Coliseum Corner: Wrestlers to Rock Stars! Piledriver ‘The Music Video’

July 18, 2012 by Dan Duffy

Welcome back to the best place to re-visit the glory days of the World Wrestling Federation; Coliseum Corner.

This week we have really got a treat for you. We will be dedicating the column to ‘Piledriver’ The Music Video. Released in 1987, this Coliseum Home Video complimented the music album ‘Piledriver’ which was released on record and cassette.

This home video presentation, hosted by George Stevens (producer of the album) featured eight of the ten track’s music videos, which included many of the WWF Supertsars.

Piledriver kicks off with the music video, involving the “good guys” in the WWF working on a building site with Koko B. Ware providing the vocals to the track. Throughout the course of this video, the WWF wrestlers show their appreciation for beautiful girls walking by, as they take a lunch break. Meanwhile Koko takes to the stage which is actually the top of scaffolding. Look out for the bulging biceps, hard hats and a much younger Vince McMahon with dark brown hair.

Another video on this CHV release features The Honky Tonk Man. This legend had (as ever) his long sideburns and his hair slicked back, performing to a crowd singing his signature theme song ‘Honky Tonk Man’. This part not only homed in on the cool, cocky and bad star but also featured his manager; the Colonel Jimmy Hart and girls fainting in ecstasy while watching the performance. After the conclusion of this music video, host George Stevens didn’t hesitate to mention that the approving crowd were all actors, paid by the Honky Tonk Man himself.

Piledriver also included a music video starring WWF announcer Mean Gene Okerlund, portraying a music professor Mr. Peabody, who visits a school to educate students about classical music. However, Mr. Peabody goes wild and turns into a huge rock star, singing his song ‘Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo’. Dressed in something you’d find only in Randy Savage’s wardrobe, Gene prances around the classroom with long blue hair and big silver shades, rockin and rollin, and encouraging the class to let rip. Seeing the party explode in front of her, the uptight Ms. Brookes can’t help but join the party and begins dancing on a desk.

Now onto a music video where the manager ‘Slick’ took to the streets to sing his theme ‘Jive Soul Bro’, dressed in his typical stylish suits and trilby. Before the beginning of all that Coliseum caught up with slick in a Fried Chicken restaurant tucking into a humongous bucket and explaining that his vocals were the best on the album. The music video sees Slick attempting to impress girls and become a cool cat on the city streets. Look out for the Slickster’s fancy footwork and his comical dance off against a guy with a ghetto blaster.

The 37 minute video, packs in an entertaining piece of footage with the opportunity to see WWF superstars singing, when you’d usually see them fight. If you’re a true fan of Coliseum, this isn’t one to miss. There are still copies out there… you just have to find them.

Join us next week, for more timeless classics inside Coliseum Corner!

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  1. LP1 says:

    Demolition is far and away the best song on the album and the best video on this tape.

  2. RCS1988 says:

    That CV cover is actually the 2nd cover. The first cover only shows Hulk Hogan’s head and was in a clamshell case. If you watch the PTW’s from October & November 1987, they show the clamshell case version of the video on the desk, which is very hard to find. The jacket is very rare, because it was only made for 2 or 3 people.

  3. SRB says:

    This release reminds me of when HHH put the video on the titantron of McMahon dancing and singing at the Slammy Awards. Hogan was on bass guitar and I think Macho was playing trumpet. Memories.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “If you only knew … what I’m gonna do to you … you’d be runnin’ down the street just as fast as two feet could carry you … your destiny … belongs to me … if you only knew”

    Lololol. Not sure if that was all correct, just off the top of my head. Wonderfully crap video though. 😉

  5. Alan says:

    I have the Hulk Hogan & Funniest Moments tapes. The Hogan release is good, but the Funniest Moments release is a must have, especially for the infamous Playboy Buddy Rose Blowaway diet & the final edition of The Brother Love Show where Warrior destroys the set & sends Brother Love out on a stretcher.

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