Fans in Europe have experienced first class service at great prices, and are saddened by the ending of Silver Vision’s relationship with WWE.

WWF UK Rampage 1991 Video In 1991, WWF hosted two televised events in London. The first being UK Rampage and the second, Battle at the Albert Hall. The former was broadcast live on Sky April 24th, shortly after Wrestlemania VII at the London Docklands Arena and was headlined by Hulk Hogan and Sgt Slaughter. Fans in London also had the opportunity to see their fellow countryman Davey Boy Smith ‘The British Bulldog’ battle the Berzerker. Other matches included; Jim the Anvil Neidhart VS The Warlord, Ted DiBiase VS Kerry Von Erich and Jake the Snake Roberts VS Earthquake.

WWF Battle Royal Albert Hall

On October 3rd the WWF returned to London at the Royal Albert Hall where fans once again had the chance to see their man, The Bulldog compete against The Barbarian and witness other great matches including; Ric Flair VS Tito Santana, The Rockers VS the Nasty Boys, The Undertaker VS Hacksaw Jim Duggan and more. All Superstars later fought in a Battle Royal. Silver Vision released these events exclusively and were not found outside of Europe. European fans were also treated to exclusives that were also broadcast live on Sky television, those being UK Rampage 1992 and 1993.

WWF UK Rampage 1992 On April 19th 1992 live from the Sheffield Arena, The British Bulldog battled IRS, Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart met Rick ‘The Model’ Martel, Shawn Michaels challenged Macho Man Randy Savage for the WWF Championship and The Undertaker squared off against Sid Justice to name a few. On April 11th 1993, at the same venue as the previous Rampage, Lex Luger met Hacksaw Jim Duggan. In other matches; Fatu VS Brian Knobbs, Doink VS Kamala, Mr Perfect VS Samu, Bob Backlund VS Damien Demento, Typhoon VS The Brooklyn Brawler and Crush VS Shawn Michaels.

WWF Mania The Video Silver Vision also released titles such as US Rampage 91 and 92 which were simply called Rampage when released in the US. One hard to come by these days is WWF Mania the Video. In offerings from this classic: Lex Luger VS Rick ‘The Model’ Martel, The Bushwhackers VS The Quebecers, Koko B.Ware VS Jeff Jarrett and the rescheduled 10 man tag match that was cut from Wrestlemania X. In 1997, Sky Sports broadcast ‘Fab 4’, a four hour special that contained exclusive interviews with The Undertaker, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and the British Bulldog. This UK special was designed to promote the double main event at One Night Only which was held at the Birmingham N.E.C. Arena.

WWE Tagged Classics Fab 4 DVDIn recent years, Silver Vision have become notorious for their European exclusive Tagged Classics series. These 2-Disc sets contain selected videos from the Coliseum Video/WWF Home Video catalogue, which were forced out of print all over the world when the World Wrestling Federation became WWE in 2002.

Fast forward to 2012, and unfortunately nWo: The Revolution was the final release. Silver Vision’s relationship with WWE will be finalised in little over a month, on December 31st.

To the fans over in Europe this is a huge loss and at this point, we are all not too sure what the future holds. So, on behalf of all the WWE fans here, thank you Silver Vision for all of the excellent service you have provided over the years.

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  1. Pramod says:

    Is ” Undertaker his gravest matches” available on dvd?

    Kindly mail at-

    Thank you.

  2. Thomas says:

    Silver Vision has the best UK distributor ever for every WWF / WWE vhs / dvd / blu ray, will be much better than the new distributor

  3. Tag says:

    The new distributor of WWE DVD and Bluray have all rights and I’m sure will be offering releases previously released by silvervision but under their company so I’m comfortable that the change from silvervision even though silver vision have been a great supplier of WWE product all will be good for all

  4. wrestlingfan says:

    Cyber Monday is live now with free shipping and 25% off. code is CM201225 and I got the movies I wanted in stock just fine…

  5. LP1 says:

    There were several other videos that were only released in the UK by SilverVision. There was a VHS simply titled “The British Bulldog” that was released in 1992. It was a match compilation. Also there were several “Year In Review” releases that weren’t released in the US. From 1992 – 1996 those tapes were released. Only 1994 & 1996 were available in the US. There were also two “UK Fan Favorites” videos released. One in 1993 and one in 1995. Also In Your House 4, In Your House 5 and In Your House 19: D-Generation X were also only available in the UK. IYH 4 & 5 were released in the US under the title “Winter Combat” and only select matches from each show were show. The complete shows were only released in the UK. I think that covers all of them.

  6. Dave says:

    I live in Canada i imported the Tagged Classics…mainly Atitude Era era ppvs, IYH collection and remaining KOTR and Survivor Series sets we didn’t get here. Awesome stuff! going miss getting those.

    I also import the Blu-rays we don’t get here, but at least the new publisher will release those.

  7. Dan Duffy says:

    It is a sad time especially with the history Silvervision have with WWF/E Customers. Just to note, this column was written before the announcement made by Freemantle. You’ll still see those great Silvervision releases in stores for some time to come.

  8. great read, im gonna miss this company so much, i got my first vhs 91 (WMV) and i have been getting them for 20 years. i own every release now and owe it all to them for there service over the years. thanks silvervision

  9. Big Cal says:

    *wipes away tear*

    SilverVision will be missed :(. This new company better give us the same great service and prices.

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