Coliseum Corner: The RARE Coliseum Video “500 Series” – List & Pics

March 6, 2012 by @ColiseumVideo

Hello everyone and welcome…

I’m Gorilla Monsoon and it is my pleasure to host this latest endeavor of Coliseum Corner! I am here on the set of All American and this week we have something that is sure to please fans from all across the world…

The “500 Series“!!

If you are a fan of Coliseum Home Videos then you know just how RARE these releases were. These are some of the most sought after and collectible releases in the entire run of CHV. Let’s put it this way folks… WWE VHS collectors are immediately considered “contenders” if they can make claim to having a complete set of the “500 Series”.

If you have any one of these… hang onto them!

And now… for your viewing pleasure, we have compiled the complete listing exclusively for the loyal readers of Coliseum Corner. We want to hear from you… Do you have any of these releases?

If so, tweet us a picture @ColiseumVideo with the hashtag #500Series and we will RT to show the world! We hope you enjoy!


WF500 – Canadian Fan Favorites


WF501 – Mega Matches ’95


 WF502 – Terminators


WF502A – The Lumberjacks Are IYH and Nobody’s Safe


 WF503 – WrestleFest ’95


WF504 – Mega Matches ’96


 WF505 – Terminators ’96


WF506 – 1996 Slammy Awards


WF507 – In Your House Mind Games


WF509 – 1997 Slammy Awards

Check out this article for more on rare WWF CHV tapes.

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  1. Ryan says:

    I have #503 WrestleFest 95 in FANASTIC shape as well as #507 In Your House Mind Games basically in MINT condition minus shrink wrap. I’ve seen several of the Coliseum/Silver Vision PAL to NTSC of Mind Games floating around online over the years. But the genuine 500 series yellow cover release is basically extinct. I’ve only seen one copy of Mind Games selling online via Amazon for $750 and mine is in even better shape. I got extremely lucky finding it on Ebay for cheap in basically untouched condition minus the original shrink wrap.

    I’ve also got basically all of the original WWF VHS releases for the PPV’s from 1996-2000. The only one I am missing is IHY 19 : Degeneration X. Can’t find this anywhere and have been looking for years. LOL

    • Jon says:

      Hey man, yeah it took me forever to find In Your House 19-DX. I finally found it. It’s actually a PAL version that Silvervision converted to NTSC. I don’t know how many they did but that was my only way of finding it and being able to watch it on an American VCR. I graduated to collecting Sealed Coliseum Videos so if you have any or know anyone, hit me up! I wanted it so bad because me and my sister were at that event and were on TV lol. Right after HHH throws Slaughter into the crowd and starts the beat down you can see me and my sis! Plus the silly sign I made for the event.

      • Marco Gehring says:

        I own 2 WWF VHS TAPES still sealed:
        2ndBattle of the Superstars
        Both are “NTSC” COLISEUM VIDEO VERSIONS and still sealed,never opened ever.
        If Intersted please inform.

  2. jason says:

    There are 11 in total??? I thought they were raw volume 1 and raw volume 2 from 1996?. Could you list raw volume 1 (the one with sid on the cover I think) any way also elaborate on the others?? Could you list the matches on best of raw volume 1 pleeease!!?? Also if possible could I get a bootleg copy somehow??? SRS. Please respond been looking for a while

  3. Simon says:

    @Jason: If it’s the UK version of Best of Raw Vol.2 (with matches from Sep-Oct 1996 and Shawn Michaels and Goldust on the cover) then the runtime is 115 minutes and the match listing is as follows:

    – Shawn Michaels vs. Goldust

    – The Undertaker vs. Salvatore Sincere

    – Marc Mero vs. Owen Hart

    – Marc Mero vs. Faarooq

    – Savio Vega vs. “Razor Ramon”

    – Shawn Michaels & Jose Lothario vs. Vader & Jim Cornette

    – Sycho Sid vs. Goldust

    – Shawn Michaels vs. Steve Austin

    – Marc Mero vs. Hunter Hearst-Helmsley

    – Jesse James vs. Salvatore Sincere

    The matches are shown more or less in their entirety IIRC. There were 11 of these videos all-in-all (spanning July 1996 to April 1998, when they were canned as Raw became less ‘match oriented’), and I’m the proud owner of the entire set. If anybody wants info on the others, or scans of the covers etc. I’m more than happy to oblige.

    I’m also surprised that Silver Vision hasn’t cashed in on these by releasing them as tagged classics. Rather than churn out the ‘Year in Review’ sets, why not tap into this goldmine of material not currently available on DVD?

    • rarebreedR says:

      Simon, it would be awesome if you could scan and post the Best of Vol 8… its the only cover i cant find.

  4. jason says:

    Just bought wwf “best of raw volume 2 1996” extremely rare buy. So much in fact I can’t find a runtime nor match listing I’d anyone could help with that I would be extremely pleased and thankful. Respond here or email me

  5. jason says:

    I have other rares like in your house 4 5 and 12. I have in your house lumberjacks but its actually the uk pal to region 1 convert ina red display case pretty rare to have the version I do though. Aside from that I havea tonnnn of other coliseums from 93-97 and of coarse ae vhsks

  6. Coliseum Video Fan says:

    From experience and as I started to collect them on DVD instead of VHS, I can assure you Terminators 1996 was the one that took me AGES to find !

  7. scratchmyhead says:

    why would anyone pay about 700$ for a vhs program that is also available on dvd?

  8. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    haha, I remember Todd Pettengil hosting the Acclaim Secret Tips at the end of each video.

  9. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I had The Lumberjacks and Slammy Awards 1996…but i’m not too sure if I still have them. I think I might have misplaced them somewhere :/

  10. Nova Cain says:

    Missing WF508 consist of 3 titles released in one order under WF508 code:

    -WF508, WWF Confirmed Hits!
    -WF508, WWF Most Amazing Matched!
    -WF508, WWF Shawn Michaels

  11. Nova Cain says:

    I got all of them except Lumberjacks… as of matter of fact I think I’m missing around 10 Coliseum Videos in VHS(original copies)… I have around 325 Original Wrestling VHS Tapes.

  12. steveovig says:

    My auction for Lumberjacks is up to $91 right now, so it is pretty rare still.

  13. Nate says:

    Looking at those made me realize something…’s time Billionare Ted got his own DVD release 😉

  14. Jörg says:

    I´ve Lumberjacks, WrestleFest 95, Mega Matches 96 as IYH Good Friends, Better Enemies (all German Version) and IYH Mind Games (Original)

  15. neverAcquiesce says:

    Only have the ’97 Slammy tape, and it came free with WrestleMania 13 at that.

  16. Dave says:

    Majority of those 500 series are rare especially Mind Games since it was only available through WWF Magazine…There is a factory sealed copy on ebay going for $680. Crazy!

    I have Canadian Fan Favourites, Mega Matches 95 and Terminators (IYH 2) in my storage box.

  17. I’ve still got WrestleFest 95 (which doesn’t have Razor and Jarrett in the cage as stated on the cover) and had Mind Games, Slammy Awards 1997 but got rid of them

  18. Ed says:

    i got only the 96 and 97 slammys vids out of this list

  19. SRB says:

    Thank you so much for this feature on the set. It brings back lots of memories from going to my local video store when I was little and renting about 30 tapes for 99 cents each 🙂 All of those stores are closed today, but I was sure to clean them out with my credit card all those years later

  20. Ed says:

    hey you gorgot a couple vids…
    WF509A – In Your House #12: It’s Time – *(Reads “WF170)
    WF510 – In Your House #15: A Cold Day In Hell -*Sleeve reads WF180, but is really WF510*