EXCLUSIVE: Complete Match Listing for WWE’s New ‘U.S. Championship – A Legacy of Greatness’ DVD

February 3, 2016 by Mark D

WWE United States Championship: Legacy of Greatness DVD - Full Match Listing

After we revealed twenty-six matches as part of last week’s U.S. TITLE WEEK, today, exclusively here at WrestlingDVDNetwork.com, we have the FULL match listing for April’s WWE DVD & Blu-ray, “The U.S. Championship – A Legacy of Greatness”.

In total the set will feature a whopping 36 matches (including 6 Blu-ray exclusives) – that means there are 10 new, previously unreported matches tucked away in this listing!

“The U.S. Championship – A Legacy of Greatness” will hit stores across the United States April 26th (pre-order your copy now via Amazon.com). For fans in the UK and Europe, the release is currently scheduled for May 9th with pre-order opportunities available very soon.

So, it’s time for the very first look at the complete match listing…



?Mid-Atlantic Beginnings

?United States Championship Match
?Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat
Special Guest Referee: Andre The Giant
[Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling] Asheville, NC • September 1978
?United States Championship Match
?Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper
World Wide Wrestling • March 9, 1983
?”I Quit” Steel Cage Match for the United States Championship
?Tully Blanchard vs. Magnum TA
Starrcade • November 28, 1985
Cold War

?Match #7 in the Best of 7 Series for the United States Championship
?Magnum TA vs. Nikita Koloff
?World Wide Wrestling • August 23, 1986

?No Disqualification Cage Match for the United States Championship
?Lex Luger vs. Dusty Rhodes
Starrcade • November 26, 1987

?”American Dream”

?No Disqualification Match for the United States Championship
?Dusty Rhodes vs. “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton
?Power Pro Wrestling • February 13, 1988

?United States Championship Match
?Barry Windham vs. Junk Yard Dog
NWA Main Event • January 29, 1989

?United States Championship Match
?Lex Luger vs. Sting ?
NWA World Championship Wrestling • December 23, 1989

WWE United States Championship: Legacy of Greatness DVD - Full Match Listing



?Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling

?WCW United States Championship Match
?Sting vs. “Ravishing” Rick Rude
WCW Clash of the Champions XVII • November 19, 1991

?WCW United States Championship Tournament Final
?Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. Dustin Rhodes
WCW Saturday Night • January 16, 1993

?WCW United States Championship Match?
“Stunning” Steve Austin vs. The Great Muta
WCW Spring Stampede • April 17, 1994

?Ric Flair’s Record-Breaking Reign

?WCW United States Championship Tournament Final
?Diamond Dallas Page vs. Eddie Guerrero
WCW Starrcade • December 29, 1996
?WCW United States Championship Match
?Dean Malenko vs. Chris Jericho
?WCW Monday Nitro • April 7, 1997

?WCW United States Championship Match
?Curt Hennig vs. The Giant
WCW Monday ?Nitro • September 29, 1997

“?Raven’s Rules” Match for the WCW United States Championship
?Raven vs. Goldberg
WCW Monday Nitro • April 20, 1998
Goldberg’s Georgia Dome Homecoming
?WCW United States Championship Match
?Bret “Hitman” Hart vs. Diamond Dallas Page
?WCW Monday Nitro • October 26, 1998

?WCW United States Championship Match
?Goldberg vs. Bret “Hitman” Hart
WCW Monday Nitro • October 25, 1999
?WCW United States Championship Match
?Lance Storm vs. Mike Awesome
WCW Monday Nitro • July 18, 2000

?Canadian Heavyweight Championship
WCW United States Championship Match
?Rick Steiner vs. Booker T
WCW Greed • March 18, 2001

WWE United States Championship: Legacy of Greatness DVD - Full Match Listing

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Booker T Arrives in WWE

?WCW United States Championship Match
?Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker
RAW • November 5, 2001

?WWE Intercontinental & WCW United States Championship Unification Match
??Edge vs. Test
Survivor Series • November 18, 2001??

First Time Under the Bright Lights

?WWE United States Championship Match
?John Cena vs. Big Show
WrestleMania XX • March 14, 2004

Spinner Title

?Steel Cage Match for the WWE United States Championship
??Bobby Lashley vs. King Booker
SmackDown • June 30, 2006

Game of One-Upmanship

??WWE United States Championship Match
??Matt Hardy vs. MVP ?
Backlash • April 27, 2008

??WWE United States Championship Match
??MVP vs. Kofi Kingston
RAW • June 1, 2009

The Teacher vs. The Pupil

?Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere Match for the United States ?Championship
??Daniel Bryan vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz
Hell in a Cell • October 3, 2010

??WWE United States Championship Match
??Antonio Cesaro vs. Tyson Kidd
NXT • October 31, 2012

??WWE United States Championship Match
??Sheamus vs. Rusev
WWE Network Exclusive • November 3, 2014

John Cena Open Challenge

??WWE United States Championship Match
??John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose
RAW • March 30, 2015

??WWE United States Championship Match
??John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio
Hell in a Cell • October 25, 2015

?Lasting Legacy

WWE United States Championship: Legacy of Greatness DVD - Full Match Listing

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??United States Championship Match
??Dusty Rhodes vs. Ivan Koloff
NWA Main Event • April 3, 1988

??WCW United States Championship Match
??Dustin Rhodes vs. “Ravishing” Rick Rude
WCW Pro • September 18, 1993

??WWE United States Championship Match
??JBL vs. William Regal
SmackDown • April 28, 2006

??WWE United States Championship Match
??Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus
RAW • March 14, 2011?

??WWE United States Championship Match
??Dean Ambrose vs. Adrian Neville
NXT • August 7, 2013

??WWE United States Championship Match
??John Cena vs. Cesaro
RAW • June 29, 2015

WWE United States Championship: Legacy of Greatness DVD - Full Match Listing

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  1. Ricardo Aguilera says:

    It’s nice to see a few nxt matches its just a shame no benoit matches he was a hell of an wrestler no matter what people think of him I don’t get it he’s allowed to be in the network but no dvds or blurays it should be both ways anyways here’s my matches they should have added Dustin Rhodes vs Rick rude iron man match Rick rude vs Ricky the Dragon steamboat Austin vs Dustin Rhodes 2 out of 3 fall’s match Starrcade 93 Austin vs steamboat bash at the beach 94 sting vs meag great American bash 1995 ric flair vs Eddie guerrero hog wild 96 Jeff Jarrett vs Dean malenko nitro 97 war world 3 97 curt Henning vs ric flair starrcade 97 curt Henning vs diamond Dallas page superbrawl 98 diamond Dallas page vs Chris Benoit lex luger vs Bret Hart nitro 98 Halloween havoc 98 Bret Hart vs sting war world 3 98 diamond Dallas page vs Bret Hart nitro 99 Bret Hart vs roddy piper Goldberg vs Sid viscous Halloween havoc 99 starrcade 99 ladder match Jeff Jarrett vs Chris Benoit raw 2001 rhyno vs Kurt angle vengeance 2003 Eddie guerrero vs Chris Benoit smackdown 2004 8 man elimination match for the vacant United states championship Booker t vs rvd vs John cena vs Billy gunn vs Charlie Haas vs Kenzo Suzuki vs Luther reigns vs Renee Dupree smackdown 2004-John cena vs Carlito smackdown 2005 Booker t vs Chris Benoit no way out 2006 Booker t vs Chris Benoit smackdown 2006 steel cage match jbl vs Chris Benoit judgement day 2007 2 out of 3 fall’s match Chris Benoit vs mvp great American bash 2007 mvp vs Matt hardy raw 2010 the miz vs Bret Hart raw 2010 r-truth vs the miz night of Champions 2010 the miz vs Daniel Bryan extreme rules tables match sheamus vs kofi Kingston tlc 2011 dolph ziggler vs Zack ryder hell in a cell 2013 Ambrose vs big E raw 2014 battle royal for the United states championship fastlane 2015 rusev vs John cena extreme rules 2015 russan chain match John cena vs rusev raw 2015 John cena vs Sami zayn raw June 2015 John cena vs cesaro raw 2015John cena vs cesaro July 2015 battleground 2015 John cena vs Kevin Owens summer slam 2015 champion vs champion John cena vs Seth Rollins

  2. yes says:

    Skipped this at the time, hoping to see it for a low price soon

  3. Ryan Johansson says:

    I love that they included a couple of NXT matches especially Cesaro vs Kidd which I expect to be a phenomenal match. I haven’t seen Raw in a while so I also missed the Cena Open Challenges so looking forward to that as well as Lance Storm, Rick Rude and Curt Hennig on here.

  4. HD says:

    This was to be expected but man is this set worthless with Benoit complete absent since 90% of the best matches involved him.

  5. isrs4life says:

    They skip 2007 and 2011 on this set for wwe years. Probably because of Chris Benoit, Mr. Anderson and MVP and mvp and speacking of mvp he had a long us title reign once.

    Chris Benoit vs. Booker T from No Way Out 2007 was such an amazing match for the us title to.

  6. SCSA says:

    Only 3 matches – liked. I need at least 5 liked/wanna watch matches to buy a set!

  7. Eli says:

    So WWE wins the war and suddenly they get to rewrite history with this title?


  8. John says:

    Pretty good match listing and 36 matches is a lot! I will pick it up!

  9. RabidHeat says:

    I kinda wish they had gone the route of the Great American Bash set for this release and made it just NWA-WCW era matches, and done some kinda single or double DVD set of the WWE era of the US title later on down the road. I just can’t view the title as the same thing in WWE, when for much of it’s tenure it’s been used as a prop that is rarely defended.

  10. Gary says:

    I like the ones from the Mid-Atlantic and JCP years, because I have not seen them in quite a long time. I have seen most of the WCW and WWE ones but still somewhat interested in seeing them again.

  11. Scott says:

    Only match that should of been added from GAB Rhodes vs Windham. A true classic!

  12. John says:

    Not a bad listing! I will pick it up!

  13. Jammer says:

    I actually really like the match listing for this DVD/Blu Ray set. A few rare gems on here that aren’t on the WWE Network, which is always a nice bonus in buying these videos now.

    Only complaint I have – and it’s not even a real big deal – is that they still haven’t put the Lex Luger vs. Barry Windham US Title match from Chi-Town Rumble out on DVD. I figured this would be the DVD for that to take place.

    Also, we get the typical matches involving certain wrestlers that are just automatic musts for DVD releases. For example, the Eddie Guerrero match. Eddie always seems to make it on WWE DVD releases as often as possible.

    But over all, I will be purchasing this set for sure!

    • Jeff Copeland says:

      well i am surprized there was no eddie us title matches in wwe disk. there had to be some matches with eddie from 03 with us title. i think there was few vs matt hardy cena maybe tajiri or rhino ????

      i mean get why they did not put the vengeance 03 finals cause……… but eh its not a bad release but i think wwe disk could of been bit better

  14. Jeff Copeland says:

    eh not to bad, disappointed with wwe disk i would of liked 1 or 2 more mvp or a shelton or ziggler or ambrose title defenses. wcw nwa are good matches but just that wwe disk ehhh not bad still on the fence.

    i hope we get a european title dvd one day or cw/lightheavyweight. i think theres a hardcore one comming out this year??? but i am not sure

    • Lemo says:

      There are no Ambrose defences. He never ever defended the title.

      • Jeff Copeland says:

        as far as dean ambrose defending the us title i only know of the 4 ppv defences. payback 2013 vs kane, well 4 if you count summerslam preshow vs rvd, night of champions vs ziggler, and hell in a cell vs big E, then 2014 he defended it few times so but they wern’t that great matches

  15. RCS1988 says:

    ​​WCW United States Championship Match
    ​​Dustin Rhodes vs. “Ravishing” Rick Rude
    WCW Pro • September 18, 1993

    This is their Saturday Night 9/11/93 match, but they are using the Pro version because it doesn’t have Jesse Ventura doing commentary.

  16. Frank hanson says:

    Get it for cheap when Wwe has it on sale about two weeks after its released

  17. Brad Attitude says:

    Hmm looks like I’m going to pass on this. Too many random throw in matches and not enough important matches to full in between the large gap years. Massively disappointed I must admit.

    • David says:

      So basically people complain about repeats and now WWE try to put in some rare and never before released matches not on the Network and other DVDs and yet people still complain.

      If there were more important matches then it would mostly consist of PPV matches and matches that were released before and everyone would complain.

      Its like WWE can’t win either way.

      • Brad Attitude says:

        Where’s the legacy of greatness here?

        Most of these matches are completely forgettable with recognisable names and the time period in between each match are too big which cheapens the set. If u wanna be sucked into buying this set just because it’s got “rare” matches that are dull and boring then be my guest.

        I prefer to see a championship dvd with important matches along with a few gems even if most are repeats because it’s what makes it’s history better to look back on.

      • Jeff Copeland says:

        what did you expect 😛 !!!! i mean first thing people complained was OMG NO BENNNWAHHHH!!!! and now the match list is out and people still complain. its modern b%itch era now thats all people do

        • Brad Attitude says:

          I expected the best title matches, not unimportant ones that are completely forgettable and cheapens the entire set. If that is your thing (like they usually are), then go but it but I ain’t wasting my money on this rubbish compilation.

      • some guy says:

        Attitude complains about everything WWE releases. It’s his gimmick.

        • Brad Attitude says:

          You’re an idiot. At least I don’t agree with everything WWE and kiss their ass like u would. I’ll speak up if I have to and in this case I did.

            • Brad Attitude says:

              Yeah I’m a mark for good quality matches that matches the timeline, not random unimportant matches that are forgettable.

              You sir are a monghead. Continue to kiss WWE’s ass on every crap product they release because you’re too afraid to speak up.

    • Domenic says:

      @David: You make a great point. Sure, every DVD/Blu-Ray will have matches that have been released on previous sets, unless it is an unreleased set, but WWE also listens to the fans, to an extent of course, when it comes to them releasing matches that have never made the cut onto other sets. People complain that when an unreleased match makes a set, it has already been released onto the WWE Network. While the match is on the Network itself, the match has never been released on physical media and some people cannot afford or access the WWE Network in different situations. When I create my own Fantasy Concepts for DVDs (Which I am trying to bring back by the way), I always put matches that have never been released on DVD, but are on the WWE Network. Seriously, these people should stop acting like children and actually thank WWE for releasing matches that have been unreleased. #ThankYouWWE

  18. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    Really do not care bout the Cena vs Whoever, except for the Cesaro one..and could have wished for some even more unreleased gems like the ones Richard mentiones down under.. but over all looks really good.. problaly not gonna be my all time favorite release to get in collection, but some No Dq’s and Cage matches on here, that I am excited to watch for the first time.

  19. Richard says:

    Massively disappointed in this set. So much to look back on, especially from the Mid Atlantic years. Not ONE Johnny Valentine match? Blackjack Mulligan? Wahoo McDaniel? Even as a bluray exclusive it would have been cool to see.

    The WWE/WCW selections show just how piss poor this title was booked since 1988. For the most part, these are simply forgettable matches with recognizable names.

  20. RnRisKing says:

    I wish Magnum vs Wahoo cage match made the cut. I’m still getting this set.

    • Ravenlord says:

      This is the match I was looking for as well. I’m sorry to see that it’s not included on this release, but I believe I have that match on my VHS copy of the Crockett Cup 87. Got to dig out my VCR.

  21. Straightedge47 says:

    Does anyone know how many of these have been released on other sets?

    • Mike Poulin says:

      Already released matches
      Magnum vs Tully is on the Starrcade set
      DDP vs Eddie is on Eddie’s Viva La Raza set
      Goldberg vs Raven is on the Goldberg set
      Edge vs Test is on the Edge set I think
      Cena vs Bg Show is on Cena’s World Life and one of his 3 disc sets can’t remember which one though.

    • Anthony says:

      “I Quit” Steel Cage Match – Tully Blanchard vs Magnum T.A.
      (WWE Starrcade: The Essential Collection)

      Sting vs. “Ravishing” Rick Rude
      (Best of WCW Clash of the Champions)

      “Raven’s Rules” Match – Raven vs. Goldberg
      (Goldberg: The Ultimate Collection & Best of WCW Monday Nitro – Vol. 2)

      Bret “Hitman” Hart vs. Diamond Dallas Page
      (The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro – Vol. 1)

      Championship Unification Match – Edge vs. Test
      (Edge: A Decade of Decadence)

  22. Todd Cash says:

    Finally! a good set to start off the year…bring on this… the dudleys, Scott Hall and eazy E Eric Bischoff…

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