Complete Match & Promo List for WWE ‘Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe’ DVD

January 22, 2015 by Mark D

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WE SPEAK TO YOU WWE DVD FANS… the spaceship has been loaded with rocket fuel but before the blast off in April, courtesy of the Ultimate Warrior social media accounts, we have the COMPLETE match and promo listing for “Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe“!

WWE will release “Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe” on DVD and Blu-ray formats worldwide this April and it will feature a brand new documentary looking at the life, career and legacy of the Ultimate Warrior, along with a MAMMOTH collection of more than 20 matches and nearly 50 promos and interviews; including the Warrior’s final WWE appearance.

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Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe” documentary portion, featuring: Warrior, Dana Warrior, Indiana Warrior, Mattigan Warrior, the McMahon Family, WWE Superstars and WWE Legends — with previously unseen footage included.

Chapters and runtime details of the documentary are still to be confirmed.

WWE Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe DVD/Blu-ray - Full Match List



2-on-1 Handicap Match
Dingo Warrior vs. Perry Jackson and Chico Cabello
World Class Championship Wrestling • July 25, 1986

Dingo Warrior vs. Big Bear Collie
World Class Championship Wrestling • June 2, 1987

Ultimate Warrior vs. Frenchy Martin
Madison Square Garden • November 24, 1987

Ultimate Warrior vs. Brian Costello
Wrestling Challenge • November 29, 1987

Ultimate Warrior vs. Mike Sharpe
Philadelphia, PA • December 5, 1987

Ultimate Warrior vs. Conquistador #1
Wrestling Challenge • May 8, 1988

Intercontinental Championship Match
Ultimate Warrior vs. Honky Tonk Man
Boston, MA • October 10, 1988

Intercontinental Championship Match
“Ravishing” Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior
East Rutherford, NJ • May 8, 1989

Ultimate Warrior & King Duggan vs. “Ravishing” Rick Rude & Andre the Giant
Madison, WI • June 6, 1989

Ultimate Warrior vs. John Weiss
Wrestling Challenge • September 24, 1989

WWE Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe DVD/Blu-ray - Full Match List

Intercontinental Championship Match
Ultimate Warrior vs. Andre the Giant
Maple Leaf Wrestling • October 29, 1989

Ultimate Warrior vs. Brooklyn Brawler
Wrestling Challenge • March 11, 1990

WWE Championship Match
Ultimate Warrior vs. Haku
Saturday Night’s Main Event • April 28, 1990

Ultimate Warrior vs. Sgt. Slaughter
Saturday Night’s Main Event • April 27, 1991

Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick “The Model” Martel
Wrestling Challenge • April 28, 1991

Ultimate Warrior vs. Smash
Superstars • May 18, 1991

Ultimate Warrior vs. Skinner
Superstars • May 2, 1992

Ultimate Warrior vs. Papa Shango
Lexington, KY • May 19, 1992

Ultimate Warrior & “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. The Nasty Boys
SummerSlam Spectacular • August 19, 1992

Ultimate Warrior vs. Isaac Yankem
RAW • April 29, 1996

Ultimate Warrior vs. Owen Hart
RAW • July 8, 1996

WWE Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe DVD/Blu-ray - Full Match List



Bill Mercer interviews Dingo Warrior
World Class Championship Wrestling • September 19, 1986

Nightmares are the Best Part of My Day
Superstars • February 27, 1988

I Live For Anger and Frustration
Wrestling Challenge • March 13, 1988

Normal People
Wrestling Challenge • June 5, 1988

I Won’t Let You Down
Wrestling Challenge • June 25, 1988

Legends Weren’t Built Overnight
Superstars • July 16, 1988

Craig DeGeorge Interviews the New Intercontinental Champion
Superstars • September 3, 1988

You Can Feel It
All American Wrestling • September 18, 1988

Totally Out of Control
Wrestling Challenge • January 29, 1989

A Test Like all the Others
Wrestling Challenge • May 28, 1989

We Shall Conquer the Giant
Superstars • July 15, 1989

Mean Gene interviews Ultimate Warrior about SummerSlam
Wrestling Challenge • August 13, 1989

The Eighth Wonder of the World
Superstars • September 9, 1989

Mean Gene interviews The Ultimate Warriors
Wrestling Challenge • November 5, 1989

The Brother Love Show Discussing the Royal Rumble
Superstars • January 13, 1990

I Speak to You, Hulk Hogan
Superstars • February 3, 1990

WWE Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe DVD/Blu-ray - Full Match List

The New WWE Champion
Superstars • April 14, 1990

The Brother Love Show Discussing SummerSlam
Superstars • June 23, 1990

Confined Spaces
Superstars • July 21, 1990

Leaving Nothing Behind
Wrestling Challenge • August 12, 1990

Useless Dreams
Wrestling Challenge • August 26, 1990

The Brother Love Show with Queen Sherri
Superstars • September 8, 1990

Sister Love
Superstars • October 13, 1990

The Commander in Chief
Wrestling Challenge • December 23, 1990

Your Ultimate Destruction
Wrestling Challenge • December 30, 1990

Total Surrender
Superstars • January 5, 1991

The Smell of Defeat
Wrestling Challenge • January 13, 1991

Mean Gene interviews Queen Sherri
Royal Rumble • January 19, 1991

I am the Wildness
Superstars • February 9, 1991

I Said Sew It In!
Superstars • February 16, 1991

You Have Found the Madness
Superstars • February 23, 1991

Don’t Look Back
Superstars • March 9, 1991

One More Step in the Destiny
Wrestling Challenge • March 10, 1991

A Battle Like No Other
Wrestling Challenge • March 17, 1991

Now We Are Back
Superstars • May 4, 1991

Then We Shall Feast
Superstars • April 11, 1992

These Are My Warriors
Superstars • April 18, 1992

The Papa Shango Curse
Superstars • May 23, 1992

Only Desperate Men Act with Impatience
Superstars • August 8, 1992

The Ultimate Maniacs Are Born
Superstars • September 19, 1992

The Ultimate Maniacs Are Out of Control
Wrestling Challenge • November 7, 1992

One Warrior Nation
WCW Monday Nitro • August 24, 1998

Running to Reappear
WCW Monday Nitro • September 21 • 1998

Ultimate Warrior – Hall of Fame Induction
Hall of Fame • April 5, 2014

The Spirit of Ultimate Warrior Will Run Forever
RAW • April 7, 2014

WWE Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe DVD/Blu-ray - Full Match List



— A collection of personal stories from: Warrior, Dana Warrior and Indiana & Mattigan Warrior. Specifics of these extras are still to be confirmed.

Dingo Warrior vs. Rick Rude
World Class Championship Wrestling • August 22, 1986

The Ultimate Challenge
WWE Championship vs. Intercontinental Championship Match

Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior
WrestleMania VI • April 1, 1990
Arena Hard Camera Version

Ultimate Warrior & Legion of Doom vs. Demolition
Saturday Night’s Main Event • October 13, 1990

Ultimate Warrior vs. Earthquake
Fort Myers, FL • February 19, 1991

Ultimate Warrior & Undertaker vs. Papa Shango & Berzerker
Ontario, Canada • June 3, 1992

WWE Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe DVD/Blu-ray - Full Match List

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  1. There will be more Warrior DVD’s.
    Trust me, Yes they are saving more matches for more DVD’s.
    —MATCHES: Warrior vs…. Vader, Flair, Perfect, Nailz, Kamala, and lots more.

    Every WARRIOR DVD that comes out, I will “oWn” it!
    I will “ALWAYS BELIEVE!”

  2. John says:

    I never knew that Ulimate Warrior wrestled Owen! I am pleasantly surprised that they made another Ulimate Warrior set, I did not think they would make another set, will be buying!

  3. Warrior Fan says:

    This is to that Scott post below. Its amazing how stupid and disrespectful he is. I hate it when people say oh your just doing it to make money. Let’s address this. WWE is a business of course you release products to make money!! Any business releases anything to make money. They also release this to honor someone, also guess who also profits? Warriors family!!! Guess who wants this release? Warriors family and the WWE fans! Same with Brunos Dvd and his HOF. Why do we have stupid ppl in this world and make stupid comments? Yet he praised the ultimate destruction dvd. We need to send an air raid on Scotys house.

  4. ko says:

    I think wwe is planning to release another warrior dvd/ blue ray next year. I think the reason they filled disc 3 with only promos is to keep some matches for the next release. There is still more matches for warrior that can released and fill a complete set. Not to mention warrior ultimate legend document from the network that can used for next year release. Here a list of matches I hope for next year release:
    Dingo warrior & ric rude vs Kevin & mike von eric from wccw
    Warrior vs Hercules from wrestle mania 4
    warrior vs Hercules rematch
    warrior survivor series 88 match
    warrior vs super ninja from Saturday night main event
    warrior vs ric rude from royal rumble 89
    warrior vs ric rude from mania 5
    warrior vs hake from 1989
    warrior vs Andre the giant from MSG
    warrior vs Tully Blanchard
    warrior vs Greg the hammer
    warrior 89 survivor series match
    warrior vs big boss man ( I hope this match is avaliable on tape)
    Warrior 90 survivor series 2 matches
    Warrior vs undertaker body bag match
    warrior vs nail
    warrior vs kamala
    warrior & hogan vs undertaker & Sgt.slaughter
    warrior vs ric flair
    warrior vs gold dust from raw
    warrior vs hogan from wcw

  5. Scott Sobocinski says:

    It’s amazing to me that WWE is putting out another documentary about the ultimate warrior! The previous one the the destruction of the ultimate warrior I think was the title,it’s in my WWE dvd collection,ill have to look at again,the WWE really ripped him in that DVD! Now all of the sudden the WWE is making another documentary on him to kiss his butt and his families butt! It’s disgusting,one again the WWE is simply doing it for the money and how many DVDs they can sell! There going to do the same thing for Bruno Sammartino and make money off him too! It’s a joke! The promos he did we’re terrible,and there not just putting a couple of them on there,there putting a lot on this DVD it looks like,just to torturous! That’s my two cents!

    • Fan says:

      Shut up stupid, grown men are posting on this forum.

    • Hello says:

      Its ok to HONOR someone by making a DVD. Don’t think of it as making money off someone. You only think of that when the only person that profits is YOU and you are taking advantage of them without their consent. This is not that case.

  6. Walter says:

    I reckon the documentary from The Ultimate Legend should’ve been thrown on the dvd instead of making another one.

    • Fan says:

      No i rather have a new one that’s more complete. Most likely this new doc will have most if not all of what the Ultimate Legend doc had.

  7. Shane C. Montgomery says:

    I was very much surprised how much I enjoyed the Warrior BR from last April. I was never a fan of the mans wrestling but became a fan of the Warrior himself so I know going in this time around I will enjoy this BR. Being a completest in collecting WWE DVDs is sometimes a little painful, spending money on a release you think you will hate seems stupid but to have the whole collection its the price you gotta pay, literally, but once in awhile you catch a break and enjoy one you thought would be a stinker, hoping this one will be as good as last years. Now, the John Cena Rivals BR, I still have not watched any of it even though it can’t possibly be as bad as the WCW OMG! release. So painful to sit through.

  8. Vintage Simon says:

    Here’s a question: does anybody know which specific matches are on The Return of The Ultimate Warrior video, released in Europe in 1992? The cover lists matches against Hulk Hogan (no guesses there), Papa Shango, Skinner and Brian Knobs, but I seem to recall there being a match versus Nailz too. I thought we might see some of these bouts on the new Blu-Ray, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Anyone know the dates of those three unaccounted for matches versus the opponents listed above?

    • Vintage Simon says:

      Although admittedly, there are matches versus Shango and Skinner on this set, so they may well be the same.

    • RCS1988 says:

      The Europe Return of the Ultimate Warrior video is the same as the 1 hour 1992 Warrior video.

      • Vintage Simon says:

        Ah right, thanks for the info. So four of the matches on that video tape are on this Blu-Ray, which is pretty cool. I never managed to get that VHS when I was a kid – only ever saw it at a friend’s house – so have always been slightly in awe of those matches, for some reason. Looks like I was wrong about the Nailz match, too.

  9. Erik says:

    I will definitely be buying the Blu-Ray edition of this upcoming April 14th release for sure. WWE did such a very good job putting this project together. There are 26 matches and 45 promos/interviews by Warrior on this upcoming Blu-Ray set and a sure to be great Warrior documentary too. This will be the second time that Ultimate Warrior vs Sgt. Slaughter from the April 27, 1991 edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event gets issued on DVD by WWE. That match was also included on Disc #2 of the FYE exclusive two disc collector’s edition of “The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior”. I really wanted the tag match Ultimate Warrior & Don Muraco vs King Kong Bundy & Butch Reed to get included on this upcoming “Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe” Blu-Ray set, but unfortunately, it wasn’t included. Warrior pinned Bundy in that still officially unreleased tag team match. Gorilla Monsoon did the commentary for that match. The entire match is on YouTube. I don’t think that WWF cameras filmed any Warrior singles matches vs Ric Flair, Kamala or Nailz.

    • RCS1988 says:

      If Warrior only faced them at house shows, then obviously the matches wouldn’t exist, unless a fan filmed the house show, but the matches against Kamala, Flair & Nailz happened at TV tapings. From

      WWF @ Hershey, PA – Hersheypark Arena – September 1, 1992 (7,000; papered)
      WWF Superstars taping:
      The Ultimate Warrior defeated Kamala

      WWF @ Landover, MD – Capital Centre – September 2, 1992 (8,000; papered)
      Wrestling Challenge taping:
      The Ultimate Warrior defeated Kamala at around the 2 minute mark

      WWF @ Winnipeg, Manitoba – Arena – September 21, 1992 (6,000)
      WWF Superstars taping:
      The Ultimate Warrior defeated WWF World Champion Ric Flair (w/ Mr. Perfect) via disqualification when Mr. Perfect interfered; after the bout, Warrior was double-teamed

      WWF @ Brandon, Manitoba – Keystone Centre – September 22, 1992 (6,000)
      Wrestling Challenge taping:
      The Ultimate Warrior defeated WWF World Champion Ric Flair via count-out

      WWF @ Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – Saskatchewan Center – October 12, 1992
      WWF Superstars taping:
      The Ultimate Warrior defeated Kamala

      WWF @ Springfield, IL – Convention Center – October 26, 1992 (4,500; 3,300 paid)
      Television taping:
      The Ultimate Warrior defeated Nailz (sub. for Ric Flair)

      WWF @ Terre Haute, IN – Hullman Center – October 27, 1992 (4,300; some freebies)
      WWF Superstars taping:
      The Ultimate Warrior pinned Nailz (sub. for Ric Flair) in 90 seconds

      WWF @ Louisville, KY – Louisville Gardens – October 28, 1992 (4,500; sell out)
      Wrestling Challenge taping:
      The Ultimate Warrior pinned Nailz (sub. for Ric Flair)

      I’m not saying that they have to release all of the matches Warrior had with them, just 1 of each, plus has photos of Warrior facing them.

      • Erik says:

        Thanks for the information. I never knew about the website until now. Thanks for letting me know about that website. I now see that there might be a very good chance that WWE professionally filmed at least some of those Warrior vs Kamala and Warrior vs Nailz matches and hopefully no less than one of the Warrior vs Ric Flair matches.

  10. Warrior Fan says:

    Sounds like we want another Warrior Blu Ray unreleased set. You hear that WWE!! Although i feel like this is the last one we will ever get, sad but most likely true.

    If they were, for Sure Rick Rude vs Warrior WM 5, Rude Summer Slam 1990 cage match, Macho Man SummerSlam, and Slaughter and the Royal Rumble are the key matches we would want to see.

    • Kenny says:

      Rude vs. Warrior from SummerSlam is on multiple DVD sets already. They just put the Savage vs. Warrior SummerSlam match on the latest Macho Man DVD.

      The other two matches are on DVD, but not by themselves; just on their event DVDs.

      • Fan says:

        Yeah I know, its business. Since i’m a warrior fan I want to just have a complete anthology of warrior dvd’s to pop in, instead of purchasing other dvd’s finding the match, switch disc for one match, etc. It’s ok i have the network so i can easily watch those matches easy. We’ll be lucky to get another Warrior BR, but i don’t see it happening. If it does its not going to be for years and years down the line. Sting will have another DVD soon with documentary, i assume in 2016 or late 2015.

  11. RCS1988 says:

    I’m, disappointed in these listings. No matches with Kamala, Ric Flair, & Nailz, or the rare tag with Warrior & Tornado vs. Rude & Perfect. They could still release an unreleased set. I will come up with a fantasy concept and hopefully WWE F***in listens.

    • Mikey316 says:

      Yeah. You go ahead and list a bunch of matches WWE probably doesn’t even have. But oh no, they must exist somewhere because you read once on the internet that they happened. Have fun with that

      • RCS1988 says:

        Well they do have them. How else would they have the Perfect Taylor match from Wrestlefest 88 and Rockers Hart Foundation where the Rockers win the titles. Those didn’t see the light of day till they got released on their respective DVD’s.

        • Mikey316 says:

          Um neither one of those matches prove to me why they would have any of these Ultimate Warrior matches you claim they have so I don’t really see your point. Plus that Rockers / Harts match was taped for Saturday Night’s Main Event and didn’t wind up airing because of the top rope mishap. Maybe you should do some more research before you put together this fantasy idea you have

          • Kenny says:

            They have a lot of stuff on tape that you and I probably don’t even know ever happened. So there’s a strong possibility that they have it. They taped their house shows back then, so even if it didn’t make it onto Superstars or Prime Time, it doesn’t rule out the possibility.

            I love that you seem open-minded enough to accept the possibility that this match may exist on tape somewhere in the massive WWE library.

            I also love that you feel that it should be proven to you before you can even accept that it’s possible.

            If you don’t *WANT* to believe that it could exist, that’s fine. You don’t have to be an asshole about it, though.

  12. Joe Young says:

    Damn it, all it needed was the steel cage match against Rick Rude!

    • Mikey316 says:

      This was on the Cage Matches DVD. Also available on the WWE Network for $9.99!

    • Brad Attitude says:

      Try the Self Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior dvd. The WWE Championship Cage Match is also there as well.

      • Kenny says:

        The Greatest Cage Matches DVD also has the Rude/Warrior cage match, along with Warrior’s pre-match interview.

        Yeah, that match is out there on a few sets. I don’t know how you missed it.

  13. Mark Markson says:

    This looks promising. So many matches I’ve never seen before. I’m sure the documentary will be great. And perhaps put a tear in my eye, like the Randy Savage one did. I remember the tag match where Warrior teamed with Taker! I think it was releaaed on the old Grudges, Gripes and Grunts VHS tape, I have that in my basement. 🙂

  14. warriorfanma says:

    Hands do we n greatest wwe blu ray of all time, surpassing stone colds set. Amazing set, can’t wait

  15. Jeff Copeland says:

    ok ok getting must have will get loads fuel into the rocket into the stars of the planes of wm 6 snarls AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! 😀

  16. Brad Attitude says:

    I notice some of the matches & promos here were briefly seen on The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior dvd. Nontheless WWE has gone out of their way and really stacked the discs with lots of promos and squash matches with decent matches in between. I’m still torn about purchasing it as I enjoyed The Ultimate Legend documentary on the Network and the previous Warrior bluray set. Might wait till it’s cheaper before I grab it.

  17. Steve Giordano says:

    Very good looking set. I’m often critical of WWE home video for often pondering to the universe with sets filled with repeats of high profile matches. But bravo to them for looking for hidden unrealeased gems on this set and also a few on the upcoming Jericho set. Let’s get a Bruno documentary on the way next.

    • Nathan Jones says:

      You definitely are often critical of WWE often, often.
      And I don’t think ‘ponder’ is the word you were looking for.
      But I’m shocked that you have something positive to say!

      The set looks very good. So does Jericho’s. Two must-buys, especially if ‘Warrior’ has interviews with his family, and if ‘Jericho’ has a brand new interview as well. Hopefully more sets like these are on the way.

  18. Warrior Fan says:

    Not bad, this is probably the last Warrior DVD we will ever get.

  19. Lawrence says:

    Yes! Iron Mike Sharpe makes it to DVD! (I loved that guy.)

  20. Andy Ace R says:

    Great Match selection here.. however I would have replaced the squash matches with these that i wish would have been included : the rare Warrior vs Tully Blanchard match from 1989 Survivor Series Showdown.. ..and also should have included another rare Tag Match featuring Warrior & Don Muraco vs Butch Reed & King Kong Bundy in Early 1988 from MSG..Warrior vs Undertaker from MSG July 91 was only released once on another set. I wouldve liked for it to be on well as Warrior vs Goldust from Raw in May of 1996 would’ve been nice to see.. Call me crazy, but for completionist sake I would have included Hogan vs Warrior from Halloween Havoc 1998 just to give the match selections and Warriors wrestling career some DVD closure.. Otherwise I’m happy Warrior vs Slaughter, Warrior vs Haku from The Main Event are here and Warrior vs Rude from the Medowlands included. However can’t wait for the documentary stuff. Looking good!:)

  21. Lemo says:

    Warrior vs Owen is an excellent match. The 2 styles meshed well.

  22. MJN says:

    As bad as it was, I was still hoping they’d put his WCW match vs Hogan on there.

    • SRB says:

      People are going to think I’m nuts, but not only did I love Warrior’s later matches in WWE (HHH, Lawler, Owen, Goldust, Yankem) but I did think his WCW run was decent. Again, it was just a WCW issue with using talent correctly, but Warrior had some cool promos there. I just hated his 3 second involvement during matches. He really only had 1 or 2 matches there he was actually a part of.

    • Jeff Copeland says:

      yea maybe they just dont want it to be on a dvd/bluray cause of just how legendary of a bad match it is thank god i got the vhs copy of halloween havoc 1998 😉 its on the network or youtube or dailymotion if u wanna find it but i do agree it should of been on a dvd could of had hogan do a commentary about it see wat he thinks years later

  23. SRB says:

    Me personally, I loved (some of) Warrior’s promos, but an entire disc of them? Is anyone going to really sit there and watch that for 2 or 3 hours? I would’ve preferred a few more matches and some promos versus an entire disc of them.

    • Vintage Simon says:


    • Warrior Fan says:

      Yeah but his promos are so unique and fun, I don’t mind watching them.

      • SRB says:

        I can agree with this, and he certainly has energy. However, WWE staff and talent have ridiculed Warrior’s promos on many occasions due to lack of clarity and direction. 2 hours of bewilderment doesn’t sound fun to me.

      • Jakki Steal says:

        Although, I would have preferred more matches, I’m still completely fine with a disc full of promos. I’ve always loved watching his promos. They were definitely very unique & fun. He was always intense & full of energy. I’m still very excited about this release as a whole.

  24. Brian V says:

    I’m glad they included his match with Conquistador #1 on here. Now I can finally own it on DVD!

  25. attitude.era.4life says:

    Great companion to The Ultimate collection.. I only miss the Slaughter match from 1991 RR, and the 2 Survivor Series matches from 1990.. those 3 matches for me would complete the most important segments of Warrior’s career..

    I see, there’s a match with Iron Mike of the rare times, or even maybe the first time, that big log gets DVD-time.. one of the toughest jobber in history.. 😉

  26. Alan Shore says:

    I was really hoping to see one of the matches he had with Ric Flair on this set, a couple were held at TV tapings so I’m sure footage must exist of at least one of them

  27. Vintage Simon says:

    Was never a huge Warrior fan, but this is a great listing. Will definitely be buying.

  28. RabidHeat says:

    Seems like a great match-listing for the Warrior fan in that it’s all TV matches as opposed to PPVs, therefore the perfect compliment to The Ultimate Collection giving a great overview. One could argue that if you own both sets, you basically own Warrior’s career on film (anything you don’t have wouldn’t be a great loss in-ring action wise).

    I just wish I liked him as a person and as an in-ring wrestler to warrant getting this, but I never have. Shame as its a very well-compiled set.

  29. Mr Hesse says:

    This needs a collector’s edition.

    • Scott Sobocinski says:

      There a lot more wrestling legends that I would like to see documentaries,that I would like to see more then the ultimate warrior! Never been a fan of is! It’s not because I’m a huge Hulk Hogan fan either,the ultimate warrior never brought anything to the table! I would much rather see documentaries on Ken Patera,Bob Backlund,Iron Sheik,Ole Anderson,Nikita Koloff,Gino Hernandez and I would really like to see another Hulk Hogan DVD of more of his rare never before seen matches! Include the matches from the Hulk Hogan colosseum VHS video that they put out years ago,as a matter of fake I wish the WWE would re release those old colosseum VHS tapes on DVD! And last but not least,a best of Tuesday Night Titans the talk show/kind of wrestling Johnny Carson Tonight show they did when I was a kid! I’m not a fan of all of the current wrestlers! The wrestlers i was a big fan of back in the day,not to many of them still around,unless you throw Ric Flair in there,that’s going to be ninety years old and still wrestling!

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