Complete List of ECW DVD Releases

July 22, 2014 by Mark D

ECW DVD Release List

Pioneer Entertainment Releases (USA)

Extreme Evolution Aug 29, 2000
Path of Destruction Nov 14, 2000
Barley Legal Apr 10, 2001
Deep Impact Apr 10, 2001
Heatwave 98 Aug 7, 2001
Hardcore History Aug 7, 2001
The Best of Cactus Jack Oct 23, 2001
The Best of The Dudley Boyz Oct 23, 2001
The Best of The Dudley Boyz (Re-Release) Dec 4, 2001
Guilty as Charged 2001 Mar 12, 2002
Anarchy Rulz 99 Mar 12, 2002
Wrestlepalooza 97 Sep 10, 2002
CyberSlam 99 Sep 10, 2002

Delta Home Video Releases (UK)

Pay-Per-View Releases

Barley Legal ^ Oct 30, 2000
Hardcore Heaven 1997 ^ Feb 12, 2001
November to Remember 1997 ^ Feb 12, 2001
Living Dangerously 1998 ^ Feb 19, 2001
WrestlePalooza 1998 ^ Nov 20, 2000
Heatwave 1998 ^ Sep 18, 2000
November to Remember 1998 ^ Oct 30, 2000
Guilty as Charged 1999 ^ Apr 17, 2000
Living Dangerously 1999 ^ Apr 17, 2000
Hardcore Heaven 1999 ^ Feb 26, 2001
Heatwave 1999 ^ Oct 2, 2000
Anarchy Rulz 1999 ^ Jun 19, 2000
November to Remember 1999 ^ Jul 24, 2000
Guilty as Charged 2000 ^ Jul 24, 2000
Living Dangerously 2000 ^ Sep 18, 2000
Hardcore Heaven 2000 ^ Feb 12, 2001
Heatwave 2000 ^ Mar 19, 2001
Anarchy Rulz 2000 ^ May 14, 2001
November to Remember 2000 Jul 16, 2001
Massacre on 34th Street Aug 27, 2001
Guilty as Charged 2001 Sep 17, 2001

Non Pay-Per-View Releases

Heatwave – Hard Hits Sep 24, 2001
Hardcore Heaven – Hard Hits Sep 24, 2001
Living Dangerously – Hard Hits Sep 24, 2001
November to Remember – Hard Hits Sep 24, 2001
Guilty as Charged – Hard Hits Oct 8, 2001
Big Ass Extreme Bash Nov 12, 2001
House Party 99 Nov 12, 2001
Hostile City Showdown 96 Dec 3, 2001
Natural Born Killaz Dec 3, 2001
CyberSlam 96 Jan 28, 2002
Crossing the Line Again Jan 28, 2002
CyberSlam 98 Mar 11, 2002
Born to be Wired Mar 11, 2002
Massacre on Queens Boulevard Apr 8, 2002
Holiday Hell 95 Apr 8, 2002
Crossing the Line 99 Apr 29, 2002
Terry Funk’s Wrestlefest Apr 29, 2002
Extreme Warfare May 27, 2002
It Ain’t Seinfeld Jun 3, 2002
Heatwave 96 Jul 1, 2002
The Buffalo Invasion Jul 1, 2002
Path of Destruction Aug 5, 2002
Extreme Evolution Aug 5, 2002
Hardcore Heaven 95 Sep 2, 2002
Hardcore Heaven 96 Sep 2, 2002
The Doctor is In Sep 30, 2002
Gangstas Paradise Sep 30, 2002
November to Remember 96 Nov 11, 2002
November to Remember 95 Nov 18, 2002
A Matter of Respect 96 Dec 2, 2002
A Matter of Respect 98 Dec 2, 2002
House Party 98 Feb 3, 2003
House Party 96 Feb 3, 2003
CyberSlam 99 Mar 10, 2003
As Good As It Gets Mar 10, 2003
Hardcore TV 1- Whoda Thunk It? Apr 14, 2003
Wrestlepalooza 97 Apr 14, 2003
Hardcore TV 2 – E.C. Dub! May 12, 2003
Hardcore TV 3 – Philly Stake May 12, 2003
Hardcore TV 4 – Ratted! Jun 16, 2003
Hardcore TV 5 – Mental Jul 14, 2003

^ Original Theme Music Intact

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  1. Scott Smith says:

    Happened upon your website and was wondering if you actually sell some or all the ECW recordings listed on your site. I’ve seen many of the pay-per-view recordings, but have missed quite a few; and have seen only a couple of the non-PPV recordings. Have found a few of the ones I’m missing on the web, but there’s so many more I need to obtain/watch. It appears that your web site went up in 2014. Are you still there? Can you help me? And, if not, can you direct me to someone who can?

  2. Thank you for every other informative website. Where else may I am getting that kind
    of info written in such a perfect manner?
    I’ve a challenge that I am simply now working
    on, and I have been on the look out for such info.

  3. rocky245 says:

    Can anyone tell me if the region 1 guilty as charged 2001 has original music as i have the region 2 and don’t want to replace if the music is not in tact.

    • Mark D says:

      I might be mistaken, it’s been a long time since I watched any, but I don’t believe any of the Pioneer DVDs have the original themes intact.

    • D Child says:

      I know this was posted years ago. But the region 1 has most intros cut out. Only intros included that have original music is sandman and rvd.

  4. Hunterww says:

    Great list. Thank you!

  5. Joe Young says:

    RF Video has every single ECW show produced (Hardcore TV and all PPVs) and the music is intact.

    WWE has the following compilation titles:

    ECW Bloodsport
    ECW Extreme Rules
    ECW Unreleased Volume 1
    ECW Unreleased Volume 2

    • Mark D says:

      Granted, but they are multi-generational transfers and the quality is a little suspect at times. All those listed here come from master tapes.

  6. Mark D says:

    For the sake of clarity I have updated the Delta list to show the PPV releases in chronological order and indicated which sets have the original theme music intact.

  7. zac says:

    Hey just checking online and there is an anarchy rulz 99 on ebay region 2. Which would lead to the assumption that its a Delta Home release yet thats not on the above list? I’d think the delta (American) would be region 1?

  8. zac says:

    Thanks !!! I think i know the answer but did WCW ever do any dvds? Not the wwe releases

    • David says:

      Yeah, the Japan exclusive one titled Millionaires Club vs. New Blood was the only official WCW DVD ever released.

      Its surprising that the news became about on this website for the first time 2 years ago. Shows how rare the DVD really was and i don’t believe many people had it. Saw a brand new copy on ebay few months ago for about $2,000.

  9. David says:

    Before I got into collecting ECW Pioneer releases, i wondered why ECW released two versions of Best of the Dudley Boyz. Makes sense that the first version had their WWF attire on the cover and the second version with their tie-dye attire.

    • SRB says:

      ANY difference in match listings though? I only have 1 of these, no point in grabbing the other for the same matches.

      • David says:

        I believe the content is the exact same for both. WWF filed an injunction to get the first copies off the shelf because it contained the Dudleys WWF image and i think people thought it was a WWF related DVD release.

        They had to re-issue again with the ECW owned image.

  10. SRB says:

    Thank you!

  11. Cody Schields says:

    I might have to see if I can track one down to see if it would play on my DVD player. If not, there’s always the trusty laptop

  12. Cody Schields says:

    Did those Delta UK releases have any type of region coding on them?

    • Daniel Bee says:

      I think they were Region free (0) but in PAL video format, from memory.

      • David says:

        Yeah, the Delta DVDs are region 0 but PAL format. Had several of them and they were also edited. Most themes were dubbed over from what i recall.

        The only true unedited ECW DVDs are the RF Video version, everything is in tact.

        • Mark D says:

          That isn’t 100% correct. The Delta DVDs DID feature the original music until ECW filed for bankrupsy, then they had to have the music edited. It meant that all the PPVs barring the last few have the original themes intact.

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