Coliseum Corner: Hogan/Warrior now Rock/Cena? Road to WrestleMania P2

March 27, 2012 by @ColiseumVideo

Hello everyone, I’m Vince McMahon, and welcome to the latest edition of Coliseum Corner.

Wrestlemania fever is in the air and the showcase of the immortals is less than one week away! In honor of that we are continuing with our look back at what might have been if Coliseum Video was still distributing WrestleMania’s.

If you’re planning on traveling to Miami make sure to send us your live Axxess, HOF and WrestleMania pictures @ColiseumVideo. We will re-tweet some of the best!

We have already “taken our talents to south beach” and believe us… you will not be disappointed when you arrive! There is a palpable buzz in the air… The last time the WWE Universe was this split might be Hogan v. Warrior way back in 1990!

Where did you stand back then… #TeamWarrior or #TeamHogan?

How about now… #TeamCena or #TeamBringIt?


WrestleMania 25, inspired by the WrestleMania I design…


WrestleMania 26, inspired by the WrestleMania III Design…


WrestleMania 27, inspired by the WrestleMania VI design…


WrestleMania 28, inspired by the WrestleMania II design…

We are off next week… so see you 4/10 for another exciting Coliseum Corner release!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    hes wrestling hhh next year hbk vs hhh wrestlemanina 29 hbk will screw hhh at wrestlemania sun

  2. Mark D says:

    IMO We will never see another Shawn Michaels match – I think (and hope!) he is the guy to stay retired.

  3. Dave says:

    Retirement in wrestling is a myth and basically non-existent…look how many times Terry Funk retired since the 80s.

    A wrestler will only stay retired if they could never be cleared to wrestle (Edge for example).

    If WWE and HBK know they can still make money off his name, and the time is right i’m sure HBK will agree to one more match.

  4. Daniel Bee says:

    Interesting Justin, albeit odd Shawn would come out of retirement when he’s categorically said he won’t get back in the ring. But yeah, it’s wrestling.

  5. Justin Labar says:

    After speaking with sources, l have learned that WWE involved Shawn Michaels in the Hell in a Cell match between Triple H and The Undertaker with a tentative plan to set up HBK’s involvement at WrestleMania 29. It is believed that the current plan in mind is to run some kind of finish to the Hell in a Cell match that causes Triple H to call out Shawn Michaels the next night on Raw. The plan that is circulating behind the scenes in WWE is that Triple H and HBK would have a verbal confrontation that leads to a match at WrestleMania 29. Read my full analysis of this story on Bleacher Report.

    Make sure to follow me @JustinLabar

  6. Anonymous says:

    27 and 28 are great!

  7. Mark D says:

    The WrestleMania 28 Cover Design was “Love[d]” and retweeted by ‘WWE Encyclopedia’ author Brian Sheilds (@MightyPen_Sword) — pretty cool for me 🙂

  8. KEN SHAMROCK says:

    I love the covers for XXVI and XXVIII.

  9. Billy says:

    I don’t see why wwe can’t put out these kind of covers for their DVD & Bluray releases

  10. SRB says:

    WM27 is amazing. great job. My favorite was going to the rental store, buying the tape, asking about the “free gift” advertised and then the people working there looking at me like I was nuts. That Todd Pettengail was full of BS man haha

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